Our directory includes a list of individual therapists, counsellors, healers and spiritual emergency crisis facilitators offering a range of paid services that can help people going through a psychospiritual crisis such as Kundalini, enabling somebody to process and integrate their spiritual experiences.

These services are provided by third-party sources who are not necessarily affiliated with our Psychospiritual Support site and for this reason, I recommend exercising caution and discernment before booking services which are done so with the understanding that any services taken up by an individual visiting this directory are done so entirely at your own risk. I’m aiming to provide peer recommended services for various therapists who are seeking inclusion in the validated list of service providers who are peer-recommended by other members of the online support group. I’m not looking to make this an International or Global directory at this time but I do include a mixed range of resources that I feel that are valuable.

In order to be listed under the peer validated section, you must have support from at least 2 members of the peer group who have used your services and are prepared to provide a short reference based upon their positive experience of using your service. Please note that you may only solicit for work once you’ve reached a fair level of participation within the group as explained in our group ethos and guidelines.

Please use our contact form to provide your information for peer recommended or first-time inclusion into our directory below which is subject to review and listing at our discretion.


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