Exploring Different Methods of Releasing Trauma

Massage and bodywork

This post is a quick break down of some of my favourite different methods for releasing trauma and they’ve been split into two groups, one focuses on spiritual practises and the other focuses on holistic therapies. The areas and topics covered are:

  • Tantra massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • TRE
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Psychotherapy
  • Spiritual healing

Spiritual Practises

Tantra massage

Tantra massage is one of the few styles of massage that enable contact between the therapist and client in areas of the body considered more intimate like the thighs, buttocks, inner legs, pelvic floor and genitals and this type of massage is excellent for releasing trauma if you find the right therapist as its goal is not merely sexual gratification. Whilst many see tantra massage as done for pleasure and enjoyment, tantric healers have also traditionally had a primary role in healing and releasing sexual trauma and trauma energies from the body. In a relaxed and surrendered state whilst listening to appropriate music breath-work can also begin to dissolve into and remove these harmful dark or stagnant energies that correspond to past events.

One can also attempt tantra massage on their own even without professional training. By initially massaging in sweeping circles using very light touch and skimming the surface of the skin and muscles on the backs of the legs and thighs, over time this facilitates bringing trauma to the surface and out of the body. Initially, you may not feel much beyond ordinary skin contact, but eventually, you may become aware of sore or sensitive areas that represent a type of emotional pain that has become trapped in the body and in order to process this emotional and psychological material changes to facial expressions will happen on their own in response to emotions and past events and you may then feel heightened sensitivity and even physical pain and discomfort in the body as these sensations climax and then release. After a number of sessions, you will be able to become aware of things having been removed and over time this will facilitate healing and restoring the proper appearance of the face and other areas of the body that have been damaged by trauma and karma.


Yoga is a spiritual practise that is especially good at releasing trauma and ego from the body, but it is especially beneficial at working with and helping the soul and consciousness to heal and recover. Over a period of time, different issues are worked out and resolved by examining them in a psychic or mental environment. From here it’s possible to acknowledge and process past mistakes in order to free and release oneself from karma and its connected trauma and impure energies, diseases and dysfunctions in the body. There are many different styles of yoga to choose from, however, I find that yin yoga is most beneficial for trauma and karma release as the positions are held for a longer time rather than the positions just being used as part of a cardio or muscle-building exercise routine.

Yoga is very effective at working on trauma through muscular and tendon tension release in the fingers, toes, hamstrings, hips and pelvis. The toes at the front and underside of the foot serve as tension winding points that store potential energy and karma information using tension like a ratchet strap. If this isn’t released over time it will cause physical joint stiffness and mobility issues.


Prayer is a way of signalling that you’re committed and devoted to God or your respective divine and helps to undo the damage of spiritual afflictions and spiritual corruption, often responsible for giving the face a sinister expression or dirty looking evil eye. One’s mental intention, attitude and vocal tone are very important parts of effective prayer requests and communication as they demonstrate the extent to which someone is sincere and determined.

If prayers are not mentalised or spoken confidently, they are often ignored or missed. Many prayers help people to feel safe and begin to naturally surrender the body from tension, anxiety and free contracted muscles and will assist to release any ego or negative fear energies from the body in order to still and quiet the mind. The mind may then later begin to process some of theese energies in order to release different issues by helping to de-identify from within one’s own consciousness different harmful, toxic or sinister beliefs and attitudes.

Prayer is an excellent way to release trauma and spiritual afflictions affecting the face and body and can help to release the effects of sexual perversion, bad attitudes, queer trauma and can often also start to remove and release the tension that is responsible for changes to the voice and creating vocal dysfunctions caused by cancers in the lymph nodes and redistributing tension and healing muscles. I’ve also found that some small cancers may be removed through prayer or larger ones may be reduced in size if someone has recently put in hard work or good deeds.


A person can begin the process of working on healing their body through meditation. This is done by sitting in an appropriate position, usually, this is either cross-legged, in the lotus position or if seated with feet flat to the floor. This can include a finger lock that places fingertips together, often this is the index finger and thumb unless you know about other variations.

By placing one’s awareness on different areas of the body including various organs or muscle groups you may begin to relax the body and mind to the point you begin to trigger and stimulate the body and mind to begin to dissolve negative energies, release trauma and even heal cancers at these locations, however, it’s necessary to maintain conscious awareness throughout and not allow yourself to simply fall asleep or to drift into daydreaming thoughts.

At times you may experience mild or moderate sexual arousal and the purpose of this is usually partly to mitigate unpleasant feelings and to help someone to feel safe. Sexual energy has the ability to transmute emotional or psychological pain and trauma and in addition to this sexual energy has a natural ability to clear a darker or stagnant energy from the body. This process is often what happens when working through a tantric healing session, which can either be done alone or with a healer who knows about energy and chakras. Stuck negative energy typically feels quite unpleasant and if it is not released, over time it will become responsible for physical dysfunctions and health problems will begin to manifest and occur to the physical body.

Holistic Therapies


Psychotherapy is beneficial for healing emotions and mental and emotional content, trauma can be worked on through achieving realisations and trigger a cathartic release through a shuddering effect associated with the release of negative or stagnant energies. Spiritual or Intuitive therapists may also be able to pick up on certain issues or things by processing the energy from their client’s chakras, enabling sessions to bring unconscious material into conscious awareness to be discussed.


Reflexology is particularly effective at causing the body to surrender from the hands or feet and can allow one to let go of past trauma stored in the feet, legs and pelvis as well as the arms and upper back. Physical touch can produce heightened sensitivity that will eventually pull emotional pain and trauma from the body so that it can be safely healed and released.

Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture also works by surrendering the body and helps to focus the mind on an area or part of the body that’s storing a muscular blockage, negative energy or trauma and it’s excellent for chronic pain problems in the body alongside massage.

There is often a spiritual healing side that companies an acupuncture session as I’ve frequently been able to witness seeing people (healing guides) as moving pictures and images behind my closed eyes. From within this mental space, they are able to do many things from this hidden or veiled layer of reality we can’t normally see or interact with from the physical waking state of consciousness without meditating or going into an altered dream state.

Acupressure sometimes comes in the form of triggering pressure points in massage, however very light sustained touch is often all that is required to begin to bring trauma, emotional wounding and past karma to the surface. Holding or placing a small crystal in the palm of the hand and allowing it to rest naturally is a great way of achieving this and is an effective way of treating anger issues that have trapped tension in the fingers causing stress to the arm and shoulder. Delicately placing the tip of a finger against a body part can also facilitate this.

Trauma Release Exercise

Trauma release or TRE is a therapy that can assist in releasing trauma and emotional issues by focusing on one of the main areas where trauma is stored in the body, which is in the hips, hamstrings and pelvic muscles, which is also connected to the root chakra. This method works by triggering the nervous system into an automatic shaking of the hips.

and tension winding points behind the toes in the feet, Trauma is released over time by gently stretching the muscles and tendons in the legs that run from the feet and through the legs and pelvis. At times it can also trigger an assisted shaking of these muscles by stimulating the nervous system, something that people sometimes also experience during sex.

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