Wounded Souls: How to Heal the Eyes

Wounded Eyes

This article is all about how to heal the eyes, eyes that have usually sustained trauma for spiritual reasons such as sinister behaviours that may have resulted in karma conditions that could, for example, result in blindness and we suggest some appropriate ways to begin to heal them.

The eyes are traditionally seen and acknowledged as psychic portals that are gateways into the inner being which incorporates the metaphysical aspects of self such as the mind, soul and consciousness of the human being.

The eyes are also incredibly expressive and they provide an excellent way of being able to diagnose emotional, psychological and spiritual problems simply by studying how they change through the accumulation of physical defects, spiritual afflictions or muscular trauma, these observations I consider to be part of an unfolding set of intuitive sciences concerning changes to the body that are connected to what spirituality refers to as karma.

The eyes do of course require natural sunlight in order to remain healthy due to our need for vitamin-d, if someone has begun a lifestyle pattern that limits opening their eyes, such as frequently sleeping through the day, the person will eventually begin to go slowly blind through karma. People who also sleep in too much or too regularly may also develop a thickening of the eyelids that might resemble tired or ‘sloth eyes’, a type of heaviness of the eyes that makes someone intentionally look or seem as if they are living an inactive, inert or even lazy lifestyle. I once spoke with someone who had this physical exact characteristic and he spoke about his problems about being frequently late for appointments and not showing up to work on time and feeling unable to get out of bed in the mornings, during this conversation he also seemed to keep intuitively referring to thinking about joining the army, which was probably the solution to his problems.

Wounding to the eyes does not always occur to the actual eyes themselves, but it may also occur to the muscles in the face that are connected to the eyes such as the small muscles around the eyes, this can also include the brows above the eyes, the soft area underneath the eye that sometimes changes colour, even the cheek area below the eyes where muscles will sometimes make someone appear sinister and even at the sides of the eyes or face where muscles become tensed and contracted in response to horrible or nasty thoughts.

Often these types of muscular trauma produce defects to the appearance of the face and eyes, but these areas can be softly massaged or very lightly touched in order to either release the trauma there and then or in order to learn more about the underlying cause of the trauma if it cannot be immediately be released due to something being part of a persistent on-going problem that has not been addressed yet through doing the inner level of healing work.

Wounded Souls

People with spiritual trauma and emotional problems tend to have eyes that are seen to be crying even if the person isn’t going through any of the physical motions of crying, this phenomenon happens passively and makes the eyes persistently more wet or watery than is ordinarily normal. The person will usually look sad or as if they are crying from within and many people seem to be suffering from this at this time. The precise reasons for this are usually to be found in something going on in the person’s life, it could include problems in a relationship such as a breakdown, trauma due to a breach in trust or trauma due to spiritual reasons, which can include but is not totally limited to acts of sin or spiritual transgression, but it is often something connected to one or more other people.

The eyes themselves can become the instruments that take on psychological trauma when viewing or looking at contnet or things that are harmful, for example, psychopathic levels of gore or excessively strong violence in movies, television or computer games or even staring at someone in a sexually inappropriately way, often referred to as making lustful eyes at someone which will make one’s eyes appear lustful. Whilst some people develop sad-looking eyes, other people develop sinister-looking eyes, these often seem more squinted, shiny and may accompany a fixed change of facial expression that pulls the cheeks into more of a sinister smile.

Healing the trauma

One of the main ways in which to heal the trauma of the eyes is to place warm hands with the palms covering the closed eyes and providing a very gentle, caring and tender pressure against the back of the eyelids as this is required to begin to release trauma. If you place awareness on the sensations of the eyes and then listen intently to the thoughts in your mind during this process you will begin to perceive or hear thoughts that correspond to the original source of the trauma somewhere in the near or distant past and you may even see or experience images and fleeting visions or even short dream sequences.

Some therapists can do this for you as part of treatment such as an Indian head massage and may even provide you with hot stones, heated towels or buckwheat bags that can facilitate this, although I believe human touch, sensitivity and connection are more beneficial than using a prop.

The way many Christian’s help to resolve the underlying spiritual cause of a trauma is through prayer and focused intent of the mind, by giving love through acts of grace, is often enough to lift an affliction and to pass on the spiritual lesson which will be responsible for the cause of the problem.

Using a moisturising cream without any toxic or harsh chemicals on a daily basis is one way to provide a regular caring massage to the eyes and different facial features adjacent, caring or loving touch assists in focusing the mind to reveal all sorts of intuitive insights about ones own karma such as damage that has been done to the face and body as a result of trauma. Sometimes a loving and tender touch is enough to release a physical muscular problem, however, some problems require deeper and more extensive work such as shadow healing.

Recognising sinister eyes

The eyes transform and take on a sinister appearance in response to sinister thoughts, behaviours and intentions that are inwardly validated as being sincere

There are certain types of thoughts and intentions from the mind that immediately have a corresponding physical effect upon the body, for example, often something will pull or tug on some of the small muscles that are connected to the eyes, sometimes even forcefully and this is one of the reasons that people develop sharp lines and wrinkled looking crows feet eyes, this can be healed and reversed with a light gentle massaging touch and an appropriate cream.

Often these thoughts seem to correspond to thoughts about wanting to do or cause harm to someone else and often stems from an mental/emotional over reaction to some sort of perceived threat. There are actual spiritual expectations that determine what sort of thoughts and reactions are appropriate and what are considered too extreme, excessive or inappropriate for any given situation, striving to meet the appropriate response in the right situation will not result in trauma to the body and it’s worth nothing it’s often one’s own mind that does this, however others can also influence the body psychically from their own psychic being.

People with highly sinister eyes develop changes to their eyes which make one or both eyes appear to squint slightly, at times the surface appearance and light texture of the eye itself can change to seem glossy, dirty or oily and this type of appearance could correspond to any number of quite sinister thoughts, choices or behaviours. An example might include the desire to kill or murder someone, someone who has become very sexually impure, which could include harmful sexual perversions, lusts, fetishes or dirty kinks. It can also be a symptom of a sexual predator, rapist, paedophile, sexual groomers or sex-trafficker whom upon observation have many of these changes to their facial features and physical appearance.

In another example, I was looking at a photograph of someone and their eyebrows were slanted at very acute angles without much curvature and their face even looked rather sinister, but by querying this in my own intuitive mind I soon came back with the answer, “much too cruel”, and it was clear to see how this particular personality defect had manifested itself into their physical appearance. Delicately massaging the eyebrows and the ridges around the eyes often reveal impure energies that can be channelled as ego before being released indicating what is wrong with the eyes.

Understanding spiritual dream symbolism in the eyes

I’ve seen the eyes of different spiritual entities in a number of dreams I’ve had in recent years, I came across one that corresponded to an inner demon of despair or apathy and she presented as a lady with pink or red eyes.

At one point I also came across a different entity which I believe was a personification of wrath and unforgiveness and she presented as a snarling sinister looking witch with blacked over glossy eyes with no white or iris showing.

In another example, after speaking with a member of an online healing group I witnessed a symbolic re-creation of himself in a dream-vision showing something that looked a bit like him with glowing red eyes with the pupils being coloured bright red, almost like the Terminator robot in the movie franchise, and in this instance I believed it may have corresponded to an intent to do or cause serious harm or something equally sinister or malevolent.

In this last example, I had managed to connect with someone from the astral plane of another world, and her eyes appeared to have light blue coloured glowing rings going round the iris, which seemed to correspond to excess power which is what my mind shared with me; she was part of an imperial culture and civilisation that spanned multiple planets. At one point during my own awakening I had shared with me by a spiritual guide a highly vivid symbolic dream about the dangers of lusting for power, it discussed sex, military weapons and coveting gold or possessions, and these are the sorts of things which can produce physical and mental health problems as a type of karmic response to an incident that has spiritual consequences.

These types of self-reflective spiritual dreams, something often experienced during a Kundalini awakening can provide inner insights into the nature of problems concerning the ego personality, the soul, the mind, god-self and consciousness, these are all meta-physical aspects of the human being and require some level of psychological healing and therapy to address improper attitudes and harmful beliefs or choices before they can be healed and corrected. These types of dreams can also sometimes be induced through meditation or meditative trance states and concentrated focused meditation itself when placing attention upon the eyes is a way in which past problems or mistakes can be resolved by communicating within the psychic space the mind produces.

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