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Healing Hands Touch

The human hands are powerful sensory organs that can be used to both detect problems using psychic intuition and channelling a range of healing energies through healing intentions.

In every moment, in every instance that we do something it is first and foremost an expression of an inner intention we hold at that moment. Our intentions can be positive which would be expressed as positive energy brought about by the quality of ones pressure, movement, speed and motion through your touch which determines the quality of the energy the receiver experiences through your palm and finger chakras and into the receivers body, which is experienced typically as either soothing, healing or sensual or a combination of all three.

Pure inner intentions and a positive healing attitude, will result in creating a healing touch for a recipient. Bad intentions, bad attitude or insincerity and mood irritability will result in poor energy transference and quality of energy. When this occurs one’s attentiveness, concentration and focus is usually lowered or preoccupied and will most likely result in an unpleasant energy and poor and unenjoyable experience for the receiver. For this reason, one of the keys to a healing touch is present moment awareness, without wandering off in thought or mind.

For a relaxing and sensual massage, the speed and pressure are often slow and firm and are matched equally with inner intent and heart. For healing hands, the touch and pressure are often quite light, delicate and tender as determined by the area of the body being treated or the nature of the ailment and sensitivity required. The hands are used to soothe the body and can help with bruises, strained muscles, swelling and releasing muscular tension and negative inner body energy. Based on my understanding of psychic massage it is the physical heart organ and heart chakra energy that balances out our intentions, when the heart is lacking our intentions can become devoid of love and care for whom we’re treating.

One of the important things that a massage therapist needs to be aware of is their attitude and technique when giving a message so as not to lose sight or perspective relative to their client, as to use too much oil and massage in a slippery manner rather than using gentle but firm strokes or deliberate gliding motions in considered lusting after the flesh, which results in creating personal karma and this is something sensual massage therapists need to be especially aware of. The dream I received the night after a particularly uncaring message I had recently had was depicted back to me symbolically as my spirit walking through a corridor where many caged arms and hands were pawing at my body from behind iron bars and covered in dirty oil. This represented the place from which the particular therapist was coming from and that I needed to be more discerning in future of therapists I go for treatments with.

The following is a short encounter I had with a wise sage in spirit whom I approached for help. He placed his hands over my abdomen and I perceived the internal thoughts of “I’m sensing that…” and immediately a new dream sequences began to play out within my consciousness that showed a scene that symbolically depicted a past event which resulted in a serious negative imbalance being created in one of my chakras due toa  choice I made. This subsequently needed healing and releasing through a change of inner attitude and response to the situation. This is how I first came to understand that the hands have the capacity to sense and focus our psychic intuition into an area of the body in order to receive information about what is wrong. I’ve also perceived that during my own treatments with massage therapists that if one is still and alert, other massage therapists are able to communicate issues to your own higher awareness regarding life issues stored as chakra imbalances through the user of telepathic communication experienced as inner voices coming from their spirit into you. I later found that some of the people I would meet on workshops would approach me and seemingly out of the blue comment by saying “you have healing hands” despite not knowing me and I later discovered that whilst massaging the chakras that I could discern as strong inner thoughts the problems that I held onto if I focused my awareness and attention on the area for a sustained amount of time.

Often it is better to free negative energy from the chakras through balancing their energies or clearing issues associated with them than have the energy turn stagnant or to outwardly manifest as physical symptoms of dis-ease, illness and discomfort later on.

Physical massage bodywork is one of the most effective ways of clearing negative energies by releasing body tension which was subsequently created through an initiating stressful experience or stimuli. One may massage the different locations of the body in line with the chakras in order to help release emotional blockages, bad energies and issues held onto in these locations. Simply match the speed, pressure and inner intent for the result that you want to achieve for yourself or your client.

Gentle tender massage of the physical heart organ itself will assist in removing sources of stagnant energy or spiritual sickness that correspond to unloving actions, choices, attitudes and behaviours that are considered transgressions against the harmonious living. One may also close one’s eyes and envision wiping down the heart as a symbolic heart shaped glass vessel which enables the inner light from within it to begin shining clearly once more. When the physical heart is cleared, open and its energies balanced it will help to balance out the energies of the remaining chakras preventing excessive desires, lusts, addictions, use of power, healthy sexual expression and daily interactions and communications in the physical body, mind and spirit.

Whenever we do release work through something like yoga, massage or bodywork it releases stored energy from the body at the same time the tension is released and it’s subsequently vocalised in the mind as a negative issue for us to be aware of and let go of so we don’t go on to repeat the mistake and subsequently re-create a source of tension in our body.

The body has a number of ways in which it can channel and manipulate subtle energies, for example in reflexology a therapist uses the hands to massage pressure points on of the feet which are connected by meridian lines to different areas of the body. Massaging these mapped locations stimulates the process of drawing up energy through the feet to be channelled and flowed around the body, which often feels energetically revitalising and give rise to tactile energy tingling sensations or an inner buzzing or vibration as the energy flows from the soles of the feet.

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