Is Telepathy Real or Schizophrenia?


This is a quick article that explores some of my personal encounters with real-world telepathy and what it can be used for from a higher perspective.

I was sat in one of the chairs placed around the edge of the room during an introductory course into psychosynthesis psychotherapy, during the first day I heard several different inner voices or subtle inner psychic communications taking place in clear and discernible English. Some of them appeared to be coming from my own soul and inner being and the tone of this voice seemed to be determined by the level of my internal mood and energy levels ranging from excitable to serious. I remember approaching one of the tutors and speaking to him about a health issue related to mental grounding and upon returning to my seat I perceived hearing a separate voice say, “you’re a vampire”, which I took to mean he has spiritual issues relating to the fair and moral use of time, value and money.

There was another woman there called Mayra with white hair and a set of white painted finger nails who seemed to somehow create a psychic cord between myself and herself when walking into the room and upon realising this and feeling energies exchanged, I heard a voice state “you’re not real”, which was at the time and still is quite a confusing one for me. I contemplated if it was her I was speaking to or whether it was someone else around me on our spiritual plane, she could have been a possible dopple-ganger as she looked remarkably similar to an Argentine lady I meton an earlier workshop also called Mayra in the year and this seemed a bit more than just a coincidence, but synchronisitc and she was particularly interested in Kundalini energy and I suspect she had psychic energy and vampirism issues also related to addiction and wanting others energy. Dopple-gangers are often introduced as a replacement for a real person when they have attachment issues in relationships and difficulty letting go of the past.

Sat to the left of me was a younger woman, whom an older more mature lady in spirit said to me she had an embarrassing negative sexual issue that was giving her the symptoms of bipolar-depression and listening to her over the weekend she sounded very low and didn’t seem to value or appreciate herself or her self-worth and so would it be possible to tell her with my then newly active but unskilled telepathy so she could experience this as an inner voice or thought-transfer without having to face the red faced embarrassment of it being spoken to her personality, which was not something I was prepared to do or entertain anyway.

There was a Jewish lady on the course whom I enjoyed doing some of the role-playing experiential exercises with, however one day when I was sat opposite her lunch, halfway into the conversation I noticed that she began to rub small circles on the edge of the table and I simultaneously began to warm up and experience becoming sexually aroused, which was really off-putting as I wasn’t actually into her. I quickly stood up a little awkwardly, knocking over my chair over and found a polite reason to leave. I contemplated what this was all about, and someone else from within the spirit plane whispered, “she was massaging his perineum” and that this was a form of sex-magic which was clearly quite a boundary violation to me at the time. I can appreciate that in other more mature instances that a woman stroking the stem of her cocktail glass might create psychic intentions that affect erogenous areas of the body of her mental focus or fixation and send overt or subtle body language signals. I later found her looking at the pinned weekend schedule and as I paused observing her I somehow managed to somehow will out the words “I forgive you” by placing attention on my brow area and third-eye and it was clear to see a distinct change of expression, similar to a look of astonishment or confusion come over her as she was probably wondering where this inner voice she had just experienced had come from. When I returned home, she briefly visited me during a meditation in the form of quick vision where she handed me a small model she had crafted as a gift for not giving her ego over this to resolve.

In another instance I was attending a different workshop in London and I was staying at one of the YHA hostels near Saint Paul’s Cathederal, I managed to misplace my bar of soap one morning after using the shower and as I was around for another day or so, I went in search of a shop to buy a replacement. During this walk I encountered a female jogger running towards me from the opposite direction, and a quick voice stated “I’m interested in getting your appreciation”, she ran past me and after she had several metres I turned around to admire her figure and my heart warmed and filled with a piece of her love, which I was really grateful for, in this case, her telepathy enabled a level of appropriate interaction without it leading to staring or objectifying her and as it was sought and asked for, I did not feel at all ashamed about this.

In other instances, I’ve placed my mental attention on people in an enquiring way and on one occasion I heard “Please don’t read me” and when I tried something similar on a friend his inner being was more abrupt in saying “Don’t read me”.

I had originally been exploring telepathy after becoming interested in clairvoyance after reading some of Betty Shine’s earlier books and then I explored an online course in mediumship, however discovered that it was not really for me. Someone in spirit took a bit of offence to discovering I was doing a counselling course and saw fit of himself to switch on my telepathy and jack up my psychic energy levels in order to be able to use it. This caused quite serious problems for me as I began channelling and audibly vocalising my thoughts as if they were speech, and when my psychic energy ran out or became depleted I became somewhat mindless or mind unaware as if I required prompting to do anything and I struggled to recognise what ordinary thoughts and intentions were any more, which was temporarily quite distressing to experience. During the evening they gave me two extra skills of energy management and packet control, which I absorbed as a ball of energy entering the base of my spine and rising up the spinal column also known as the individual tree of knowledge, into the physical brain.

I was informed that many people that have issues with psychic boundaries and energy attract the reptilian entities, a form of evil apparitional higher dimensional spiritual being or visual hallucination, depending upon whom you ask and they are a depiction of personified evil, similar to an evil serpent, but these humanoid reptile beings have very real looking green crocodile eyes and teeth spanning from cheek to cheek, and whilst relatively harmless they genuinely look incredibly sinister if you ever encounter one and could give you quite a fright. If you experience one of these negative entities, you need to take and humbly accept the lesson of psychic-boundaries seriously as it causes you spiritual harm.

As a closing aside note, if you’ve ever heard the derogatory phrase “tin-foil hat” you’ll probably begin to appreciate there’s a probable psychic-science behind this odd behaviour in that they are attempting to block certain psychic signals, subtle energies or brainwaves, whether this works successfully or not I couldn’t say.

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