Mission Statement and Goals

To identify and demystify the spiritual causes of disease, mental illness and sickness and provide tools, information and resources for supporting, healing and helping and individuals overcome a range of psychospiritual problems and crisis situations by recognising the holistic inter-connectedness of the body, mind-psyche, emotions, soul, consciousness and spirit, which is presently overlooked by most mainstream healthcare practices.

There is a small online peer support group in order to seek help and advice for spiritual crisis symptoms and healing for a range of spiritual conditions in order to seek help based on knowledge from the spiritual or psychospiritual perspectives.

I plan to maintain this website as a place to share my own articles, however, in the future I will also be open to sharing this space as a platform for publishing guest contributed articles on a range of related topics as long as the content meets the right standard of quality and contains accurate and beneficial information which resonates with our perspectives. The traffic and attention this site receives are presently quite small but I expect that it will grow in the future. I would like to encourage others to share the articles here which are particularly useful for anybody working in spiritual or mental health care.

About the Website

This website is a place to find relevant resources including articles, books and videos.

The vast majority of psychospiritual support is to be obtained directly from the knowledge and articles written here and a degree of help can be sought through the online peer group for as long as this can be safely and fairly maintained.

This website has its origins in the United Kingdom and our resources are all written and shared in the English language. In the future, I would be open to allowing some of the main articles to be translated into other languages.

We do not offer a direct spiritual crisis support service through the website beyond the articles and content shared here and anybody seeking help should preferably make use of the online peer group.

If you’re seeking help or guidance to a perceived spiritual crisis or spiritual emergency and you are located in the United Kingdom please consider contacting the Spiritual Crisis Network whom can provide you with an individually tailored response which includes appropriate help. advice and resources. If you live in a country or region outside of the United Kingdom please explore the list of other Spiritual Emergency Networks listed in the page footer who may be able to help.

Use of the contact form should be directed towards contributing resources, articles and content or for the general administration of the group website, general or specific enquiries.

If you would like to be kept in the loop on new articles, news and developments, please sign up to the general mailing list found on this website.

Why did I set up this blog?

I suffered from a range of rare, traumatic and unexplained health problems as part of my Kundalini awakening process that lasted over several years and I subsequently set up this website to offer resources and help to other people with similar spiritual health problems in the form of written articles. My personal experience of this has subsequently given me a wealth of information and personal experience into spiritual health and healing, which I write about in many of my articles on these topics.

Between the Summer and Winter of 2017, I contributed to a Facebook group called The Shamanic View of Mental Illness in the wake of my spiritual emergence and I began helping other people with issues relating to their own Kundalini, Psychosis and Bipolar Disorder after I began to understand and piece together what many of the core issues are that a human being needs to address and master. I have since set up my own Facebook peer group space where I began to share monthly blog articles.

Future Help Possibilities

This blog has the potential to grow and become a much larger and much more polished resources website for helping the international community, which I would like to do through re-developing the website in the future once I have secured funding for this.

  • Skills in language translation
  • Article copywriting
  • Article contributors
  • Group moderation

If you have an interest in one of these areas please feel free to send me a message through the contact page and I can make a relevant note to follow up you at the appropriate time.

David George (Biography)

Between the years of 2010 and 2018, I went through the Kundalini Awakening process during which time I encountered many significant psychospiritual health problems of which most appear not to have an appropriate or as of yet accurate medical diagnostic label.

Between 2013 to 2017, I suffered with what I self-diagnosed as bipolar disorder due to symptoms of heavy depression and mania accompanied by insomnia, intense mood and sleep disturbances and extreme depressive states.

After a paranoia induced manic episode which resulted in a short mental health stay at a local hospital I was subsequently given the diagnosis of psychosis and I began to explore it’s spiritual and mystical origins and purpose. I’ve also suffered from long periods of post-traumatic stress due to spiritual phenomena and a range of other issues and complications which required on-going psychological and mental health care.

During and after my spiritual emergence, I discovered that I had latent talents for mysticism, clairvoyance and intuition and the ability to see beyond spiritual veils, which so far I have mainly used in line with exploring health care, healing, recovery and spiritual development, which you can find on my personal blog www.systemsofspirit.co.uk

I found that the modalities necessary for my personal healing and recovery were predominantly shamanism, counselling and psychotherapy, meditation, divination, spiritual guides, angels and addressing excesses and addictions identified in my life and carrying out work to heal the ego as connected to the body and inner intentions of the mind.

I have a range of personal experience with the following problems which include: Kundalini, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, spiritual possession, spiritual/mystical psychosis, mania and manic-episodes, post-traumatic stress disorder, spirit entities, entity visions, depression, chronic anxiety, cognitive dysfunction and impairment, insomnia, paranoia, delusions of grandeur/grandiosity, apparitional spirits and encounters with gods/goddesses, deities,  psychic opening and expansion, spiritual gifts and siddhis, chakras, stages of awakening, the ascension process, out of body experiences, astral-projection and OBEs, apparitional spirits, the astral plane, angels, spirit guides, karma, dreamwork, trauma release, visionary and shamanic dreams, spiritual energy management, protection, clearing and psychic boundary work.

The majority of my work and writings tend to focus on these topics in line with spiritual awakening and spiritual emergence and healing certain issues I’ve so far managed to identify as it relates to the human being.

I’m presently concentrating on authoring a book on psychospiritual health and in the future, I will be releasing extracts from this in the form of short articles on the topics it covers.

I provide advice for residents of the United Kingdom going through Spiritual Crisis through the Spiritual Crisis Network as one of their peer support volunteers.