How Poor Psychic Boundaries Affects your Health

Psychic Awareness

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This article explores some of the common health problems associated with the mind’s psychic faculties including the use of subtle energy, attention, awareness and especially boundaries between different groups of people.

For many people the word ‘psychic’ has some bad image problems or negative connotations, it can for example mean tarot psychics who claim to have refined the ability to read into life issues or the future, use of crystal balls, psychic mediums, spiritual fairs and New Age shops, and this is irrespective of whether such people are genuinely skilled, gifted or talented or not; however, this article isn’t about any of these things, but rather I want to focus on the mind and it’s seemingly miraculous capability to interact with and connect with other people irrespective of distance, proximity, time or place.

Unknown to many, a substantial part of the none physical mind consists of psychic energies interacting and exchanging information, rendering thoughts and imagination into holographic images or constructing thoughts and feelings into symbolic and expressive moving images. This all takes place within a contained mental meta-physical environment, this is some type of special none local space that seems to be reserved exclusively for mental and emotional content to be generated and expressed holographically based upon our thoughts, energy and intentions.

Subtle energies of the mind and body are sometimes called ‘psychic energy’, ‘chi’ or ‘prana’ depending on the culture and this energy has a consistency that sits somewhere between water and electricity as it seemingly flows in currents, but it also has a distinctly electromagnetic quality to it that at times can be felt as tactile sensations, we can often come to associate it with intense emotional currents of energy, such as crowds of people celebrating or protesting.

The human body has subtle energy channels, they can be felt if you know what to feel for, they might be much smaller than blood vessels as I have never seen a medical diagram illustrate them, however, they are illustrated in much spiritual literature, they seem to exist for the purpose of flowing subtle energies and allowing them to move around the body.

Energies also sometimes come into the body from one of the major chakras that run from the crown of the head to the base of the pelvic floor. There is also a more substantial energy conduit that connects to the physical brain running along the spine, where energy and the brain meet and the brain itself is a physical organ capable of using, understanding and interfacing with and projecting its own psychic energy and may play a part in our ability to use and express mind, thought and energy in a truly intelligent way and construct and manipulate energy into scenes or pictures in an energetic environment, however, it’s normal for us to reduce everything down to and refer to this combined system as simply ‘the mind’.

Psychic Awareness

Most people at the minimum like to be validated by other people on the psychic level of the mind, this requires acknowledging them even if you don’t necessarily wish to engage or interact with them on either the physical or mental levels and it’s usually considered a sign of common respect for others. There are however times when you won’t want to place your attention or mental energy upon another person, I’ve found that groups of people such as chain-smokers, street prostitutes, cam-porn actresses/actors, hard drug users and alcoholics have some of the worst entities and dirty energy that you won’t want to experience or attract.

In the above cases, placing awareness of the mind on such people can make you vulnerable and susceptible to receiving some of their dirty energy; precisely what purpose this involuntary function serves I’m not completely sure about, but I believe it can help someone to intuitively diagnose another person’s spiritual health problems by processing some of their impure ego they are carrying around with them.

People who do not take care of their physical appearance, hygiene or fitness often receive less attention and energy from other people, this can result in feeling anxious, depressed, experiencing low mood states or feeling psychically depleted. People who suffer from sexual perversion also often get less energy or don’t get to blend their energy with others as it often feels unpleasant as it’s too dirty, or impure for another person to want to accept.

Giving kind attention through acknowledgement was beautifully illustrated at the end of the movie About Time, it is really spiritual teaching to help everyone understand how we can each uplift one another by being the source for love and creating pleasant emotions. One also has to be a bit careful, as placing attention on someone and then quickly pulling it away again is often unpleasant for the other person. Perverse attention or prolonged staring, frequently referred to as ‘perving’ or ‘being pervy’ often generates negative psychic energy that is sent back as a way of saying, ‘stop doing that, it’s not nice!

The phenomena of lustful eyes tend to be associated with attitudes of sexual objectification and giving someone overly heavy sexual attention in an inappropriate and/or undesirable way, whilst done with the intention of wanting someone’s sexual energy or love, it will often do the opposite and result in causing anxiety and physical discomfort that feeds back to the individual’s root chakra, the person doing this, it can also lead to things like unpleasant astral attachments that block the chakra entirely and produce a much much worse burning sensation that can even become chronically debilitating at times and make it impossible to concentrate, work or sit still.

Rupert Sheldrake gave quite a bit of his time and energy in recent years to bring into people’s awareness about research that suggests the none physical mind extends beyond the body, and there’s a natural sense of being stared at, and in practice and my own experience this is true, it’s possible to psychically connect and interact with people within a shared psychic space, often this is initiated by putting attention on someone, whilst an interaction of this sort and type is not always guaranteed or necessarily appreciated or received, it’s a possibility never the less exists.

Dysfunctional use of the mind

Learning that the mind is actually psychic and can connect with and influence others, there’s often a huge temptation to use this in order to try and flirt with someone, seduce others through the mind or to try to experience sexual gratification when it’s not right or appropriate to. This can lead to a rise in feelings of wanting to psychically dominate or manipulate someone, feelings of megalomania, it can induce bipolar, damage relationships and even result in serious spiritual corruption and corruption of the mind. The term ‘psychic boundaries’ does not just mean violating the boundary within a consenting relationship, in this context it really means not breaking boundaries between people with whom it’s not appropriate to share certain types of energy or inappropriate interaction.

Adults who prey upon and place unwanted sexual attention on other adults or sexual attention on children will become sexual predators and paedophiles, and the reverse is when children who place sexual attention on adults may often risk becoming paedophile-children themselves, often a consequence of hyper sexualisation of media and society. It is very important to understand hyper-sexual conditioning, content, programming and behaviour, particularly the sorts of things featured in entertainment, media, culture and society as perversion is one of the most prevalent underlying causes of disease and mental health problems.

Remember in the introduction I mentioned there is a mental ‘space’ for the mind to render and paint its thoughts? There is a very critical spiritual teaching to understand that says ‘to do something in the mind, is as if to do it for real’ and this teaching is to help protect people from sustaining or developing diseases of the mind, as well as karma and trauma to the body, particularly due to creating toxic content or harmful interactions within the mind or with other people due to psychic connections. Some diseases are more to do with dysfunctional use or improper use of the mental and cognitive faculties of the mind rather than the content a person might generate.

In addition to mental interactions in the mind’s psychic environment, there is also a phenomenon known as psychic-cording, usually referred to as cords, these are very subtle or fine wires made from an ethereal substance and they’re used to transfer psychic energies, usually between two people. These cords are usually formed unconsciously when placing awareness and attention on another person and often they will link from one chakra in one person to another chakra in another person, sometimes they have and bring positive benefits and uses, other times they’re a source of negative interaction, often of an invasive and sexual nature.

Psychic cords are also used when bonding with people, this enables connection with someone on a much deeper mental and emotional level, they enable the sharing and exchange of more intimate psychic energies, blending of mind and sharing thoughts and information directly between two people within a person’s conscious mind as well as ensuring two people meet expectations that make one another feel secure, there’s also often an emphasis on using cords in a sexual way in adults and there is a lot of karma connected to this process when it goes wrong, for example, the common condition piles is a result of over cording or cording inappropriately to people’s root chakra.

Psychic Boundaries

This is where it’s necessary to understand boundaries because manipulating and seducing other people and coveting other people’s relationship partners is one of the primary causes of cancer. Seducing takes place by forcing someone to surrender by applying pressure to the pelvic floor at the level of the root chakra, which is very sensitive, giving in to this is what opens a person up to being influenced on the level of mind and inner being, but is also used when bonding when used right or for manipulation when used in a negative way.

Adults and children also need to be aware of the risks of giving inappropriate attention, sending inappropriate intention or energy from the mind and body. Presently, both in adults and children, many have become hypersexualised to such an extent that they have lost much of their mental boundaries. The terrible consequences of this are more people who are either becoming adult paedophiles or paedophile-children and I believe this is one of the main sources of corruption still being spread around right now. Loss of boundaries and hypersexualisation is what creates the inability to refrain from giving inappropriate attention or engaging in inappropriate behaviours or interactions with others within the mind.

There appear to be a number of common viruses, including coronaviruses, norovirus and rhinovirus that are a consequence of boundary-breaking or physically violating interactions occurring. The purpose of the viruses is to get someone to surrender so they can understand what is going wrong within their own mind, this assists in preventing any further spiritual corruption and will actually help to maintain proper psychic or mental boundaries between people due to both inner learning and the risk or threat of becoming unwell to them; thus one of the solutions to overcoming a virus is the practice of surrender which can help one to come into alignment with a higher will, let go of fears and learn about ones own illnesses, without doing this some cases can become fatal due to causing too many violations.

Connecting to people through their creative works or personal photograph

It’s possible to use psychic connections to ‘tune into’ other people when putting attention on their creative works, whether this is pieces of art, photography or music. For example, I learned when I was a child that placing attention on people whilst watching the television could result in a psychic interaction, this would often yield in some sort of pleasant energy exchange that produced emotion, love or pleasant feelings that made me feel uplifted in the mood for a period of time, it would feel more euphoric if it involved a member of the opposite sex, but if psychic interactions went badly or were undesirable it would trigger a temporary bipolar-depression.

It’s not necessarily just moving images that can trigger this mental phenomenon either, listening to someone’s music or attentively listening to another person just speaking or placing prolonged attention and awareness upon a static image of a person simply through looking can create a psychic connection that results in an interaction in the mind.

Media is something that needs to be respected when our mind interacts with a source of media, usually, these connections are to allow the sharing of love and emotion, however being impolite, overly judgemental or critical things can get one into trouble if it’s not justifiable or appropriate, this can create stressful feedback into the body that will otherwise affect health and well-being of the mind, body and emotions.

The subtle energy we each use is what is normally converted to become our emotions, it’s usually through receiving someone else’s energy that we experience emotion and feeling. It’s important to note that without respecting proper mental boundaries between people, it can also yield in an undesirable, inappropriate or harmful interaction with someone, and there are necessary spiritual teachings on things like lust and/or sexual perversion intended to protect and prevent someone from causing themselves or others harm. There are a number of psychic violations and broken boundaries that are responsible for a whole number of different conditions and cancers.

There’s actually a psychic gland in the base of the pelvic floor that seems to facilitate this and works in conjunction with the root chakra, something I did not become aware of until late adulthood, but if you’ve ever experienced ‘sleeping like a baby’ after a hard days work grind, it’s because this gland is being manipulated with energy in order to induce the feelings of love, comfort and safety as a way of emotional and psychic reward, something I suspect babies actually require and where this name comes from.

Hopefully, this article has impressed upon you the need to have a basic understanding of psychic boundaries and psychic awareness of the mind and has made you aware of many of the risks associated with intrusive or invasive use of the mind or when breaking boundaries between people and causing violations.

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