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Chakra Meditation

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I’ve used this article to write about the basics I know of each major chakra and apparently this is the most popular article on our blog to date.

Root Chakra

This chakra is associated with sexuality, anxiety, inner security and fear. This chakra often feels like burning or may sting if it is blocked directly, often this is caused by lust energy or a lot of fear energy, the former is depicted by people seeing images of a Chinese Red Dragon, this is not to be confused with an awakening symptom, it is actually symbolic of fire and burning in the negative sense and is usually very uncomfortable and unpleasant to experience.

At this level there is a thin energetic grounding cord that runs from the pelvic floor and into the earth, as we make others feel secure about themselves then so to do we feel secure about ourselves. This chakra is often the point where we each expel bad spiritual energies associated with the energetic content of demons and impurities.

People with root level chakra problems are typically diagnosed with general anxiety disorders, paranoia, some may have sexual dysfunctions or be suffering from sexual perversions and some people may have sustained trauma from past events that remains unprocessed in the body and these can either have been received and experienced or have been things that were inflicted upon others, at times we also process and experience incidents from others such as partners or family members and this can give rise to sudden feelings of panic or intuitive feelings.

When we access root chakra energy it can temporarily ground us and provide an increased sense of security, however, accessing to much of this energy or seeking it out too often it can create a dependency or an addiction to it. It’s normal for partners to share a cord between their root chakras and this can help serve this purpose among other things. Muscular tension connected to root chakra problems can often be safely released by doing yoga, however to process root chakra problems one will often need to hold a sustained pose such as butterfly with the feet placed together and the knees bent.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra holds information about your relationships, both plutonic friendships, romantic and familial and the information you receive from this area of the body can allow you to work through problems or issues that need to be resolved.

When this chakra is balanced we feel creative and receive ideas we can use to help us feel fulfilled creatively in outer pursuits and replenish this energy. It usually becomes depleted when we no longer engage in any form of creative expression such as artwork, music, singing, dancing, writing, cooking etc or we have onto too many sources of unresolved blockages.

This chakra also creates the amber nectar or honey derived from ones creativity and creative works which is used and shared during deeper sensuality. For this chakra to become stuck during a psychic connection or be too open it is as if to be signalling whilst walking around with no clothes on and this can both create and attract sexual promiscuity both in the physical world and the spiritual, will cause hyper-sexual behaviours and attitudes or lead to uncontrolled sexual desires similar to rising Kundalini energy. One should be very careful not to develop a lust or an addiction to this rich energy as the chakra itself can be deliberately sealed as a form of spiritual intervention that locks away access to it, this is similar to a bear that becomes addicted to dipping its paws in beehives and only feasting on honey. This energy otherwise helps one to experience deeper and more pleasurable orgasms during love making, sex and bond more intimately with another person.

Solar Plexus Chakra

When properly balanced and maintained the energy of this chakra provides us each with feelings of inner strength, power and confidence. This chakra must be balanced with love from the heart in order to avoid misuse or spiritual corruption. If left unchecked this chakra can cause arrogant tendencies or generate an over-inflated sense of ego-superiority as well as feelings of grandiosity associated with delusions of grandeur, common for someone to experience at least once during their spiritual awakening such as Kundalini.

When this chakra is imbalanced one can experience repetitive thoughts and feelings resulting from a lack of confidence, which is often closely linked to fears of the root chakra and usually one comes to realise that their attention and mental awareness is being focused on these two religions of the body by way of body tension and contracting muscles. Too many unresolved issues at this level can cause feeling of nausea and sickness.

Heart Chakra

This chakra provides the energy of love, tender, compassionate, fierce, the source of loving courage. Once mastered it can be upgraded to house a spiritual heart diamond one may experience through inner stillness or meditation. It usually becomes blocked through unkind and unloving actions, thoughts or attitudes towards others or oneself, it can for example also become closed due to trauma resulting from the consumption of psychopathic media content or through a lack of care, compassion and empathy for oneself and others.

The positive loving energy of this chakra balances out the other chakras to ensure that their qualities or abilities are not abused or misused. This chakra may become blocked with negative energy and the chest located around the physical heart may at times develop a sticky mucus or sensation that I believe can be cleaned through gentle massage which helps to expel it via the mouth. By slowly and delicately massaging the heart wall muscles one can process the karma and negative energy stored here in order to open this area of the body. If you have a spiritual practice, it’s not unusual for different gods or goddess deities to interact with you in order to assist in clearing up issues of the heart as without its intuitive guidance it becomes difficult to discern doing right from wrong and one may experience depressive episodes.

A person with heart-level issues may suffer from lack of care, compassion, empathy or be living from a psychopathic way of being as they lack the emotional intelligence and awareness to guide their choices and actions. This can also lead to a phenomena known as ‘evil eye’ in which the muscles around one or both eyes contract making the eyes appear narrowed or squint, the covering of the eye itself also seems to take on a darker appearance or sheen and this isn’t undone until the underlying issue is learned and resolved from both the mind and consciousness.

Throat Chakra

This chakra is responsible for clear communication and can be used to cross channel spiritual information and shared wisdom with others. When we speak this chakra simultaneously manifests thoughts from our energy that others can perceive from the psychic or mental levels of the mind, which amongst other things enables personal fears to be expressed or confronted. This chakra may at times help us channel the energy of our impure ego issues and vocalise them as inner thoughts in order to understand and bring them into our conscious awareness.

It can become blocked due to telling lies, using impure or dirty language, expressing impure ideas or communication or if we fail to speak clearly or share what is of real value and meaning to us. On a different world I observed how someone had a large bulge or growth within their neck which it seemed apparent to me corresponded to some sort of communication issue, possibly linked to expressing excessive hostilities, it’s clear to me that swearing even on our world contributes to tightening and harming the vocal cords, leading to changes to the voice that may make someone sound more gruff in its quality.


This chakra is the source of intuitive perception and higher intuitive knowledge about many things. It also has the ability to convert spiritual energy into a manifested form if this ability is learned. When sitting in concentrated meditation it is common to perceive pulsations of blue energy, which I believe is a way of directing mind and energy into a higher plane in order to exchange or receive information and interact with higher beings rather than our own mental level or plane. Placing a blue crystal here prior to sleeping can signal an intention to being open to interacting with someone in order to receive intuitive insights or guidance in the form of dreams.

A vertical wisdom eye in the middle of the forehead may open here when one becomes enlightened and successfully reaches the level of development necessary for ascension. When blocked we may lose our clarity of normal intuition and when engaging in too much intuitive perception the mind may become clouded due to being overloaded with additional information.

Crown Chakra

This is our individual connection to the divine realms in spirit and our close connection to our closest God. It’s also our main connection to source energy. When we channel energy into or from the crown we can connect with higher spirit in order to exchange ideas, information or communicate more directly.

At times it may feel tight and closed off and at other times it can open and unfurrow like a pinecone. I once observed that in this location that there sits a spinning crown made of simple triangular and circular block geometry. The crown chakra is opened with sincere intention, purity, prayer to God and divine worship. The Lord’s prayer is one of the most powerful and effective for bringing one closer to God and the divine will of our world. This chakra can become closed through wishing or praying for malevolent actions towards others or desiring too much personal will over that of divine will.

Feet Chakras

These chakras allow the earth chakra belong them to channel grounding energy into the body or help to suck out and remove sources of dirty energy from the body during healing work. I do not know why these become blocked, but I speculate that it could be due to channelling or releasing too much dirty energy than they have capacity for.

I believe walking within the natural energies of nature, connecting with the spirits of nature and placing feet either in running water or with direct contact with the bare earth whilst holding the correct intention can assist in removing these blockages. However ultimately it took me a visit to a chakra clinic within the astral plane for someone to manually clear them using some sort of tool I was able to see during a dream and after this I experienced the phenomena of psychic energies travelling down my legs which many healers are accustomed to and aware of happening.

Hand Chakras

These allow us to channel healing or sensual energies from the heart and sacral chakras through both the palms and fingertips. Hold a gentle but tender touch for healing and match the quality of speed, pressure, attitude and inner intent that you want to use.

The Chakras
The 7 Major Chakras

When the chakras become blocked due to issues or closed due to misuse we may often develop an illness or disease in an area of the body when we become cut off from source energy we also temporarily lose the ability to use our inherent spiritual gifts and abilities.

When we sneeze we may collect dirty or stagnant energy from the head and body and then expel it back out of the body in a single quick and powerful expulsion. During colds and flu, the body begins a negative energy purging which manifests as mucus, coughs and fever to kill the subsequent bacteria that is formed in the body. We must be careful not to create negative energy less it collects to form an inner pain body, block the chakras. Mucus and sneezing are how we purge the middle and upper body. The feet and root chakra are how we purge the lower body of negative energy such as fear and anxiety.

If we abuse a chakra or an ability then the lotus of the chakra closes like an unappreciated flower and we have to contemplate why this occurred before we may use it again. Just like the energy in lotus pools, if it flows, we’re in balance and total harmony, however, if the energy becomes stagnant then the chakra may stop spinning or we project negative energy-intentions from these chakras rather than ones of purity, help or healing.

Chakra Vortex
Chakra vortex illustrated in water

There are numerous other minor and major chakras located both within the body and off the body beyond the scope of my present knowledge. A chakra has a metaphysical covering of lotus petals, which actually open and contract like a real flower lotuses offering more direct access to allowing energies to flow through the chakra and either into or out of the body. The energies each coming into and out of the body itself are usually funnelled like a vortex similar to the one pictured in water.

Chakra Maintenance

In order to retain the cleanliness, sanctity and purity of our chakras we should refrain from giving validation to others dirty or negative habits and behaviours from our own mind and consciousness unless we are to risk taking on board some of the energy associated with that persons unresolved ego impurities.

At times it can also necessary to refrain from placing attention on individuals with lots of issues such as alcoholics or drug addicts as I’ve noted that doing so creates a psychic conduit to receive their entities which seem to hold stored information about their unresolved problems, which can be too much information or simply unnecessary to know. However this can enable a third party to assist them in ways, but at the same time it’s unpleasant to absorb another’s entity into your own body’s energy field, I’ve also observed this phenomena whilst hugging someone as this makes one another’s energy receptive to one another.

The raising of one’s own inner frequency and vibration is one of the most effective ways of clearing away negative and stagnant forms of energy from within the body including the chakra vortices, which can be done through surrendering the body into a totally relaxed and none resistant state. When this happens tension in the tendons, particularly in the legs begins to naturally unwind from the pelvis and the backs of the toes and in doing so it releases all the fear energy within the body so that the mind and consciousness can function together to offer solutions by channelling the ego.

Each of the chakras and their corresponding health issues may be tapped into through a range of bodywork such as massage therapy, relaxation and meditation, each help us to reach a meditative relaxed or trance-like state in which to process things from the body and occasionally to receive and hear from higher levels of consciousness.

Letting go of the dance, feeling the music and allowing the body and mind to connect into spirit in order to perform the dance will also raise one’s own frequency and vibration to higher levels temporarily, similar to a meditation and certain types of negative energy begin to dissolve or burn up.

When unwanted and negative energy is being removed from the chakras the lotus petals may open up very briefly in order to expel this energy before closing down again, but other times it may be bound within mucus that can safely expelled or released as particles along with the normal out breath.

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