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This article is intended to be a brief synopsis of spiritual healing based on a discussion of some of the various articles already published on this blog between 2017 and 2022, it covers topics such as trauma, (and ways to release it), negative spiritual energies, some of which are sometimes referred to as ‘demons’, which are also responsible for the formation of ‘ego’. I also touch upon enlightened information about the true nature and purpose of diseases like cancer and coronaviruses and what you can proactively do about them. I also briefly mention early medicine in the form of plants and tantric techniques, and then I round off with advice on ascension.

More detail and instructions can be found in each of the respective original articles, some of them have been linked within this article to provide context and reference where appropriate, however, feel free to browse the full list of articles at your own leisure any time.

Early Medicine

The spirituality from many different cultures over aeons has helped to impart and reveal different parts of the whole picture when it comes to knowing what it takes to heal spiritually; for example, whilst the Chinese may have gone wrong in grinding animal bones into some of their medicines, yet they excel in areas like understanding the relationship between karma and techniques for releasing trauma and some of their plant medicines can induce an unusual form of healing psychosis to undo past harm. The Indians from Asia knew the potential of tantric energy for spiritual cleansing and purification, assisting in releasing darker energies such as demons whilst also using more therapeutic tools like tantra massage to heal and release trauma, but when combined with meditation can also expand the mind and consciousness beyond its present limit.

Early shamanic cultures encountered and confronted evil energies and entities, some of which were likely symbolic spiritual manifestations that resulted from acts of evil in the form of entities like demons. Some of them were also gifted with knowledge about plant medicines and trance states that could assist in healing by granting access to the psyche, focusing it in specific introspective ways, and purging unclean spirits from the body. Whilst plant medicines from indigenous rainforests are not something I personally have tried nor really written about before, I still believe there is validity to certain claims and experiences, and this is still worth mentioning for your consideration.

When I was very young, our garden was covered in red and pink poppies; you could crack the pods and get the seeds, and the water that ran from within the stems smelt quite horrible. I was told much later on as an adult that this was a deliberate and intelligent “spiritual gift” from which my mother could have produced medicines like milk of the poppy if she had chosen to, but this went by as missed opportunity, perhaps due to fear or unwillingness to surrender, even so, eventually, they stopped growing, and a perfect lawn was placed over much of the area.

I wanted to use this as an illustration of how higher beings sometimes interact with us at different junctures if we’re in alignment with a positive worldview and open and receptive enough to how their intuition plays into us, was ignorant of why these grew as a child but someone, a spiritual voice, told me this recently, these interactions are what makes living here feel a bit like the movie The Truman Show, which I often use as a metaphor for the relationship between the divine and our humanity.

Science & Religion

Attitudes about religion differ from person to person, but I don’t believe religions such as Christianity should be scoffed at, because it knows at its core and which is evident from its foundation-level teachings that good deeds pay off our spiritual debts (negative karma) in the form of healing of certain trauma or diseases such as coronavirus and it can be observed. Most of the negative consequences of our bad deeds or actions usually comprise many of these diseases.

Religion can also show us the need to grow beyond the lower animalistic form of a human being and evolve and eventually ascend into higher realities, where other groupings of humanity have already developed themselves to the point of the need for separation from others in order for growth to occur and not get in one another’s way. There is indeed a link between spirituality and people who have evolved DNA when compared to the DNA of still-evolving people and this is just one of the main benefits of achieving a complete Kundalini awakening cycle.

Yes, Christianity can often trap someone in unnecessary dogma, and perhaps the whole religion gets summarily dismissed, ignored, or rejected or it damages its own reputation through some of its organizational hierarchies becoming associated with unpleasant things like child grooming, sex trafficking, or sexual exploitation of minors or people who engage in satanic types of ritual abuse.

Whilst I’m not here to push religion, I do want to share some of the healing wisdom I know that it contains; religion is usually about stopping the spread of spiritual corruption and moral decay, and degeneration in society, these are the very things which are responsible for various diseases and pandemics, and yet they are still at times acquiesced to or even accepted or wrongly embraced, resulting in a heightened spread of disease, ignorance, and spiritual darkness. Whilst this might be a hard or bitter pill for many to swallow that certain behaviours are what cause disease to instantly manifest; and if you don’t believe this, try having penetrative anal sex with someone and then seeing how bad and diseased with coronavirus you feel the next day, even when using protection and remaining physically clean, this is not enough to ensure spiritual purity.

If people knew that different sexual perversions were a form of serious transgressions that could result in accumulating cancers and sustaining bad trauma, even degenerative changes like drooping breasts or chest muscles, then more people would also become sound advocates of a more grounded spirituality, one that makes logical sense, even if it is no longer common sense. I have found that arming people with frank, honest, and truthful information about the relationship between disease and transgression is what protects people from associated harm. This should make Christianity much more popular than it is, in my estimation, few seem to understand or have the desire to stand up against progressive or degenerative attitudes around areas of life such as family and sexuality.

What roles could science play if it comes around to accepting spirituality? Whilst some things cannot be observed or measured with physical instrumentation, I believe science can still observe how the physical body changes and reshapes in response to doing things that could consider objective acts of evil, usually through the different types of trauma or some of the underlying intelligent changes that occur to the way the body looks in response to something like a very apparent instance of bad sinning; both are easy to observe if they are honestly acknowledged, and one is aware of what signs to read. However, this scientific shift is unlikely to happen until spirituality itself becomes more widely and collectively acknowledged by more people and we as a people begin to advance to the point where it is not all summarily dismissed as pseudo-science without grounds or investigation.

Whilst modern medicine will still be here and required to help people, such as repairing or removing a diseased or damaged organ; meditation is not going to solve the immediate threat to life or problem of someone who is bleeding to death, but later on, it could help them understand underlying reasons they got into trouble in the first instance. Something like earnest prayer, on the other hand, has sometimes invoked a type of spiritual intervention, we each exist within the greater mind of other beings, usually gods or more developed forms of god consciousness, and they’re expected to take note of acts of love and can either help or manipulate our world and reality accordingly at different times.

Understanding the nature of trauma

I would describe it as the bread and butter of spiritual healing work; especially through surrendering the body, this is required to heal and release sources of trauma that cause physical and emotional pain as well as linked karma so someone can come into a more comfortable, relaxed or harmonious state of being within the physical vessel. Essentially, we don’t have to suffer, but this is partly what the physical experience is all about until certain things are known, learned, or brought into one personal and collective awareness; for example, some people are still at the level of consciousness whereby they would still seek an immediate reward (like cheating in a relationship) even if they knew it came with punishment or consequences of ill health later such as a nasty and disfiguring coronavirus.

People need to be capable of identifying and acknowledging the spiritual causes of trauma, and processing the underlying reasons why it is sustained in the first place, usually referred to as ‘spiritual lessons’, this is one of the most essential ways that spiritual growth can occur. Without taking trauma seriously, a person will eventually succumb to it in the form of physical problems such as cancer and diseases, even chronic things like the need for knee or hip replacements, often caused by deliberately tightened tendons in the limbs that exert strong forces on the body, causing much stress and dis-ease and even damaging or degenerating parts of the body such as the bones and muscles.

Information about trauma can be unlocked by going within and listening and observing the mind to find the underlying causes of the trauma, this information is often automatically channelled by the mind and body scanning exercises to reveal intuitive insights about one’s own health and simply requires patience, concentration and focus. Without going through this process a person is probably destined to repeat their mistakes until it is learned, ignorance leads to an over-accumulation of trauma that results in even greater illness, distress and suffering and one either surrenders or dies.

A person who is suffering to such an extent is required to “go within” in order to understand the nature of their diseases and their spiritual problems, but often this is missed or overlooked due to living a frantic lifestyle, whether by choice or the necessity to live within the constraints of a particular culture, society or situation such as family life. But either way, people all over silently collect, learn and integrate these inner lessons and then continue to live their lives whilst slightly modifying choices and behaviours based on these insights. Such people can be said to have accumulated inner wisdom and typically these people become more evolved than other people who don’t take this information into account.

There is also a need to understand how disease can instantly manifest in the body and the spiritual causes of diseases, as already mentioned, things like cancer and what its agenda and intended purpose are for someone. It may sound cruel to suggest that cancer has an intelligent purpose, but it really does and it requires someone to expand their mind and consciousness to realize this. However, in essence, suffering can be used as a spiritual catalyst to change and shift unhealthy attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours in order to become more evolved or spiritually refined.

This is often called doing “inner work” and is often a requirement before someone can begin to heal many of their physical ailments; once the original cause has been identified and sincerely acknowledged, one can work to rectify something discordant and out of alignment with divine will or love, the things which are wrong or incompatible. Eventually, one’s own acts of love, living in virtue, and selfless work will all begin to reverse diseases attributable to spiritual causes, without the need for medical interventions that come with invasive surgeries or toxic drugs.

People also still need to be clear about this next point, “working really hard” to pay off a spiritual debt incurred will not reverse disease from someone who eats a poor diet, never goes out in the sunlight, or doesn’t move and exercise; spiritual healing works best when the lessons are learned and integrated along the way. Integrating spiritual lessons is one of the primary processes involved in spiritual healing, and no amount of reiki energy or trying to send love and light will fix something unless the person with the health affliction can identify the lesson from their disease is telling them, this learning and integration often occurs unconsciously in the relaxed or a trance like state of mind during a massage or healing session as the mind and awareness naturally shift between different body parts that are in a state of unease, very tight or tense.

Here is a quick example: a ruptured spleen caused by physical trauma due to excessive anger that includes things like swearing, shouting, threatening, or screaming really requires personal intervention to rectify the behaviour if it’s unjustified at this level. The physical ailment may require a physical intervention if it is sufficiently severe enough to warrant this. Spiritually the person can forgive and move forward and overcome the original cause which requires enough consciousness and self-awareness of a situation to see and make a deliberate change. Was the anger justified in the first place? Was it excessive and disproportionate? Sometimes you may need to argue with your god or process the learnings from these events, which is where yoga and meditation are ideal.

Serious cancer is caused by many things; however, it might be caused by something like an act of considerable greed or selfishness and can be healed through acknowledging wrongdoing and behaving differently or making choices to come out of alignment with negative or egoic behaviour, at which point such cancer will eventually disappear on its own. Many harmful things, including but not limited to cancers, viruses, and ego, can, in fact, be “worked off”, even if you still feel a bit unwell for a while. Whilst serious illness results in incapacity, often the mind and body and being forced into surrendering and processing something unpleasant.

Additionally, when I mean working things off, this is done with extra chores, spending quality time engaging with your family, or ‘being in service to others with good deeds, help, or support; or a few good gym workouts. Reading a fictional book seems to be a very effective way of generating love and surrendering the body, but these are all valid things someone can do to help themselves in terms of processing and releasing traumas. However, one must always remember that it is the inner change that simultaneously leads to outer changes that result in permanent healing, i.e. immunity to a problem that results in manifesting disease.

I recently watched an episode of Grand Designs, and during this, I learned one of the partners featured in the show had life-threatening leukaemia his god revealed to me that, regrettably, he had cheated on his partner, but they were seemingly still attempting to create a life, home, and family together. This sort of example clearly illustrates what I mean by spiritual karma and how diseases (including viruses) are spiritually manifested to confront different types of wrong, immoral, or evil behaviour because if left unchecked, it would proliferate out of control, and development would be stifled, this is why much of my work and writing focuses on spiritual development as a way of healing.

So, whilst a painkiller can be a short stop-gap for chronic pain, one must still release the trauma responsible for it and learn the lesson attached to its cause(s), usually something spiritual based upon having unknowingly committed a transgression against someone else such as seducing someone or sinning.


The Covid-19 pandemic was a serious response to spiritual corruption, people who have lost much of their sense of boundaries and interacting with others in ways that were not intended or to be allowed, such as engaging or indulging in perversions like homosexuality and predatory paedophilia, behaving in predatory ways or in ways that our spiritual selves would consider to be predatory and anti-social. Following up from this are further consequences such as inappropriate use of violence, intimidation, coercion, and over-reactivity; these are all spiritual causes linked to the cause of the original pandemic and often other diseases.

There is a very real need to understand how the mind, the muscles in the pelvic floor particularly, and spiritual energy from certain psychically receptive glands and chakras work together to create psychic connections to other people in order to exchange energy. Creating a transgression by inappropriate linking, sometimes called a mental or psychic crime or a type of spiritual violation made through ignorance or misuse, these things are usually enough on their own to get someone a serious coronavirus even without experiencing a physical interaction with someone else.

Whilst viruses aren’t caught by breathing them in as they hang unsuspectingly in the air, they may be present in saliva for identification and diagnostic purposes only; they actually develop directly within the body or “manifest”. These sorts of viruses are a direct response to a spiritual violation or transgression and whilst many people have known that some disease manifests for some time, it isn’t widely taken seriously and remains quite groundbreaking information awaiting to be assimilated into our medical knowledge paradigm.

You may even like to throw that mask away or start paying more inner attention to some of the things you may be doing wrong, as already mentioned elsewhere, they are things like being too friendly with your kids, aggressive flirting with other people, thinking or behaving threateningly or being too angry and aggressive and mentally and emotionally over-reactive, particularly when around others. To learn more about boundaries, you may like to read about the importance of psychic boundaries and how they’re connected to ill health or read my initial articles about the nature of coronaviruses.

When all of this information is assimilated and put into practice and experienced and validated for oneself, it will first result in a sort of personal transformation or elucidation; if enough people within the population are able to achieve this realization and accept it, an ensuing paradigm shift can then occur, this is the type and radical scope of thinking that is required to end the root of different global pandemics and helps to steer us towards unlocking what many different people foretold as the spiritual ‘golden age’ and the hallmark and sign of a developed and enlightened civilization, of which there is a competition to achieve and maintain.

In closing, there will still be times when our medical system(s) will treat people in harmful ways such as deliberately causing radiation poisoning for cancer patients, particularly if topic such as spiritual karma continues to be misunderstood and treated with unwarranted ridicule or unhealthy scepticism. There are many different diseases, illnesses, and trauma that needs to be seen and addressed within the context of being a karmic consequence of a type of spiritual transgression, with this new paradigm of thinking, cancer would not be treated with toxic drugs or chemicals but rather a more radical approach based on trauma release, repentance, and good deeds, these attitudes open up the potential for realizing the spiritual lessons behind illness instead of hoping they won’t return.

Hopefully, I’ve shared and imparted here what enlightenment can do for someone’s understanding of disease and can really help someone to escape from descended or corrupted realities and the collective herd mentality and delusions surrounding the limitations of modern medicine and Western culture, there is still much to explore and be doing.

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