The Chakras And Their Basic Functions

Chakra Meditation

Root Chakra – this is associated with sexuality, anxiety, inner security/insecurity. It often feels like burning or stinging when blocked or out of balance or closed tight and it is associated with the Chinese Red Dragon. It is our core grounding connection to the Earth allowing our energy to flow as a single column through us from crown to earth. As we make others feel secure about themselves then so to do we feel secure about ourselves. It is also the store of our sexual traumas both received and inflicted.

People with root level chakra problems here may become diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder or having sexual dysfunctions.

When we access a little root chakra energy it provides us with increased pelvic security, however, if we access to much of this energy doing yoga positions that require bending at the knees such as “happy baby” then it can make us overly relaxed and quite child-like in energy, emotions and our ego-character. The energy that can stimulate us here in a subtle way gives rise to the phrase “sleeping like a baby” which provides us with security and comfort when we go to bed and often means we’ve taken reasonable care of our expectations.

Sacral Chakra – the amber nectar and honey of our creativity and deeper sensuality. When in balance we feel creative and receive ideas we can use. It becomes depleted when we don’t engage in any form of creative expression such as artwork, music, singing, dancing, writing. For it to become stuck completely open is as if to be walking around with no clothes on and attracting sexual promiscuity, hyper-sexual attitudes and uncontrolled lustful desires or even sexual addiction may come from this. This chakra holds onto and stores your romantic relationship problems for working through, but when this chakra and its issues are healed we may experience deeper and more pleasurable orgasms during loving sex and intimacy, but if misused or overly sought after it may become blocked.

Solar Chakra – the energy of raw energy and the mighty Sun providing us with inner strength and power. However, it must be balanced with love to avoid misuse or corruption, causing arrogance or generating an over-inflated sense of ego-superiority or holding onto knowledge (Knowledge is Power) that should be shared discerningly. Out of control, it can lead to a feeling of grandiosity and when used in a forceful manner may be used as an additional conduit to contact higher powers.

Heart Chakra – the energy of love, tender, compassionate, fierce, the source of inner strength and courage. It houses an inner spiritual diamond that can be reached through absolute inner stillness. It may become blocked through unkind and unloving actions or closed due to trauma, consumption of psychopathic media content or lack of care, compassion and empathy for self and others. The positive loving energy of this chakra balances out the other chakras to ensure that abilities are not abused or misused. This chakra may become blocked with negative energy and the physical heart develops a sticky mucus that can be cleaned through gentle massage and expelled from inside the chest via the throat and out of the mouth. A person with heart-level issues may suffer from lack of care, compassion, empathy or psychopathy as they lack this balancing emotional intelligence to guide their choices and actions.

Throat Chakra – the source of clear communication and cross channelled spiritual information and shared wisdom with one another based on agreements in spirit. It becomes blocked due to lies and dirty language and may become closed if we do not speak clearly or share what is of real value and meaning to us. When we swear in an appropriate and justified way, it’s common to suck out the bile or mucus and spit it onto the ground as seen in wild-west movies. There is wisdom to this strange behaviour, it prevents the unwarranted use of hostile repetitive swearing from negative energy accumulation and it’s why many poverty struck areas the people spit all the time as the negative chi produces mucus to form. This chakra may help us channel the energy of our egoic issues and vocalise them as inner thoughts, however, if we go unconscious and act out the thought then this is the person whom we shall become. Unconsciousness often leads to negative through temptation entrapments with negative content, attitudes, thoughts and ways of being. When under the influence of alcohol we are likely to be more secure about speaking from the ego, for good or for worse comes down to the mix of the energy, intentions and attitude.

Third-Eye – the source of intuitive inner knowing and perception about others, animal communication, the inner voice of telepathy and the ability to convert spiritual energy into a manifested expression. A vertical eye of wisdom may open here when one becomes enlightened and ascends. When blocked or depleted we may lose our intuition and telepathic ability. Manifestation is one of the esoteric and mystical causes of visualisations that false get misdiagnosed as schizophrenia. When we’re in states of fear we may manifest our own fears using this negative energy, when we hold on to positive energy such as love, compassion and when used with right-intent we may perform small miracles and gestures for ourselves and for one another.

Crown Chakra – This is our individual connection to the divine realms in spirit and our close connection to God. It’s our upper connection to source energy. When we channel energy vertically here we connect with higher spirit. At times it may feel tight and other times open and expanded like a pinecone. Within the head in this location sits a spinning crown made of triangular and circular geometry. It may be opened with sincere intent, purity and prayer to God. The Lord’s Prayer I have found to be the most powerful and effective for bringing one closer to God and divine will.

Feet Chakras – this allows the earth chakra to channel grounding energy into us from Gaia or mother Earth or for us to suck out and remove sources of dirty energy through visualised intentions using Shamanic root visualisations that represents the dirt from which the human being and spirit grows and flowers. These may also become blocked due to channelling or releasing too much dirty energy. Walking within the natural energies of nature, connecting with the spirits of nature and placing feet in running water with the correct intention will help you to remove blocks here.

Hand Chakras – these allow us to channel healing or sensual energies from the heart and sacral chakras through both the palms and fingertips. Hold a gentle but tender touch for healing and match the quality of speed, pressure, attitude and inner intent that you want to use. See our article on Hands of a Healer for more information.

The Chakras
The 7 Major Chakras


When the chakras become blocked due to issues or closed due to misuse we may often develop an illness or disease in an area of the body when we become cut off from source energy we also temporarily lose the ability to use our inherent spiritual gifts and abilities.

When we sneeze we may collect dirty or stagnant energy from the head and body and then expel it back out of the body in a single quick and powerful expulsion. During colds and flu, the body begins a negative energy purging which manifests as mucus, coughs and fever to kill the subsequent bacteria that is formed in the body. We must be careful not to create negative energy less it collects to form an inner pain body, block the chakras. Mucus and sneezing are how we purge the middle and upper body. The feet and root chakra are how we purge the lower body of negative energy such as fear and anxiety.

If we abuse a chakra or an ability then the lotus of the chakra closes like an unappreciated flower and we have to contemplate why this occurred before we may use it again. Just like the energy in lotus pools, if it flows, we’re in balance and total harmony, however, if the energy becomes stagnant then the chakra may stop spinning or we project negative energy-intentions from these chakras rather than ones of purity, help or healing.

Chakra Vortex
Chakra vortex illustrated in water

There are numerous other minor and major chakras located both within the body and off the body beyond the scope of my present knowledge. A chakra has a metaphysical covering of lotus petals, which may open and contract like a real flower offering access to the energy the chakra provides. The energy coming into and out of the body itself is funnelled like a spiral water vortex.

In order to retain the cleanliness, sanctity and purity of our chakras we should refrain from validating others dirty or negative habits and behaviour less we risk taking on board some of the energy associated with them as part of our own ego-character. When can work with our various issues to be healed through channelling the ego if we are conscious enough, otherwise we get lead astray by the thoughts that come up to be cleared.

The raising of one’s own inner frequency and vibration is one of the most effective ways of clearing away negative and stagnant forms of energy from within the body including the chakra vortices. The chakras and their issues may be tapped into through a range of bodywork such as massage therapy, relaxation and meditation will all help us to sink into altered induced meditative relaxed or trance-like states in which to process things on a higher or deeper level of consciousness. Letting go of the dance and feeling the inner body and allowing the spirit to perform the dance also raises one’s own frequency to higher levels where negative energy cannot remain. When unwanted or negative energy is removed from the chakras the lotus petals may open in order to expel this energy and other times it is bound into mucus that we can safely spit out or cough up.

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