Exploring the Supernatural Causes of Hearing Inner Voices

Hearing Inner Voices

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This article explores the phenomena of hearing inner voices and seeks to explain and address many of the spiritual reasons why people hear internal voices, where these voices come from, why they occur and what can be done to alleviate or stop them, preferably without the need for any psychiatric invention.

Some voices can be attributed to common things that everybody hears sometimes, but many people will not be used to openly discussing these due to the risk of being judged. As an example, some voices offer intuitive information about different life situations, whereas in contrast other voices only come about during or after a period of behaviour that would be considered evil or immoral, this can be something that accompanies some types of schizophrenia. In addition to this, there are also voices that come about due to a phenomenon called spiritual awakenings such as Kundalini or can be triggered through a committed religious or spiritual practice.

In my experience, inner voices can be inwardly perceived and discerned more clearly during periods of sleep, rest, relaxation or light trance or meditation; sometimes drugs or alcohol facilitate this relaxed state or bring about greater heightened awareness depending on what someone has taken. In an altered state the mind can become more inwardly focused and withdrawn from the physical world we’re accustomed to seeing, feeling and interacting, with our physical senses. In these states, our consciousness may begin to interact with some of the voices independently of the ego-mind or personality and can seem like someone else is having a conversation with someone else.

One of the times when hearing voices and indeed other sounds is the period immediately after waking up in the morning, these voices can either be pleasant or unpleasant depending on their content and the intended purpose behind them, often they are derived from interactions with others on the astral plane or someone connecting directly into the mind.

Sounds or music can occasionally when appreciating music, the act of doing this stores the music for a period of time where it is replayed and heard in the mind, but not with the same clarity as sound vibrations. Something that is highly detrimental to the brain and the mind is too much sleeping or sleeping in when you should really be awake and active. This behaviour causes energy that must otherwise flow and move around the brain to become stagnant, eventually resulting in becoming ‘brain dead’ for a period of time and corresponding with reduced neural activity in the brain.

The following sections outline what I perceive to be the main causes and category sources of hearing inner voices.

Human voices

One of the most common causes of hearing internal voices is when a person is bonded to another person. Bonding usually involves psychic ethereal threads connecting two people together, usually from the root chakra and this enables fears, mind and energy to be shared and transmitted along with thoughts. This allows for limited communication from one person’s mental self to the other, these are perceived telepathically but are not necessarily heard as if one was standing in the same room as the other. If a person becomes bonded to too many people, the number of inner voices can become difficult to manage and even distressing to experience and one may become more vulnerable to being coerced, seduced or even sexually exploited, or for other nefarious purposes.

Spiritual entities

In my experience, spiritual entities come in two main types, those which visually resemble small orbs of either black, white or coloured light, they represent a portion of the mind and consciousness of other people or other beings in spirit that can interact with us and their purpose can be interpreted or experienced as either positive or negative. Some seem to help or facilitate learning something new, for example highly talented or creative people can sometimes channel the mind of other highly gifted people who want to share with someone and can interact in their spirit forms.

Other entities may seem to track down, torment and even punish people for their misdeeds or karma, this depends on someone’s overall purity and what energy and intentions they create in their minds. Some of these spirits have the authority and power to manifest disease into the body as a karmic consequence or punishment for committing a particular transgression. Some will also remove disease in response to something perceived to be unfair or a commitment to working hard or creating more love through being more selfless, appreciating others’ creative works or positively engaging with other people or doing pursuits and activities such as sports and games well.

The other type of spiritual entity is usually there to represent some sort of spiritual learning or lesson within the mind and these voices are perceived or channelled directly into the mind. These types of voices are frequently responsible for what many people diagnosed with schizophrenia experience or may be seen attempting to talk or communicate with when people are occasionally seen talking to themselves in a state of psychosis. i.e. a demon of lust or incubus/succubus entity, a reptillian created through evil thoughts and intentions i.e. to rape or murder someone; or an archon attracted to someone with addictions to pornography or lustful sexual energy. Alcohol when consumed inappropriately can also be a source of some types of negative entity.

A god shared with me one example, that an assailant who had just committed rape at a party was going to be given several highly unpleasant schizophrenic episodes as punishment, something that would be highly likely to contain harassing imagery of an evil theme in harsh terms similar to the story of Judas. However, not all entities should be seen through the lens of schizophrenia or be associated with evil behaviour and not all entities are responsible for inner voices.

Kundalini voices

As a Kundalini awakening progresses, it is normal for someone with awakened Kundalini to hear their own name spoken out loud as if another person were in the same room as them, however, this happens when the individual is alone and does not originate from a physical person, however, I believe it can be attributed to another person, usually a spiritual guide speaking from the astral dimension that augments and interpenetrates our world and reality. Later on during Kundalini as a person’s mind and consciousness develop alongside their spiritual purity, it becomes much easier to interact with different gods and deities from within the mind safely, some may be seen to speak telepathically, some come through as the ego, whereas others prefer to channel their thoughts into the audible mind or mental stream.

During my Kundalini awakening, for about 2 weeks, I heard an inner voice with the message “let me test him” going through my mind which made me very anxious, fearful and distressed, later on, I realised that this turned out to be the Satan entity from Christianity and this came about after practising Christianity. I would go on to base my Kundalini article on Spiritual Tests & Trials. This entity is different from the nasty entities one might describe as being ‘satanic’ which are usually created from evil thoughts or attracted to them, these entities are often there to be deliberately unkind, confrontational or abusive to someone who is perceived to have done harm or might be resonating on their wavelength.

When it comes to the soul, once this has been integrated or re-integrated with your being it may also be possible to hear this speaking on your behalf and this is an example of hearing a positive inner voice, but may also provide a greater sense of personal self-identity that goes beyond the mere ego-personality.

Religious voices

Many of the voices people report hearing are actually connected to religious phenomena and can be both positive or negative in terms of how they come across. For example, some of them I’ve experienced come from the Source Gods, the primary God of our world and some are holy spirits, angels and different heavenly fathers.

Most of the traditional angels or archangels exist within and operate from higher divine realms, these are the beings we’ve been told about through religion and they can interact with physical humans through the mind. They require someone to create enough love or spiritual light to attract them into our sphere of reality. Higher Gods and Angels usually create and give off a lot of love and warmth compared to heavenly fathers or day to day archangel helpers or spirit guides who are people usually more pure of spirit, some of them also exist as people within our world without the knowledge of who they are from their ego-personality.

Some of these beings exist in light body forms that look similar to our bodies, minus much of the karma or trauma physical we as physical humans sustain through being unkind, they often choose to interact with someone in the mind as this is easier, however, some prefer intangible or none physical forms such as a spirit entity. Even though they cannot be physically seen with the eyes, they can be perceived and sensed when they are around us through intuition or feeling their energy or presence.

Some of the negative religious voices include entities such as demons or Satan. Some of these entities serve the purpose of tormenting individuals that have done or would seek to do evil, whereas others serve the role of testing an individual for their spiritual purity before they can ascend into higher realities. The negative series of voices are usually the most distressing to experience, particularly if one is hearing them for the first time.

A spiritual or religious hallucination of this type is usually intended to help someone understand something by communicating that something is sinister or evil. A reptilian for example is an unusual type of spiritual hallucination with both auditory and visual elements found in some cases of schizophrenia, one may seem to appear, complete with reptilian features such as those found on snakes or lizards and this serves as a visual metaphor to help to communicate or share the knowledge of things that belong to the domain of evil, something which is responsible for many serious mental health problems.

It is also frequently possible to hear the different entities of other people that serve and function within the same role as angels, but they may not necessarily be benevolent or trustworthy in my opinion, it all depends on whose god they belong to or serve, this sometimes leads to the phenomena of the ‘false light’ or the ‘corrupt demiurge’ and they can be difficult to identify and move past. These entities like to take advantage of unsuspecting people and make it difficult to trust spiritual beings as one’s astral self may even become trafficked around different internal realities in order to be exploited for spiritual information or wisdom, some even masquerade under names such as ‘Archangel Michael’.

Voices that are derived from demons or negative energies within the body can eventually be expelled from one of the chakras, this usually occurs when managing to uncorrupt oneself through acts of kindness, hard work and selfless service. This process can be sped up through exorcism rituals such as those that invoke the name of Jesus Christ or through certain types of sincere shamanic practice. Demons and dark energy based beings tend to have a voice that is the personification of an oil slick, they may sound soft, dirty, slow or thick to denote evil by comparison to other voices and are easily identifiable.

Can evil voices be stopped?

In my experience, what is required to end hearing these unpleasant voices that accompany things like schizophrenia is an inner attitude shift that also reflects outer positive changes in life, this might be resolving a bad addiction. Often one of the first requirements of healing inner voices is to work on healing the ego along with a personal commitment to not doing anything that would be considered evil or immoral.

When the ego is completely healed and most of the sources of ego are resolved, then so do most of the negative voices disappear from the mind leaving behind mainly positive voices that bring intuition or wisdom. Some of the voices as already mentioned come from testing periods during Kundalini and these will likely be required until the spiritual initiate passes them successfully irrespective of whether one is religious or not, they’re used to communicate knowledge and information about things that are considered evil and opposed in higher law.

Demons, a type of dark energy psychic attachment, aren’t just metaphors or Jungian psychology speak by the way, in addition to being worked off, can be rebuked from one’s consciousness in order to begin disidentifying from and disentangle one’s own mind and being from the influence of what they represent. They usually result from sinning and represent something harmful, such as immoral past deeds like stealing, cheating, lying etc.

Removing demons and learning about any demons one may have or receive, doing this is intended to help someone grow spiritually and move into higher levels of mind and consciousness more quickly, but it can be distressing and can cause the ego-mind to produce self-critical thoughts that can be highly irritating and distressing to hear. Things like demons and evil voices are not a mental health problem in themselves, there’s nothing physically wrong with the brain resulting in this, however, they may cause heightened mental distress or anguish for whoever is hearing them until the person can resolve whatever immoral issues they represent and psychotherapy can be useful in such instances.

Meditation can be a helpful tool used to resolve certain types of voices, it is unlikely to have an instantaneous effect at stopping any, however, it can force someone to confront a source of evil within oneself that needs to be resolved in order to address the underlying or cause of the inner voice. Drugs can help to alleviate anxiety or to ground the mind, some are said to inhibit or stop higher brain functions and this can temporarily help lessen the effects of a voice, however, this will not resolve the underlying issue that is responsible.

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