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Mission Statement

To identify and demystify some of the underlying spiritual causes of mental health and spiritual illness, sickness and disease. To provide tools, information and resources for supporting, healing and helping people overcome a range of psychospiritual health problems by recognising the holistic interconnectedness of both the traditionally recognised physical body, mind, ego, psyche and emotions with the added understanding of the spiritual dimensions of the soul, consciousness, inner being, the self (individual god) and spirit, which is mostly overlooked by most mainstream healthcare and medical establishments and facilities.

By combining knowledge and understanding of these areas I believe we will eventually create a much-desired paradigm shift of how we treat health problems, sickness and disease and this will enable people to live more freely with far less suffering and problematic chronic health conditions and mental health problems.

About the Website

This website is a place to find relevant resources or articles related to psycho-spiritual health, mental health, spiritual healing and Kundalini. This is still currently a small blog with topics that most people would consider as being on the fringe edge of understanding how mental health and disease function.

This website has its origins in the United Kingdom and our resources are all written and shared in the English language. In the future, I would be open to allowing some of the main cornerstone articles to be translated into other languages and potentially distributed or featured on other sites or platforms, but for now, there is a useful but very basic Google translate button feature.

I plan to maintain and evolve this website over time as a place to share my own articles on psychospiritual healing perspectives, however, I’m also open to sharing this space as a platform for receiving and publishing guest contributed articles on related topics as long as the content meets our guidelines.

The traffic and attention this site receives at the current time are quite small, perhaps 150 people per month, but I’m also aware some health agencies and well-known names like Gabor Maté are now reading some of my articles, which is great, and I expect that it’s likely to grow in the future. I’m hoping either to finish authoring a book on psychospiritual health and bipolar or produce more core articles or possibly an online content-based course on bipolar.

For the time being, I would like to encourage people to read and selectively share the articles here if you feel others would benefit from them, which are particularly useful for anybody interested in or working in spiritual or mental health care or someone who is or who might be suffering from mental health problem or issues connected to spiritual awakening phenomena such as Kundalini.

If you are a regular visitor to this blog or if you work for a health agency or other related none government organisation please consider making a donation to my efforts using the PayPal donation button found in the footer.

Why did I set up this blog?

I’ve suffered from a range of traumatic and unexplained health problems as part of my Kundalini awakening process that lasted over a period of several years and I subsequently set up this website afterwards to publish resources and information in order to help other people with similar spiritual health problems in the form of written articles based on my knowledge and experience. My personal experiences have given me a wealth of information and knowledge in relation to spiritual health, disease and healing, which I don’t want to go to waste and this forms the basis for most of what I write about in many of my articles on these similar topics.

Between the Summer and Winter of 2017, I contributed heavily to a Facebook group called The Shamanic View of Mental Illness (now Visionary Mental Health) in the wake of my spiritual emergence where I began to help other people with issues relating to their own Kundalini, Psychosis and Bipolar-Disorder. During this time I felt I had crossed a particular threshold of understanding and there was now much less of a barrier that seemed to enable me to begin to more easily piece together more about many of the core issues and problems people in our world need to face, address and master in order to spiritually evolve in order to become free of sickness, illness, disease and karma, which is ultimately the goal that will lead to a much better quality of life for many.

Do we offer direct support?

We do not offer any sort of direct support services at this time, however, you may read our articles in order to seek help or guidance to a perceived spiritual health problem. Alternatively, if you’re located in the United Kingdom please consider contacting the Spiritual Crisis Network whom can provide you with an individually tailored response to problems pertaining to spiritual emergency and spiritual crisis, which will also include further appropriate advice and resources to explore.

If you live in a different country or region outside of the United Kingdom please explore the list of other Spiritual Emergency Networks listed in the footer under “International” as some of these may be able to help you.

Use of the contact form on this website should not be used to seek direct help or support, is restricted towards efforts of proposing and contributing resources, writing new articles and content and for the general administration of the site.

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