Is Society Suffering from Spiritual Problems?

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In this article I’m exploring and attempting to explain why so many people are becoming unwell, beginning with some of the places that most scientists and doctors have traditionally found difficult to explore or investigate. I’ve incorporated some some of my own experiences from Kundalini and going through spiritual crisis in order to show my rational behind what I see as a spiritual sickness of the inner being that is resulting in poor mental health and is really the main force behind a lot of human suffering.

Western medicine traditionally focuses most of it’s healing efforts on the physical aspects like diet, exercise, body-weight and relies upon pharmaceutical drugs, physical therapies and if necessary surgical intervention, however it is woefully lacking when it comes to understanding the spiritual dimensions or the subtle aspects of self that comprise the human being and the totality of what we experience. Did you know for example, that in addition to the mind, we also operate with a soul and a consciousness?

It’s difficult for scientists to get to grips with the idea of a real soul as it’s a whole other paradigm that is more than likely to see them discredited, at the present time they also can’t explain the existence of consciousness, however spirituality can shed light on these things and show us how to explore or come into contact with them.

These inner aspects of self sometimes referred to as the psyche can take on board harmful influences in the form of thoughts, psychic energy and psychological material that shape our inner way of being in ways that can drastically bring down our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. Certain psychologists and therapists are able to help people work with and address some of these inner aspects, however there is still a big rift in both knowledge, learning and solutions particularly when it comes to knowing about the body’s chakras and knowing who to turn to for help.

Initially when I look at people to see their level of inner well being, I like to study the eyes of people and began to notice a number of different things in certain people and eventually I was able to pick out certain similarities, characteristics and even begin to attribute common things that could cause this.

Many people for example appear to have dull or wet eyes that appearing persistently sad, almost as if the person is still inwardly crying. This is definitely an indication of an unresolved inner problem that is affecting a persons emotions, mind, physical and energetic levels of comfort. I’ve termed this as a type of soul sickness or a disease of the spirit as these themes and threads run much deeper than merely mind or emotions.

I have also noticed that certain people seem absolutely dejected, appear lost or cut off from their inner experience, which seems to be something common in problems connected to de-personalisation. Some of this I believe is connected to what religion might refer to as Hell, or another way to look at this interpretation is a temporary place of punishment, confinement responsible for some very serious instances of personal suffering, its somewhere where our inner being can exist and be isolated, even as we physically go about day to day life.

It took me a number of spiritual emergencies or crisis episodes for me to come to terms with the idea there is even such a thing as an inner world unseen by our physical eyes, one appears to be a veiled experience just as precise as our physical body exists, another is a type of psychic landscape created by the mind, which can instantaneously appear, manifest alongside people, places or objects and then just as quickly disappear or change, when developing psychically such images seem to appear here.

In order to observe these inner happenings we have to observe the realms of psyche, consciousness and the mind which is often easiest through sleep dreaming or meditation. My crisis periods were often accompanied by uncomfortable tactile sensations and bad ambient energy hanging immediately around me on my person and in the air. At other times there were dark or sinister sounding inner voices that only I could hear as they were being experienced in my mind and at other times this made me very nervous and even paranoid about going out as the voices would change as I transitioned from one location to another journeying in this psychic landscape, I was never precisely certain when a different voice was going to appear. Eventually I lost my fear of these voices and I was able to confront and study them and realised that they belong to a combination of different spirit entities and none physically embodied consciousnesses, they did not sound or feel very pleasant.

Eventually everything climaxed and I experienced what is known as a full blown “spiritual crisis”, which might be thought of in terms of a psychotic-breakdown by some psychiatrists today, for me this was an intense manic episode that was eventually diagnosed as a psychosis. I recall finding myself in a hospital waiting room with a security guard watching over the door, after I had attempted to escape and leave the hospital running.

It was here that I noticed there was something really burning and stinging near my pelvic floor, it felt like something was spinning or whizzing around near my pelvis, something that I now recognise is very similar to a tornado vortex or whirlpool. I had already studied aspects of spirituality and I knew now that chakras existed and I knew this was the location of the root chakra. It felt like there was something horrible was coming out of it, a thick negative energy.

I was so disturbed and concerned by this that I thought I might become manic again and trigger another fight or flight response. I ended up having a short stay at a local mental health hospital and whilst I remained there mostly to recover, it took me some time afterwards to process and come to terms with everything that had experienced. I nearly managed to convince myself it was all an illusion, something imagined or a hallucination. I soon realised there are real causes and effects happening inwardly in our spirit as part of an inner experience of the spirit or soul and it wasn’t just in my imagination at all.

For a few months anti-psychotics and tranquillisers such as Diazapam helped me to sleep or stay more stable, secure and mentally grounded, however they made me feel especially groggy, numb and unaware and I resisted taking them any longer than I had to. On the strongest of these drugs at the hospital I was barely able to communicate to anyone else, but after a period of time in observation and having proved I was not a threat to myself or anyone else I was eventually released and allowed to return home. I believe these drugs were interfering with my metabolism and making me become fat and over-weight. I didn’t feel like doing anything anymore, let alone working or exercising. By this point they weren’t really helping me at all, but I was still struggling to sleep at night suffering with chronic insomnia, so eventually I decided to taper of them and then stop taking them altogether. I used a combination of herbal tinctures, herbal teas and lavender oil in combination with energy hygiene in order to help me sleep.

In addition to bad mood, energy and emotions I often frequently found I had a migraine or a headache that wouldn’t go away, if I placed my attention on the muscles in the scalp it would frequently play back to me or say “must suffer”, and I tried to work out why would I think this to myself? I eventually realised these were not so much my thoughts, but thoughts or information presented and passed on to me by ‘someone’ or ‘something’ capable of vocalising in the mind and these were as if being spoken to me from an external source, this was another strong indicator that something was wrong.

As I began to realise that these voices were also part of an inner experience of mind and spirit, I began to study and observe my own eyes much more closely and it seemed like each eye was telling me a different story. One always seemed pure and there other seemed to intuitively hint at something sinister lurking within me at that moment, something that spirit guides tell me is called “evil eye” and they impress the importance of this using phrases such as “healing the sinister eye”. I realised that many of us are carrying around impure energies that are sitting within our body for various reasons and they to are also causing a lot of mental thoughts to be vocalised and heard, these inner body energies are connected to both the mind and the body. Some of them appear to be a form of karma that they can literally transform the shape and appearance of the body and face in intelligent ways in order to reflect various outcomes and produce intuitive changes to appearance that can be read and interpreted in order to understand what has gone wrong.

When these energies dissolve, shed or burn up in the body they, so to does the face and eyes begin to heal and revert back to a healthier and more full, balance, harmonious and complete appearance. Christianity might refer to some of these energies as a demonic energy or a form of spiritual impurity, but most indigenous tribal or Shamanic cultures would also understand and widely recognise this in terms of being an evil spirit or unclean spirit entity.

This information and experience with my eyes and face began I used to begin to form the basis of a technique I call Ego Balancing and it looks in part at studying the changes to the face and the symmetry of each side of the face and eyes in order to be able to identify spiritual issues of relating to an unhealed ego.

I now believe this is part of a legitimate form of intuitive science and field of study relating that enables one to look at and understand karma in new ways and in the future I believe many people whom are concerned with psycho-spiritual healthcare are going to be studying or wanting to learn about this in order to determine what might be wrong with someone in order to grow or heal ourselves spiritually and for therapists to be better able to diagnose someone intuitively and help their clients.

Only when these harmful psychic energies are removed, cleared and exorcised does the mental disturbance connected to disturbing dreams and inner voices disappear. It was Eckhart Tolle who originally taught that with enlightenment the mind would become, still, quiet or even disappear altogether as the ego disappeared.

I believe psychiatry, scientists and doctors have managed to dupe or make most of us believe that these inner experiences are hallucinations with no real meaning or purpose and so they need to be ignored, however I eventually realised religion and spirituality understand many of these things quite well. Some of these harmful energies seem to correspond to harmful choices or things done to others, sometimes to ourselves and they include impure ways of being, often they are acted out in mind as part of this psychic inner world and landscape and sometimes they may relate more to a physical choices, action or behaviour.

Whilst drugs can help temporarily settle the body chemistry associated with adrenaline rushes and the fight or flight mechanism, however they aren’t going to cure you of a spiritual sickness or a problem born of the mind itself. As mentioned, many of us during these sorts of times are confronting inwardly some very unpleasant things and they are not hallucinations, we experience them as a real and our body reacts to them, often making us feel scared, panic or unsafe and can even lead to developing post traumatic stress disorder.

The most valuable tools were prayer and sustained meditation, but I later had the courage to do exorcism to remove the bad energies and found this was much quicker and more effective than just meditation. At times I even had a lot of assistance from the other side from positive spiritual guides and angels that would present as sparks or orbs of different coloured light. I eventually found that as long as I worked hard during my week and then meditated in the evenings the effects of migraines or headaches would eventually subside and feel a bit better and tension would release bit by bit until they stopped or disappeared. I also found muscular constriction and tension blockages would release from various places, including my arms, chest, back and legs, but the heart-wall I would learn is a very significant location as it relates to our emotional wellness and ability to think in a healthy, positive and balanced way also. Eventually this would lead to something called an ego-death and my consciousness began to drift away from self-identification as the body and my mind and become the self that knows itself.

I managed to see what these psychic energies look like first hand, some look like streaky columns of energy, like ink in water, but they could seemingly fly and they seem to move with a simple intelligence of their own, almost like a jellyfish. When I first cleared one out of my body it left through my solar plexus as a chakra opened its petals and it disappeared into the ground. When these energies were gone, I felt lighter, the energy was now much more higher in vibration and I felt emotionally content and stable again, the dark voices had all but gone and I felt like I had reclaimed my body, mind and emotions again. My consciousness began to grow with my meditations and spiritual practice and during the evening as I was drifting off to sleep, my new found self-awareness would allow me to perceive different voices speaking over the top of me, they seemed to be concerned with progress I was making and sometimes they were assisting in making plans, but they were different from the normal thoughts I would perceive in my mind that relate to other people.

This whole story of events plays out as something called Ascension or an inner journey from darkness to light and with it eventually comes an end for the need for much of human suffering as well as realisations why many of these things take place and their true purpose, which is in part the evolution of soul and consciousness, to create the foundations for establishing a being that has longevity beyond the physical flesh and body. The causes of many of these problems can be connected to a seemingly simple, yet quite complex set of spiritual teachings called sin and a code of morality relating to transgression designed to not create karma for oneself in body, mind or spirit.

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