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Learn all about ‘sexual perversion’, what the main categories are and how to heal the damage that it causes. Sexual perversion is something that deviates from traditional sexuality between males and females but does not apply to two women who have sex (if they remain open to male relationships). Despite what the picture shows sexual perversion goes further than Internet behaviour and also concerns choices made regarding deviant sexual behaviour out in the real world.

Medical professionals are more like to refer to sexual perversions as ‘paraphilia’. Christianity recognises homosexuality as a perversion, however, many western doctors are unlikely to recognise homosexuality as such due to social and political change over the years. There is however evidence that practising this is still very harmful to someone and at best homosexuality should be tolerated and not encouraged.

In reality, there are a lot more than this and people seem to be inventing new ones all the time, however, these are the main ones someone will likely have to contend with during a Kundalini awakening or spiritual emergency, these require that someone eventually is tested, which intended to rid someone of impure behaviour and choices in order to evolve.

The most common categories of Sexual Perversion are listed below.

  • Paedophilia
  • Homosexuality
  • Incest
  • Bestiality
  • Sodomy
  • Necrophilia

Items outlined as: paedophilia, rape, sexual molestation or sexual grooming all refer to people who are serious “sexual predators”. People who engage in the mental equivalent through the mind’s own internalised holographic reality or on the astral plane are also considered sexual predators, even if one believes nobody can determine what happens in someone’s mind. It is very important to take care of one’s mental health in this area, as this more readily affects the unseen spiritual aspects of oneself.

Deviant behaviours such as using cameras or phones to view upskirts of unsuspecting members of the public or indecent exposure to members of the public also make a person appear physically perverted in appearance and expression. Placing inappropriate attention on someone, the act of wrongly sexually objectifying someone or generating inappropriate or impure sexual thoughts if thinking about sex also contributes to this, thoughts manifesting within the mind and the internal reality we each take part in on the astral plane is used to determine the quality of the inner being and some will be policed based on their appropriateness or acceptability.

Sexuality is governed by spiritual laws

Whilst there are small segments of the population that practice deviant, perverse or harmful forms of sex or sexual relations, this does not change the fact that spiritual laws and karma exist. For example, Sin is part of a framework of spiritual laws intended to outline and make clear what things are and aren’t acceptable to do with one’s free will, these laws are as real and noticeable as the laws of physics once you realise what to look for and results in a person becoming spiritually corrupted and cut off from universal love.

Sin and transgressions are things that go against immutable divine spiritual laws about human love and morality, they include things that negatively impact health due to a combination of causing negative karma, spiritual impurity like ego and trauma to the body, mind and spiritual aspects of oneself.

When people who identify as transgender eventually have surgical procedures to change how they look, even ones that are very good and can successfully fool people, the root chakra of that person will still identify them the same as their biological sex and they will still get the same karmic diseases and trauma that comes with a sexual perversion that everyone else also gets, this is why I believe it’s important to respect ones’ own birth sex.

How does sexual perversion damage the body?

After coming through Kundalini, I realised that perversions cause immense harm to the body, mind, soul and consciousness. There is proof that perverse sexual expression is responsible for causing biological degeneracy, partly through viruses and diseases as well as other harmful changes occurring to the body that can cause pain and chronic health problems, although some of the changes are intuitively guided to deliberately make a person look more immoral, evil, impure and unwholesome.

1 “The concept may also be used when an organism or a part of an organism deteriorates or loses quality, feature, or function compared with one’s former state. The process, status, or ability of an organism or of a structural part to degenerate is called degeneracy.”

Below I have described some of the harmful trauma and changes that take place to the body and face which negatively re-shape and transform the body and face in a way that deliberately introduces distortions, corruptions to DNA and other unsightly defects in line with negative karma.

Some of the physical defects of sexual perversions include hair loss, shortened hair, sagging and bloated faces, necks and belly area. In reality, muscles are being released and loosened in the back causing a slackening effect that makes body parts sag or seem bloated. These are not a result of obesity and no amount of physical exercise alone will be able to restore these affected parts without first giving up the sexual perversion responsible for it.

Sexual perversion is also a karmic cause of cancer affecting areas like the face, genitals, lymph nodes and prostate gland in males. The following example comes from a recent news article and shows the typical ‘featureless ball’ effect that occurs to sexual predators once tone, contouring and definition all begin to disappear from the head and face.

If you would like to learn more about healing sexual karma please see the article: Sexual Health, Karma and Fertility.

Some of the changes which are caused by sexual perversion are responsible for vocal dysfunctions, these are commonly referred to as the ‘wobbly voice’ or ‘queer voice’, and they typically prevent people from pronouncing certain letters and words properly. I listen to people speak on television and radio these days and it’s almost impossible not to notice someone that can’t speak properly any longer because they have a mental health issue, usually connected to placing attention on a member of the same sex that’s then produced trauma to a part of their mouth, face and voice box, which makes speaking much more difficult.

I recently wrote articles to help people understand what trauma is and what it’s really doing to the body and to help people understand what the true purpose of body hair is and how it can be used to release trauma and fear blocks affecting muscles, tendons and soft tissues through light brushing or removing certain hair as well as how to overcome spiritual corruption as a whole in a more general sense in order to complete your spiritual awakening.

Can I identify sexual perversion?

You can use a technique called ego balancing to help identify spiritual problems in oneself by visually studying your own face in the mirror, some of the same observations can be made by studying a photograph or someone in person. By studying the effects of spiritual trauma or a spiritual affliction one can come to the conclusion that some things are inherently harmful to the body and mind and represent things that are immoral irrespective of personal beliefs, these things result in transgressions that traumatise the body and make someone look more unhealthy and contribute towards degenerative chronic health problems.

Helpful hint: By scanning different areas of the body with the mind that stores tension imbalances it is possible to inwardly hear and retrieve information about the harmful ego and impurity one might be carrying around as egoic attitudes are reflected within the symmetry of the face.

What about pornography?

Negative karma also applies to the content you consume with your mind, eyes and consciousness in addition to the things one can physically engage in and by using and consuming harmful categories of perverse pornography found on the Internet or elsewhere damages the body and spiritual self.

Sexual perversion causes biological degeneration, this includes diseases and distortions and deformities to the body and face, cancer, excess tension and spinal compression. A healthy person should not seek out perverse sexual content such as child pornography, male homosexual pornography, bestiality, incest, or sadomasochistic types of content featuring either real or simulated instances, particularly if depicting rape or murder, doing these things I am confident will make a person transform and look evil, often the eyes begin to appear darker and shiny and the facial expression becomes more sinister over time.

Sexual Perversion
The above appearance is in line with what happens to sexual perverts and people who become addicted to Internet pornography.

How to heal from sexual perversion

The first step is to recognise that engaging in, doing or behaving in ways that are sexually perverse causes damage to the body including changes to physical appearance and expression of the face making someone appear more evil, sinister or perverted.

Once someone realises they are affected by karmic influences and trauma that are causing the body to degenerate, they are more likely to want to stop and overcome this. However, like alcoholism and obesity, some people require motivation and need to understand the positive incentives gained from giving up something harmful.

This could include the restoration of physical appearance and damage to chromosomes and DNA, the removal of trauma and karmic influences acting upon a person due to sexual perversion causing pain and other chronic health problems, becoming free of certain serious cancers and the general restoration and return of vitality, lessened anxiety and normal emotional well being.

Part of maintaining healthy sexual boundaries is ensuring the pelvic floor doesn’t become surrendered to the wrong people or at the wrong times, as this can result in connecting with another member of the same sex or even a child. Problems sometimes occur when bonding with children, something which creates pressure on the pelvic floor which is very sensitive and where the root chakra is positioned, this can result in broken psychic boundaries and induce hyperarousal or seducing someone into surrendering part of their will or decision making.

The main spiritual practises required for healing from sexual perversions include yoga, meditation and healing massage such as tantra massage. Other therapeutic modalities required might include counselling or psychotherapy or visiting a sexual health clinic, especially beneficial if it is one versed in the spiritual effects of karma (should one even exist). I also believe releasing trauma and sources of fear and anxiety in the feet, legs and pelvis can prevent and heal the symptoms and discomfort that cause mental over-reactive behaviour responsible for some of the general coronaviruses.

The main purpose of yoga and meditation is spiritual cleansing and purification, there will be tight tendons and muscles that need releasing and the mind and root chakra will need to be cleansed through yoga to remove dirty sexual impulses. The purpose of the tantra massage is about releasing trauma and inner impurities and people can either do this on themselves or seek out a tantric healer.

Many people find releasing some of their trauma in the shower is a safe place to do this and this can be done by very slowly, lightly and gently massaging the body whilst washing with soap longer and allowing muscles to surrender, this can cause someone to break down as required or if necessary, as it requires a reorientation of the consciousness and spirit to occur in order to recognise something is actually harmful.

Overcoming a serious sexual perversion is also a cause for people to go through the phenomena known as ‘spiritual emergency’ or ‘spiritual crisis’ and will often involve going through a root chakra healing crisis as dark energies are finally removed from the spiritual bodies should one be successful in releasing one and overcoming a spiritual affliction.

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