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Contribute an Article

If you would like to contribute an article to our website for consideration please use the contact us page after reading the following guidelines to get in touch with us.


We are looking for unique articles of at least 1000 words in length in the areas of psycho-spiritual health, mental health, spiritual awakening and spiritual healing. These articles must contain accurate and beneficial information or insights which resonates with our goals, direction of thought and perspectives if they were to be included and would be categorised as ‘guest’ authored content, but there would be a short section to name and leave an author’s byline.

You may link to other articles and resources where they are relevant or appropriate but we may object to anything that is seen as overly or exclusively self-promotional and very light or thin on any meaningful content or shared value. We would also allow and encourage authors to include a short biography description and link to your website or an online profile of choice.

When submitting please choose an appropriate image from Shutter Stock for use as the leading article cover photo and thumbnail picture that supports or conveys your topic, preferably one with landscape dimensions and where possible we will purchase this for you and include it within the article used for both the thumbnail and featured image.


We also have a resources section specifically for listing books on relevant spiritual health and spiritual emergency topics that you may wish to submit for possible inclusion to our site. Books that are topically relevant may be added to the appropriate section, when submitting an item please mention the category or categories you’re seeking inclusion in your initial e-mail, however, they may be subject to change if we feel that another category is more relevant. Inclusion isn’t guaranteed, but we are looking for high quality and topical book recommendations and suggestions within the field of psycho-spiritual health.


If you would like to contribute towards the running and upkeep of this website including the writing of new content and research articles please consider making a donation to us using the button below. All content is currently written and distributed free of charge through our website and all donations are graciously received.