How Spirituality Can Help you Overcome Existential Fear


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The following article is intended to help people to release many of their anxieties surrounding the topic of existential fear, which I will attempt to do by revisiting a number of core ideas and concepts from spirituality, as I personally encountered them during a mystical process of spiritual awakening, called Kundalini awakening.

Types of Existential Fear

  • “I have a fear of death or dying”
  • “I’m too afraid to live”
  • “I have a fear that I won’t get to do everything I want in life”
  • “I won’t have time to do everything I want”
  • “I don’t have the time to start a family”
  • “I have a fear that I’ve already made too many mistakes”
  • “I fear my life is now meaningless”
  • “I fear there is an eternal void of existential nothingness after death”
  • “I fear Heaven will be devoid of the pursuits, people and things I love in life”

Too Afraid to Live and the Fear of Dying

At the height of my spiritual realisations and self-development, it was clear I was going to need to confront fears and phobias surrounding living — I just didn’t think I was ever going to get anything meaningful out of my life without this. So what helped me? By this point re-incarnation was no longer a flimsy concept spoken about by Buddhists, it was real and if I didn’t sort things out I was going to keep repeatedly having miserable lives.

For the last 7 years, I’ve had the ability to see ‘spirit lights’, usually, they’re perceived as beautifully coloured small orbs or sparks of internalised light, that is to say, that only you can see them, you can’t take a photograph of one and what you’re seeing is produced by the pineal gland in the brain and the resulting pictures overlap your normal sight. Some of these spirits represent what Christianity calls ‘holy spirit’, they have purified mind and consciousness functioning through a spiritual form, I suspect these spirit beings are what is symbolically being portrayed as a white dove. These guiding spirits have either explained or revealed a number of things such as the purpose of our world as it relates to evolution, learning and human development including the role of incarnation, the information often comes in the form of an audible voice or telepathic communication.

What took the existential fear out of death? For myself and I suspect many others it relates to experiences surrounding different types of out-of-body experiences, we’re talking about that ungrounded sense of weightlessness whilst waking up in the middle of the night several inches from the ceiling. In one instance some sort of spiritual entity was able to separate and remove me from my body whilst I took a nap, this also meant I could see myself outside of my body and it motivated me to write about the inner being. What I took away from this was there are several metaphysical parts of us that exist independently of physical matter, energy and the flesh body alluding to soul, consciousness, spirit and the formless god-self essence and centre of being.

During the coronavirus outbreak, someone communicated to me that people in care homes who didn’t have anyone visiting them were likely to die, but not necessarily due to some infectious disease, they had become forgotten about, neglected, didn’t get much love or had become a burden on others and they felt they no longer had much reason to be here under these conditions and were thus free to move on. Whilst I don’t want to make this a discussion about euthanasia, it’s become evident that dying at times can be more of a personal choice.

The Soul, Consciousness and Re-incarnation

The idea of re-incarnation comes from religions such as Buddhism and Christianity and posits the idea that there is an eternal soul or spirit, something that sits and exists with the body within the physical paradigm and yet also exists outside of it and is capable of freeing itself from the world experience, accepting this often requires one to expand beyond the limiting boundaries and constraints of present-day scientific knowledge and conceptual thinking.

The soul and consciousness are interesting things to consider when it comes to learning how to live more spiritually self-guided and fulfilling lifetimes. The soul once developed becomes an autonomous self-expressing form operating from within its own reality, for many who have awakened to their spiritual selves, it provides insight and intuition into one’s lifetime, including goals, aspirations and things to learn, do and enjoy.

If a person becomes corrupted, the soul is often disconnected and your consciousness continues to develop on its own without damaging one of your most previous eternal aspects as this moves and accompanies you from lifetime to lifetime, for those going through an awakening and successfully reach a particular milestone, it is reintegrated into your experience and seems to exist from the heart space.

Consciousness is a formless aspect of one’s self, it seems to reside within the head area and provides an essence and point from which to experience both inner dimensions and the outer world. The overall feeling here is that these meta-physical parts of ourselves don’t die or decay with the physical body and enable a continuation of any skills or abilities learned during a lifetime so they can be perfected in future subsequent lives, the hard work you put in here extends beyond your immediate life. If you make mistakes, they provide material and experiences from which to learn from, grow and develop.

The people that come into and leave your life through birth and death are still to be found ‘on the other side’ so to speak, many people’s spiritual experiences sometimes come to include inner encounters with loved one’s, it is experienced within the mind space, but scientists have been unable to convincingly prove or disprove this.

Multiple Earths

We’re under constant pressure, we’re told to constantly worrying about things like climate change, deforestation, loss of species and habitat, invasive species, the generation of C02 emissions, viral pandemics, environmental disasters and risk of global nuclear war and conflict, there are plenty of things representing an existential threat causing existential dread, so it’s no wonder that humanity, particularly when it is educated to our level of awareness of these threats could ever go through a happy day without indulging in escapism.

Do you remember hearing or seeing the phrase “There’s no planet B”? Well, this technically isn’t true anymore as newer knowledge has surpassed this limitation in understanding and thinking. Whilst this marketing message serves a useful function from a campaigning point of view as it does a good job of impressing upon us the importance of taking care of the planet, it helps us understand what it means to be custodians of a world and using and managing its natural resources in a way that ensures its longevity, sustainability and survival. Science isn’t likely to discover these worlds, because we are not meant to interact with them in this way, however, through spirituality and mysticism, one can discover and learn of them, explore certain aspects and learn what their purpose is.

However from an existential point of view, this view can be damaging as it constricts and limits our understanding of reality; this actually creates a lot of fear, anxiety and even dread over the idea that the world and our civilisations are too fragile, volatile and that we could face some sort of cataclysm at any time, whether it is man-made in the form of a nuclear winter or natural in the form of something like super-volcanic activity, a pandemic or a large enough asteroid impact.

One of the purposes behind multiple worlds based on a similar planetary set of cultures is to enable someone to experience different, yet also similar experiences, cultures, races and peoples all sharing a sphere together that can support and sustain life. Some worlds such as our own serve as worlds in which to learn the necessary essentials and fundamentals of the human experience in conjunction with things like evolution, co-creation, climate and biodiversity.

This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘there’s a spare planet, we can mess everything up if we want.’ what it really means is that there are different Gods who have their own view on how the Earth experience should look, feel and play out. Truth be known they’re even capable of cloning realities at different points and redirecting them through the creation of collapsing and diverging timelines so that certain pivotal events don’t threaten to bring it all to an end or so certain people or populations can experience something they need to learn and grow from without affecting everyone else.

It’s still possible to care for the planet, whilst being mindful that there are other earth experiences that ensure a continuation irrespective, but it’s the quality of one’s spiritual development that determines the quality of your next world based upon your ability and suitability to fit into it, often determined by things like spiritual corruption, being careful not to cause acts of sin or transgression, enough suitable self-development work and an awareness of what constitutes ego and what creates bad karma.

Time is an Illusion

I thought it was worth mentioning the topic of time because it can help you to understand how different time periods and technological epochs can be re-experienced if so desired. One particular god explained to me how he enjoys traditional combat with swords and he maintains a world primarily for this purpose of what we would consider ancient battles along with the culture it more naturally creates alongside it.

I recall an experience at an airport on something known as the astral plane, I was killing time and briefly stopped to try to speak to a woman busy making chocolates, who was too busy to speak to me. There was a passenger aeroplane that was scheduled to visit a Pagan world (somewhere where my mother had previously belonged to and was familiar with) however, during checks someone became overly concerned that I’d simply contaminate their reality by speaking to someone about computer technology.

In a different but related experience, someone was showing me a new world that was about to be founded, it had already been chosen to bypass certain ages we would recognise, but it was going to include a mixture of Pagan culture that included things like fertility rituals with modern technology and development such as pre-fabricated buildings and they were simply looking for suitable people to come and take up roles on this new world and populate it, similar to many people who come here from elsewhere to fulfil a needed role on our planet.

Heaven and Divinity

The culmination of years of spiritual growth, meditation, yoga, healing and self-development is the understanding that there’s really a divine version of reality that’s waiting for you to discover and merge with it. It is said, ‘either the world becomes like Heaven’, which is unlikely in my opinion owing due to stunted human development and self-evolution combined with the need to maintain a place where people are free to learn; or alternatively ‘make the choice is to ascend’ individually into a higher heavenly reality by meeting all of your spiritual expectations daily and the process known as ascension has the answers to everything from diseases like cancer to the reasons hair falls out. The condition is known as Leprosy, for example, something Jesus cured in people is what happens when one refuses to adequately use and work with one’s hands and feet, it mainly affects limbs and this might partly explain why the western world doesn’t have much of it and why certain developing countries and people still seem to develop the bacteria responsible for it, even to this day.

One of the fears I had with going through ascension under Christianity was the belief that everything I enjoyed in the physical world would eventually disappear, perhaps Heaven was just a place of eternal bliss and euphoric feelings, maybe it represented a return to some sort of eternal garden like Eden, but might not be anything to do. After imagining excavating my man-cave into the dirt, in the end, I realised that Heaven is really the culmination of ascension into the divine version of our own reality, the same reality only evolved and perfected to take away all the irritation and karma of the world. However there are many different versions of the world, or many divinities depending on personal preference and adherence to spiritual laws like sin.

This divine reality is encountered only after successfully completing all the major milestones within the ascension process and one’s spiritual development. I discovered that most of the same people and places continue to exist, but they’re much more refined and improved, by comparison to our own that is, people I learned were being operated by more evolved souls and spiritual entities as this is the only way to continue and leave behind the old ego and undesirable aspects of the world and negative personality aspects and traits many people possess, although this was a little disconcerting and not for the faint-hearted.

It is very simple to understand how one’s good deeds and positive contributions to a world are rewarded with good health, friendships both worldly and spiritual and one’s bad deeds, harmful actions, choices and acts of sin are what contribute to the creation of karma and spiritual corruption —something responsible for sickness and disease. People are constantly being screened for these negative character aspects and eventually, a clear sense of polarisation is reached and people may separate by way of invisible dimensional veils.

Any sort of widespread use of coronavirus is part of a dystopian reality and timeline and this was deliberately set up and intended to teach people about spiritual corruption through harsher lessons, it includes things such as greed, addiction, abuse of power or lust for power and control, financial corruption, unwarranted use of violence and aggression, paedophilia, coveting, seducing as well as sexual perversions and many other harmful and destructive things that go on and on, all things that our divine has deemed as detrimental to the world and otherwise run counter to their agenda for developing and perfecting humanity. Every race apparently has its own corruption issues, which is why there are so many variants of different viruses.


Hopefully, by now you will realise that an understanding even of only some of these areas found within spirituality can help you to realise that death, whilst it is often an unpleasant and sometimes painful experience, from another perspective it is really the end of the illusion that allowed us the experience of role-playing a single person over a lifetime. There are many more worlds and planets out there to potentially explore, many people choose to evolve and stay with a particular world they feel an affinity, love for or attachment to and experience incarnations through different races or cultures through different periods of time. When you become developed enough to live free of serious karma you can trade in your flesh body for a lighter version made from spiritual light and energy.

Once certain ideas and principles involving the creation and their organisational structures are understood, it’s even possible to explore variations and themes of the same world, often being placed where one can confront the areas that need to be addressed before moving on or where one can experience some of the things they desire to.

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