How to Recognise and Heal from Vampirism

Healing Vampirism

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This article is a comprehnesive break down of what I believe it takes to heal from vampirism. Vampirism is a spiritual affliction this includes things such as energy vampirism, lust for power, negative personality traits concerning the right use of time, energy and attention, corporate vampirism and attitudes to money or power and I discuss some of the physical karmic transformations that may occur to an afflicted person and what to do about them.

Vampire stories have been passed down throughout European folklore and history, it’s still very much part of our modern lexicon and features in a lot of fictional entertainment, however most of the important spiritual significants and meaning behind this creature and the things it represents has been largely become a forgotten myth or legend of the past. If you were to type “How to cure vampirism?” in a search engine today, you are likely only going to find fictional references to video games, how vampirism is first and foremost a human affliction connected to spiritual teachings. Vampirism and Lust are two of the most important spiritual teachings of our world, but one is seen as made up and the other has unpopular connotations connected to religion.

Many of the stories focus on the vampire as being a type of transformed human which sucks the life force out of other living humans and animals. Vampires were said to be so undesirable and antithetical to human life that such beings were eventually hunted to extinction by local communities or “vampire slayers” and this is the focus of vampire themed entertainment.

A person who has become like a vampire might have an aversion to being out in sunlight or chose to remain in darkness an excesive amount of time. In a different sense I believe aversion to sunlight is also symbolic of the fear and rejection of the spiritual light needed to counteract and defeat spiritual corruption within a world that is responsible for much disease and suffering.

The theme of vampirism runs so strongly within collective human society that it has time and again became a core underpinning and inspiration for movies featuring the protagonist and antagonistic forces or simply good attempting to triumph over evil. There are a number of modern movies that attempt to re-introduce their take on the vampire, some of the most widely recognised modern fictional depictions of vampires are in movies like Blade (1998), The Matrix (1999) and I Am Legend (2007).

This was true in the Matrix trilogy movies which depict a largely unconscious, sleeping and enslaved humanity being exploited by a dark parasitic and mechanical machine AI-consciousness (emotionless and psychopathic elements) who feed of people for their physical and spiritual energy which was in part depicted by the mechanical plugs along the spine, which I noted very roughly correspond to the chakra system, although it’s not certain if that’s what they really intended.

Whilst many will recongise the fictional stereotype as seen in the movies, this article focuses on the identifiable qualities of the vampire as a spiritual archetype, such as vampiric behaviour and then seeks to address how to identity and overcome these in the sense of being a spiritual affliction that produces karma and disease. I also cover some elements of what a vampiric transformation entails and how this relates to changes to physical features and apperance, which is far more subtle than most of the fictional depictions as well as acompanying diseases.

In modern times I believe the vampire is most useful to recognise as an adversarial spiritual being or spiritualy dark archetypal that humans can use to identify negative qualities that humans can possess. It’s less about staking someone in the heart and more about helping someone address the karma of behaving like a vampire.

The most widely recognised and written about form of vampirism today is actually psychic vampirism, this is usually synonymous with personal energy theft, whereas other forms may exist or focus on a more physical level and might include things like coveting someones work, time, energy and attention. Vampirism represents one of the most undesirable patterns of human behaviour and attitude and for this reason the vampire is usually recognised as a dark polarised spiritual being or sometimes a soul archetypes that can afflict someone who resonates with or falls into this way of living.

Through Einstein and others pioneering work it is recognised that “everything is energy”, energy constantly in motion, shifting in the world from one place to another or energy being transferred from one person to another, often in the form of thoughts, emotions and subtle energy such as attention. Energy and vital life force are so essential for our existence that it’s both a living necessity and also highly desirable and coveted resource.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. — Albert Einstein did speak about the relationship between matter and energy.

It cannot be denied or understated how important energy is, it’s at the root of everything we do, create and acheive, some vampirism or vampiric behaviour is unconscious in the individual afflicted and cannot be helped until it is recognised, acknolwedged and understood for what it is, this is whereby transmutation can begin to occur allowing spiritual darkness to turn into spiritual light.

Vampirism and energy leeching represents the deliberate or unconscious taking, stealing or manipulating of other people and their psychic or subtle spiritual energy and vital life force, usually in whatever form that it is available in. Whilst all vampirism can be considered psychic-vampirism in the sense it focuses on aquiring more energy, some of them focus on subtle forms of energy such as attention or others sexual energy, where as other things focus on physical elements such as products or behavioural interactions between individuals or groups.

What are the distinct qualities of vampirism?

One of the core spiritual teachings against vampirism focuses on overcoming lust, there are several categories of lust that cover everything from sexual energy and sexual expression to gross physical energy such as electricity or material resources as well as money, value and precious metals.

Lust is often seen and depicted within the context of excessive power seeking and lusting or yearning for power over others, usually in a selfish or greedy sense and often with the intent to abuse or misuse it in harmful ways. It can be seen within governments and military powers who seek to exercise power over their respective peoples.

For example, this might include members of parliament (MPs) and military personnel who are looking for ways to curry additional favours, to reach a higher status, pay or position without doing the respective work necessary to naturally achieve or earn this right and lusting for power in this respect suggests such people would use things such as blackmail, intimidation, murder, agreement traps or unholy alliances with others in order to gain in this way. The military of any nation also needs to be aware of traps concerning lust for power, certain weapons programmes for example are spiritually forbidden in order to maintain a parity of power and come under karmic influences. It’s usually not possible for one nation to develop something without another nation becoming intuitively aware of the fact they may need to develop something to counter it. i.e. if one nation develops superior stealth technology, then someone else may need to develop stealth penetrating radar.

Lust is something that can and ultimately does lead to inner spiritual corruption of the soul and inner spiritual being of a person, I reason this includes both the mind, soul, god and consciousess as four different metaphysical aspects of self that are influenced by our thoughts, choices, actions and decisions and this was something I recognised as part of my Kundalini teachings.

Some people also suffer from “blood-lust”, this can be seen as the desire to kill or murder others, often innocent people or other animals for the purpose of fullfilling this sense of gratification that is obtained from the act of killing and it can be seen being expressed in certain criminal gangs or mafias, military armies, saddist individuals as well as being found in both video games and movies, sometimes leading to the complications of loss of empathy and psychopathy.

Can vampirism be recognised or identified?

There are different criteria that I use to identify a vampire persona, but essentially it can be recognised in an individual through a series of inter-related behaviours that are intended to unfairly and unjustifiably steal, deplete and horde energy. The easiest one to recognise is through seeking and chasing excess money, stored value and physical wealth.

In terms of behaviours, it may represent an action or in-action, choice or behaviour that is intended to willfully and unfairly limit or deliberately inhibit another’s living potential, vitality, life-force and earning or living potential through suppressive or controlling acts and behaviours that can frequently manifest as co-dependency in both family and romantic relationships.

Stealing another’s vital energy has been personified and depicted through biting of the neck of their victims with fanged teeth and drinking of the blood which in turn symbolises our life force. This was said to be done in order to steal and draining away their victim’s energy, vitality and life force. If one looks throughout history we can see instances of human kidnapping where the blood has been drained from an individual and used in ritualistic practices.

Tools for identifying vampirism

When a vampire is said to look into a mirror, they do not see a reflection of themselves, precisely why this is, I do not know, however I do know that within Kundalini the lack of a reflection is used as symbolic imagery to communicate whether someone is a vampiric.

The state of vampirism seems to be recorded somewhere within the soul or astral energy of each person with different aspects being accessed via the chakras. This allows for information and events to be stored holographically as a combination of psychic images and recordings, some of which are purely symbolic and can be retreived from the mind as dreams of visions.

I might specualte that vampires lack the self-reflective qualities or abilities to act and address their own shortcomings, which is primarily why I argue they have probably remained vampiric for such a long periods of time. At other times it is because the person resonates with the behavioural traits highlighted within vampirism such as lust. In these cases, the person has chosen this way of living whether it be unconsciously through ignorance or consciously through deliberate choices and actions, each resulting in identifications with these negative qualities, which are perceived to hold benefit for them.

People who suffer from vampirism are also under karmic influences which shape the appearance of the body and any number of connected disease and health conditions that reflect vampirism, many just waiting to be recognised, however often in my experience they relate to blood and skin disorders such as dry or pale skin as well as subtle change to appearances concerning areas including the eyes, chin and teeth. Whilst humans have incisors for tearing through meat like other animals, the teeth are subject to karmic changes, the lateral incisors can become overly elongated and begin to recess inwards in response to hostile or aggressive behaviour, others can become twisted through thoughtless and careless acts such as littering or made to look and feel like jagged crocodile teeth in response to things like excessive judgementalism, whilst the whole palette can take on a reptillian apperance in response to psychopathic attitudes and ways of behaving.

An example of another vampiric health condition is Haemophilia, which is something Mark Zuckerbeg is rumoured to suffer from and given his appearance I speculate this is likely connected to excessive power and influence or possibly wealth related due to advertising revenues made through his Facebook social media platform and selling his users personal data to other companies.

Something I apparently personally suffered from whilst I was growing up was Sickle Cell Anemia and I believe in terms of appearance this resulted in both pale skin and in negative effects having much less usable energy than other people. This I believe was connected to certain relationships within my family and how I related to them. I found for example that when pinned down by my much stronger and older brothers and subjected to degrading things I found my natural response to this was to try and bite them in retaliation, this was about the most effective thing I could do, however this also lead to what I had described to me later on as “blood-thirsty behaviour” whenever my anger was triggered to a particular extreme.

Whilst most of these health conditions have an impact on the ability to physically function, they also contribute towards the spiritual apperance of a vampire, this might be dismissed as the science seems to explain how this happens, but not why the disease comes into existance. I believe karmic changes to appearance can be useful in allowing intuitive diganosises to be drawn from this, this was how I eventually came to recongise that real people were having some of their physical features changed and shaped by vampiric behaviour and once I was complete convinced and had begun to validate this phenomena was I able to more easily and more readily spot more of the underlying connected conditions in other people.

I believe some of the changes to appearance correspond to lack of exposure to sunlight and vitamin D, resulting in further health conditions, but in its spiritual sense I also believe this links back to someone behaving like a vampire with the desire to avoid sunlight or daylight. Behaviour might include sleeping in, nocturnal living or avoiding any working activities and living off of others. A karmic consequence of not spending enough time outside in daylight is the formation of liver spots.

In another example, I was watching a mental heath programme on Channel4, one lady began explaining her dream about the idea of winning the lottery and expressing her desire not to have to work ever again, which is actually quite common, but what caught my eye was the shape of her nose, being especially long and thin and this made me wonder if this was just symtomatic of attitudes about work. However even people who have a lot of money are governed by spiritual laws ensuring they must ‘give something back’ either through creating opportunities for others or giving in a charitable sense.

I once came across a woman whom someone someone shared with me intuitively in my mind had an addiction to the taste of blood linked to the excess consumption of meat, which I believed was probably also influencing how she looked. This type of addiction is sometimes confronted by an individual needing to experience the reverse, in this case to experience a vegetarian diet in order to learn both ends of the spectrum the same way a very rich person might need to experience being poor or even homeless for a period of time until attitudes to money have been balanced and ressolved.

The Vampire soul-archetype

Today within the context of spiritual psychotherapeutic work this is better recognised as the vampire persona or the vampire soul archetype when doing “soul work” within transpersonal psychology. This persona consists of either some or all of the above characteristics, which encompasses both patterns of living behaviours or unconscious behaviour in humans linked to psychic-vampirism. Often things concerning the use and manipulation of energy such as the intent to steal, take, horde or hold onto energy whether it be subtle, physical or unmanifested future lifetime potential of an individual.

In terms of symbolic dreamwork such as recognised and taught by Carl Young one can also look to see fangs as symbolic vampire characteristic signs of vampiric qualities developing within a person, which require exploration and sincere self-honestly in order to correct in order to reestablish a healthy balanced human framework for the human experience.

Vampire: Depleting others for your psychic-survival, chronic complaining and co-dependency — Caroline Myss

Vampire Archetype Card
Vampire Archetype Card

I first came across Soul Archetypes through my own dreamwork and then I later discovered some of these were already being used in a set of cards useful for psychotherapeutic work, ones by Caroline Myss are depicted on the left. These cards function as an excellent tool for counsellors and psychotherapists engaging in soul work or psychosynthesis therapy as they depict a wide range of the most common spiritual archetypes based on human culture.

A person who is heavily vampiric in their choices, attitude and lifestyle will be categorised or recognised as having a vampire archetype, usually by the collective consciousness within the spiritual system they are a part of. It’s something that is decided in spirit rather than from the perspective of a human personality, however it is possible for us to identify a human vampire either through deed or their transformation. Vampirism usually afflicts an individual through their negative actions, choices, attitudes and behaviours made during their life in relation to energy and the unfair depletion or taking of others energy.

Dark polarity souls and adversarial beings represent varying degrees of vampiric behaviour from extreme to moderate that need to be addressed and corrected within the context of one’s personal ego character and identity, which can be done through shadow healing in order to re-polarise as a high-frequency light soul.

For the dark soul this negative archetype means that others peoples higher inner intuition, psychic sensing and higher third-eye level wisdom can intuitively discern that a person is somebody who has problems with vampirism and that they either require help in healing this or whether they need to be avoided in terms of both physical and spiritual interaction in order for oneself to avoid becoming a victim of energy feeding and vampirism, whether it be through their behaviours such as attention-seeking behaviours of many descriptions.

According to Caroline Myss and her understanding of spiritual and psychological archetypes, somebody who has the attributes of vampirism may also be chronic complainers. These are people that have become so used to habitually complaining about mundane things, life situations, small grievances with the over expectancy of being heard every time that they feed, drain and deplete the psychic attention energy from other people around them whether strangers, friends or family and their victims through the psychic faculties of attention and psychic-connections. They often engage in this behaviour unconsciously as they attempt to psychically cord to easy targets.

Often someone with a vampiric personality enjoys constantly being the centre of attention as a means of receiving others energy, this can be experienced both positively or negatively, of course, depending on its use, misuse or the intentions behind something. Receiving anothers attention is often how we each generate, send and receive a range of complex emotional energies from oneother such as love; when one has no energy at all then they may become psychically or emotionally depleted and suffer from states of depression.

Stealing other peoples energy

This represents taking or stealing others energy in whatever form that it exists. It can be obvious things like physical material goods such as cars, trainers and television sets. It can be energy that is transferred and exchanged through gold, money, stocks and modern digital currencies and it can even be in the form of digital services, digital media content and creative works such as music, movies, art and computer games.

Vampiric individuals are likely to want to seek out more than is necessary for their lifestyle, financial security, prosperity and material living requirements and as a result of this are likely to unconsciously seek out and identify alternative income streams often in the form of  things like co-dependent or parasitic relationships and may end up chasing money. Once they have latched onto financially secure individuals they may then bleed them of both finances, personal and spiritual energy. Such relationships are not based on love or intimacy but rather based on what one can acquire for themselves from the relationship, and once it no longer suits the individual, they move on to find another host to parasite from.

Rather than working for the good of all, the whole or the group, a vampiric individual is likely to be seeking to maximise personal wealth for themselves at the expense of others. Within the context of a wealthy families, this could include employing and giving preference to other family members unfairly rather than the most suited, qualified or deserving as this usually affords more power, control and influence. Often we see politicians hiring other family members to perform roles as secretary in order to draw larger salaries in the form of personal assistants and receptionists.

Vampirism may also be seen within the various positive schemes and systems set up to help the poor and needy such as benefits and allowances. By abusing such systems they are able to draw upon the collective energy of others. This gave rise to both Benefits Street on the poor end of the scale and Parasite Street on the rich end of the scale.

A vampiric person may also like making themselves the centre of attention as they unconsciously understand the notion that where attention goes, energy flows and human attention is indeed one of the most basic yet unrecognised forms of energy transfer or energy transaction that is found in both the phenomena of psychic vampirism but also used in energy exchange practices involving subtle energy.

Psychic vampirism

In the case of psychic-vampirism, this refers to the same sort of vampiric attitudes as mentioned elsewhere, but this primarily applies to subtle spiritual energies such as mental or psychic attention when we place attention on someone, emotions and love which are really energy in the body and aren’t produced from the brain as chemicals. There is also chakra energy and sexual energy, which I’ll go into more in the following section.

Attitudes of psychic vampirism can include making oneself the centre of attention in order to draw off other peoples energy and attention, however the opposite is also true when some people drain others energy through inertia, lethargy, chronic complaining and none participation.

Kundalini energy is also a highly prised and sought after spiritual energy resource as this form of evolutionary energy has a lot of potential in terms of spiritual awakening and healing and seems to contain information and knowledge that a person can integrate and learn from if combined into the spiritual spine known as the “tree of knowledge”.

Sexual vampirism and predatory behaviour

A man or woman who craves excess and lustful sexual attention risks being afflicted with a succubus/incubus demon. People who resonate with this behaviour are unikely to show love in return and simply want the energy that’s available, sometimes they’ll use psychic cords to link directly into a chakra in order to syphon away their unsuspecting victim’s energy.

Being overly expectant of another persons love or energy can result in feelings of fustration or even despair if they’ve been cut off from the divine source of love everyone usually has access to. People who attempt to take someone’s sexual energy aggressively usually end up becoming sexual predators and this results in a type of psychic rape or rape of the mind, this is something that can also happen accidentally when practising tantra and require someone to be mindful of intentions when linking to anothers energy. One of the ways this is symbolically communciated is through the traditional iconography of a vampire biting their victim’s neck.

In modern-day popular western culture, the act of baring all through untasteful and lustful self-displays as found in some popular music videos are one of the most negative forms of sexual attention-seeking behaviour that can result in spiritual corruption and frequency falling as it lowers both people’s inner spiritual frequency causing their vibratory rate to decrease.

One of the main chakras that I’ve observed being subject to vampiric depletion and psychic-vampirism attacks is the sacral chakra where we store some of our highest sexual and creative energies. Through our own creative works, we build a reservoir of spiritual honey which we may share through intimate sharing and relations and it represents one of the more desirable forms of energy and stored spiritual abundance that can be shared discerning with a partner or member of the opposite sex.

Our solar plexus chakra is where we store our inner confidence and personal power, however when imbalanced can result in negative ego, narcissism, grandiosity, arrogance, loss of perspective and self-delusions. This is often caused due to excessive self-pride, over-confidence or lucerferianism and ones own self-inflation and overestimation. Many people who suffer from lust for power also have problems with their solar plexus chakra and when viewed spiritually may appear to have blue rings in their irises.

Energies are depleted through psychic cording or other means of subtle energetic psychic connections and one of the easiest ways of doing this is through provocative or overt sexual display. I’ve noticed that some individuals that are part of a phenomena within the ASMR youtube community were behaving and dressing in such a way as to hold and sustain and individuals attention over time for the purposes of connecting psychically and receiving energy.

Vampiric behaviour and attitudes

People afflicted with vampiric behaviours often have problems with giving and sharing unless there’s something further to be had or gained from the exchange. This can be seen in the lending of money, imparting knowledge and advice or distributing a resource unfairly, unequally or dis-proportionally as relative to the situation or scenario resulting in an excessive imbalance.

The vampire was also depicted as sleeping for long periods of time, they didn’t rise with the morning sun and as a result, they didn’t contribute much to the rest of the society or community during the day and they fed upon humans at night. As a result of their unusual patterns, they treated other humans as prey and lived away from others.

Whatever spiritual energy, life force or value the stole or made from the people, was never shared outside of the family and under this model wealth and value will only ever circulate around a few closely knit families, which is precisely what we see in a lot of the corporate business world today and would explain why there’s so much disease prevalent.

Energy exchange, value and creative works

It is possible to take on vampiric qualities as a result of downloading creative or licensed works for free. This is something I did as a teenager using Napster and I would occasionally purchase bootleg games from certain peers and bypassing the need to pay a lot to a games publisher, something I now regret. It was possible to address this later in life by correcting attitudes and beliefs surrounding morality, value and the right and wrong exchange of energy.

I later made the decision to give up and delete whatever music, games and movies I had obtained illicitly in the past and ensured that moving forward I would always pay for any appropriate subscription services or simply by paying for the original licensed works or products from a store. It was also highlighted to me that freely distributing and sharing media with peers in this way was going to result in a similar outcome as it bypasses the need for money and prevents it ever reaching those responsible for creating it, however simply lending someone a game or movie is probably not going to be subject to karma laws in this way.

Vampiric attitudes also concern people who may have problems with paying others a fair price, sometimes it is a corporation that might not want to pay an artist or a produce farmer fairly or adequately for what they produce whether it be music, art or produce such as bannanas, coffee, chocolate or sugar. It also concerns fair pay such as the concept of “a living wage”, slave-labour practises but may also concern individuals who take too much pay or make too much profit in the spiritual sense.

In my self-employed web development business I found that some people would attempt to barter down or haggle over the asking price in order to get a better or more preferential rate, this can become vampiric if such person isn’t prepared to fairly pay for the value or product they receive. The opposite or flipped side of this is when businesses are charging far in excess of the value that their product or service provides or the cost that was involved in making or producing the product or service.

Corporate vampirism

There are many examples of corporate vampirism out there. Amazon is a very popular ecommerce store, but apparently they were not supposed to have their own delivery services, I suspect this takes away from other companies that would have otherwise bid and won contracts to provide these services.

Facebook and Twitter routinely over-step and exercise their powers along the lines of political censorship, which I would argue undermines democracy and gives them too much power over other people and the information the world is allowed to see and this has lead to some leading attacks against their infrastructure resulting in down time.

In another example, I came across Cadbury icecream, and quickly heard intuition that said “they were not allowed to make icecream” suggesting their in a marketing they shouldn’t be and they were unlikely going to make much progress in this area and were being blocked spiritually. Certain monopolies of industries are considered vampiric and companies have to be careful about decisions of whether or not to move into other sectors in order to maintain fair choice and compeition.

The most powerful vampire exists within the elite, such as the Rothschild dynasty that came to power through banking and money lending. However moderate vampiric individuals exist within all areas of life such as the workspace, in peoples social circles and families and range in degree of severity of vampiric qualities, attitudes or behaviours depending on who they are and their scope or range of influence and how this plays out.

Vampirism in families

Sometimes we borrow items from others such as friends, neighbours or libraries and either neglect to return the borrowed item(s) whether it be through forgetfulness or whether it be a deliberate act in attempt to keep something and not have to purchase it, which I would class as stealing.

Even when living as part of a younger family, siblings can often in part contribute to the well-being and upkeep of their whole family through doing things like chores, something I found helps to instil a positive work ethic and reverse the damage from ego and diseases as hard-work contribuites to positive karma. Sometimes older individuals in the family abuse or take for granted such help or may come to expect it, transforming it from a positive act and into something abusive in line with conditions of slavery.

Recovery from vampirism

Is it possible to stop being a vampire? If so, how does one go about healing from vampirism?

Well I believe it’s only when a person has reached a point whereby they can be truly honest with oneself without making excuses, self-justification or bypassing can someone begin to properly critically analyse and self-reflect using inward processes. This usually results in being able to fairly and adequately acknowledge any identified negative character traits such as vampirism, narcassim, vainty etc. Once you know what issues you have that results in vamping or feeding parasitically of another persons’ energy can you take steps and efforts to remedy it.

Most people have a few minor issues connected to vampiric behaviour that can be easily addressed, however there are still others with serious personality and character flaws that are considered more towards the extreme end of undesirable vampiric behaviours. Some of these are expressed within family and social situations, some are expressed in the work place or the inner workings or corporations, some refer to physical resoureces and some refer to spiritual energies, often from anothers chakra.

Recovery from general vampirism and vampiric living is possible as is recovery from psychic-vampirism and any instances of conscious or unconscious energy cording or feeding off of others energy for personal survival. However it is usually only when self-work, soul-work or shadow work has been done over a sustained period of time does one begin to see and feel the positive results.

So one must sincerely recognise and acknowledge one’s own vampiric behaviours and then seek to address and un-do them and in some instances this requires atonement and to make good for any harm or negative karma over what ones past actions have caused. For some things, it requires making some hard decisions, such as what to give up, what to share and what your priorties are.

When a person heals themselves of most or even all of their main vampiric elements and negative behaviours can the soul and inner spirit or consciousness of the person begin to re-identify with more positive perspectives. Eventually the vampire archetype will be lifted as it becomes resolved at deeper levels of our being resulting in a partial or whole healing and a removal or lessening of negative karma and the diseases connected to it.

Until this process of self-reflection is taken seriously, many people will continue to engage in vampirism on an unconscious level, sometimes just out of fear of lack or the need to assert dominance, control and feed in a parasitical manner off of their host, other times someone may have no spiritual intelligence or awareness that there are higher laws that govern over human conduct, behaviour and decision making and not all of it is as easy to recognise as sin.

If Christ Consciousness represented the model way of being as depicted through the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the son or sun which represents the love and light of God, which has been worshipped by countless ancient cultures traditionally through worship of the divine and celestial sun.

Healthy and productive members of society would acknowledge that through the virtue of one’s own work, effort, determination and conviction to recondition themselves in order to un-do their negative behaviours and re-identify with healthier ways of being in life and in personal relationships, business and character. As a result of addressing this single but widely encompassing phenomena, a person is able to improve many of their relationships.

One of the better attitudes that can be adopted to ensure one doesn’t become vampiric is to be prepared to give more than one takes and this ensures that you’re likely to be on the positive end of the scale and your ethos falls within the service to others paradigm often spoken about in teachings handed down to humanity. Only with the knowledge of what constritutes vampiric qualities or attributes can one of rebalancing and change one’s personality and character so that they do not fit within any of the negative vampiric criteria.

Psychic vampirism often requires someone to become more aware of their mind, thoughts and how energy and attention can interact with other people around them, thoughts can attractive both positive and negative interactions with people within the holographic part of the mind. Psychic boundaries also need to be learned in order to avoid problematic interactions with the wrong people and to prevent being taken advantage of by people behaving in a predatory way.

Healing yourself or someone else’s life from vampirism is an important and significant step on the journey through spiritual awakening, it leads to a higher frequency and removes some of the barriers that allow someone access into higher dimensions of existance as well as preventing much unecessary conflict with other people over things like time, energy, value and resources.

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