Evidence for the Connection Between the Mind and Changes to the Body due to Karma

Ego Balancing

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This article is an introduction to the concept and techniques behind what I call ‘ego balancing’, part of an unfolding intuitive science which can empirically prove the connection between the mind, the body and changes and influences upon the body due to karma and trauma by studying the face.

It specifically looks at how these things change the appearance of the body over time through individuals who create impure energies in the body and mind through causing a spiritual transgression that introduces character defects into the individual’s ego-personality. Together these play a significant part in transforming the appearance of the face as well as other parts of the body in what is clearly a harmful and degenerative way.

It’s also useful to note that my work here was originally carried out as part of my research and investigations into the causes of bipolar disorder, but I later learned ego balancing would have further-reaching implications into the study and nature of other diseases as well as the wider topic of spiritual evolution.

Within spirituality, the ego is what separates a person from a more evolved way of being and cleansing it of impurity is what enables the process of spiritual evolution to occur to produce a higher quality of individual, usually someone more desirable and beneficial to a society or a world.

Impurity is usually considered to be fear-based energy and you can often taste it on the back of the tongue, something which seems to also be an indication of cancer, but the largest pool of ego impurity usually sits within the belly region where the densest ego impurity resides in the body.

When it comes to purifying one’s own being of ego it is necessary to remove any negative energy contaminants from within the body. Whilst there are probably quite a few ways you can discern that something may be out of balance, disharmonious or wrong, ego balancing using the mind and body together appears to be one of the best tried and tested methods I’ve used. so far

After carefully and correctly diagnosing your sources of ego (these are often unpleasant things to hear), processing and spiritual cleansing are the next steps. Ego balancing is most useful for early diagnosing and identifying spiritual problems and unresolved issues of the ego character by looking at and observing areas such as facial symmetry and physical deformities in the overall appearance and complexion whilst being able to channel into the mind thoughts that correspond to the sources of impurity in order one can take the necessary steps to resolve it.

The core of ego balancing theory is understanding that depending upon how a person thinks, acts, behaves and the choices that we each make and validate or identify with from within the mind (both good and bad) have consequences that changes a persons appearance, some of which are due to karmic causes and some of which are more beneficial and un-do damaging effects of ego. Many of these micro-traumas are deliberately intended to make someone appear less pure or wholesome by creating subtle changes to the face resulting in varying degrees of deformation. These deformations become much easier to spot with practice and observation; and eventually, you can begin to learn which issue(s) correspond with which type of effects to someone’s appearance.

Whilst other changes also take place in other areas of the body in the form of contracted muscular blockages and trapped tension, the changes which are expressed by the face are more noticeable as we each view this more often and they are much easier to spot in part due to the inherently expressive intelligence behind the face which makes it a good indicator for gauging a person’s internal character and spiritual health from the intuitive information available there.

As people take on more and more ego impurities their face begins to transform in a negative way, often the symmetry of the face begins to become distorted, perhaps one side starts to sag lower than the other or one side is pulled more tightly and appears to be inflated or puffy than is normal for a person. Some people may begin to experience difficulties pronouncing certain words and develop speech impediments due to how muscular tension in the face changes and the shape of the mouth and jaw change.

Other areas I’ve noted that can be changed in this way include the ears, the nose, the mouth, the chin, the brow and eyebrows and even the teeth. In addition to helping us change our expression and express our personality, feelings and emotions, muscles and muscle tissue can also be changed to alter the way we look on either a temporary or semi-permanent basis to better and more accurately reflect who we are at that point in time and it becomes enshrined in our photos and history.

It can be said that the healthiest and most attractive people in general have developed their inner self or being, which I sometimes use to refer to the soul and the consciousness aspect of a person. A person who is pure and beautiful on the inside is likely to be naturally attractive or good looking on the outside. During a spiritual awakening is often the point of growth where a person begins to make conscious and concerted effort to heal their ego and this comes with positive transformations as trauma effects, karma and ego disappear eventually resulting in an ego-death associated with a type of spiritual rebirth or emergence during the later stages of spiritual awakening as a person reveals and discovers their true spiritual ‘self’ through meditation and self-realisation practices.

However it should be known there are all sorts of ego issues and far too many to list or scope them all within the space of this article, however, I can list a few more here and they include things like telling lies in a malicious or sinister way, arrogance, vanity, excessive pride, cowardice, hypocrisy, laziness, racism, sexual perversions, lusts or sexual excesses, uncontrolled aggression, predatory behaviours, excessive or disproportionate violence or pretty much-becoming addicted to anything.

At the more extreme end are people with quite toxic ego or psychic impurities and bad energies also known as spiritual impurity. These people tend to have faces that begin to resemble characteristics that are either a bit dirty looking or slightly sinister all the way to seeming very sinister and might include anything from a rapist or sexual predator, to people who lust sexually, engage in abusive violence or things associated with excessive power seeking, even individuals with possible psychopathy issues or people who deliberately harm and abuse other people in varying ways would show up under close scrutiny and observation of facial trauma denoting their ego character.

Many of the people that fits into the above categories will have distortions to their cheeks, their eyes, including the micro-muscles around the eyelids and muscles in the eyebrows that overhang the face and frequently the irises begin to appear dirty or shiny as a general characteristic. The more worse a particular issue is or the more issues that begin to accumulate which all stack up varying degrees of trauma effects that taint the appearance of someone. Some people seem to develop puffy or loose appearing cheeks as tone and definition disappear as more ego impurity accumulates.

People have had an intuitive perception of the way other people look or seem for a long time, but to my knowledge, this is quite an advanced technique that forms part of a more extensive intuitive-science based on the understanding of karma and the interplay between mind, body and consciousness as determined by spiritual laws and principles. This requires quite a bit of understanding from other areas, but it appears to be very reliable and accurate when it comes to gauging and identifying problems and healing the ego. However presently I’ve only been able to identify and understand the trauma that I have myself sustained during my own life based on how I have lived and choices I’ve made, but some issues appear quite common amongst many in society and this is enough to understand there are many patterns of karma that relate to different harmful choices and ways of being.

Presently I believe most people believe that appearance is largely determined by a combination of genetics, environment, diet, work, stress and other living factors, however in my experience ego impurity is being missed or overlooked as new evidence suggests that this can determine whether or not a person develops a healthy and attractive ego-personality and character and whether or not they appear healthy, attractive and whole in their appearance.

The reasoning behind this is that some people develop so much trauma and ego that they begin to look dirty, unclean and very ego imbalanced in the way they physically look. Ego balancing is a very effective way of identifying karmic trauma located within the face and then subsequently correcting the signs of ego based on spiritual methods of healing and it’s certainly a lot more natural and better for you than paying for corrective procedures like plastic surgery, Botox, or attempting to hide and cover-up ego flaws with makeup or beards.

To identify whether or not you have any ego issues you may begin to observe and study your face in a mirror, sometimes you can just place and hold your attention on a particular area and listen to what your mind or intuition has to say and other times you may begin to gently rub or massage an area that feels right, sore or a little different to the other side can reveal more information. Sometimes when you try to relax the whole face and surrender a muscle grouping and then see how your tension naturally changes or draws in your attention to an area you can feel what the mind can tell you about it.

Once known with certainty what an issue is a person is able to then take corrective actions or measures to remove the trauma and heal the ego. This may require reshaping of attitudes and beliefs in order to re-identify within one’s own mind and consciousness a better way of being. Once someone has inwardly re-identified away from a harmful issue and has developed, expanded or grown enough conscious self-awareness in the present moment to respond and behave differently then impure energies of the ego begin to shed away from the spiritual bodies.

When ego and impurity disappear together there are often corresponding physical changes that occur, micro-traumas within the muscles and facial features gently begin to revert back to their normal appearance, healthy tone and definition returns as distorted or stretched, sagging and deformed muscles change back in the head, neck and face.

By healing the ego and learning about the causes of ego one also heals their present life karma and begins to evolve their inner being and changes begin to appear in their external lives also, often for the better.

Other natural methods to assist in cleaning up the ego include engaging in hard work, acts of selfless kindness or service to others, meditation, yoga and prayer. As the ego is processed by the consciousness often by being symbolised and reflected back to you in your dreams and through positive feelings, energy and emotions as the ego is released.

More extreme issues may require self-acknowledgement, repentance, to seek forgiveness for past acts of evil or wrongdoing. This can be facilitated through prayer or exorcism may even be required and a much longer period of positive behaviour or hard work is required to completely remedy something. Religious purification methods have typically consisted of things like the rite of baptism and the use of holy water or ritual bathing.


Ego balancing can become a valuable tool for diagnosing ego problems, engaging in spiritual healing, understanding defects to personality and character development, issues involving any sort of spiritual corruption or simply wanting to develop and evolve oneself in order to look and feel better, more attractive and more healthy. Identifying ego can help one learn what is healthy and unhealthy, pure or impure based on the trauma it causes to the body, things that often differ to that which society may have accepted.

When it comes to correcting and healing ego it’s very beneficial to know that beauty and aesthetic is far more than just having good genes, eating a healthy diet or having a positive lifestyle, it is also a reflection of the inner spiritual purity of a person their own evolutionary development extending into mind, soul and consciousness, which are each distinctly different aspects of the whole being.

As these subtle physical changes are visible for all to see, and I know from my own experiences and research with a spiritual awakening that they correspond to ego-energy or impurity created by impure ways of being, thinking and behaving.

If and when others begin to explore this connection it might not take forever before spiritually inclined psychologists, doctors and scientists all begin to validate the connection between the mind, body and spirit and learn how each of us transforms both inwardly and outwardly in relation to how we think, the attitudes we live by and how we each behave along with the choices we each make.

I predict that someday understanding of karma and trauma may be combined with bio-metrics as an additional tool for acquiring justice within our own court and justice systems as it will become possible to identify somebody such as a rapist based on their physical trauma.

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