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This article is an in depth introduction to the topic of healing and releasing trauma trauma with a focus on healing sexual trauma, where I give insight into the harm it does and the areas of the body it may affect in addition to information on the meta-physical aspects of self including mind, soul and consciousness. At the end of the article I explore a number of methods and techniques of how to heal the body and release trauma on the various different levels in order to restore oneself back to optimal health and well being. [jump]

I explore healing trauma from the perspective of having come through a long Kundalini awakening over many years where advanced spiritual lessons are communicated to me through mystical dreams from other people who serve as spiritual guides in our reality. Many of these lessons were surrounding the topic of sex, sexual perversion and sexual energy blending and I had a female tantra guide for several months.

In the prior years of my awakening before these lessons were communicated there was a very bad period in my life where I suffered terribly from the consequences of what religion traditionally refers to as ‘lust’, which is a close neighbour of sexual perversion and sexual addiction, which together can all have terrible consequences for both physical and inner spiritual health leading to corruption of the inner being.

Whenever a person behaves, thinks something or does something that resonates with a cause of ego, an impure energy or impurity is crated and added to the astral body. The astral body interfaces with the mind and physical body and over time increasing impurity will produce increasing numbers of small distortions and changes to the face that negatively transform and cause unpleasant and undesirable dis-figuration. One of the main things responsible for impurity and ways in which a person can cause trauma and harm to themselves is through sexual perversion and this is one of the main themes running through this article, however I will also cover some aspects of healing from a traumatic sexual incidents such as rape as they can affect similar areas of the body, especially the root chakra.

Kundalini energy is very strong and potent sexual energy used as a catalyst for evolution, when it is activated from the tailbone it can begin to clear sexual blockages, past trauma and karma from the root chakra in combination with automatic or spontaneous kryia movement that may mirror yoga positions like a reclined butterfly pose, which is to assist in processing and removing trauma.

It was during these distressing times that I really began to learn about and understand something called the Root Chakra, which I’ve written about in another article, this is something you will also need to learn a little bit about if you want to spiritually heal and heal the body from these type of issues or to be able to enjoy sex or sexual energy blending as it was intended. Learning about a chakra is a it similar to learning about an organ of the body like the heart, you need to know that you have one and something of what its essential functions and uses are.

An addiction to sex, masturbation and viewing Internet porn will create low moods for a few reasons, partly owing to the loss of psychic energy and vital energy, especially in males, however both groups can suffer with bipolar depression if they are not mindful of their spiritual expectations surrounding addiction and the need to replenish psychic and emotional energies again through working and helping others. Prolonged periods of masturbation can cause distress to the body as pelvic muscles are repeatedly contracted through arousal and create muscular tension and burning. However masturbation is deliberately intended to work on the muscles in the thighs and the pelvis where a lot of trauma is stored and if done carefully it can process content stored in the root chakra.

It was through my own experiences that I would eventually learn that mind, thoughts, energy, chakras, intention, attention and awareness all come together to enable different processes of psychic interaction to take place with other people using the mind and body. So depending on what you’re doing, looking at and thinking about at any given moment you may be inwardly interacting with someone in mind whom you can feel or sense, but cannot see with your physical eyes.

One thing I am certain of today is that you must be careful not to miss-use the mind such as using it in ways to engage in perverse sexual activities or by deliberately causing transgressions against other people by breaking theirs or their partners psychic boundaries when interacting with someone. If you don’t do this then your own health will likely suffer considerably as these things create a lower frequency, anxiety, depression, suffering, low mood and different pain to different areas of the physical body through causing trauma to the muscles in combination with impure energies and various bad energy blockages into the root chakra.

Healing Sexual Perversion

I’ve listed many of the most common ones I recognise from higher spiritual laws concerning sin frequently references in Christianity. Sexual perversion is usually considered anything that traditionally deviates from the normal healthy sexuality between a male and a female or two or more females regarding shared sensuality. Medical professionals more commonly today refer to these as ‘paraphilia’, however several have been removed due to social and political pressure, which in reality still cause harm to the body.

  • Lust
  • Addiction
  • Paedophilia
  • Incest
  • Rape
  • Bestiality
  • Sodomy
  • Necrophilia

In reality there are probably considerably more than these listed and we seem to be inventing new ones to give names to all the time based on people explorations of sex.

Often items such as paedophilia, rape, sexual molestation or sexual grooming and their mental and psychic equivalents are all referred to by the term ‘sexual predator’ and it can equally refer to something done physically or something done in the mind.

Whilst there are small segments of the population that practice deviant, perverse or harmful forms of sex or sexual relations, this does not change the fact that spiritual laws and karma exist, sin is part of a framework of spiritual laws intended to make clear what are and aren’t acceptable things to do with free will and they are as real and noticeable as the laws of physics.

I want to make it clear that these listed items do in fact cause harm to the body, mind, soul and consciousness and there is proof that impure sexuality and sexual expression are responsible for causing harmful changes to the body that make a person appear or look immoral, impure or unwholesome. Below I have described some of the harmful trauma and changes that take place to the body and face which negatively re-shape and transform the body and face in way that deliberately introduces distortions and unsightly defects.

I use a technique called ego balancing to help identify problem areas by studying the face visually with the eyes in a mirror and then subsequently scanning areas of the face with the mind that store tension imbalances in order to retrieve information about the harmful ego and impurity one is carrying. This process has allowed me to learn that some things are inherently harmful and immoral irrespective of personal beliefs as they cause transgressions which go against divine laws and these things negatively impact health due to a combination of causing karma, impurity and trauma to the body.


Karma also applies to the content you consume with your mind, eyes and consciousness in addition to the things one can physically engage in and consuming harmful categories of perverse sexual content and pornography on the Internet in line with the above list. That is to say these things have a strong likelihood that they will cause degeneration, distortion and deform the body and so a person should not seek out perverse sexual content such as child pornography, bestiality and sado-masochistic types of content including things like instances of real rape or murder which will make a person transform and look evil.

Exploring Trauma

I want to make the point that sexual trauma is not only connected to the victims of sexual violence or violations such as rape or molestation, but also to the people who commit spiritual violations against themselves or other people through perverse sex as indicated in the above list.

Understanding effects upon the face

I’ve concluded that mind and consciousness intelligently interact with the body in accordance with rules based on karma and transgression. One of the ways to do this is through causing a physical violation or transgression and the other way is through causing a violation through the mind using psychic interaction.When a negative interaction takes place either with someone else or when engaging with perverse content the body is slowly transformed.

This is where the science of meta-physics becomes quite clever, did you know the human face is also made up of contoured energy grid similar to the wire mesh used to construct three dimensional models?This energy mesh enables the human body to be formed into unique facial shapes and provides detailed tone, definition and contouring to both skin and muscles in the face in order to create how we each look.

When a person creates karma due through acts of sexual perversions the grid responsible for defining the facial feature begins to degrade, transform or degenerate in places causing distortions and defects to the face which I see as a type of physical trauma created through spiritual or psychic violations. At other times the grid is instead intelligently manipulated by an entity that oversees karma in order to create a deliberate change that forms a more evil or sinister expression.

These unpleasant distortions to the face make a person look more impure or unwholesome and may begin to actually make someone look ‘perverted’. For example it can make the cheeks droop, sag, stretch, inflate and expand. Sometimes the neckline often begins to disappear completely making the face and neck become one continuous ‘trunk’. Some areas of the face begin to appear inflated or bulge causing an expansion out to the sides making the face more round than an adult face should appear. These are semi-permanent changes to body and create temporary micro-expressions denoting the state of ones inner being or level of purity and spiritual development.

As trauma is sustained the natural shape of features and healthy tone and definition in the face begins to disappear, become more round and soon becomes swallowed up making the face seem more like a ‘featureless ball’ or inflated beyond it’s normal healthy range. These changes are deliberate and appear uniformly even between different people with the same sorts of problems or issues.

The eyes are also affected, for example a sexual predator will often have bulging on one side of the face in the muscular area just to the side of the nose in the cheek. This creates a subtle sinister expression that I’ve observed most easily in people who are convicted of rape and such individuals also appear to create a ‘demon’. The eyes are extremely effective at conveying the inner purity of an individuals inner being or inner self, and in the cases of sexual perversion a person begins to generate a dark impure energy sometimes referred to as an impurity or ‘ego’ energy. This energy stores psychic information about the causes of the violation and begins the process of transforming the body and face.

If you use a search engine to look at photographs of individuals convicted of serious sexual crimes you will notice that most of them have similar physical traumas and characteristics depending on the nature of the crime, violation or transgression. Knowing this can help to validate that karma does in fact exist and it applies equally to everyone, the most famous and well known set of karma teachings includes sin which is in reality more than just a religious dogma that many atheists seem to wish they could just ignore or dismiss as fantasy, however the science of the face suggests that an act of sin correlates and corresponds to micro-traumas to the face.

This science is yet to be be studied in detail, published or peer reviewed, it is not well known about in the general population and it is at least in my estimation something that so many people have problems of this nature that there will need to be some sort of ‘grace period’ in order to enable people to heal and recover from these without facing the shame or embarrassment of stigma.

Trauma in the body

In addition to changes and a negative transformation of the face the lower abdominal muscles hold and store onto trauma in the form of a type of psychic bruising and soreness or sensitivity. This includes muscles at the pubic bone which also appear to wrap around the back, the gluts, hamstrings and buttocks, inner thighs and pelvic floor are also frequently affected. Serious transgressions can cause tendons in the legs to tighten up behind the backs of the toes due to receiving karma that can cause stiffness and pain and muscles may contract in the pelvis and become tight also, but these things are often healed through therapies like bodywork, massage, chiropractic work and yoga.

Some trauma runs much deeper than surface tissues and can affect tendons and connective tissue and requires a type of deep tissue work in order to reach and be effective. However I also found that a light touch that merely skims or brushes over the skin is effective at picking up surface level trauma from the muscles and I liken this comparison to gently or tenderly massaging a bruised peach.

When certain types of karma is produced it tightens the tendons in the legs, feet and pelvis and can create physical complications affecting freedom of movement and mobility. An example of such a transgression could include a sexual violation against a targets partner through coveting or seducing their partner when it is the case that they already belongs to someone else as are bonded at different levels such as the mind, soul consciousness, which go beyond any human marital laws.

When trauma is being processed from the body it is often accompanied by an instance of hurt or emotional pain as the issue is released. When a person is connected to the inner energy of the body, a skilled person is able to apply light pressure the under side of the pelvic floor which facilitates releasing traumatic issues, often the things being release are of a sexual nature such as re-experiencing instances of being raped, but it can also include other general things like feeling lost or abandoned depending on what is stored in the root chakra.

Trauma energy stored in the chakras

A chakra is an energy vortex that allows energy to flow in or out of the body as needed and functions like a valve, they are each protected by an invisible cover of lotus petals that can open and close and the inner wheel aspect of each chakra I see as being like a psychic or meta-physical data disc similar to a hard drive that stores psychic information and energy. When accessing trauma from the body it is sometimes connecting with information from a chakra, for example, massaging the genitals or masturbating will access the root chakra and the energy, tension and tightness stored in the thigh muscles.

The main chakras which I have found that store the most trauma or unresolved issues are the first chakra at the pelvic floor (sexuality), second chakra at the sacrum (relationships) and the fourth heart chakra (love) in the chest, although any chakra may become affected for different reasons unique to a person. The chakras also connect to the physical organ, muscular and tissue systems at these locations.

There are a few different ways of working with chakras, the easiest I find is by way of simple touch to a region of the body, they can also be accessed by placing awareness on an area of the body during a meditation or scanning exercise whilst doing gentle breathing. Crystals also seem to provide a way to facilitate focusing the mind on a particular chakra.

Certain specialist spiritual healers can access chakras, sometimes they do this using their mind in a light trance, meditation or during sleep in some instances and in the case of tantric healers, they are more easily able to bridge a connection between their energy and one of the person’s chakras in order to offer and provide a form of purifying energy.

The energy that a woman produces through masturbating can cleanse a male she is connected with and likewise a man’s energy can cleanse a woman who has a sexual issue connected to the root chakra. Healing from sexual perversions is something that is necessary if you’re looking to ascend to the next levels of your spiritual evolution or to achieve and experience bliss and ecstasy in the form of sensual energy blending, which makes sex into an energetic and tantric experience that transcends the physical levels and into mind, soul and higher consciousness and eventually enlightenment.

Trauma to the mind, inner being and self

In addition to the physical body and the energy body, it’s also necessary to take into account negative changes to the mind, the consciousness, the soul and the self, and difficult as it may be to believe or understand these deeper and higher aspects of each of us can become re-conditioned or re-programmed and harmed through indoctrination.

For example, if in ones thoughts, mind and psychic-landscape a transgression is committed, the trauma will feed directly into the physical body in order to create pain or suffering that will require healing, even if no physical violation was ever committed this is still seen from above as just as real, the physical body enables one to develop karma and process the lessons required to learn about something and then move past it.

Owing to the existence of a mental body, psychic being, soul and inner spiritual self, it means it is also possible to become a psychic sexual predator and people must be careful whom, how and when they interact with someone in mind. It is the levels of mind, soul and consciousness which can be the most difficult to identify unresolved issues with and damage or harm to these aspects can result in the need for further physical re-incarnation in an appropriately developing world as part of the wheel of karma effect.

The mind is capable of creating low frequency negative energies when impure thoughts are produced or an impure action is carried out or through the psychic landscape of the shared mind. An act of sin, transgression or a violation done in the mind will still produce trauma to physical body.

Healing the true self and consciousness can be done more effectively through dream work, visualisation exercises, meditations, self realisation practices and hypnotherapy, however they are also influenced and learn and change over time based on the content we validate and pay attention to during daily living, so even psychotherapy can reach these deeper levels, however these changes take time to produce permanent change and likewise it takes time to change the consciousness of someone affected with a perversion issue.

Methods of releasing trauma

  • Tantra massage, including yoni or lingam massage of the genitals
  • Massage and light touch to an affected area of the body
  • Acupuncture and Reflexology are especially useful for releasing karma and trauma
  • TRE (Trauma release exercise)
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Crying emotional release
  • Psychotherapy
  • Spiritual healing
  • Shamanic rituals

Tantra massage is one of the few styles of massage that enable contact between the therapist and client in areas of the body considered more intimate like the thighs, buttocks, inner legs, pelvic floor and genitals and this type of massage is excellent for releasing trauma if you find the right therapist as its goal is not merely sexual gratification. Whilst many see tantra massage as done for pleasure and enjoyment, tantric healers have also traditionally had a primary role in healing and releasing sexual trauma and trauma energies from the body. In a relaxed and surrendered state whilst listening to appropriate music breath-work can also begin to dissolve into and remove these harmful dark or stagnant energies that correspond to past events.

One can also attempt tantra massage on their own even without professional training. By initially massaging in sweeping circles using very light touch and skimming the surface of the skin and muscles on the backs of the legs and thighs, over time this facilitates bringing trauma to the surface and out of the body. Initially you may not feel much beyond ordinary skin contact, but eventually you may become aware of sore or sensitive areas that represent a type of emotional pain that has become trapped in the body and in order to process this emotional and psychological material changes to facial expressions will happen on their own in response to emotions and past events and you may then feel heightened sensitivity and even physical pain and discomfort in the body as these sensations climax and then release. After a number of sessions you will be able to become aware of things being removed and over time this will facilitate healing and restoring the proper appearance of the face and other areas of the body.

Root chakra meditation is a way in which a person can begin the process of working on their own sexual problems and typically it offers the person total privacy and anonymity as they are able to do it in their own homes. This is done by sitting in the lotus position or simply with crossed legs and locking the finger tips together with the index finger and thumb or other variations. By placing ones awareness on the area of the body at the pelvic floor where the root chakra is and feeling the surrounding muscle groups you may begin to relax to the point you begin to trigger and stimulate the body and mind to begin to release trauma at this level. This can often produce a feeling which feels like a mild or moderate sexual arousal and the purpose of this is to mitigate or transmute emotional pain in a clearing way, this is often what can happen when working with a tantric healer who knows about energy and chakras. Stuck negative energy typically feels quite unpleasant and if it is not released, over time it causes physical dysfunctions and health problems will begin to manifest and occur to the body.

Trauma Release or TRE is a therapy that can assist in releasing trauma and emotional issue connected to sexual trauma which is stored in the hips, hamstrings and pelvic muscles connected to the root chakra and this is done by gently stretching the muscles and tendons in the legs that run through the pelvis over time. Eventually it can crate an assisted shaking of these muscles by stimulating the nervous system, something that people sometimes also experience during sex.

Yoga is also a spiritual practise that is especially good at releasing trauma from the body, but it is especially beneficial at helping the soul and consciousness to heal and recover by using the time to examine, acknowledge and process past mistakes and wrong doings in order to release karma and its connected trauma and impure energies. There are many different styles of yoga to choose from, however I find that yin and flow styles done in combination cover many necessary areas.

Prayer is a way of signalling that you’re committed and devoted to God. Your mental intention and vocal tone are very important parts of prayer communication as they communicate the extent to which one a person is sincere and determined. Many prayers begin to release contracted muscles and fear energies from the mind by making the body surrender in order to help one release issues by de-identifying one’s own consciousness and inner being away from something harmful or sinister.

Reflexology is particularly effective at causing the body to surrender from the feet and can allow one to let go of past trauma. Physical touch can produce heightened sensitivity that may eventually pull emotional pain and trauma from the body so that it can be safely released.

Acupuncture in my experiences works in a similar way by facilitating awareness and connection between an area or part of the body and the mind, rather like massage it can assist in removing muscular blockages and contracted muscles responsible for chronic pain problems in the body. I believe acupuncture is effective at reversing the degenerative effects to the face through sustained trauma, karma and impurity in combination with a treatment like physical massage.

Conclusions and observations

Both men and women do suffer from many of these problems, they are not caused by genetic anomalies and people, however some people do come into a life with problems at the level of their soul or consciousness which they must learn to overcome or re-identify away from, often through a process of experiencing karma and suffering. It doesn’t appear to matter if you’re rich or poor, your race or ethnicity, the general public, politician or celebrity, my observations are that everyone can be impacted by them owing due to general ignorance or by deliberately ignoring spiritual laws.

Same sex sexuality in women is not influenced by karma the same way as it is in men and body and so after reaching puberty, pubescent and adult females can engage in sexual acts and intimacy together with one another in groups of 2 or more without sustaining karma through an instance of same sex interaction. The laws for men and boys are different and this is an important distinction to understand both in terms of not creating karma and trauma, but also so miss-information doesn’t result in necessarily harming by way of attempting to one day impose limitations that would control or attempt to equalise sexuality in genders as they are treated differently by design.

Based on gender observations I suspect that more men are typically suffering from becoming paedophiles than women and by connecting to the root chakra of some women I also believe that more women may suffer from bestiality more than men due to sexual violations and transgressions that break boundaries when connecting with or interacting with particular animals in an obscene way, however these problems are not exclusive to either gender.

Transformation to appearance in a harmful way can also take places for more general problems or egoic behaviours and trauma is also cumulative when it affects the face and body, for example, becoming an alcoholic or drug addict will also likely affect the face. Sexual perversion is something that can produce the most noticeable or harmful changes but does not necessarily mean this is the only reason why someone may have sustained degenerative changes to appearance and expression. In the future I believe it will be possible to produce medical models that can show what someone would look like both with and without having sustained trauma, also showing what a healthy human complexion would look like when properly restored through releasing all trauma, karma, ego and impurity.

A slightly worrying trend and phenomena is that the deeper consciousness of a person can identify with the sex of the opposite gender. When this happens it creates a distortion to that persons sense of self and self identity and so physical body and inner identity may become inharmonious for a time as they come into conflict due to incompatibility. Unfortunately whether a deliberate choice or reconditioned due to unconsciousness, that it still produces trauma and physical changes to the body and mind as these things are not meant to happen whilst inhabiting the human form. I believe it is simply that consciousness is innately capable of self identifying as many things which I believe owes to its ability to experience different lived forms and expressions, such as the plant and animal kingdoms.

I believe it’s important for people to begin to heal their sexual problems now rather than later because one day it’s going to become more common knowledge or be debated publicly and it will lead to disrepute and possibly conflict. Everybody is subjected to laws of karma and one cannot escape the trauma created when committing an immoral act. It’s best not to create any bad karma in the first place, however the damage to the body can be reversed by releasing the trauma energies of the body and mind and eventually the body’s energy grid will also begin to restore itself resulting in a more healthy shape to the body and face as various muscles begin to tighten or release as necessary restoring the blueprint to the physical appearance.

This is necessary for the spiritual evolution of humanity and our world, it’s just as important as climate change and the environment and an awful lot of disease and karma is connected to it. This is knowledge that will enable everyone to eventually transition into a new enlightened way of living or ‘golden age’ as some have predicted through a path of spiritual ascension.

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