Healing the Body, Mind and Soul with Tantra Massage

Healing with Tantra Massage

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This article will discuss in more depth the benefits of using tantra massage in order to heal various health problems such as spiritual afflictions, chronic health problems and trauma connected to things like sexual problems, relationships, karma and sexual perversions.

Tantra massage is derived from eastern tantra that was practised in Asia, it was later transported and integrated into a system of healing in Germany. Whilst today there are many places that claim to offer tantric massage, however, this is usually more associated with enjoying erotic massage and less to do with using tantra massage exclusively for healing, although these elements are usually combined by a skilled practitioner, thus it pays to know the difference between a healer or healing temple and someone offering purely erotic services such as escort massage as the goals and expectations are different in each. There are also tantra schools like Sommanda that offer to teach individuals and train tantric healers.

Tantra massage is one of the few styles of massage that allows for contact between the therapist and client in areas of the body that would usually be ignored, these include the more intimate regions like the inner thighs, buttocks, pelvic floor and genitals. It’s important not to ignore these parts of the body as they are areas that are often found to be affected by trauma and karma and they serve an essential role in spiritual purification by using and working with the act of ejaculation, orgasm and the root chakra to release impurities. This is something that is not yet widely or properly understood, however working with the genitals is necessary to release certain types of trauma and karmic energies, this is usually called yoni massage for women and lingam massage for men.

This type of massage is excellent for releasing trauma especially if you can find the right therapist, its goal is not merely about achieving sexual gratification, but is rather used as part of spiritual healing practice. Whilst many people also use and want to experience tantra massage for pleasure and enjoyment, tantric healers have always traditionally had a primary role in healing and helping people to release sexual trauma, fears and worries as well as trauma-related negative energies from the body when working at a deeper level.

This is usually done in a relaxed environment and surrendered state of body and mind whilst listening to relaxing and soothing music, sometimes it is done in combination with breathwork, bodywork or yoga. Reaching the surrendered state is where bad energies can begin to dissolve and be expelled using the respiratory system or through ejaculation. Some of these more harmful, stagnant or dark energies often correspond to past events and incidents connected to sexual karma such as sexual perversion; or through having sustained sexual trauma from someone else due to being raped or the reverse, through having engaged in predatory sexual behaviours oneself, however, everything leaves its mark on the mind and body and requires action to correct and heal from the past.

One can also attempt to use some of the techniques of tantra massage on their own even without professional training, however, working with someone skilled in this area is certainly more beneficial and will be able to help you heal areas that are otherwise difficult to reach such as the back. In addition to this, the caring element of tantra with a practitioner can help someone to relax and surrender more easily than they might on their own. I find a self-healing technique is useful if you’ve been stung through having been connected from the root chakra to someone else’s that has resulted in creating a sexual transgression or karmic violation and you need something more immediate than can be easily achieved by booking in with a therapist.

Basic Technique

Here is an example of a technique I sometimes use on my own to release trauma, by initially massaging in sweeping circles using very light touch and skimming the surface of the skin and muscles on the backs of the legs and thighs, this helps the tendon’s in the legs to surrender and release. Only in the surrendered state is it possible to release the hurt and emotional pain connected with trauma and alleviate the physical symptoms of stress and discomfort that they cause us to feel. Over time this massaging facilitates bringing trauma to the surface and out of the body providing relief from both physical pain and soreness as well as things that afflict one’s state of mind. This can be done with or without oils, using either bare friction between skin or using a lubricant massage oil like coconut oil.

Initially, you may not feel much beyond ordinary skin contact, but eventually, you may become more aware and attuned to sore or sensitive areas that represent a type of emotional pain or trauma that has become trapped and stored in the body. In order to process trauma, one must be able to surrender in order to reach the underlying emotional and psychological material, this requires a person to feel absolutely safe and cared for. During the massage, changes to facial expressions may spontaneously happen on their own in response to emotions and past events, one might feel the urge to cry or make noises in response to trauma surfacing.

It’s normal to sometimes feel heightened sensitivity and even physical pain and discomfort in the body as these sensations climax and then release. It’s important not to resist or to stop once the pain is encountered, there’s usually an unplesant period before relief can be found. After a session, you may even be aware of some of the things that have been removed or released or the issues that were being worked on through the mind. Whilst trauma can be released without any ejaculation or orgasm, this usually provides relief at the end and will facilitate the removal of certain energies that can be unplesant to process in other ways.

Over time tantra massage facilitates physical and spiritual healing and will go as far as restoring the proper appearance and proportions of the face and other areas of the body that have been damaged by trauma or karma as well as things like cancers that make it appear bloated and these need to be processed in order to learn their underlying cause before it can safely be released. If problems are resolved spiritually this way it can aid or even eliminate the need for dangerous and painful surgical procedures to correct things like spinal problems or slipped discs, and even the need to use certain prescription drugs such as high strength painkillers.

Whilst tantra massage is usually associated with parts of the spiritual community, its effectiveness at helping people heal from many problems should not be understated as mind, body and spirituality are all interlinked. Healing from health problems and disease is usually rooted back in karma, trauma, instances of sin and spiritual transgressions against other people and often the harm we experience has the aim of modifying human behaviour in order to make people more compatible with the divine world in order to allow an individual to ascend and merge into higher and more spiritually purer levels of reality.

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