How Do I Heal My Coronavirus?

Rod of Asclepius

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This article offers further spiritual insights and advice on how to cure the common coronaviruses as well as other specific coronavirus variants such as Covid-19 applying and using spiritual methods and an enlightened spiritual understanding of how disease really works. Before I can begin to explain the methods to heal coronaviruses, it’s first necessary to understand a bit about how they work and what their purpose is.

How do I cure my coronavirus?

Having a positive attitude towards healing a coronavirus is very important, it’s normal to feel victim to it for a while, however, you’re not powerless to do anything about it and one of the main ways in which viruses are overcome is through bringing about and facilitating the natural process of surrendering fear from the mind and body and resolving any instances of spiritual corruption. I’ll go on to explain different methods of surrendering the mind and body, some ways to ground, remove fear and process and burn up fear-based energies stored in the body and the ego.

When someone has a coronavirus, often the natural urge might just be to stay in bed for a long time, however, this will not then resolve itself on its own and frequently sleeping in can even lead to brain impairment, stagnation of subtle energies in the body and even schizophrenia.

When a person becomes ungrounded and unsurrendered, muscles and tendons in the legs contract due to psychological fear or resistance and energy can race from producing too much anger and result in creating a lot of excess tension, which must then be processed and released again by the mind. Usually, this happens more easily and readily when a person is able to fully relax and feel safe. When a person is able to work this can also facilitate speeding up surrendering the body and in general, most common coronaviruses aren’t enough to prevent someone from working or doing a mindful activity, although will make someone feel unwell or sickly for a period of time.

Unfortunately, a virus won’t simply go away on its own, although many people are lucky enough to unconsciously change something in their lives that then serendipitously leads to the successful resolution of an issue without necessarily ever being consciously aware of what it was. The mind frequently processes information about sources of ego, fear and threats from the body and root chakra on a subconscious level.

In order to completely cure a coronavirus, you must identify the underlying cause(s) of the virus and work to address and resolve these issues or else it will either stick with someone indefinitely or become a reoccurring problem as it’s entirely possible to continue to catch the same virus or even develop more of an existing virus this way. A common coronavirus is manifest through poor hygiene and impure behaviour, but it may be a waste of time thinking in terms of having caught one somewhere else, they’re made in the body.

It’s also important to understand that there may be more than one unresolved spiritual corruption issue in play at any given time and so someone may have more than one variant of a coronavirus or even different viruses to heal, however, the process is usually similar. It’s important to take the time and effort to analyse the probable causes based on thinking in terms of corruption issues and then what you may need to do or what action is then necessary to take be able to resolve the underlying cause of the virus.

Identifying a specific cause of a virus can be tricky, everybody needs to be capable of reflecting honestly on their own choices and behaviours picking up on anything that rightfully falls into the category of spiritual corruption is grounds for closer scrutiny and further exploration. Fortunately, I’ve listed many of the most common causes of coronaviruses within this article, variants like Covid-19 seemed to be employed in reversing the trend of preying upon or sexually exploiting people either through bonding in the mind or seducing someone by using sexual energy.

A quick summary: you must identify any obvious corruption problems or boundary issues and resolve these, you must be able to surrender the body and release fear, and use whatever methods you need to use in order to support this process. If you have a fearful reactive mind, you must work to address the underlying sources of fear and anxiety, something you don’t want someone else to find out about, sources of worry and fear can often be addressed through tantra massage, which is very healing for the body and mind.

Having a repentant attitude will be beneficial if you know you’ve done something wrong to cause this, continuing to work hard, avoiding creating new violations and continue to create love through work, relationships and positive interactions with people. Some general things to avoid include sleeping in, laziness or procrastination, excessive masturbation and placing too much or inappropriate attention on other people (or their image.) You don’t need to wear a mask but continue to uphold high standards of cleanliness and hygiene as you might normally do.

What are the causes of coronavirus?

The coronavirus is something that is given to people for spiritual reasons, this idea may be difficult to swallow or accept at first, we’re led to believe we’re each victim of picking up a virus, usually from someone else, however, viruses are intended to help combat and resolve patterns and trends of undesirable human behaviour within the population and they aren’t caught randomly, but rather they develop and manifest from within ourselves.

At first, a virus may assist in lessening the impact of corrupting behaviour by suppressing individuals engaging in something harmful or immoral, however later on it can become a tool of transformation to allow ourselves to grow spiritually by confronting and processing difficult inner spiritual lessons about higher morality and right and wrongdoing as it applies to human lifetimes.

In order to be able to address the root causes of coronaviruses, it’s necessary to understand what spiritual corruption is, there are different forms that spiritual corruption can take, the most commonly recognised ones are usually referred to as acts of sin or transgression in religious terms. Intelligent reasoning suggests that the worse or more severe the type of transgression, then the worse the type of virus will be or the greater the amount of an existing virus that will be generated and present in the body. Over time accumulating too much coronavirus can become fatal and some variants are more serious and more harmful to someone to begin with, such as Covid-19.

The reason that viruses exist in the first place is due to the proliferation of corrupted behaviours and moral decay within society and reversing this decline is necessary to end pandemic levels of viruses in populations.

I’ve observed that sometimes even a government or a president can bring about a widespread change to human belief systems or the behaviour of people under their influence further resulting in the spread of corruption en mass, something usually becomes “corrupted” when it is an action that is not in alignment or compatible with the divine will and represent something likely to bring about harm, these choices are made by our gods and these unseen members of the human-divine are the ones who really control which viruses are present and used on a world.

In other words, viruses are caused by unresolved spiritual issues and by violating and not respecting laws on spiritual corruption amongst different groups of people. Frequently during a pandemic, there may be a specific corrupt theme moving through society in the form of a meme and this explains how viruses really spread. “A meme is an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture” that then results in corrupted ways of thinking or behaving, things like alcoholism, drug addiction and sexual perversion are all themes that spread in this way and are responsible for some coronaviruses.

Many common coronaviruses are spread and created due to over-reactivity and over-reactive thinking such as forming a hostile thought or intention from within one’s own mind and others are due to aggressive, violent or intimidating behaviour. Some of the most serious viruses are seemingly brought about by things like engaging in acts of revenge pornography, viewing, creating or distributing child abuse material such as child pornography and holding onto any form of sexual predatory attitudes such as the desire to rape someone.

One of the most common viruses, AIDS, which is incorrectly believed to be a sexually transmitted disease, is in reality caused by demonstrating excessive hate towards someone (or something), which is usually considered to be unreasonable or disproportionate degree relative to whatever it is, in reality, they can be healed through acknowledging this information, becoming more conscious of actions, choices and deeds and then making a general effort to become a nicer person and address any specific areas that need attention.

Boundary Issues

In order to resolve boundary issues, it’s important to understand the role of the pelvic floor and the root chakra and the use of the mind and how in particular mental attitudes, thoughts and intentions are often enough to create a connection in the mind with another person. Adults, children and even animals use this natural and unseen psychic connection in order to bond with one another and I believe one of the main problems is a result of not sustaining or offering enough resistance with the pelvic floor muscles when someone else is corded to the root chakra. The danger here lies when incorrectly and inappropriately relaxing and surrendering these muscles, this exposes more of this root chakra and the energy of this chakra making someone more vulnerable or likely to create a transgression through seducing someone in a way that breaks a boundary as the pelvic floor is a sensitive erogenous area that can result in seducing someone.

A general rule of thumb for maintaining psychic boundaries is if you don’t know exactly who you’re corded to or who’s in your mental space at that moment in time, one of the worst things you can do in this situation is to begin to masturbate. Often a mental picture will flash up in the mind of an intuitive thought mentioning who it provides insight into what is happening in one’s own mind.

Seducing frequently happens when someone else’s energy has stimulated a sensitive part of the pelvic floor, where the root chakra (primary sexual chakra), which as well as being responsible for mental and psychological fear, also controls and governs human sexuality. The logic behind this is that human bonding and sexuality can provide grounding and alleviate sources of fear and even lead to friendships or relationships, however, it’s also a very easy way to create a boundary violation with the wrong person and in doing this later part, one can sustain a lot of trauma and develop a common coronavirus.

Another common violation, cause for concern and spiritual corruption issue occurs through same-sex cording, this will often yield in a coronavirus with the added SARS complication, particularly if attempting to seduce other none homosexuals to become openly more inclined to becoming homosexuals themselves. To seduce someone in this way is considered a type of corruption issue, a violation and a sexual perversion by our gods and the divine, this is despite and irrespective of shifting attitudes amongst progressive society over the course of the last 100 years.

How do viruses work?

In my experience, all viruses develop and manifest directly inside the body and aren’t spread by mucus droplets as the current scientific paradigm currently believes, so this means in reality that you can forget about wearing masks as an effective means of controlling the spread of a virus, they simply don’t work. Conventional vaccination only seems effective if someone is prepared to surrender at the time they receive it and I reason this may be necessary for someone to be able to receive the necessary wisdom, knowledge or information intuitively through the faculty of the mind, things that may be needed to help someone come to terms with and address their spiritual corruption issues without being directly told.

It is a mistake to believe that a vaccinated person is immune from acquiring the virus again, one can continue to get a virus indefinitely until the inner lessons have been learned and integrated into one’s own mind, consciousness and being resulting in conscious growth. These changes are eventually reflected in better personal choices, beliefs and behaviours. There is no biological immunity without coming into a state of alignment with oneness and spiritual purity as spiritual corruption is usually why the immune system becomes impaired in the first place.

Widespread isolation measures seem ineffective at stopping the spread of viruses as this isn’t how a virus spreads, however it may at times be able to curb or limit certain corrupted behaviours at different times such as alcoholism and the consequences of drunken brawling by containing and preventing certain groups of radicalised people from congregating and coming into conflict or engaging in violent, threatening or hostile activities.

Exploring other causes of Coronaviruses

Another very basic cause of a coronavirus is idle-laziness, not to be confused with relaxation, however, reading a book in bed is considered a very beneficial activity to help surrender the body again in order to reduce stress on the body and mind. The simple act of reading a good book produces a lot of love, love can be used as a spiritual currency, as love is an energetic resource the beings and creators of our world need back from us and something you may find beneficial in order to have positive entities come and assist you in addressing some of your problems, usually from within the mind or mental space where interaction can happen unseen.

One of the most basic causes of the general coronaviruses is when you don’t show enough love to a person relative to who they are and their roles in society, such as what contribution or creative works they are responsible for. Serious coronaviruses like Covid-19 are caused by the act of seducing someone through the mind, often when energy from the root chakra is shared and connected to another person’s; another common cause is mental and physical acts of hostility or aggression towards someone or a perceived threat and the response is disproportionate, usually described as over-reactive.

A collapse of boundaries between different groups of people is responsible for many of the present coronaviruses. For example, as mentioned, seducing someone through = starring, lustful attitudes toward sexuality, increased sexual objectification of ordinary people or when placing excessive levels of sexual attention on someone using the psychic faculties of the mind. Another boundary problem is when thinking in an impure way, i.e. using one’s intentions in order to deliberately solicit or seduce someone, this creates a strong probability of getting a coronavirus.

Some of the worst symptoms of coronavirus are connected to attitudes in line with mental predation; even looking at a photograph of someone with the mind and one’s attention in the wrong way can create a psychic connection to that person and thereby making them psychically vulnerable during an interaction, sometimes bonding this way or connecting energy is enough to seduce someone. In addition to this if the intent or energy is not pure, right or healthy or a boundary is broken it is seen as hostile, often the case is that a person may be given a virus simply as a consequence of looking at someone else within the mind, examples can include viewing pictures of people over social media or even watching the television.

One of the common ways in which a person may break a boundary in the context of personal relationships is coveting someone else’s partner, spouse or significant other, often violating them by way of creating a psychic cord that is used to seduce through sharing their energy. Another common example of breaking a boundary is when adults and children cord psychically to one another’s root chakra, in addition, young children often have a tendency to cord with animals this way which causes problems.

The following are a few specific examples of groups of people who are more vulnerable to Covid-19. I was led to believe that many babysitters seem to have issues with seducing children in their care, often wanting them to express themselves without the same inhibitions of being around their parents or family members. Sometimes this happens accidentally, other times it is when someone deliberately tries to take advantage of a child in this way.

Likewise, teachers and staff such as dinner ladies are said to have boundary problems with how they relate, connect to or interact with children and some of their students from within the mind due to boundary issues that result in creating a transgression due to seducing. Some transgressions are formed in the classroom through giving inappropriate attention, others take place through psychic connections that form at a distance such as marking a student’s homework or coursework and other time it’s due to deliberate or unintentional surrendering of the pelvic floor. Any sort of sexual violation from the mind is also a cause of additional body hair growth, particularly located around the legs and pelvis.

More awareness about the risks and importance of mental and psychic boundaries needs to be learned along with the consequences of what can happen when being connected to someone in this way.

Using the Power of Love to Heal

Love is more than a brain induced neurochemical reaction, acts of genuine love also produce love in the form of spiritual energy and this energy can be used as a form of currency that among other things is used to undo trauma to the body caused by acts of sin and the formation of the ego and impure energies. Love is also something you receive from other people through positive interactions, but don’t take this for granted or become overly expectant or dependent upon this. It can also in part be generated through working hard and having a positive attitude, often love involves organs such as the heart and may bring different chakras or energy centres into play at different times and this is how it can more easily be recognised.

When a person becomes spiritually corrupted, usually this is done by violating and causing a serious enough spiritual transgression, when this happens, a person usually becomes cut off from the universally available source of love that is derived through being in synergy with the whole and God, often recognised as being or existing in a state of more complete oneness. Being cut off from love is not very pleasant, it can result in bipolar states, depression, increased anger and irritability as well as heightened mental over-activity that is often experienced or expressed as mental or emotional volatility or hostility towards someone, which is itself a very common cause of coronavirus, this only serves to create a vicious circle of illness and the only way out is to become uncorrupted.

When caught in a situation whereby one has become corrupted, one of the best things to do is to immediately cease any corrupting behaviours and then continue to work on something, this might be your main job if you have one, doing chores, exercising or even pursuing a hobby or interest. Often the natural inclination due to low mood during this period is to want to remain in bed, however, what one may see as being bed rest, through other eyes may often be perceived as idleness or procrastination and this often does little to help if one has developed a coronavirus and needs to uncorrupt oneself.

Grounding and Surrendering the Body

The reason that grounding through surrendering is very important is often people are caught in a state of heightened anxiety, fear or anger that prevents surrendering from occurring. Problems derived from mental over-reactivity are why an hour of reading can be an effective way to naturally surrender and ground the body and mind and then ground energy which is caused by intense emotions like anger.

I found that a person is sometimes offered Omicron as a way to relax and calm down an over-reactive body and mind. Omicron at first glance does not appear to be harmful, however, it was suggested to me that it can seemingly mutate later on if a person does not manage to ground or settle, something that without doing this can further lead to problematic levels of reactivity, irritability and hostility.

Another method I have been experimenting with for grounding and surrendering the body is by removing body hair from the root, body hair seems to have more to do with processing negative energies and trauma from the body and less to do with trying to keep a person warm. Its true purpose is to help surrender the body by releasing contracted muscles and releasing tension in the tendons, this needs to happen in order to begin to process and release fear energy and fear blockages caused by trauma from the body and this can sometimes take a long time to achieve.

Children, in particular, need the hair on their heads to be gently stroked in order to facilitate the process of releasing their trauma, this is something that can otherwise block someone from wanting to surrender, but if you would like to learn more about the purpose of body hair please read my separate article on this topic.

Mindfulness combined with meditation practice is another way that the body can be surrendered and how one can more clearly process fear and receive mental intuition. It’s vital to understand that surrendering the body is not to be confused with surrendering the pelvic floor or thigh muscles, this is how sexual seduction and many boundary problems can occur and these muscles must retain their strength and tension to prevent problems by allowing others access to the personal mind and energy field of the body from the pelvic floor and root chakra.

In order to understand what things are spiritually corrupt, one needs to be more familiar and better versed with religious morality, there are many basic and common problems and causes of coronaviruses such as lying, cheating, addictions of many sorts and serious and abusive behaviours that have become prevalent in our society from rape, murder, domestic abuse and violence, violent crime and acts of terrorism.

Regular prayer is something that I found activates the crown chakra located in the top or crown of the head, this chakra serves as the personal connection to the divine. Prayer can be used to begin to process fear energies and thinking or listening with this part of the body can help you realise what spiritual blocks separate you from the divine. The energy coming into this chakra is how higher thinking or divine inspiration also sometimes takes place as specific pieces of information are released into the mind and such information can help someone to change in order to get a stronger intuitive connection with the divine.

From here it is possible to begin to resolve and clear one’s own spiritual corruption issues one by one, by making any necessary changes to come into alignment with more of the divine will, sometimes this may conflict with the personal will, but often it will be what is best and sometimes it is absolutely necessary. A proactive piece of advice I was given early on, was that being outside around other people, was beneficial to intuitively learn about the causes of coronaviruses.

In the end, if someone commits to working hard each day, seeks to create more love and interact from a place of love and care and diligently seeks to resolve their individual corruption issues rather than avoiding them or spiritually bypassing them then a natural spiritual miracle drug called bellerophon is created within the body which nullifies the harmful biological effects of coronaviruses in the body.


In conclusion and to recap, to heal your coronavirus and the misery it causes, you must first try to identify the spiritual cause or reason for having developed the virus in the first place and then seek to successfully resolve the issue by way of either discontinuing something harmful or changing something in the way you live that is responsible for it. For example, if you have an addiction to masturbation, alcohol, pornography or a boundary problem, you must make effort and take deliberate steps to resolve and stop these.

Working hard during your day and engaging in mindful activities that generate a source of love (such as reading a book) will allow you to receive additional spiritual help from the mind and to process more things, which is something that usually occurs during periods of sleep, rest or meditation.

Many people also need to surrender the body and release fear, this process must be supported through continuing to work hard in whatever projects, jobs and career pursuits someone may already likely be involved with. In instances where someone may be unemployed, this can be facilitated through doing things like charitable work, community projects or even working through domestic chores. Working hard needs to be done in conjunction with continuing to create more love through positive work and social interactions with other people, this combined with learning about causes through inner processing is enough to limit, reverse and undo many of the damaging aspects of spiritual corruption.

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