Introduction to Healing Corrupted DNA


This article is an attempt to explain corrupt DNA and the phenomena of human body transmorphism that results in changes to the human body in response to a range of immoral, evil and sinister patterns of thinking and behaviour, these changes are believed to occur due to causing corruption to the underlying human DNA.

I believe the mind is constantly re-writing our DNA based upon our day to day thoughts and intentions, the mind and DNA interact with one another, our intention is the process of the mind that is responsible for our physical actions, choices and behaviours before we do something. I believe this system of the body has the in-built innate intelligence to be able to make distinctions between acts of good or evil based upon a higher divine will, some people would describe this as the source God of which the higher chakras connect to in divine spirit.

Things that trigger this transformation seem to include highly sinister things such as committing an act of murder, serious and unfounded acts of violence and aggression as well as highly sinister violations against others such as acts of paedophilia and the unnatural desires of wanting to commit an act of harm to another person or being without a moral justification, things that resonate with cruel, vicious and evil behaviour.

This also includes that which one intends and thinks aloud or would do with the psychic faculties and psychic part of the mind. Anything allowed to play out exclusively in the mind of a harmful quality will be responsible for traumatising the physical body and it begins the process of transmorphism, as a way of learning to overcome doing or contemplating evil things, usually, nobody would want to willfully damage their body, and once an underlying source of corruption is identified it can be resolved by dis-identifying from it in order to heal and reverse the degradation and come into harmony with spiritual expectations.

One of the physical characteristics and appearances of this corrupted DNA that I have been able to observe is that it produces a widening of the jaw and changes the shape and position of the gums and teeth which seem more tightly pressed together than they naturally should. This appearance I believe is intended to resemble reptile animal teeth in the wild, but it is actually a look in humans that denotes the characteristic of cold and emotionless behaviour, sometimes of a psychopathic nature or quality. These changes to teeth do not correlate directly to poor oral hygiene, rather the gums and teeth are manipulated through changing or creating areas of deliberate tension in the body.

This change to appearance links closely to the serpentine form, which is usually used and intended to intuitively communicate evil on our world, this is why for example that Medusa features snakes for her hair, why evil beings are often created and depicted with slit pupils for the eyes and why the medical symbol for healing and the Kundalini caduceus symbol of evolution features the snake.

One’s own inner spiritual expression as seen within the none tangible part of the mind or psyche can change and transform into different dark archetypal beings, these parts of the self can sometimes be witnessed from within dreams, but these depicted archetypes are intended to visually communicate the character of a person. Whilst the physical human body only changes in limited ways, they’re still noticeable to the trained eye as they begin to alter certain features that express something sinister visually in very subtle ways, the teeth becoming distorted, elongated, bent, misaligned and misshapen for example is one of these signs. In reality, nobody should have to have false teeth or veneers in order to be able to enjoy healthy straight white teeth, however, human beings are subject to the laws of karma, action and reaction, cause and effect and most of us harm ourselves either unknowingly due to being unaware of something or whilst unconscious of what is taking place either to the body or within the mind, it is necessary to learn there are consequences for our actions.

Being intentionally very unkind to someone in a harmful way for example is enough to skew or distort the position of one or more of the teeth in a small but incremental way that adds up over time, this is why it’s important to understand ego-level over-reactivity from the mind, body and emotions in order to avoid causing harm to both self and others through disproportionate angry or hostile reactions and interactions with others, this requires honest and accurate self-reflection without denial, deflection or by-passing and made-up justifications.

Most people have had their body shape and appearance changed to some degree in response to the karma of their lives, however, I do not believe that it is always necessary for DNA to be changed in order for karma to occur to the body, for example, the nose, lips, ears and chin are all easily changed simply through the application of muscle tension and changes to muscles. Sometimes this originates and occurs through the mind due to karma in response to particular undesirable or unfavourable ways of being, or simply put, ego; and this is based upon the idea of everybody having innate spiritual expectations about how to live and what they should be doing with their life whilst here.

Whilst negative karma will usually transform the body in negative ways and even introduce disease or chronic health complaints, positive karma can therefore reverse much of the disease, negative changes to appearance and damage to the body and even be spent and used in order to have pleasant or desirable experiences.

Healing the underlying corrupted DNA is dependent upon being able to discern and understand evil and dis-identify from doing or causing evil, such teachings are often simplified into terms or essential sets of spiritual laws that people can quickly understand, such as the idea of Sin and Transgression, whilst this covers the main areas, people are required to go beyond this in their quest for understanding what love is, for example ‘love thy neighbour’ or ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’ are intended to help someone form healthy relationships with other people and living beings.

A person with badly corrupted DNA is said to be able to hear, experience and channel a range of evil thoughts which will come into the mind, this phenomena is usually acknowledged and recognised in mental health terms as ‘hearing voices’. Depending on how a person experiencing this responds to them, it is possible they are influenced to the extent that on the mental level of decision making and the physical level of their body they may commit something evil or sinister in nature by way of having validated mentally suggested content that has been introduced into their ego-mind expression.

A person with not very much mental awareness and self-awareness or will of their own might find it difficult to resist these types of thoughts or could fall into a trap of identifying with them and I suspect this is why some people commit atrocious acts, many of these people I believe are such cases where it right for them to be medicated because they pose a potentially serious risk or threat to society as they are unable to properly control their mental sense of intention from within and correspondingly their sense of right or moral behaviour and way of becoming corrupted or distorted.

I believe the solution to healing corrupt DNA is to first recognise whether or not someone may be engaged in any obvious evil or sinister behaviours, then to cease these immediately, secondly to identify any thoughts that might be resonant with this particular quality and then to use very deliberate intent to dis-identify from such thoughts and resist any unhealthy impulses, so that there is no risk of a person carrying out something harmful based upon being guided by their own mind and being spiritually unconscious of themselves.

The Christian method of confronting thoughts of evil or sinister quality or harmful in nature is considered a rebuke, whereby one confidently acknowledges from within the space of their own mind, being and consciousness that such a thought is harmful and seeks to dis-identify from it based on the desire to preserve their sanctity and purity of being. This is something that can be done from within one’s own mind and does not necessarily require an act of ritual, however, some people find this creates a stronger and more deliberate effort to dis-identify from something harmful and find is necessary.

A person who has caused or introduced trauma into the body for a range of sinister reasons is also going to need to heal on the physical, mental and emotional levels as well, this often requires careful trauma release work and therapy be done on the body and mind that often comes in the form of massage, acupuncture, psychotherapy and yoga. Positive energy and spiritual love must be created through one’s time, energy and good deeds as this generates the currency required to reverse some of the damage and karma caused, which will over time correspondingly heal affected areas of the body as issues are released from the psyche.

Being able to dis-identifying from harmful thoughts, behaviours or impure ways of being is key to healing, likewise, identifying with a range of harmful behaviours distorts and corrupts the body, however, corruption will naturally extend into other areas affecting the body, the mind, the consciousness and on the inner spiritual levels also the soul and god-self experience change.

In addition to changes from our own mind, other spiritual beings sometimes referred to as angels or spiritual entities are often permitted to make these changes by interfacing with the mind and body, when they observe signs of corruption in a person they will validate this and it is seen as a decision and intervention to ensure the person learns and has in their awareness on some level that they need to address a particular problem and it further provides subtle intuitive cues and signs for other people to be able to observe and discern from in order to make an intelligent judgement of someone’s character and personality when interacting with them.

A person with too much corruption makes a person become spiritually dark and will eventually be separated from other people by changes to their reality, whereas a person without any corruption at all is considered spiritually light or pure of being and would have a corresponding high frequency that allows them to move into a higher reality, something known as ascension in religious and spiritual terms and this is the key and secret to finding and unlocking the cure to reversing most human diseases naturally, but the first step is needing to learn and discover what love is through spiritual awakening and learning, then to begin to apply and make changes to ones own life, way of seeing and being in the world and our right relationship to one another depending on who we are.

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