Mission Statement

To identify and demystify the underlying spiritual causes of mental health and spiritual illness, sickness and disease. To provide tools, information and resources for supporting, healing and helping people overcome a range of psychospiritual health problems and crisis situations by recognising the holistic inter-connectedness of both the traditionally recognised physical body, mind, psyche and emotions with the spiritual dimensions of the soul, consciousness, inner being, ego and spirit, which is presently overlooked by most mainstream healthcare and medical establishments. By combining knowledge and understanding of these areas I believe we will eventually create a much-desired paradigm shift of how we treat health problems, sickness and disease and enable people to live more freely with far less suffering.

About the Website

This website is a place to find relevant resources including articles, books and videos related to psychospiritual health.

I plan to maintain and evolve this website over time as a place to share my own articles on psychospiritual healing perspectives, however I am also open to sharing this space as a platform for receiving and publishing guest contributed articles on related topics as long as the content meets our quality standards and contains accurate and beneficial information which resonates with our goals, direction of thought and perspectives.

The traffic and attention this site receives at the current time are quite small but I expect that it could grow in the future once I’ve finished authoring a book on psychospiritual health and written a few more core articles relating to the health of society at large and the possible implications of understanding karma and psychic impurity in a modern westernised context.

For the time being, I would like to encourage people to share the articles here if you feel others would benefit from them, which are particularly useful for anybody interested or working in spiritual or mental health care or suffering from mental health problem or issues connected to spiritual awakening.

Peer Support and Psychospiritual Health Discussion Group

We operate an online peer support and discussion group over the Facebook social media platform in order to enable people to try and seek help and advice for a wide range of spiritual crisis symptoms or to heal from a range of health conditions based on shared and distributed knowledge from the spiritual or psychospiritual perspectives such as karma, spiritual evolution and sustained trauma from past and present lifetimes. This group is not actively maintained or managed due to a lack of time, people and resources, but there is scope for it to increase and grow in the future.

However, please understand that the vast majority of psychospiritual support is to be obtained directly from the knowledge and articles published here and only a small amount of help can be sought or obtained through the online peer group at this time for as long as this can be safely and fairly maintained.

This website has its origins in the United Kingdom and our resources are all written and shared in the English language. In the future, I would be open to allowing some of the main articles to be translated into other languages and distributed onto other platforms.

We do not offer a direct spiritual crisis support service at this time, however, you may explore our online peer group for seeking help or guidance to a perceived spiritual crisis or spiritual emergency and if you are located in the United Kingdom please consider contacting the Spiritual Crisis Network whom can provide you with an individually tailored response to some of your problems, which may include appropriate help, advice and further resources.

If you live in a country or region outside of the United Kingdom please explore the list of other Spiritual Emergency Networks listed on the front page or footer who may be able to help you.

Use of the contact form on this website should be directed towards efforts of proposing and contributing resources, articles and content or for the general administration of the group website, general or specific enquiries.

If you would like to be kept in the loop on new articles, news and developments, please sign up to the general mailing list.

Why did I set up this blog?

I’ve suffered from a range of traumatic and unexplained health problems as part of my Kundalini awakening process that lasted over a period of several years and I subsequently set up this website to publish resources and information in order to help other people with similar spiritual health problems in the form of written articles based on my knowledge and experience. My personal experiences have given me a wealth of information and knowledge in relation to spiritual health, disease and healing, which I don’t want to go to waste and this forms the basis of most of what I write about in many of my articles on these topics.

Between the Summer and Winter of 2017, I contributed to a Facebook group called The Shamanic View of Mental Illness in the wake of my spiritual emergence where I began to help other people with issues relating to their own Kundalini, Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder after I felt I had crossed a particular knowledge threshold and barrier that began to enable me to understand and piece together what many of the core issues are that a human being needs to address and master in order to spiritually evolve and become free of disease and karma.

I have since also set up my own Facebook peer group as a space to share these articles and spark further discussion without causing offence to other groups’ owners and to remain free of competing for content, attention, audience and financial interests and subjective group moderation policies.

Creating a Psychospiritual Health Hub

This small blog has the potential to grow and become a much larger and much more polished website for resources to help the international community. I would like to expand and re-developing the website in the future if I am able to self-fund or secure funding for this project.

There are possible roles and skills shortages in the areas of

  • Skills in language translation
  • Article authoring, editing and copywriting
  • Article contributors
  • Peer group and discussion moderation

The present website, its offerings, resources and branding would be re-developed to bring it into alignment with future expectations.

If you have an interest in one of these areas please feel free to send me a message through the contact page and I can take down your interest and details and make a note to follow up you in the future at the appropriate time.

Founding a Support Organisation

Psychospiritual health is apparently quite a huge growth area that is yet not fully understood and provisions or care and support are not adequately provided for through the existing healthcare channels.

I would like to consider founding or assisting others in establishing a support organisation under the same name. In addition to my personal teaching side, I would also consider contributing or participating part of my time in running, supporting or content authoring alongside others.

I don’t have any experience with the provisioning or operating of a charitable organisation, it would require the recruiting of the necessary people, managing or developing a team and seeing to everybody’s needs for day to day running. I am yet to fully explore the potential of what such an organisation might offer and how it would deliver services, however, such an organisation that has the capacity to offer support to individuals who have experienced spiritual trauma in the form of a consultation clinic might be desirable to facilitate helping people heal and recover from a range of trauma. An ambitious project like this would only be possible through the further collaboration of the right people, skills and manpower and ultimately through securing government funding as I don’t have the ability to pay salary expectations for what I believe is realistically necessary for its successful establishment, team recruitment, staff development and salary or career expectations in this emerging area of healthcare.

Someone able to front the public interests of such an organisation in relation to potential public debate, public relations, media and communications would be desirable as I’m not keen on any personal media attention, however, I would be able to provide some of the knowledge bases, topics and answers for likey questions and research which might act as a spark or catalyst for discussion and a debate as it relates to the umbrella of mental health as it is presently widely more understood, recognised and treated.

If you are likewise interested in this project area or becoming part of such an organisation or team of people responsible for forming such an organisation, please contact me and I’ll add you to a growing list of potential people along with your skills, expertise or specialisations and areas you would like to assist in.

David George (Biography)

Between the years of 2010 and 2018, I went through the Kundalini Awakening process during which time I encountered many significant psychospiritual health problems of which most appear not to have an appropriate or as of yet accurate medical diagnostic label.

Only in recent years has my specialisations come to include mysticism and psychospiritual health, traditionally I’ve had a career in web design, development and marketing.

Between 2013 to 2017, I suffered with what I self-diagnosed as bipolar disorder due to my persistent symptoms of depression and mania accompanied by insomnia, intense mood, thought and sleep disturbances and extreme depressive states.

After a paranoid induced manic episode which resulted in a short mental health stay at a local hospital, I was subsequently given the diagnosis of psychosis and I began to explore it’s spiritual and mystical origins and purpose. I’ve also suffered from long periods of post-traumatic stress due to spiritual phenomena and a range of other issues and complications which required on-going psychological and mental health care.

During and after my spiritual emergence, I discovered that I had latent talents for mysticism, clairvoyance and intuition and the ability to see beyond spiritual veils that function as boundaries to separate knowledge, experience and perception. I consider myself to be one of a number of British mystics, and so far I have mainly used what has been shared with me in line with exploring health care, healing and recovery.

I found that the modalities necessary for my personal healing and recovery were predominantly to be found through shamanism, counselling and psychotherapy, yoga, meditation, divination and communication with spiritual guides and assistance at times from angelic beings.

I have a range of personal experience with the following problems which include: Kundalini, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, spiritual possession, spiritual/mystical psychosis, mania and manic-episodes, post-traumatic stress disorder, spirit entities, visions, depression, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction and impairment, insomnia, paranoia, delusions of grandeur/grandiosity, apparitional spirits and encounters with gods/goddesses, angels, deities, spiritual guides, psychic opening and expansion, development of spiritual gifts and siddhis, chakras, stages of awakening, the ascension process, out of body experiences, astral-projection and OBEs, the astral plane, angels, spirit guides, karma, dreamwork, trauma release, visionary and shamanic dreams shadow-work, spiritual energy management, protection, clearing and psychic boundaries.

The majority of my work and writings on this blog are in line with these topics and focus specifically on problems with spiritual awakening and healing certain issues.

I’m presently concentrating on authoring a book on psychospiritual health which I hope to have published in 2020 and I will be releasing extracts from this in the form of short articles on some of the topics it covers during the present time and after this period.

I provide advice for residents of the United Kingdom going through Spiritual Crisis through the Spiritual Crisis Network as one of their team of peer support volunteers whom you may contact if you are seeking help.

My personal journey as seen me address issues, excesses and addictions identified in my life and carrying out work to heal the ego as connected to the physical body of expression, learning how to operate the mind correctly in conjunction with the intentions of our inner being and consciousness. Doing this enables one to develop and become a more complete and developed version of one’s own potential known as spiritual evolution and ascension. I provide specialised knowledge and information for spiritual development, ascension and personal spiritual evolution on my mysticism website Systems of Spirit and plan to deliver a range of topical talks and related workshops.