Exploring the spiritual causes of Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

This article looks at a rare health condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia and begins exploring what I believe to be its true underlying causes and origins as being based on a mind-body response to various certain types of trauma sustained through choices we have made throughout our present life.

I also offer up a few solutions for you to try in order to help you reverse the effects and heal your limbs and body through a few types of physical and holistic therapies including Chinese medicine acupuncture, reflexology, acupressure massage and deep tissue massage, which I’ve been personally using to treat my own condition.

I’m very fortunate in that I can put forward controversial viewpoints, theories and new evidence that other sources are not prepared to entertain or accept as people have mostly become conditioned to believe in a genetic cause and look no further beyond this.

This article is quite long because it covers and journals many years of my personal experience with hereditary spastic paraplegia and my spiritual experiences, although I have deliberately left a lot of things out in order to not over-complicate it with detail. If you don’t have the time, attention span or concentration to read this right now then I please ask you to save or bookmark this page and come back to it later or print it out or please feel free to skip straight to the conclusion before re-reading.

Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia is known by the acronym HSP or it is sometimes also referred to as Spastic Paraparesis (please be aware that there are a few other things that also share this acronym that is not related). Its main symptoms typically consist of muscular dystrophy also known as muscle wasting, muscle spasticity resulting in muscle tightening and causing a shortening of the Achilles tendons in the legs reducing the range of leg motion and causing excessive muscle toning which together reduces both body strength and impacts mobility in the legs and occasionally also the wrists. This condition eventually creates problems with walking, balancing and mobility and just like other disability in general it will greatly affect almost every area of your life.

It is widely believed and claimed that HSP is purely a genetic condition that is inherited from one or both parents and that it is degenerative in that the symptoms progressively get worse and it causes nerve damage to spinal nerves that connect to the limbs. There is currently no known genetic or pharmaceutical cure for this condition. Other complications that arise from this condition may also include pain, emotional and psychological distress, strained relationships and severely limiting the quality of life, on the whole, it can make someone depressed and miserable for a long term and possibly indefinitely.

I was diagnosed with this condition in my early twenties (I’m presently 32) after I began showing more severe signs of toe walking and balancing problems, prior to this I frequently used to trip over and later my legs became very stiff and my ankles were no longer able to support me properly. Initially, I didn’t take my first diagnosis seriously, which caused me to search for a second opinion and later another diagnosis of the same condition. Things continued to get worse and I had to give up doing my kickboxing classes, which is something I believe early on would actually help things to get better.

So, what would it take to get answers to this health condition? Ultimately it has taken me on a personal journey through spiritual enlightenment and seeking higher consciousness through meditation practises and gaining an understanding of karma and spiritual trauma and how this can factor into sickness, disease and illness.

I’ve been through something called a Kundalini Awakening, which I’ve also briefly written about here in my Introduction to Kundalini as a phenomenon known more broadly as a type of Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini Syndrome is also something official recognised in the American DSM-V medical publication associated with mental health conditions, however it is so rare and complex that it is not understood by many people, not even in the healthcare professions.

Originally I read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and this taught me how to grow my level of consciousness and self-awareness through meditation and I slowly begin removing and letting go of sources of inner trauma through muscle relaxation exercises and a surrendering of the physical body. Sustained meditation also creates the effect of a vibrational raising of the spiritual bodies which can be felt as a subtle inner electromagnetic field and through this I was able to remove a dense field of negative subtle energy termed as the ‘pain body’ by the author along with other forms of bodily spiritual impurity caused by various choices and patterns of physical behaviours, harmful use of mind and inner being attitudes.

The Kundalini enabled my consciousness to rise even more than I could have hoped to achieve alone through meditation and eventually, my true self became more self-aware, to become aware of itself as a sentient consciousness and not merely through mental belief. Due to this, I developed heightened sensitivity and awareness to my mental content and I soon became free of many of the persistent thoughts associated with the false ego identity and going through the psycho-spiritual process of self-realisation. After reading some more of the author’s work published under the title of “Stillness Speaks” I eventually realised that consciousness, which is believed to be the fundamental essence of being and personal identity can communicate to us all through intuitive-mind and so I began to realise there was a form of higher guiding intuitive intelligence here that could be tapped into and at times communicated with inwardly through use of intention and meditation.

During the later stages of Kundalini, I maintained a serious practice of meditation, which became much easier and eventually I began to be able to perceive intuitive-mind as an expression of what seemed to be inner voices. These thoughts were initially very subtle, and they frequently contained new information I had not previously known, in addition to this every so often in meditation or during the stages of drifting off to sleep I would clearly perceive spoken human voices that would usually speak a quick short spoken sentence offering a short insight containing knowledge or wisdom to the things I contemplated or needed help with in my life, especially relating to relationships, work, career and health.

One of these voices provided me with the term “Complex-Karma” as being a cause of my hereditary spastic paraplegia and in later meditations, this was mostly referenced as being a form of spiritual trauma sustained as a consequence of various detrimental or harming choices I had made earlier in life in response to various situations.

Soon after I began a practice of yin yoga to try to specifically extend my Achilles tendons running down the back of my legs and into the hells and during these sessions I discovered that a lot of negative energy was released from the body and thrown up into my immediately ambient surroundings. Doing yoga appeared to provide loosening of the tendons and releasing other contracted muscles in the hips, legs and thighs which were the most noticeable, but it also had a similarly positive and beneficial effect in other areas of the body.

Greatly aided by my new level of mental self-awareness I began writing down the information that was being revealed to me through my own intuitive mind and I eventually started to form a list of trauma that detailed many of the items or incidents that were responsible for what I had developed.

I believe this trauma is the true causes of my own Spastic Paraplegia and that it may probably not, in fact, be genetically hereditary as it is presently believed. Looking down at this list I have created it feels like a case of disability by a thousand cuts, many of the items are very personal, and I don’t wish to divulge everything, however I’ll list a few examples and from this it may be possible to find parallels to your own life or even identify new subjective trigger events as they relate only to you.

Many of the poses found in both ancient and modern yoga are intended to not only stretch certain muscles but also the tendons and it appears to be the tendons which I have found that store a lot of negative energy and tension. Tension is what occurs as a result of receiving trauma and creates stress in the body and it is this that I predominantly believe leads to the physical afflictions responsible for many of the HSP symptoms I’ve observed in my own body.

Here I will list and expand upon a few of the item that is written on my list. Quite early on I was told that excessively “Heavy Walking” was a contributing factor, which corresponds to the fact that I used to run up and down the stairs, probably as recently as my early 20s and another point indicated to not having a proper heel strike to the ground, which is apparently associated with belonging to proud family background. My father was into country walking and frequently took us on walks around the British countryside as a child, whether it be in cold, wind, rain and snow and everybody in the family agreed these were very unpleasant, undesirable and in effect we all hated them including my mother and brother. I was later given the reason that “He wanted a walking family” and another time it was shared with me through inner vocalisations that “He wanted a James Bond family” if you can think back to the period of Roger Moore. I also used to fight quite frequently with my older brother when I was younger, although I always considered this behaviour somewhat normal even if I didn’t like it as I didn’t know anything else and despite the rejuvenating capacity for my body to naturally heal from any minor cuts or bruises sustained the spiritual trauma that was to be applied on top of this by others spiritual expectations caused life long damage and lost years of life are irretrievable. Some surgeons are claiming that I will require a surgical operation to extend my Achille’s tendon and replace my knees with synthetic parts, which comes with the risk of causing an even worse walking-gait or the need for a wheelchair because I’ve lost so much muscle mass.

During the period that I sought a second opinion (only for it to later eventually be re-confirmed as a diagnosis of HSP) I spent several hundred pounds on private physiotherapy treatments and consulted with a therapist at a local city centre physio clinic, which included a few therapies consisting of sports massage, a bit of podiatry and physio exercises for increasing strength and dexterity. The sessions I had at their clinic helped a little, but it didn’t appear to produce anything very significant. I was also given a latex band to take home with me and during some of my evenings I would do leg and ankle exercises for articulation, strengthening and stretching by wrapping my ankle into the band and the other end placed around the leg of my sofa.

This was to become the first time I had ever come across the phenomena of manifested healing and I was not a religious person at the time, although I did know a bit about Kundalini as this was an ongoing process occurring over many years. I recall as I stood up one evening after performing some of these exercises and it seemed like a miracle had just occurred, my ankles both appeared to soften and I was standing on both feet without my legs or body tipping me backwards. Typically, because of my HSP, I could only walk on the balls of my feet resulting in my heels lifting off the ground and any attempt to flatten out or level my feet would instantly result in my tipping backwards and falling over. At the time I had to use a very wide foot stance in order to provide myself with a frame of support in order to remain upright as else I would wobble insecurely on the balls of my feet or seem to need to step from side to side.

Initially, I was in quite a shocked and confused stupor which almost felt like psychosis, but regardless of this inner disorientation, I stood up and I walked around and stood upright enjoying my newfound ability to stand up properly unaided. After about 2 or 3 minutes of being in this surreal state and rethinking back “I definitely had a diagnosis of HSP – how can this be possible?” I heard myself think out loud in an astonished sounding voice “I don’t believe it.” and then I looked down at my legs and I saw what I can only describe as a stream of silvery-white energy streams swirling around my calves and suddenly my legs were back to exactly where they had been before with the inability to stand up straight. I couldn’t understand what had just happened to me!

I wasn’t very conscious or self-aware spiritually at the time as I am now as this was a number of years before completing my Kundalini process and I somehow managed to rationally reason or convince myself that nothing had happened and I continued going to work and soon seemed to forget all about this. To this day this incident remains a major sore point and grievance in my life and one way or another I’m going to make someone accountable for what they did to me. Yes, the healing was brilliant and spectacular of course, beyond anything I was even capable of believing was possible at the time; but to then remove and undo it with an egotistical spiritual light show is another act of unforgivable sadism in my opinion. The line I was eventually given several years later was “I didn’t expect him to do the exercises” and to be fair on myself I was putting in quite some effort to believe that the exercises were ever going to do anything for me, however, I remained determined and motivated to do them.

Eventually, I would go for some more physiotherapy provided freely through the NHS in order to see if it would make any more difference for me and they gave me very similar exercises to do and I kept this up for only a short while, before I realised it was not having much of an effect on me and there wasn’t anything quite so mystical happening to me this time. They asserted to me that Botox injections would probably not do anything more for me seeing as I had already had them in the past and they hadn’t done much for me other than to make my legs and ankles weaker and less supported and so soon after this I stopped going for any more physiotherapy, however I would not rule out its positive benefits completely, it just hasn’t been effective as Chinese acupuncture has for me up to this point.

The reason I could see spiritual light and many other people cannot is because of a phenomenon known as clairvoyant sight and having re-activated a special gland found in the centre of the brain responsible for the inner subjective spiritual sight that is normally revealed through autopsy to be calcified due to fluoride deposits, frequently found as an artificial additive in water claimed to have health benefits for our teeth.

Kundalini Awakening is, of course, a very strange and misunderstood phenomena in its own right and it’s normally a highly esoteric subject not often discussed other than by the few individuals who know about it either as spiritual teachers or people going through the throws of an awakening, however there are more and more books being written by authors on this topic and it will soon be hard to ignore its legitimacy due to the amount of peer validation it will have. Several years into my awakening I began to be able to perceive coloured orbs of light and energy.

Initially, there was a just a single small silvery-white orb that occasionally blipped on my visual radar and then later I would see a small gold one sending me intuitive thought about someone attempting to intimidate me through false impersonation. Up until this point, I thought these orbs were only a visual phenomenon and the larger and more spectacular orbs or Merkabah stars triggered psychosis as they were more than I could handle at the time. I refer to these spirit-orbs more discerningly as ‘entity consciousness’ and today I don’t just see the original silver or gold one, but I see many orbs in different colours including green, variants of light and electric-blue being the most common, occasionally also red, yellow and pink, but turquoise, orange and purple seem incredibly rare as they relate to me. I mention this phenomenon in order to explain how it is that spiritual beings that operate both within and outside of our physical and spiritual realities can communicate with us through the mind and inner subjective spiritual light produced by the pineal gland.

Please check out Gabrielle Bernstein’s short video on Spirit Guides and her sighting of this type of entity consciousness, one of which she refers to as Archangel Michael being a blue orb or spark and if this makes you feel inclined to learn more then please read this other article about Healing Guides.

For a short period of time, some of these spirit orbs were very vivid and were able to remain seen for longer periods of time and at times they would fly around me almost like fireflies. On one notable occasion, I began to try to explain my disability through a combination of the use of my mind and visualisation to tell a story and tried to explain what effect it was having on my life. I only began to do this after realising that I was no longer alone and frequently in the presence of other unseen spiritual consciousnesses that could often be felt or perceived inwardly, but not seen. Eventually a gold orb made a quick motion landing on the top of the toes on one of my feet and I perceived an inner voice in a male voice that said “He’s getting less tight” and immediately some of the tightness and tension in the tendon on my right leg was instantly released from the toes, the entity disappeared or departed and I believed this was done as an act of kindness or a compassionate response. It was this critical event that made me understand just how significant tension can be in causing physical health problems and health complications through bodily tightness often stored in tendons which are responsible for storing and holding onto the deeper tension and sources of energy that just doesn’t release under normal conditions and requires us to process information stored in the energy, which is one of the reasons that yoga exists.

For a few years I had been exploring learning Reiki healing and I studied up to level 2 and on one occasion I had a go at seeing whether or not I could heal any damage using what I imagine most would refer to as “faith healing” or “hands-on healing” and I simply placed both hands on the shin of one of my legs and attempted to focus my mind with a clear intention of “Heal this” whilst using my Reiki hand signs. After several minutes of focused concentration, something really caught my eye as an emerald light flashed in my room and I perceived who I believed to be the Archangel Raphael whom I made daily prayers to who proceeded to also place his or her hands over my own directing energy into my legs. After witnessing this unfortunately I wasn’t able to concentrate any longer and had to stop as I was more excited again by another angelic presence. I’ve not tried this method again since after this, mainly it’s because I’m afraid nothing will happen if I try again or that I’ll somehow be seen as unworthy or cannot repeat whatever I did before. I’m not sure what this particular event did for me, it was only a short period of healing and I’m fine to admit that I’ve actually had far more tangible and observable results with acupuncture and massage treatments from a physical person which I explain in the following paragraphs. If any sceptics or ‘none believers’ want evidence for angelic intervention or faith healing then I normally point people to this video about Bruce Van Natta’s experience of being crushed by a truck, you can attempt to rationalise this away with the belief that it’s all imagined hallucinations if you want, but all the evidence I have looked at so far does not support this conclusion.

I volunteered to be part of something called the 1000 Gnomes Project here in the United Kingdom after going for HSP variant genetic testing and I offered up several test tube samples of blood for lab testing and in turn, they said they would tell me if they were able to identify any of the known variants of HPS through their DNA testing gene panels (along with any other unrelated illnesses if necessary). Unfortunately, I don’t match any of the known variants for HSP and this didn’t prove particularly useful to myself, although I was happy to contribute to their research efforts.

Most recently I’ve been exploring acupuncture treatment for my legs and at the time of writing this I’ve had 13 sessions of acupuncture with two different local city centre traditional Chinese medicine clinics and I’ve been expanding and adding to my “Karma List” as I call I named it. They would place needles in various locations of the body, particularly in the lower abdomen and legs and during the sessions I would feel different muscle groups releasing, my mind would settle into a light trance and I would see short visions behind my closed eyes and at other times I would experience intuitive thoughts that corresponded with an item of released trauma. They were often for very stupid and unfair things I thought such as “drinking too much Pepsi Max” and eating Rum & Raising ice-cream which was shown as a very quick vision, which presumably they must have been alluding to was contraband or off limits to me at the time because it contained alcohol. At other times voices would say things like “He’s played enough computer games to last a lifetime” and to be fair I have enjoyed gaming a lot during childhood and young adult and I admit at times I’ve been addicted to this entertainment format, although now I only play once on a weekend or occasionally an odd hour during the week.

In the recent sessions I’ve had a different acupuncture specialist and she’s been putting needles directly into my Achilles tendon and this time I experienced quite a significant bit of lengthening, which was accompanied by the mental thought of “You should have gone to University” which seems to be implying that parental spiritual expectations were responsible for this. FYI, I stayed at home and I studied in my home city where I eventually obtained a bachelor’s degree with second-degree honours through Nottingham College, so I found this item particularly nasty to hear and presume from this decision that not going to live in another city was perhaps life-limiting, which it was as I didn’t particularly meet many new people remaining at another college and missed out on some life experience most others take for granted. The other item to come up was “I wanted you to join the Boy Scouts” something I rejected after visiting one of their local groups and one of the other sporting related items released was “You didn’t join a basketball team after leaving school”, whilst I played for my junior team for at least two years I never went on to join another team as I got older and my senior school didn’t even have a team. These were part of spiritual parental expectations and as you might imagine they have put a serious strain on my family relations. Another one was “I didn’t go to the school disco” and it’s true, I enjoyed many of my junior school discos but from age 11 onwards I was separated from most of my friends and I never felt confident to go to an event like this.

I also had what you might describe as a back and forth conversation due to my grievance with someone unseen in spirit and I’ve been unable to tell if this is another god, an entity consciousness or simply a person that had unrealistic expectations of me, but essentially his part to share with me through inner voices was “I thought you had so much love for her” and “I thought you two would be perfect for one another” and they revealed the name of a girl I had a crush on at my Junior School for around two years between ages 8-9, but whom I never really spoke to her on account of being too shy. I thought this was also a particularly nasty decision because I also went through Senior High School fancying at least 2 other girls at my school and I never had the courage to speak to or ask any of these out either and it wasn’t until I turned 18 that I entered into my first relationship.

Remember what I said earlier by death disability by a thousand cuts? My Karma List is becoming more extensive week by week, but fortunately, my legs and feet also seem to be getting better week by week. I try to do at least one or two yoga sessions each week, I’ve begun going to the gym once a week to build my strength and fitness back and currently, I’m having one acupuncture session per week combined with occasional message on my legs, but I also occasionally see someone once per month for massage on my head, shoulders and back to help alleviate and combat stress.

Okay, recap time… manifested healing, spirit orbs, karma, subtle energies and spiritual impurities, life expectations, parental karma, life trauma. This has been an incredibly long method of finding out how my body had become so handicapped by disability and I honestly don’t expect everybody to understand all of these terms as they come from the spiritual communities rather than mainstream society and I don’t expect anyone of an atheistical point of view to even believe in these things I’ve explained here, particularly the mystical experiences. For people that want to help themselves I’m simply going to say start going for acupuncture and make sure they treat the Achilles tendon directly in at least some of the sessions, it’s a bit painful, yes, acupuncture needles are not in my experience as sharp as needles used for injections but if you’ve already had the leg Botox injections for the spasticity then at least you won’t be squeamish and so far this seems to be one of the most effective treatments I’ve explored up to date even if mainstream medical doctors or scientists don’t understand how it works to bridge the mind with a past experience of trauma.

I was part of what seemed to be two of the largest Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia support groups on Facebook that I could find and twice I’ve attempted to communicate my thinking about this condition and twice I’ve been immediately kicked out of the group and branded as some sort of heretic for pointing out what will one day become obvious. You are going to look incredibly foolish once a lot of the research I have written up here along with my case study is revealed to be true and valid.

To these people, if you want to carry on attempting to shut down any new lines of inquiry in your community members, I believe you will remain stuck, eventually you will come into conflict with your own community as it cannibalizes itself and maybe you will even develop the condition in another lifetime or perhaps you’re hoping that some sort of miracle drug is going to come to market and fix everything for you, but I doubt this. Someone else, possibly a healing guide shared with me that this condition is so rare and receives so little funding that you’re probably not going to get a solution in your lifetime, so you may as well try the acupuncture and then truthfully report back your findings.

To those people who after reading this and would like to seek how to reverse the damage of this condition and release the trauma probably responsible for your HSP I would say go for a private consultation and have acupuncture in conjunction with deep tissue massage and acupressure massage on the feet and knees. Buy yourself one of the spiky double roller massagers available from some health fitness stores and use it on the backs of your thighs and use one of the spiky balls to massage the underside of your feet (it is a little painful and uncomfortable at first, but eventually you develop less sensitivity to it), I am lead to believe that using it on the front, back and sides of the thighs may help to prevent the need for a future hip replacement probably due to stress that the various sources of muscle tension caused to the body. If you are strong and able enough to exercise then I also suggest that you start doing yoga and if you can’t do this then at least begin a meditation practise in order to calm your ego-mind. It may also be possible to process some trauma events during the dream state or as inner visions in the form of symbolic dreams or recreated scenes, which give a lot more background and information than just the thoughts or inner voice information alone because as they say a picture says a thousand words and often its useful to see the context of whatever was happening at the time than merely being told about it.

After more treatments, I may post the before and after photos, so you can see the difference it has made to lengthening my Achilles’ tendons.

My conclusion so far is that this particular condition is primarily a result of sustained trauma, some of which can be said to be a karmic consequence to a historical life event and I believe that any genetic connection to this disorder in time may reveal itself to be simply how the body is changed, but not the underlying philosophy or reason why it was or has changed in the first place and that genetic mutation of this kind is not a random event but rather something that is set or determined.

If you found this article interesting then please share this with others whom it will be beneficial to read and particularly anyone who might be interested in learning about healing from forms of physical and spiritual trauma expressed through the body as disease.

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