Understanding the Relationship Between Karma and Facial Trauma

Facial Trauma

This article is a useful resource for anyone wanting to learn to develop the discernment necessary to recognise signs of trauma associated with ego and to understand what sort of issues they may be connected to. This is especially useful for someone needing to heal and process these sorts of issues as well as anyone who may be experiencing a spiritual crisis or a spiritual awakening.

This article discusses the topic of facial trauma patterns and common changes to the face that are the result of creating ego from the perspective of perpetrators of serious sexual crimes rather than victim. I’m specifically exploring and discussing the karmic consequences that are self-inflicted by individuals when carrying out something of a sinister nature or evil intent and I include simple descriptors of what a person with this type of ego looks like and explain how a trauma pattern is sustained through changes to the underlying metaphysical structure of the face. This article is deliberately intended to cover the other side and compliments or follows on from an earlier article that discusses sexual trauma from the victims perspective.

I believe that many people whom are responsible for violent sexual crimes such as rape probably believe or feel they may have gotten away with things unscathed, however they don’t appreciate or understand the spiritual laws of karma and the real purpose of the physical Earth. Laws of Karma are just as real and valid as say the law of gravity in physics or particle behaviour in quantum-mechanics in that it can be clearly observed, it’s just that most ordinary people don’t know what to look for and medical science hasn’t progressed it’s understanding to incorporate spiritual reasons for health problems and ailments.

Wherever we are and no matter what we are doing, we are subjected to a constant state of observation by way of sentient spiritual entity consciousness and omnipresent god-consciousness for the purpose of furthering human evolution. The physical matter experience is intended to be distinct from the spirit experience and provides real challenging conditions of which human beings can collectively confront their most common problems. Religion refers to the highest being as God, however the truth is there is also a structure of order beneath this with many spirit based beings and god-heads assisting in the management of peoples lives, some of which are sometimes prepared to communicate by way of inner voices to individuals.

Coming back to the topic of trauma sustained by perpetrators of sexual transgressions either as someone directly committing a crime against another person or whether it be committing a transgression against the divine through ones own behaviour and rather not influenced by another person. In either case, there are clear signs of trauma that effect changes to the body and face as part of consequences for a thought, deed, action or impure intention. The mind of course is connected both the body and the psyche consisting of grouped mind, soul and consciousness or ‘true self’ as some refer to it as. When the ego takes on an impurity as a result of a sinister and impure thought or actions, physical and spiritual defects and imperfections begin to form in the body. A physical violation against another will produce the most self harm, however even daring to think about certain things will immediately produce a negative mental/psychic energy that may stick to the subtle body and the mind itself begins to automatically transform how a person looks in order to make someone seem more sinister. The eyes for example are a direct expression of a person’s inner being, soul and psyche as they convey intuitive information about someones mental, emotional, spiritual states of being.

Sinister Sexual Issues

If you’ve ever pondered or intuitively wondered why some people look sinister, you probably weren’t imagining things and you may have been either consciously noticing something or unconsciously processing intuition from your own mind about another person. The eyes are capable of taking on impure energies into the spiritual subtle level of the body making some eyes in people appear sinister, darker, glint or appear much more shiny than is otherwise natural or healthy. These changes are also subtle and not quite as dramatic or noticeable as movie-drama special effects, on the human level eyes do not appear with red glints, only in dreams will people symbolically appear this way to leave no room for doubt. On the physical level, some eyes begin to bulge or squint out of balance and proportion due to these micro-muscular changes to the face, particularly around the eye-lids, cheeks, lips, nose and brow which cause strong lines and physical defects that change appearance quickly, occurring often during sleep when the mind and consciousness processes the leanings made or learning requirements of the days events. At present it can be difficult to identify trauma of one reason from a disease that has developed for multiple possible reasons, however I do comment on what I have so far noticed and been able to observe.

People who have sustained spiritual trauma of this nature and are victims of themselves often look sad, show signs of regret and have persistent dulled or watering eyes and I can see this in very many people whom are unaware they have deeper aspects of self to take care of in addition to physical, mental or emotional needs.

Those on the other hand whom wilfully and deliberately commit harmful acts take on the worst of the patterns of sinister expressions I’ve so far observed. These signs are something that I began studying as part of facial trauma and karmic patterns from 2017 onward after my Kundalini awakening period finished and something that I more widely discuss under the topics of ego diagnostics and ego-balancing as ways of identifying one’s own wounded or unhealed spiritual aspects and taking measures to address things that are found.

To date I presently believe that facial trauma and karma patterns are particularly relevant for anyone interested in certain areas of medical science or research, particularly criminology, pathology, mental health and psychiatry and want to better understand the spiritual dimension to this area of new study. Being able to recognise and identify a source of karmic trauma can be used to build a more convincing case during court trials for both the defence and prosecuting sides because it can suggest whom is more likely to be a victim and whom is an instigator or attacker based on what their ego and physical features reveal during a trail.

If you believe that trauma dis-figuration in the face and head are perhaps merely coincidental then one need only to look at photographs of people who are convicted for certain serious crimes. For the sake of accuracy and identifying the most common patterns they must be correlated only with others whom are known to be guilty of such crimes as otherwise it will pollute the results in the case of a wrongful or false conviction.

For anyone else it is really a case of being given tools that can aid one in a spiritual process of self-healing, evolution and recovery and this usually involves significant effort on part of the perpetrator towards sincere repentance of ones wrong doings.

The personified religious folklore depiction of mischievous ‘little devils’ appearing on ones shoulder, is likely representative of the state of mind and impure being of an individual in a symbolic and metaphorical sense. In reality this alludes to the visibly impure or sinister signs one can look for within the eyes of another person or oneself that have changed to reflect sinister attributes of ones inner nature at that moment in time. The removal of such bad energies from a person is sometimes precipitated by an intense period of spiritual crisis, something that can occur during a spiritual awakening such as Kundalini. I’ve written another article about purging impure energies from the root chakra as part of an episode of spiritual crisis or an inner psycho-spiritual healing crisis.

The good news for anyone with a trauma issue is that physical defects can be healed and removed through releasing the trauma and inwardly learning the spiritual lessons behind it in order to heal the deeper spiritual aspects of ones self.

Some of these subtle changes to ones appearance through way of receiving trauma are due to thinking and doing certain harmful or detrimental things, including certain types of negative thoughts. Through the inter-connected relationship between the body, mind and consciousness as it interacts with both our own human systems of morality as well as divine spiritual laws, particularly those which are immutable or can never be overwritten by mankind relative laws, all come together to determine precisely how someone should look in order to reflect their inner nature outwardly. Eventually it becomes possible to identify common trauma patterns in peoples physical features.

There are different trauma patterns for different behaviours, for example, someone whom contemplates suicide or self-harming will have their brow and face transformed to reflect their emotional state. Also those whom engage in psychopathic thinking or behaviours such as to contemplate murdering someone else. those who become chronic liars, people with sexual issues pertaining to either sexual perversion or sexually predatory behaviours and there’s a whole wealth of information in a person’s appearance and physical features waiting to be better understood.

Facial Trauma

Changes in the face also frequently occur within the subtle energy structure or grid that overlays the face and whole body similar to a wire model; one of the purposes of this meta-physical grid is to shape, control and contour skin and muscle by pinning and aligning it to the energy threads and nodal points running along it. This grid allows for a variety of various shapes, combinations and physical features observed in people. If a person is inwardly healthy then the grid will be in good order and a person will look generally appear healthy and look attractive. If a person has sustained serious karma during their present life or sustained trauma due to heir own actions or choices then the grid begins to break or deform in specific places. Some of the time this is an intelligent act of manipulation or a conscious change made in order to reflect that someone has done something detrimental either to themselves or another person in the case of disproportionate hostilities or violations. A person afflicted with a psychopathic attitude may for example develop a much wider mouth such as a ‘joker’ smile, something that has been the theme of recent Hollywood movies. Due to this connection between the body, the mind and underlying spiritual principles at play such as karma, I reason this fits within the space of intuitive-science.

A person either afflicted with or suffering with an issue related to perversion typically develops plasticity issues within the cheeks as they begin to appear increasingly inflated on the sides and the skin begins to lose tone and definition and begins to pull away or sag more on the face. Ones eyes will at this point already appear quite dirty or sinister and portions of the face are pulled tighter towards the eye sometimes creating the effect of a constant persistent eerie smile. Different trauma effects are cumulative, the more a person has, typically the worse they will look, initially however changes are subtle but become much more noticeable or change far more quickly depending on the severity of the issue.

If when observing someone known to have an issue you can normally see their eyes have become impure or spiritually dirty, for example, they look much more oily or more shiny than is otherwise normal or healthy for someone. Often one or both cheeks in the face can become inflated and puffy indicative of signs of ego.

I’ve identified a couple of common patterns that have emerged already concerning perversion and predatory behaviour respectively, but I speculate there are many pre-determined looks that correspond with a particular way of unhealthy thinking, behaviour or ways of being, which I believe criminologists or pathologists may eventually find especially useful to be able to study and gauge events from.

In the case of sexual predatory behaviour the cheek and eye both seem to sustain changes that reveal this suggesting that it may correlate to something such as an act of rape, sexual molestation, predatory grooming or paedophilia. On the whole an individual affected will look distinctly sinister or impure on a subtle intuitive level which is a reflection of whom the person has become. The childhood phrase that comes to mind when encountering someone exhibiting dirty ego is “wipe that dirty smile off your face” or similar which often refers to a temporary sinister smile resulting from a bad attitude towards something or someone, whilst this may only be temporary, trauma for more serious things is semi-permanent in that it is only removed once the individual has inwardly re-identified with a more healthier way of being and they have taken enough effort to make up for wrong doing, however I speculate the worst cases may remain for a very long because not to provide signs for others to observe might puts others more at risk.

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