Healing Paranoid-Schizophrenia and Mental-Schisms

Healing Paranoid Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia essentially means schism, or schism of the mind and can be looked at in terms of a mental imbalance that creates discordance and disharmony in one’s mind, thoughts and thinking processes due to none optimal use. We all rely on and take for granted this synergy and structuring of our psychic mind and mental processes so that we can think clearly, process information, respond, react, anticipate, communicate expectations, generate pictures, memories and new ideas through the use of mind and imagination so that we can live and function in our day to day lives.

The type of imbalance I’m referring to it not the same as the one often spoken by mainstream psychiatrists to justify the unknown causes of mental health issues such as bipolar disorder and some instances of psychosis and schizophrenia. I am instead referring to an imbalance that is created as a result of using the mind outside of its optimal range, usage and right intended purposes.

From a purely physical perspective, schizophrenia can be seen as the breakdown in the healthy use and functioning of one’s internal thought processes and break from the inner discernment of objective reality. Both myself and my older brother have investigated some of the popular conspiracy topics, and we sat in the pub one evening discussing this and I was telling him one of the effects that I’ve observed. On occasions I would witness the textual content change on my computer screen, one moment there would be a particular phrase present and the next second it would have changed back to something else. I saw this change happen so clearly and distinctly that I almost laughed and thought to myself who’s pulling the strings here. My understanding is that certain topics at times overload our nervous systems with so much energy that it begins to interact and disrupt cognitive functioning. The content that I would witness being swapped out in this instance was highly specific and it pertained to research information that was causing me a great deal of anxiety due to its wider implications. It was nothing conspiracy related, however, it was very valuable to me. When I began to address the source of this particular anxiety the topical content changes within my visual senses and processing simply disappeared. Through many of the phenomena I’ve encountered resulting in what medical doctors would diagnose as visual hallucination and changes to my reality, I can comfortably say that part of our experience is a shared consensus reality and part of it allows for subjective experiencing. This ability to construct individual reality is how many psychics, clairvoyants, healers and shamans are able to see subtle spiritual energies that most of us cannot see.

I shared this brief story with my brother about the changing content and he revealed to me for the first time that he experienced the same thing, although he had never shared this with anyone else in the family. In that brief moment, there was a profound shift in his inner state of consciousness, and I perceived a flash of light and ludicity fill the space between us. When we research uncomfortable topics, it will often make us highly anxious as what one learns has a heightened impact upon our nervous system in terms of our fight or flight response, however, since the threat is none localised there’s nothing physically we can do in order to respond to it like a traditional threat.

From the higher spiritual perspective, it is a necessary disorder in that it is designed to highlight the ways in which a person’s thoughts and thinking fall outside of a grounded and healthy set of expectations. When one has mental schizophrenia an individual can no longer function optimally in their thoughts and mind and as a result the mind begins to malfunction, the person quickly develops externally visible behavioural signs to communicate to others that a person may be at risk or suffering from mental instability, ungrounded mental and thought processes and thus require help and intervention on at least some level, whether it be mental, psychological, emotional, behavioural or spiritual. However, if we only concentrate on one area when researching or investigating disease, or only see things from one limited perspective, we miss the holistic whole picture of the unwell person in mind, body and spirit and fail to see the story of the dis-ease being expressed in outward manifestation.

One of the primary causes of Paranoid-Schizophrenia which can give rise to paranoid-delusions and paranoid thoughts is through repetitious in-depth conspiratorial investigation. From my observations of people diagnosed with this disorder, it is frequently a condition that is developed by people involved in investigating conspiracy theories. This can be better understood as a spiritual karmic lesson in the balanced use of mind, and the skills of knowledge, information, objectivity, truth, discernment and processing of information. This form of Schizophrenia is a demon of discernment if you will, whilst evidently, there are some conspiracies that are unfortunately true, there are also a number of conspiracies that when scrutinised have no real basis in fact, truth or reality, and it is these red-herrings conspiracy researchers and investigators must be most aware to.

Unless one is prepared to take great care to sieve through and process information and form sensible conclusions along the way one may naively ignore something quite important necessary to truly see something for what it is or to risk becoming lazy, careless or willfully ignorant. A person that repeatedly rejects factual information despite solid grounded evidence is someone who shows lack of critical discernment and thinking skills. If one fails to use judgement and inner discernment properly then ones mind may become conditioned to see that which isn’t real and in doing so forms a mental-schism. Whilst we all guess from time to time and hold space for possibility regarding minor things, when we repeatedly jump to conclusions, make judgements and form inner conclusions and thoughts on wide and adverse topics that fundamentally affect our understanding of self and the world which we then believe in creating our system of beliefs, casts doubt on our ability to live a grounded life amongst other people.

One of the primary traps of conspiracy enquiry is that the person may fall down the rabbit hole and become lost in the depths of conspiracy research and investigation without end. This behaviour may then become an unhealthy obsession that results in a common form of obsessive-compulsive disorder, an addiction whereby one feels so compelled and perhaps even enjoys researching conspiracy topics so relentlessly that they form an addiction to this process of thinking and patterns of behaviour. The person receives brain chemical dopamine reward highs as a result of this interest and seeing beyond the lies he or she discovers and it can progress to become a past-time leisure pursuit.

As one goes to extreme lengths to uncover more and more, a person may develop instances of anxiety fueled paranoia that cannot reasonably be justified by the circumstances of said conclusions. This state of mind, emotions and body energy comes with physical sensations associated with increased, anxiety, heart-rate, palpitations, adrenal fight or flight stimulation, cold sweats, heightened and acute senses, body sensitivity and heightened awareness. If this state of ill at ease being is maintained longer than necessary to get one out of harms way then further conditioned habits are formed, such as hair pulling (in my own instance), discharges of negative emotional energy, changes to the content, expectations, pre-conceived ideas and thinking patterns of the ego-mind that if validated as true can quickly go on to create instances of manic-episodes and panic attacks. When we think something and then undiscerningly believe in it, the whole body-system responds as if it was a real threat, a response that if were real it might even be logical and justified, but when it is untrue or unfounded it results in unnecessary personal suffering and reactionary behaviour that puts ourselves and others at risk of being unsafe.

In many ordinary people, conspiracy obsession may also grip somebody taking away valuable time, energy and resources that would otherwise be put into living their lives in a healthy and balanced way, doing work, contributing and sharing with others, taking care of family and one’s wider family commitments. As one sees the bigger picture, one begins the work of re-shaping, healing and strengthening their ego-identity, character and personality as a result of developing information discernment. As the saying goes, balance in all things is one of the core approaches to healing yourself and healing your life from everything from anxiety, depression, illness and sickness as we live within the middle of extreme polarities in many ways.

Many ordinary people in the population are totally self-identified as a mind-made mental construct created through self-identification with their own thoughts and thinking processes. Eckart Tolle brought this troubling phenomenon into mainstream spiritual awareness with the Power of Now and his teachings. Today we need to collectively recognise that one either needs to maintain and keep optimal mental-health so in their totally identified state, they remain healthy and grounded or additionally have the inner awareness and elevated consciousness to see and reject unhealthy thoughts and developing patterns of thinking. In the case of paranoid-schizophrenia, it appears to develop in people that have done much ungrounded and in-depth conspiracy investigation, entertained so many possibilities that there comes a point when they are deemed to be unable to distinguish truth from lies any longer, which creates this mental schism.

One may begin healing paranoid-schizophrenia by initially completely pulling oneself out of both external research investigation and temporarily halt mental inward processing of information in relation to conspiracy topics. After a period of time has passed one may begin to ground and settle in mind, body, emotions, energy and behaviours. After this has occurred one may then either acknowledge what the truth is if multiple conclusions were initially entertained, which isn’t always easy, obvious or possible when there is limited information available to us. One may also acknowledge that “I’m not in a position to know with any degree of certainty” and so be putting the item to rest in order to prevent being pulled back in and potentially being consumed by a topic, however, this approach does not grow one’s inner discernment. Research one thing at a time and do one’s best not to engage in multiple in-depth conspiracy topics at the same time, find a balance in your life which allows the brain and mind to function optimally instead of a limited and narrow usage.

Whenever one draws a false conclusion and believes in it without enough credible sources or validation to support or substantiate it, your version of reality becomes distorted creating a mind schism. A pattern that demonstrates either a repeated lack of critical discernment or a gross lack of discernment resulting in false or misleading conclusions creating mental fogging which causes a loss of clarity, which can be seen as a clouding effect to one’s mental energy and a break down of one’s normal healthy thought processes.

During times of paranoia, one may perceive aggressive or hostile voices from dark spirits that attempt to interact with us and so one must be careful and discerning when believing in thoughts derived from such entities that are blended into our own thoughts as intuition and ideas. Such entities can be rebuked by sending them away in the name of Jesus Christ of whom is the key figure that represents the spiritual Light of Christ-Consciousness and an optimal way of being in the world.

When a person develops a spiritual lesson such as mental Schizophrenia, it manifests in the form of a negative mental energy that can be often felt as an energetic attachment located within the vicinity of the physical brain which may also affect and cloud the inner senses and personal awareness. A person who is capable of channelling information from their inner-ego will be able to gather self-information as to regards to the immediate causes of your life which requires some corrective work to heal. Identifying the root causes of our problems is the only way to truly heal, masking will not heal the underlying cause or condition. Schizophrenia isn’t a randomly occurring illness, it occurs very deliberately as a result of a set of faulty behaviours and mental processes which are no longer being used harmoniously.

Taking many of the mental health drugs offered through mainstream psychiatry may make a person more passive, slower in thought and generally overall more docile which is the aim, this will likely also lower your consciousness and deliberately restrict and inhibit your ability to think clearly or communicate. Interventions of this sort may be necessary if an individual goes out of control or becomes a serious threat to oneself or other people. Deciding whether or not a person requires medication is a balancing act. A mind-identified person that has thoughts of self-harm or harm to others is at an increased risk of actually carrying out such a thing and may require medication to prevent them from doing so. Individuals that are mentally ungrounded, but harbour no ill-will may not require medication, but just need help mentally grounding their inner thought processes through performing simple tasks.

Being on medication for a prolonged period may result in a person having to put up with, cope and manage their schizophrenia symptoms for a long time to come as an individuals sense of self and self-awareness will take time to recover from this state.

Whenever we acknowledge false information we fine-tune our skills of mental-discernment, as a result, some of this negative mental discordance and interference energy will lift from the brain, senses will begin to clear and during such times we may begin to feel subtle tactile sensations as something is gently removed from the eyes and negative clouds of energy released from around the head area.

One of the most effective and immediate ways of healing Schizophrenia is raising your consciousness and awareness of self through meditation so that on the higher level of awareness you receive information regarding your individual learning and lessons from spirit. You come to recognise your own higher existence as soul, consciousness and spirit and during this time you may even perceive strong intuitive thoughts or inner-voices coming from the ego. One must remain discerning at all times of the content and information within one’s own ego construct, else one becomes at risk of becoming self-possessed by their own thoughts carrying them out without any sense of awareness, inner discernment or objection, and often many of us are conditioned only to hear what we want to hear and our own inner sense of expectation, which can lead to further loss of clarity and mental awareness.

Once you’ve got the necessary consciousness, self-awareness, inner discernment and self-reflective ability to see this demon in your life, you may remove this negative energy and karmic entity through using the exorcism method performed by Jesus. I’ve personally used this same exorcism method to remove my own brief periods of schizophrenia due to temporary loss of discernment and ungrounding from reality during my Kundalini awakening, however this same method can also be used to remove a wide range of negative energies, dark energies, karmic attachments and negative entities from the mind and body and it is very effective once one can identify what it is.

For more information on this form of exorcism please check out our article on removing demons through Jesus Christ. It takes a strong charged intention, conviction and inner belief to remove karmic entities this way and one does have to actually believe in Jesus in order for this to work. The belief comes often through studying his life, spiritual teachings, achievements and what he stood for. Most personally convincing for me was realising that he is an ascended being that still interacts with people, this was true for me and he has also been reported by many who have gone through a spiritual emergency or spiritual awakening such as Kundalini or worshipped through prayer and acknowledgement as part of a spiritual practice.

By invoking his name in a confident and assertive command one may pull this energy attachment away from the mind. Before doing this one must first acknowledge the unfactual or ungrounded information that caused this negative energy to attach itself to the body in the first place, otherwise, you risk repeating the same circumstances. At the present time, one such conspiracy responsible for causing Schizophrenia is the flat-earth conspiracy theory. Here we can see that there is a balancing act of being open-minded to new information and open to entertaining something without necessarily believing in it and critical discernment in order to ensure we don’t believe the lie.

Here’s the exorcism command that I personally use, which is relative to the condition, entity attachment, karmic energy or demon.

“Demon of [discernment] (lack of), come out of me, I command in the name of Jesus Christ!

The command script in italic is the most important section and the most power and conviction should be emphasised on the words in bold, the words in (round brackets) are for understanding only and should not be spoken and the [demon] in square bracket may be interchanged with other demons. When one becomes absolutely confident in one’s own core belief in Jesus and practising of this spiritual clearing method it becomes easier and more effective to use.

The first time I developed a mental schism I was a person of low consciousness, very thought identified and due to the controversial and quite damning conclusions that I had recently arrived at due to conspiracy research, this sent me into a state of paranoid shock and mental disorder. I began speaking to myself as if actually channelling another being and being unaware of when I was doing so and experience a loss of awareness of when I was doing this in others presence. This occurred over several days, and at the height of my mental discomfort and ungrounding, I began to meditate. Perhaps 10-15 minutes into this meditation I perceive a sudden energetic lifting from my mind as one of the Archangel’s removed an auric attachment from me. After this, my mental state quickly became clear and my senses and thinking recovered.

The second time this happened to me was several years later due to a range of expanded thinking (perceived to be ungrounded) as a result of expanded understanding surrounding the wider Universe and nature of reality. I understood that consciousness and experience its self-was the fundamental nature and reason for being and additionally I had developed a paranoid attitude towards certain people as a result of my own miss-judgement of someone else. This mental schism and feeling of mind was incredibly reminiscent of my earlier one experience years earlier and told above. However, this time, being much higher in personal awareness, consciousness and self quickly intuitively recognised that it was an energetic attachment and remained grounded despite this mental confusion that I could easily observe in my thoughts. In order to heal this, I immediately recognised my paranoid-mistake and a false conclusion, acknowledged and affirmed that I did in fact now have a wider understanding of reality due to mystic dreams and clairvoyance and then performed the following exorcism, which those in spirit take very seriously. Ultimately they decide what conditions and illnesses a person receive as a karmic learning lesson and those which can be undone.

In the beginning, I found that multiple mentally spoken or vocally spoken repetitions of the command, building upon conviction and then often quickly reaffirmed one after another were necessary to build up the necessary, intention, determination and my own inner power and momentum. If you want to use this exorcism method to heal others, you simply alter the script form “come out of me” to “come out of (name)”. However, it doesn’t work unless you truly believe in Jesus and feel in your heart and chest that it will work. One needs a strong belief in Jesus, however, one does not need to be a Christian, for Jesus Christ himself had no religion despite studying different spiritual traditions and worked from a place of total faith in God.

I often close my eyes during this and hold a simple wooden cross whilst mentally speaking or intending the command script. When an energetic attachment representing a mental schism is removed one should feel an energetic lifting similar to that of a cloud of static electricity being swiftly removed or lifted from the head and a returning of clarity. If such schisms were not manifest in response to certain behaviours, we would continue to carry this on in spirit and ultimately this would result in our separation and exclusion from the whole in order to learn and heal.

“The reason for mental schisms: the person does not have the conscious ability to have honest, clear self-awareness, and self-awareness is prerequisite to conscious growth and change.” — Joanna Neff


This exorcism command script is an adaptation of what I learned to do form the Shamanic Entity Healing course by Peter Michael, and was likely the main reason that Archangel Michael intervened originally for me. There are some things which even the spirit of our collective consciousness do not get correct and so we can take our attention within in order to seek higher answers through and underneath the shroud of our thoughts and mind if we can momentarily stop it for long enough.

Due to the lack of recognition of spiritual causes of illness and disease as the native Indian Shaman’s once widely understood, this should ideally be done in one’s own home, it will be even more effective if performed in a holy place such as a Church and the person understands the reason why they’ve developed the condition and are committed to changing. Performing exorcisms in public will raise concerned regarding self-grandiosity or delusions of grandeur, as this method is precisely what Jesus himself went around doing for people, but instead using the authority of God. There are also other exorcism methods that are relevant to the different cultures.

If you’ve had experiences performing real exorcisms, healing yourself or healing others, please feel free to add to the group discussion so that others can build the necessary belief through reading others stories. This will be necessary for Shamanic healers, and individual’s that have developed schizophrenia due to extreme levels of conspiracy research, paranoid-judgements and lack of critical discernment within their lives.

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