Advice for Healing & Preventing Heart Attacks


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The best advice I can give to help prevent a heart attack is to be very careful of your intentions as you go about your day and be aware of what you’re thinking or what you may be doing in your mind. When or if you encounter a situation where your response to something is hostile, disproportionate or likely to be extremely violating in some way, then this is when you’re going to be most at risk of having a heart attack.

Having a healthy heart certainly means ensuring that it’s fit and strong, like any muscle, it’s exercised through physical exertion, but this isn’t really going to prevent a heart attack, it just likely means that it’s going to be more resilient and less prone to failure than someone who doesn’t get any physical exercise or exertion.

To understand what I mean ‘doing in your mind’, you need to understand the holographic nature of the mind and how it continuously projects and renders thoughts into a type of visual hologram. It is thought-intent that is responsible for directing this inner psychic being or character, whilst we have a physical body or template that is somewhat cumbersome and moved around and directed by the mind and brain, we also have a psychic self or spiritual being that is moved around almost exclusively by the mind and it creates it’s own experience, almost as if we exist in two places at once.

We can’t usually see what’s happening in the mind, but it’s constantly providing us with visual impressions, mental perception and we’re constantly aware of it on some level, interactions here are where we get intuitive information, love and emotions. In this mind created space, which it is normal to share and interact with other, we’re acting out things based on our true intentions, these don’t always necessarily correspond to what we’re physically doing, but for most people, there’s some level of synch between the two whilst we’re awake. Whilst it’s possible to deceive through the physical body, the mind provides a much more detailed, accurate and symbolic way of viewing a situation and the intent of a person with whom you may be interacting with. This is where we’re intuitively sizing up someone or getting a more complete picture of who they are and what they’re seeking to get out of an exchange or interaction.

The real wisdom for understanding the mind comes from the Christian teaching of Jesus who said “to do so in the mind, is as if it were real”, understanding the full scope of what this means, which might fit into or be termed psychic boundaries or psychic attack, as opposed to physical behavioural boundaries, it is possible to prevent coming into many diseases that result from impure, hostile or careless thoughts and uncontrolled thinking. Some of these thoughts are responsible for transforming the appearance of the face and body, someone who thinks in a harmful or malevolent way may have their experience transformed to appear sinister, this is how the sinister eye phenomena came about, visible on many people intended to intuitively communicate they have something rather dark going on inside of their mind and being.

Why is a person punished based on how they think? Well, on one hand, this can help to prevent further mental health problems from forming due to abnormal thinking patterns becoming established, the usual and natural response is to seek to avoid suffering. However, the content of the mind is also policed by spirit entities and someone isn’t going to be able to get away with thinking in a harmful way because these thoughts are creating a visual holographic feed and some of this content will eventually find its way into your physical lived experience through the phenomena of manifestation. A lot of human mental and psychic energy is wasted on dross thoughts and inappropriate content.

The heart isn’t just an organ for transporting blood, I tend to view it as an electrical generator for the body, mind and nervous system, however, it also closely corresponds to the inner sense of right and wrong or our moral compass, it’s also very connected to the emotional feelings and energy of love and kindness, having awareness of this organ in your body whilst thinking can ensure your thoughts and intentions don’t become toxic or harmful to yourself or others.

If you become aware of and know you’re in the middle of a heart attack, I would certainly consider prayer as your first go-to option, particularly if you know a relevant one-off by heart such as the Lord’s Prayer, Archangel Raphael or Archangel Michael, these are some of the spiritual beings that police the mind. One needs to understand that a heart attack is triggered from within the mind or mental experience in response to some internal situation such as attacking or violating someone, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

I’m not going to discount the need for a physical intervention whether it be drugs from a paramedic, physical reassurance from someone or the need for a hospital stay, these things could also be necessary and are likely to work on both mental and physical levels, however, prayer is going to immediately allow you to interact and interrupt whatever might be happening on the mental level.

The during and after sensations of a heart attack are not pleasant, during you might be experiencing stabbing and throbbing sensations, tugging on different ligaments attached to the heart, the firing of pain receptors and even bleeding. Afterwards there may be the feeling or sensation of scarred tissue, burning, dull or sharp pains and breathlessness.

All of these symptoms are deliberately intended to make a person stop a particular action, whether it be a physical action or an action that is done within the mind. It almost certainly damages the heart and over time it might even cause physical death, however, it can be healed, particularly using spiritual tools and interventions as these seek to address the underlying root cause of the problem and not just the physical symptoms or post-heart attack damage. One of the main ways in which disease is healed and cured in the body is through acts of kindness, hard work for an extended period of time and a repentant attitude towards any transgression or harmful act one may have done.

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