Healing by Surrendering the Mind and Body

Spiritual Surrender

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Surrender is something you hear a lot about in spirituality, especially Kundalini groups but nobody really tells you what it involves or why it’s important, but it was one of the most critical and beneficial pieces of information that got me through my Kundalini awakening, however confusingly this word can mean a few different things in different contexts, especially when it referenced in the mind.

You often see certain Christians with what looks like a loose upper body and they almost look like they’re being moved and directed by puppet strings, this is how the mind controls the body; Christians are seemingly supposed to allow their will to be surrendered to God, which usually means a combination of spirit entities and interactions from field consciousness that can send out instructions into the mind by way of a psychic interface. For example, when walking into a trendy City of London bar I once had someone psychically insisting that I mustn’t slouch and must keep my shoulders back, which was a bit uncomfortable, my body kept attempting to automatically move into a different position, something people going through Kundalini experience with kriyas.

Keeping the body in the surrendered state enables the mind to be interfaced with by other spiritual beings and frequently the higher consciousness or god of other people and this enables them to guide someone’s physical actions by exerting force and influence through applying body tension by sending unconscious psychic impulses directly into the mind and this allows everyone a certain degree of influence over your physical actions and behaviours and allows for more natural group social interactions and dynamics as spiritual expectations come into play.

When a person is completely outside of the surrendered state they’re essentially breaking from the programming and influence of the mind that it exerts over the body, it feels rather unnatural and I can compare it to the feeling that Morpheus and Neo must have experienced when walking through the Matrix training programme against the flow of the crowd of office workers. Here one realises some of the extents to which the reality of the physical experience is illusory and the mind is more real, from here one can begin to notice unconscious people and may realise that many are totally mind identified and have very little self-awareness or control of what is taking place outside of themselves. Only through expanding consciousness through meditation or creating love and sharing sexual energy does inner vibration and consciousness expand to a point one can become self-aware or even self-realised through acknowledging the true self, this is what happens during Kundalini and will eventually allow someone to become enlightened and it’s the lucid experience of waking up from the dream state of human consciousness.

The surrendered state is a very relaxed state of body and mind, it allows for more natural movement and for the mind to control thoughts and actions, it enables people to tune in to music which seems to take them over, it can be a fearful state for some people as it effectively means giving up or surrendering your sense of self-control and handing it over to a higher will. When the ego-personality or mind becomes corrupted it is necessary for someone to remain dis-identified from their harmful programming and harmful thoughts coming from the mind and then to try re-identify with healthier ways of being in order not to cause damage to the physical body or soul.

When in the surrendered state the mind and awareness constantly get pulled into areas of bodily tension and when they’re stretched out they will produce a corresponding thought that may be audibly heard in the mind or vocalised to provide information about one’s present mood, feelings and disposition. Ignoring the body tension is seldom a good idea because this is how chronic body problems develop as a person starts to lose a vital source of intuitive information from the mind and body.

The surrendered state is really important when it comes to mental health because until a person is prepared to acknowledge, accept what is behind a source of tension and being surrendered is the only way you will be able to process tension and impurity from a part of the body that might be associated with a disease, until resolves these are liable to create repeating thoughts that if ignored may eventually result in unconsciousness as people attempt to self medicate by merely ignoring the mind, something that I believe is fundamentally flawed in certain mindful meditation practises as the information is there for your consciousness to respond to.

When you allow yourself to surrender and remain in the surrendered state, a person will begin to inwardly start vibrating higher and begin producing inner energy, this often facilitates removing spiritual impurities from the body, as everybody in our dimension usually has a pool of black energy around the mid-belly associated with one’s personal ego.

When all inner mental and psychological resistance to something has surrendered the tension stored in the body is allowed to release and the body can begin to process and purge large amounts of psychological and emotional material and trauma. This occurs often to the point that it may result in a person crying and unpleasant feelings associated with shame, guilt, regret, often for past mistakes or wrongdoings, some sources of impurity represent highly toxic issues and may automatically trigger feelings of disgust or sickness and may result in convulsions.

A person who is prepared to totally surrender and let go psychologically may experience their back arching and any number of impure energies rise up the body parallel to the spine and then be expelled out of the mouth whilst simultaneously hearing an inner thought in the mind that corresponds to a past incident, transgression or event. The emotional responses described are necessary to instruct and recondition the consciousness or the true inner self of a person how to respond appropriately to particular incidents or events in order for it to distinguish and re-identify between a moral good such as a right and wrongdoing.

One of my most mystical and religious experiences involved surrendering and letting go completely and enabling me to remain dis-identified from my minds strong influence long enough to raise my vibration. I allowed my arms to stretch out from my sides and makes wings like an eagle and eventually I experienced chakra flower petals opening in my chest and what came out of this looked like fleeting dark energy that disappeared into the ground like an evil spirit of some sort. After this, I immediately felt a great sense of warmth, love, serenity and relief. I would later learn that it’s necessary to purge the body of this type of impurity in order to experience more love and begin what is known as the ascension process, part of which is through a ritual act of purification, something that I later learned occurs during a baptism.

The body constantly being in a none surrendered state is what causes trauma to remain unprocessed, most people walk around with persistently watery or sad eyes which is a sign that the inner being is crying in response to trauma from things like mistakes, wrongdoings, acts of sin or unresolved grievances. Too much impurity or negative energies in the body will eventually result in a phenomenon is known as spiritual corruption and spiritual separation from different levels of humanity will occur through a frequency lowering. Corruption can occur to the soul, the consciousness or self and the mind-controlled psychic inner being all of which are used to interact with people in a different frame of reality such as the mind or the spiritual dimension.

One of the negative consequences of not keeping the body surrendered is the inability to easily release trauma, often responsible for small disfigurations that takes place to different areas of the body. One of the most noticeable signs of spiritual trauma is damage to the neck area, where usually, the skin and muscle becomes loose and sags away from the face and trunk of the neck. How much or how badly this happens depends on the level of their spiritual problems or corruption issues and some things come with more severe penalties than others when it comes to affecting the health and appearance of the body, I’ve written an article titled Pinnoacchio’s Nose and How Karma Changes the Body linked to at the end that goes into this topic more.

There are a number of these trauma defects and changes to the face that will interfere with speech and the ability to pronounce words properly as the muscle tension across the cheeks and size to the inner mouth cheek cavities change as they loosen or swell with changes to body tension and the face becomes out of balance. There are at least a few known causes for this neck damage, but some of the main ones include excessive swearing and sexual perversions. Storing a lot of unprocessed anger in the face and jaw can also impact how the jaw functions and how speech sounds.

Being in a none surrendered state is often consistent with having a fear over something, muscles contract in the thighs and pelvis and it creates a type of fearful anxiety with a lot of unpleasant friction and physical symptoms, these fear contractions are also responsible for a lot of the mental distress people hear in mind if too many muscle groups are contracted as the corresponding thoughts they produce torment the mind in some sort of an effort to alert someone to an underlying problem, however, it usually doesn’t provide an especially detailed answer, often someone must meditate in order to get this information or occasionally sleep in and cycle through all the different messages that have been mentally left.

All this tension pertaining to worry, fear and anxiety get stored in the body, especially the pelvis, thighs and hamstrings, some of which will correspond with a deeper past wound or trauma, however, serious spiritual transgressions can leave someone disconnected from the body’s natural psychic energy and they will not experience the flow and energy and emotion of love as the disconnection from the divine source occurs until the trauma is removed and the person able to reidentify on an area of one’s life that is considered a harmful transgression or sometimes an act of sin.

One of the main ways a person can come out of this disconnected state is through tantra massage, and will often yield in a process of spiritual awakening as energy enters the body again and it may if allowed begin to clear out stagnant energies, impurities and a whole host of psychological or sexual trauma.

Trauma can usually only be removed if a person can remain in the surrendered state as mental resistance due to fear blocks the mind from working under this situation, however making someone feel safe through a caring or loving touch is one way to eliminate the resistance. An acupuncture needle can also be an effective way to facilitate the surrendering of a muscle and some therapists are particularly good at providing a safe and supportive environment for their clients that prevents tensing up. If someone suffers from male pattern baldness or has physical deformation to their necks, cheeks and face this is a clear indication of an unaddressed spiritual issue that could be healed through various trauma release methods.

Something to be aware of and what I found really confusing when hearing the word ‘surrender’ used in my own thoughts was that when connecting with somebody else’s mind and energy, often through a connection between the root chakra of two individuals in the pelvic floor, however, if one ‘surrenders’ completely by relaxing the muscles in the pelvic floor and hamstrings it enables a process of bonding, it has the potential to become a sexual experience between a man and a woman and something that helps two people intimately bond at the spiritual levels and develop the necessary trust between one another. However, attempting to bond with more than one relationship partner at a time may cause a spiritual transgression that will cause health problems or result in seduction and coveting, having too many permanent cords can become confusing.

Adults need to be especially aware that they can’t completely surrender themselves to children when corded, in order to share root chakra energy using the mind it’s necessary to stay in a surrendered fear-free state as producing fear-based thoughts when the linking of the mind can produce negative outcomes. If a psychic cord reaches too far into the root chakra it can result in a sort of psychic seduction that can work either way as there is pressure applied to the base muscles. The pelvic floor is very sensitive, but especially so in children and any sort of sexual interaction between a child and an adult results in damage to the psyche of the child, poor psychic boundaries may result in hyper-sexual behaviours and hyperactivity and leave them vulnerable to possessive influence by other people.

When this happens many adults can become controlling or possessive over children and it’s something to be especially careful and mindful of due to a risk of causing a violation. Seducing a child in this way is something I was told can be used to get children out of harm’s way in certain situations or circumstances through psychic energy interaction with them, however, it becomes a violation if it carries a malevolent intention as it can result in younger children losing control of themselves through the interference of the mind as they often don’t have the developed mental boundaries or awareness to discern or resist this. I believe this is one of the main and fundamental reasons behind the coronavirus, that many children are being seduced in mind and then trafficked and exploited for dangerous and nefarious reasons, adults can likewise be seduced and coveted by others, I believe there may be other viruses which are likely to have similar but different purposes.

I feel bonding with someone at the psychic level can be best explained with the example of the bonding between the Na’vi people in the movie Avatar with the tendrils from the ponytails in their hair linking with each other nervous system, however in real humans, different psychic threads come together between two people, often at the root chakra and other points along the spine such as the back of the neck and I believe this enables a more complete linking of mind and energy together, just one of the reasons that partners become so well in tune with one another’s thoughts, energy and spiritual expectations.

The prostrated prayer position also is known as Childs Pose in yoga, is used to surrender the body and works most beneficially at the level of the pelvis and root chakra where fears and trauma are stored and which will otherwise block things. It’s also a position that facilitates a humbling and enables you to communicate with God through prayer and telepathic communication. It often releases thoughts into the mind related to your own survival needs from the root chakra when awareness is on these muscles. A further surrendering to god is often necessary for some instances and this is essentially an agreement to follow their plan and expectations or to come to a mutually harmonious agreement if it can be reached over an area of one’s life.

You must not surrender to another person unless you trust them completely as the root chakra is a direct gateway into the mind and energy system of the body, some people have a problem with going for the most valuable piece of information you may have and others have problems looking for dirt on a person, often for the purposes of manipulation, blackmail or coercion; likewise too much fear can cause someone to surrender out of fear rather than trust, often used to balance the root chakra and prevent anxiety and fearful bodily reactions, however, it can also be used as a tool of control.

Just to recap why surrender is so important… it enables trauma to be identified and removed from the body, mind and psyche in order to facilitate personal evolution and restore optimal health, it helps to clear the mind of these persistent irritating and distressing looping thought entities connected to sources of ego or impurity in the body and it helps to maintain a connection to God and other people, it enables one to remain largely free of their worst sources of worry, fear, anxieties and trauma, try this prayer position on a yoga matt or prayer matt before bed and feel the difference it makes to your physical wellbeing and mental health.

I believe surrendering the body is the most effective way of processing fear and learning about the risks posed to our safety and survival, particularly when it comes to learning what we need to know about coronaviruses, so pay careful and close attention to your own thoughts and intuitions as you surrender the body. The shown position will assist in activating the root chakra where survival information can be accessed by the mind and if you are patient and not too afraid to hear the content you may receive information. Don’t be alarmed if you hear a voice speaking to you, this is not necessarily your imagination, this is how consciousness and different spirit beings actually communicate with us and some people may even experience contact with our Gods of whom manage different aspects of our world experience.

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