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Impure Eyes

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This article looks at certain ways and methods a person can use to reverse corruption and restore the body from any visible signs or degenerative effects. A person cannot become uncorrupted as long as they are attached to and holding onto corrupt views, attitudes or beliefs, if it’s derived from an act committed in the past it’s normally asked of you to be repentant and to work off a significant amount of the debt you have created in terms of suffering and karma that has been created.

First things first, if you can be introspective and self-reflective you will be able to identify areas that are corrupt or not in alignment with Source, the easy ones include things like telling lies, addictions (sex, pornography, masturbation, alcoholism, video games etc) or being dishonest with yourself, you will often need to exercise will power over these influences in your life in order to bring them down to a healthy level and to rebalance them alongside other areas such as work, friends and family.

Spiritual corruption is very common, almost everybody has at least one issue to contend with, often multiple issues can be present at the same time. The reason it is so common is, an individual who completes a Kundalini awakening successfully or becomes uncorrupted is moved into a higher version of the same reality, creating a separation between the spiritually pure and impure, however, it is also common that a person oscillates between these two points until positive habits, behaviours and conditioning sets in. Some corrupted beliefs might require hypnotherapy to address issues of the mind and consciousness at a deeper level.


If a person has very low self-awareness or low consciousness it can be difficult to exert enough individual willpower or influence over a corrupted mind that is contaminated by various negative influences. One of the ways to develop one’s awareness and consciousness is through meditation and contemplation of what is behind the ‘I’ and what is the self, sometimes called the inner witnessing presence, the essence of who we each are, this requires inwardly recognising this none physical part called ‘the self’. A person who creates higher frequency energy or love will usually begin to grow in consciousness and become more alive, when a person becomes dedicated to present moment meditation they may begin to become free of certain fears and burn away impure energies within the astral body, chakras and the mind.


Yoga can become a complete system for the restoration of the mind, the body and the spirit, it utilises a range of physical poses and positions in order to work on different aspects of the whole self through the body and mind. As a person moves through different motions and positions, the body will access the necessary parts of the psyche and consciousness and begin realigning someone with their divine expectations. To be successful a person must surrender all mental, physical and psychological resistance in the mind in order to release the body from tension resulting in suffering and corruption.

Yoga can be used to reverse these visible effects of corruption as yoga has quite a humbling effect that can bring one back to reality, however, it is also necessary to inwardly dis-identify from the main sources of corruption. People can become corrupted for multiple reasons, some examples might include murderous or dishonest intent or behaviour, excessive anger leading to things like domestic violence or acts of revenge, forming unholy alliances or being part of a corrupt plan, having any one of a number of sexual perversions or perverse influences in your life, manipulative or deceitful behaviours such as lying, cheating or stealing or through coveting someone else’s dedicated relationship or marriage partner.

The Eyes

One of the easiest visible physical signs of corruption is to spot and identify is the ‘corrupted eye’ or ‘evil eye’, usually, a person will show signs of having a glossy or shiny texture or appearance over their eyes and perhaps a slightly sinister, dirty or evil-looking glint in either one or both eyes. Often muscles in the cheek around the main problem eye will frame the face and expression differently, usually, the cheek muscles are pulled up and tighter and the eyes may seem to squint more than is normal.

Some of these physical changes are permanent for the duration that the person should remain corrupt, when a person is deemed uncorrupted, defects will begin to heal and reverse themselves and one’s physical appearance will begin to revert and transition back to normal, often healing damaged DNA in the process. I often speak about changes to physical features in terms of being ‘karma’, in this context it represents some part of the body that has been changed or had its appearance directly influenced through a karmic act or impure deed through an external influence upon the mind, usually a spirit entity serving as ‘karma police’, they have powers that can correspondingly change the body and I call this mysterious phenomenon, the ‘Pinnochio effect’ as not everybody has spiritual sight in order to see these entities or enough awareness of mind to be able to communicate with them.

To learn more about the various sources of corruption you can read about them in this further article on spiritual corruption.

The Mind

The human mind can be used as a highly effective intuitive tool to receive or retrieve intuitive information from different sources, these can include one’s own body, information accessed from a chakra centre or by connecting with an external spirit entity who can channel information of a beneficial nature. Often one needs to have the correct intention and attitude whilst inwardly searching for anything that might represent a current unresolved source of impure intent, corruption or evil behaviour underpinning negative karma on your part.

If an individual part of the body has become corrupted or affected by a karmic influence, such as the teeth for example and placing awareness on that part of the body and then relaxing and surrendering the muscles at that location completely will begin to cause thoughts of a negative quality to come to the surface of the conscious mind revealing intuition and insight as to the nature of the problem.

Some of these negative thoughts require either what Christian’s call a ‘rebuke’ or to inwardly dis-identify from something harmful and to re-identify with a right or moral choice or action. Usually, thoughts that are based or derived from dirty, impure or corrupt ego attitudes express themselves in the face and these will correspondingly produce dirty or impure sounding expression in the mind to tell you that they are of an impure nature, some of them can seem to berate or belittle you as if they had intelligence of their own in order to make you pay more attention to an underlying issue.


Prayer can be used to assist in restoring sanctity, cleanse and even reveal sources of ego or corruption and help the reorientation of the consciousness, mind and human will back towards the divine’s expectations or the will of God. Prayers I have had the most success with include the Lord’s Prayer, Archangel Michael or Jesus Christ. A brief word of warning, it is possible for Gods, Michael spirits or Heavenly Fathers to become corrupt if they exercise too much bias or begin to show a personal agenda or attachment to someone or something. I’ve never come across a corrupted form of Jesus Christ speaking in my mind. The Lord’s prayer I’ve found frequently releases fears, ego and contracted muscle tension to reveal what things in your mind and psyche that you’re resisting. Prayer can be used to ask for things that you may need in your life, if you’re an individual that frequently creates or generates enough love, you may even get a brief audience with the Heavenly Father or Source God.

Often, for prayer to be successful, it might need to be repeated over several weeks on a daily basis and accompanied by stretches of genuine hard work, doing daily kind or good deeds in service to others and following through with any direct intuitive information you receive in the mind from this higher source of mind, wisdom and information. It is necessary to unblock or develop the higher chakras and to purify the mind from manifesting toxic thought-forms, impure intentions or harmful content before clear communication can be possible as spiritual beings usually interact with us through the mind or from the astral plane that overlays physical reality, somewhere where our thoughts, psychic energy and intent becomes a visual and tangible reality for the inner being.

If someone is highly corrupt, often they will be ignored until a certain point of purity or self-development has been reached, often this requires a person to first undergo a purging of the body of toxic or harmful energies influencing it.

Some of this work, often referred to as ‘shadow work’ can be achieved through going through a spiritual awakening and at other times it can be done through a practice of tantra whereby pure sexual energy from an opposite-sex partner can be purifying. Undertaking regular trauma release exercises can be used to heal from small cancers, most recently I wrote about releasing trauma whilst showering as an accompaniment to your weekly routine and spiritual hygiene practises. One of the more drastic ways to release impure energies or demons is through an exorcism ritual, through this act one can more quickly recognise the distinctions between spiritual light and dark, or good and evil and then confidently assert enough mental will to reject or rebuke something unholy or impure from the body and mind.

Combine all of these suggestions together over a period of several weeks and months and you will be well on your way to becoming uncorrupted, feeling better, lighter, higher in vibratory frequency and more fulfilled and restored in self-esteem and physical appearance.

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