What is the Spiritual Purpose of Body Hair?

Body Hair Karma

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In this article, I’ll be exploring and doing my best to explain the spiritual purpose of body hair. Body hair is traditionally thought of as being connected to hormones and inherited genetics and some people suggest that it is perhaps useful for keeping us all a bit warmer, however, I’m going to suggest to you that its true purpose is actually about helping to release trauma, each hair serves as a psychic filament into the inner body and is used for releasing fear energies or trauma energy and this can cause someone to break down emotionally when it’s lightly pulled on or may even make you feel a bit sick in response.

There were times I would meditate and all the hairs on my body would stand on end and I would experience a type of energetic or negative energy, sometimes referred to as releasing fear energy, which is just one type of emotional energy that can be released from the body. In a therapy session, this would probably be referred to as “cathartic release” and this process is necessary for one’s emotional wellbeing.

On one occasion during my Kundalini awakening, I witnessed all the hairs on a single-arm stand on end and begin swaying in the air independently in a mystical display like dancing serpents and I coined the term “Serpent hairs” to describe this phenomenon; after this, I knew there was some sort of greater intelligent purpose behind the hair on our bodies than what is presently known.

I later experienced what seemed to be follicle growth being deliberately stimulated and grown longer in response to harmful, erroneous or detrimental thoughts, sometimes these were linked to anger, aggression or an emotionally over-reactive thought and later I connected to trauma.

It seems there is a process in play that can seemingly stimulate new hair to begin growing from follicles as if miraculously out of nowhere when they need to, as well as collapse and remove hairs again if not needed by interacting with our body from their mind. I was also informed that certain hairs are being psychically tethered to with cords from other people, particularly ones around the inner leg and groin area that seem to relate to bad or harmful past karma.

Whilst hair seems to grow in response to karma or trauma in some areas of the body, some types of trauma make the desirable hair we style on the top of our heads lose, fall out, recede, turn grey or even become shorter in response to corrupted thoughts or harmful choices, thoughts or impure behaviour. The connection between the use of the mind and body, especially what one thinks or thinks about is not fully understood, but I believe it is responsible for a number of mental health issues. If your thoughts remain healthy, then the parts of the body that can be affected remain healthy and ensure cancers don’t develop from this.

When I was younger I found hair would grow between my eyebrows forming a sort of monobrow and I would pluck these out periodically, eventually, most of them stopped growing back but I didn’t understand why or what their purpose was supposed to be at the time. However now, I believe they were to help surrender the brow muscles allowing the body to begin to process and release events linked to past anger.

I soon learned that that the hairs above and below the lip as well as appearing inside the nose are intended to help release trauma, they’re definitely not intended to ‘filter the air we breathe’ as some speculate, but instead removing them facilitates crying and triggers the necessary emotional response required to release trauma, occasionally bad energy in the belly region associated with ego would disappear. This process is so delicate that just by pulling on or stroking the hair on some parts is enough to make you feel sad and this is often seen as a kinder way to slowly release the trauma.

Men are periodically encouraged to let a moustache grow and then stroke out their trauma by very lightly pulling on these hairs, usually producing an immediate emotional response and change of facial expression as they are stimulated causing inner sadness; beards and moustaches are also something that is often associated with wisdom and something wise sages seem to naturally stroke.

Are some hairs meant to be removed outright? I found that pulling out some hairs by the root rather than shaving them off or using hair removal creams meant that the muscles connected to them could be surrendered allowing tension and trauma to be processed and removed. It’s not completely clear to me which are more effective to pull out and which to leave them in and gently pull on them using fingers instead. Hair isn’t always necessary to release your trauma, therapies like tantra massage can work with or without hair, but having hairs that can be pulled on might make it more effective than it might otherwise be, however, I believe it’s probably a combination of the two methods, pulling and removing and it’s just a case of identifying the purpose of each set of hair growth around the body.

For example, removing the little hairs on my fingers and the hair on my arms I found allowed me to release much of the stored anger I had accumulated and hadn’t properly processed yet from my body. Without periodically processing tight areas, excess tension builds up and can soon feel very tight and unpleasant, it’s easy to notice in the fingers and hands, feet and toes and this can cause chronic health problems to develop such as knee and hip pain. Tension is usually stored by tightening or winding up the tendons, it stores a lot of potential energy, for example, our tendons are where a lot of our karma is stored, when it’s released the body becomes more flexible, yoga plays an important role in health and wellbeing, however, it’s also something that acupuncture can assist to release with needle stimulation.

One of the drawbacks of using tweezers to remove hairs, whilst it’s cheap and effective is just how time-consuming and boring it is to do this, whilst this is a method that removes hair from the root, I’m uncertain whether waxing achieves the same spiritual result, someone else normally does this for you and it’s not possible to listen mindfully or time with a loving intent as many hairs are removed all at once. I feel a combination of these methods might be what is necessary depending on the type of hair, type of growth, and where it is on the body.

I believe hairs intelligently appear where they are needed most and then disappear once the underlying trauma has been released, so it’s not randomly determined growth. I find a lot of body hair is simply undesirable and so I experimented with removing some of it with home wax kits. Whilst I was doing this, I attracted a green “healer” entity and she commented she was “happy I was working on removing my karma” and this gave me some degree of confidence that this was likely something people were supposed to be doing anyway but lacked the knowledge to do so.

A different entity originally shared with me that they encourage people to “pull on their hair” and indicated the pubic mound as a place to do this to release sexual trauma, I speculate that this is possibly also what underarm hair might be for. Pubic hair certainly seems to correlate with trauma and karma and has a role in healing and releasing this.

He also mentioned that people could lightly brush their hair to stimulate and remove trauma, this is more useful for the hair on the top of your head, however, most hair can be lightly pinched and pulled on between the thumb and index fingers; but by brushing the hair on the top of the head in slow gentle sweeps, this facilitates removing trauma and can help to reduce the length of time one experiences unpleasant compressed muscle tension along the scalp and forehead. This often comes with an irritating thought like “must suffer”, which usually reveals the cause and reason behind the apparent need to suffer being some sort of transgression against someone else.

Some women are encouraged to wear their hair up so their hair and muscles on the scalp are pulled on, some men who are on a spiritual path are for some reason asked to shave their hair short, possibly to facilitate stimulating the follicles when brushed with their hands or possibly it’s about removing “corrupted hair”. I don’t know precisely why there are two different approaches for different sexes, but some of them might be for the sake of gender aesthetic appearances.

The hair on top of the head and in features like eyebrows, beards and eyelashes I believe are the only places we’re naturally meant to have hair that can be styled or to provide definition to features, however, that said I’ve seen versions of humans with no hair at all that seem almost alien to us. I believe the general hairs on the body are about facilitating removing fear energy and trauma, although some I believe should be removed outright, whereas others need to be kept and utilised for a while before I think it’s safe to try and get rid of them, however, some people can benefit from initially removing all their hair to help them surrender and then allowing it to grow back again and then doing gentle trauma release work with it.

A different entity shared with me that homosexuals get hairs on their back, buttocks and back of the legs and the purpose of this growth is to help release the trauma from their root chakra, removing these hairs seems to help people surrender and come out of the state of remaining in constant fear.

Someone else intuitively shared with me in my mind that women don’t find body hair on men such as “carpet hair growth” attractive at all, this type of coarse hair is more common in Indian Asians and Middle Eastern males and I believe is connected to predatory sexual behaviour. Whilst some hair is probably associated with male alpha behaviour and higher testosterone levels and could explain how too much aggression could be linked to thicker body hair.

General body hair on women is usually seen as undesirable and unattractive, despite campaigns promoting the idea of “natural beauty”, and I believe part of this could be because hair is connected to karma, but also partly because smooth legs usually just look and feel nicer to touch. Thus some people are more likely to come across as being a bit of a hairy beast than seeming naturally beautiful. I believe there’s also evidence that the darker the appearance of the hair and the denser the accumulated hair in regions, the greater the amount of unprocessed trauma.

Whilst I found a device like a handheld epilator machine that can remove hairs quickly, it didn’t feel suitable to release the trauma as it would often only keep shearing away the top of the hair like a lawnmower trimming grass. Much later I found plucking hair out individually with tweezers and holding a caring intent and not resisting was what worked best, this none resistance, allows the hair root to release without using much force and causing damage to the skin. If plucking is painful the technique is probably not right, it isn’t the same as what a beautician would use to remove hair for aesthetic purposes. Each karmic hair or something I’ve since termed as “serpent hair” based on what Kundalini did to it, I was intuitively informed was psychically bonded to past events.

As I removed some hairs mindfully and attentively one by one I was at times able to hear in my mind what caused them to appear or what they were connected to, whilst these can be removed, whereas there are hairs in some areas which I do not think are meant to be removed, but rather pulled on instead with a focus on removing the trauma first, i.e the groin. Whereas hair on and immediately around the genitals I believe is intended to remove sexual trauma through lightly pulling on it and by being attentive it’s possible to feel and discern the differences.

It seems okay to remove fine hairs found on the backs of fingers or backs of arms which are difficult and unsuitable to pluck, by waxing them off instead. The hairs that were most difficult to remove seemed to form on the back and insides of the legs near to the groin, removing these seemed to provide benefit by surrendering the muscles in the legs and feet and allowing fear energy to release.

When the body is surrendered and body hair is pulled out I would find information from the root chakra was being processed afterwards, often it related to a source of sexual karma such as lust, or having seduced someone, having masturbated at the wrong time, addiction to sex toys, dysfunctional sexual attitudes like being a “slut”, “slapper” or “player”, as well as addictions to things like Internet pornography. I believe some of the hairs that form on the neck and throat area help to process things like excess or inappropriate swearing.

From the point I removed body hair for the first time I felt a great sense of release from anxiety and worry, the tension would start to release on its own and I found it easier to keep the muscles in my legs surrendered without them contracting back in fear. This relaxed state is meant to be our natural state of being, but without it, people live in fear and need near-constant grounding or others around them to make them feel safe. Unfortunately, many of us are stuck in this permanent state of fear, which causes many people to become overly angry, fearful, over-reactive and uncomfortable, particularly from the perspective of the mind. I believe the release of trapped fear energies and tension explains why the root chakra becomes more active after removing hairs, this is also something I usually experience at the end of a yoga session.

As different sources of trauma and karma are released, I seem to sense that sometimes small cancers were also being removed and the defects due to karma that had previously resulted in changes to my face from egoic behaviour also healed. In time I believe hair growth will become less in places possibly owing to DNA changing naturally over time and removing follicles.

In conclusion, I believe men and women who remove their karmic body hair and process trauma will look more attractive over time than those who don’t because they are actively working on releasing their trauma and not merely because of the opinion that body hair is seen as aesthetically unattractive, but rather because the muscles are changing and muscular blocks, tension and trauma are being released in the process, which I argue can be recorded and studied scientifically.

It isn’t always necessary for a person to have hair in order to release trauma as manual methods such as caring tantra massage is also effective at this and can help release muscles contracted in fear and relaxes some of the tightness and soreness from trauma/karma stored in the tendons.

I want to emphasize it’s still unclear precisely which need to be removed and which need to be stimulated through being lightly pulled on, but everybody in the population seems to have some trauma and this hair growth is linked to this.

In time I believe humans will be able to do away with their body hair, but for now, it’s needed to allow fear-contracted muscles to become surrendered and then to release the underlying trauma and fear energies in them, this is what its primary purpose is, but once cleared it and people have learned to live in a way that doesn’t create new trauma I believe this general body hair will become an unnecessary and redundant feature of the physical human body.

If I receive new information about hair or need to make corrections or adjustments I will come back and update this article to reflect this, you may also like to read the article about releasing trauma in the shower.

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