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I want to use this article to explore some of the purposes behind auditory, tactile and visual hallucinations of the mind and physical senses, often such people are diagnosed with schizophrenia conditions or misdiagnosed during their Kundalini awakening evolutionary experiences and I have a few personal examples I’d like to share with you along with my interpretations of why they occur and the things that have been told to me in mind and I give an idea of how such interactions influence health, the mind and the process of spiritual learning as I go along.

The following are a number of examples that many doctors would probably consider to be hallucinatory symptoms of some sort of mental health dysfunction, they are merely what I’ve experienced during my lifetime, many of them seem to have a spiritual significance and some of them I believe can be linked to nervous disorders and temporary conditions like some instances of schizophrenia.

I don’t believe someone who occasionally experiences seeing none ordinary realities or mental projections should necessarily be stigmatised or made fun of or nor do they necessarily need to be treated with anti-psychotics to ‘make them go away’, often they were only temporary or they will disappear on their own once a particular need has been met or a particular learning outcome has been achieved.

During my early childhood, it was common for me to occasionally see something, only two instances stand out as major events I remember today, after this period all such types of experiences seemed to stop, but would later become active again in later adulthood after going through an evolutionary process known as Kundalini which I believe activates a special gland in the brain responsible for overlaying subjective spiritual sight, visions and experiences alongside the physical shared sight of the consensus reality we use on a daily basis to interact with one another through the body.

Imaginary friends

The mind may produce these if you become completely isolated and can be used for social interactions and learning social and communication skills. One of the most famous examples was depicted in the movie A Beautiful Mind with the character of professor John Nash played by Russel Crowe having an imaginary best friends in the form of a man and his younger daughter. I was myself warned that if didn’t get enough interaction with people I’d be at risk of something similar happening to myself. It’s possible that such a hallucination could be used for learning purposes or to keep someone company in mind, apparently, it’s common for younger children to experience things like imaginary friends, although I bet there far more creative and imaginary in scope. I do consider this to be part of a supposedly incurable mental illness such as schizophrenia, but it might be a cause for an alarm if there’s some sort of clear social deficiency in their lives or they’re being left on their own for too long.


I believe this is a type of psychic apparition used for teaching various things, in one instance I was sleeping and it appeared to make a very firm and uncomfortable connection with my face and kissed me, it did not feel either warm or friendly, it was really disgusting and it had neither a female nor male energy about it, it was just very ghost-like. After contemplating this I realised its purpose was to assist in training me to sleep with my mouth closed, a bad habit I had begun to form after learning about breathwork. Otherwise, this would look bad, it’s almost certainly a source of developing bad breath and oral hygiene and might even result in something like drooling or blistering at the corner of the mouth, which would obviously disrupt any sort of future relationship with someone. There are probably all sorts of poltergeists that are used for different reasons, rumour has it there’s one in the White House. I imagine the sort of green entity called ‘Slimer’ in the fictional movie Ghostbusters was really a poltergeist to do with spiritual teaching on gluttony someone had either seen or been channelled to include in the movie.

Monsters under the bed

After contemplating a few troubling experiences I had as a young child someone in spirit recently communicated to me that on our world, children need help to understand the importance of things like fire safety and said something along the lines of “children can’t hide under the bed if there’s a fire”, which is presumably the place many children would consider their safest place and go to hide there. Today I imagine this is the sort of thing our own fire services routinely teach children now, but this was back in the later 80s or early 90s. What was so scary under the bed? In one instance I experienced my iron bed frame being picked up into the air whilst I was lying in it and it was dropped back down to the floor again. In another experience which might have been astral out of body experience, I got up out of bed feeling confused and disorientated and then as I looked under my bed I saw a white hand reach out and grab my ankle that looked like the character ‘Thing’ from Adam’s Family television show. This honestly scared the hell out of me and I remember spending much of my early childhood learning to sprint between my bedroom and down the corridor to my parent’s room and the safety of their bed where I’d inevitably suffer from things like sweaty feet and fungal nail smells.

The Cat Spirit

Someone in spirit seemed to manifest a cat for me as I was alone and bored immediately before Christmas day one year, I’d just woken up from a very mind-expanding dream that had caused me quite a bit of distress and I was unable to get myself up, the dream showed me what a blue dragon could look like if developed into a humanoid body, it seemed apparent to me that such beings were most likely real and existing somewhere and this forced my brain to rapidly consider many other possibilities putting me into a type of psychosis. For a brief moment, later that evening, a cat made from an ethereal pale blue light walked across the carpet of my room and immediately wandered over to my wooden desk cupboard door and began to play with the air fresher with its paw that I had hung from the doorknob, it looked really real and felt special. I didn’t know why it had appeared, but it cheered me up and almost seemed magical.

Anthropomorphic Mind

The mind is a bit like a creative canvas and it can often interact with mentally created entities if you give out enough love to something using your own mind and energy. I was sleeping in front of an electric heater at the time, something I enjoy and this helps to put me in a very relaxed state and presumably, at this particular moment I must have slipped into an altered state of consciousness or trance, soon after I witnessed an anthropomorphic log move about above me near the ceiling, it had lifelike cartoon motion and made sounds very similar to the Pixar lamp. It seemed to spawn copies of other logs that resembled a small log fire pyre. As I’m a fan of sitting in front of real log fires I think this mind entity was helping to communicate to me at the time the need for this for spiritual reasons rather than using an electrical appliance, or maybe it was just there to keep me company. I didn’t consider this hallucination as part of anything to do with schizophrenia, but rather an amusing and entertaining mental creation I was able to experience overlapping my room environment and that imaginative reality can be experienced just as real as our own.

Spoken Names

I once heard my name spoken out loud just as if another person was in the room with me, even when they’re absolutely was nobody else present, hiding behind a curtain, sofa or under the bed. This helped me to understand that the wider reality exists outside of the physical space and there are also other people and spiritual beings outside of our ordinary experiences and normal sense perceptions whom can interact with us, it hinted to me that there was a purpose behind why our humanity is watched, guided and observed by others at times. This voice definitely was not the source of an alien, but rather a person existing in spirit who could interface with the mind. This is also a common experience for people who are going through Kundalini.

Visual Text Replacement

At one point I began to witness certain words being replaced, such as when I was typing onto my computer into a chat or comment box, certain words were momentarily changed and replaced with other words. During one instance I was so acutely aware that I was able to physically see the word disappear and another immediately appear in its place, this was not a technological glitch that allowed it to happen, it is how the mind was processing the information and stimulus of the body. It helped me to understand that the external physical world is really an internal projection of the mind based on available information. I believe this sort of phenomena can help someone to understand when a nervous condition is present and in my own case, it was about the significance of a particular spiritual topic that made me very nervous. Tools and exercises that help relax the body and then meditating can reveal why something such as this is happening in the first place, and it’s usually to grab your attention or give you some sort of clue in order to make you aware of something.

Hearing Evil Voices

I believe this can happen for a multitude of reasons, however, they definitely help you to understand your mind, mental self or the psychic inner being or even your own formless consciousness could be engaged in something evil or harmful. Many people choose not to believe in an objective source of evil, however, the source of these voices help people to understand otherwise and they will not easily disappear with psychiatric intervention, but only through changing and re-identifying with the mind and consciousness away from a particular area considered evil. These are normal to experience during a spiritual awakening and are more likely to be a common experience of Kundalini or a Shamanic awakening than experienced through yoga or tantra as the later usually help to process and remove karma if done properly.


I once experienced the personified apparition of an evil-looking demonic creature that is used by the divine to communicate an underlying evil problem, often to do with choices or behaviour. This was one of the most impressive and realistic creation of another being I’d ever witnessed and it was a bit scray to witness. In my experience they are being used as a sort of spiritual/hallucinatory visual tool for someone to deliberately see, to experience and to witness in order to effect psychological changes, to change and shape beliefs and attitudes around knowlege of evil and to teach about the wider nature of evil choices or behaviours in order to help an individual evolve and ascend spiritually. The reason they look so real and lifelike I believe is in order that a person takes them and the topic(s) they represent more seriously as opposed to seeing something like a ‘cartoon devil’ that an adult might certainly otherwise dismiss or casually just ignore.

Hallucinating Spiders

Apparently, these are meant to help you to get out of bed in the morning, so if you’ve become accustomed to sleeping in too much and too regularly don’t be surprised if someone in spirit manifests this hallucination into your mind in order to jolt your awareness and get you up and moving. I’ve seen these a couple of times and I believe they fit into more or less the totally harmless category, they aren’t an entity with a will of their own, seeing them too much might mean you’re a person at risk of schizophrenia as the mind is constantly active during the day, but it requires physical movement and psychic energy through various interactions to keep functioning optimally.

Apparition of a Spiritual Teacher

I once upon waking up one morning saw an apparition of a spiritual teacher I recognised, some sort of energy particles that looked a bit like gold dust came together in the air and space in front of me to create his face, it smiled back at me briefly before disappearing and looked every bit as impressive as a movie special effect. This was the morning prior to an arranged Skype call consultation with him and when I mentioned it he said he didn’t know anything about it, and I believed him.


I remember seeing a spirit entity back in 2013 that I would describe as a ghost, it flew through the air and had a milky white and ethereal appearance, a rounded end and then a tapered end. Many years later spiritual intuition and insights communicated that the purpose of seeing a ghost is to help someone understand that there is something more that exists beyond the physical experience. Around a year later I saw a more elaborate manifestation of the upper part of a human woman. Initially an energy quickly streaked across the room from one point to another and formed the appearance of a female head and upper body made from a blue type of psychic light.

Psychic Fire

A few years ago I had begun learning Reiki healing as a holistic tool and I had planned to use it as part of a service in some sort of holistic spiritual business, however, I became too worried that I couldn’t easily discern or feel this energy, that I was just never going to have the confidence to give a treatment without convincing myself I might be unsuspectingly duping someone else or myself into thinking I was really healing someone. Eventually, I had quite a mystical dream, at first, it showed a shower of what looked like blue sparks gently raining down out of the air and it looked really appealing and attractive to see. In another dream frame, I saw my parent’s familiar log fire that was burning, and I paused looking at this momentarily and then I heard an overlaying voice say “maybe you should pick up the fire”, and my dream-self placed his hands into the iron fire and collected one of the pieces of a burning flame.

My hands at that moment were able to experience the sensations of burning flame without causing me pain, harm or distress. Later during the week, I would periodically experience my hands warming up and the feelings and sensations of burning, but there was no pain and there was no source of physical heat. It was a purely psychic experience of what the mind and mentally created self can do and interact with. I never did put my hands under the shower of reiki energy so I never got to feel up close what it is supposed to feel like, however eventually, the fire sensations stopped on their own and I later decided Reiki wasn’t going to be my life’s purpose. I don’t believe there was anything harmful about this particular experience, but I would like doctors and psychiatrists to understand that these sensory hallucinations are often not imagined, nor are they random creations and nor do they require a drug intervention to solve.

I certainly don’t consider these types of visual or sensory experiences to be merely hallucinations or part of a schizophrenic condition and many seem to hold core to them some sort of intelliget message or communication.

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