How to Heal Lymphoma Cancer Using A Healing Touch

Lymphoma Cancer

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This is a follow up to the original much longer article Spiritual Perspectives on Healing Cancer which provides specific insights on how to go about healing Lymphoma cancers without toxic or surgically invasive methods, some of the information is very similar or maybe repeated, however, it has been streamlined to make things easier for you to digest.

Lymphoma cancers in my experience are caused by serious spiritual transgressions, they affect places with lymph nodes, such as parts of the head, face, cheeks, eyes, neck, underarms and breasts. It causes varying degrees of unsightly disfiguration even before it reaches the stage of becoming an easily recognisable abnormal growth and it causes breasts and necks to sag and look unhealthy. Most people with cancer also have emotional and spiritual wounds making someone appear sad, tired and have persistently watery eyes, it’s clear to see this is one of the most common cancers.

In my personal experience, this type of cancer can be healed using tender, loving and caring touch, often associated with the spiritual and healing practice of tantra massage. What is required to release the trauma associated with cancer is to allow the body to reach and come into the surrendered state of none resistance and remain surrendered for the duration of the healing session to allow the trauma to surface from the body and mind and be removed.

To successfully surrender really requires someone to feel safe in order to let go of fears and mental resistance in the body, this is what prevents the muscles and tendons in the legs, thighs and feet from contracting due to fears, but only then can the trauma properly be accessed and brought to the surface using careful massage strokes and tender touch, strokes or caresses. Be mindful that releasing trauma is unpleasant and painful to do at the best of times and requires a suitable place to do this, often it is with an appropriate therapist. Without successfully reaching the surrendered state often the most you will experience is just a physical level relaxing massage, this might be comforting and relaxing, but this alone is not enough to surrender the body and allow someone to release trauma and heal their cancer as mental and physical resistance blocks this.

In my experience processing the underlying trauma from the body, particularly from cancer is not very pleasant, if doing this alone, the shower can be a good place to do self-healing using lathered soap and water as a lubricant rather than a massage oil. When healing one can experience intense emotions and energies being released including anger, grief, tears, it can occasionally result in convulsions from the diaphragm as the spiritual wounds from the consequences of choices that resulted in karma come into your awareness and are processed and shed from the body. One of the major causes of lymphoma seems to be sexual perversions, especially how we see and relate to one another in the mind, however, it does not appear to be limited to only this as I eventually uncovered many concerning the throat region, some of which were personal problems and some of which were intuitively shared with me.

Cancers in the throat I found were linked to communication beyond all things, hypocritical attitudes, condescending or patronising communication, excessive swearing or anger, including being excessively or disproportionately hostile or aggressive, including shouting; I also have reason to believe that telling lies, baring a false statement or testimony, racist speech and a reasonable cause to believe anything that would spread corruption are a likely probable cause, however, each individual cancer eventually reveals its reason for being there and can be heard in mind so long as the process is not blocked and this is the only real way of learning why it is there in the first place.

I found that gentle sweeps with the palms of the hands across parts of the body such as along the side of the chest, breast area and underneath the arms, I found this would quickly and spontaneously access emotions and change the expression of my face. When discovering an area affected by cancer I’d experience almost instantaneous sadness or a sensation of rising hurt and surfacing pain at that precise moment. When I focused my attention and awareness there this would then soon be accompanied by a very short but clear intuitive thought that explained the reason for the existence of that particular cancer.

Healing and processing trauma requires a very careful, tender, loving and deliberate healing touch, it isn’t as easy or simple as wiping away water drops on your arm, it’s a skill you must develop that is akin to finding the biting point in a manual clutch car as the pressure and speed needs to vary based upon the sensations and feedback. Eventually, you will successfully reach the point where the trauma is being accessed and you will know this as it will feel unpleasant and you might want to even discontinue at this point, however going through this is precisely what is required and necessary in order to heal and release it.

I’ve done this several times on myself and I’m very confident about the underlying theory that many, if not most, cancers are absolutely caused by karma such as acts of sin and transgression. Often there is a lot of inner resistance to wanting to hear or process the originating cause or reason for cancer and this can be because it’s emotionally painful to hear, it can create a lot of fear and resistance of not wanting to discover the answer.

Any form of physical, mental or emotional resistance can cause the muscles in the legs and thighs to contract and this will block and prevent the mind and body from working together to access and processing the trauma. One has to have the courage and conviction to see this whole exercise through to the end and at times it can result in an emotional breakdown. It’s normal to sometimes require a meditation practice before it becomes possible to learn to release the initial fear trauma that’s causing the body to contract from the legs and pelvis, often people also do yoga as a more physical way of achieving the same thing by stretching these muscles and tendons out in the legs, but many people require massage on the backs of the legs and thighs in order to reach the point where they feel safe enough to surrender their trauma, something that’s normally only done with tantra massage.

When it comes to massage work I also found things like cucumber scented massage creams work well on areas of the head such as the lymph nodes behind the ears and in the neck or throat, but I preferred to use something like coconut oil on larger areas of the body such as the chest, arms, breast or abdomen. Whilst doing healing work the focus and intention of the mind are important, it must be focused on self-loving care with attention paid to the area you are healing and being present whilst you do this, it’s not possible to do if your mind wanders elsewhere like dinner or television.

I discovered that if you hold your arm out and allow yourself to surrender control of a part of your body, often it will feel as if it wants to stretch itself out to the side, this seems to focus the mind on the underarm and breast and allows the mind to play and hear thoughts about the underlying problems you are facing here and I feel this gives you an idea of what a surrendered state that is free of fear and none resistance really feels like.

As I understand it, lymphoma is not the same as breast cancer, however, it can affect the breasts and nodes near the breasts, but saying that, I would probably approach both male and female breast cancers in precisely the same way, scanning or sensing using a caring touch from the hands and then feeling and listening intently with the mind for intuitive feedback, then using smaller strokes or circles to work on bringing out trauma.

Massage on its own is not always going to be enough to completely heal every cancer as many require you to bring new information into your awareness that must first be acted on or resolved, often it’s something to do with a relationship, a decision or choice or even an attitude or disposition towards someone or something that needs to be resolved before it can disappear, however, it’s usually enough to remove many small cancers that feel like they blister and dissolve from within eventually.

The sort of karmic interactions that cause cancer by their very nature are not pleasant to hear, learn about or discover, not the kind of thing you would want to discuss with a friend or family member and I also suspect it could be normal to feel or go through some sort of inner denial and possibly end up bypassing the important and necessary spiritual lesson it comes with, however, this sort of attitude is what might push someone into a costly and possibly permanent, scarring and even irreversible surgical intervention which I believe many would seek to do out of fear and conditioning.

In addition to the massage technique described, a healthy repentant attitude, not one that becomes toxic, overly judgemental, critical or self-hating, combined with plenty of hard work, acts of selfless service and kindness throughout the day and week. This is what is required and expected in order to generate love, love is really a type of universal energy and currency, beyond feelings, it can be used and exchanged in order to remove or pay back a debt of karma that is manifesting as disease.

I feel that massage is usually one the best and kindest ways of processing and revealing the information behind cancer necessary to understand the particular cause, it’s usually a spiritual lesson about life, however, attention and awareness of the mind can be focused on specific parts or areas of the body through scanning, meditation and bodywork such as yoga that creates a natural drawing of attention to any areas of pain or tension. I do not believe people are genetically destined to experience cancer, whilst I do believe some are linked to things such as food, chemicals or radiation that cause harm to the body, most I have experienced are for karmic reasons and come with a spiritual lesson, it won’t take long for more people to begin to verify this so long as the steps are followed properly.

Channelling thoughts and information behind the origins of cancer by processing the trauma is a vital step, if you don’t learn the lesson then you risk making cancer worse through ignorance or living in a blind, unconscious or unaware way, and even if you do manage to heal one you may risk repeating the same mistake and this makes for an unpleasant cycle of karma responsible for keeping people trapped and enslaved to the wheel of karma and physical incarnation.

Upon successful healing, some cancers will spontaneously and almost miraculously seem to disappear from the body, I personally believe that the body is really a sort of holographic projection of one’s own mind and so it can be much more easily changed, manipulated, or even transformed and healed in this case than one might ordinarily think, although I won’t go into this topic here.

On some occasions, I’ve felt what appeared to be a small lump or mass dissolve to seemingly liquefy or transform itself into energy within the body, this could then be expelled safely through the out-breath, something often achieved through special breathwork. Others seemed to spontaneously disappear during sleep or meditation after massage work and would be accompanied by subtle changes to muscles that would then begin to tighten back up resulting in restoring more of the proper and natural position and posture of the body.

Love, determination and confidence alongside spiritual practice is part of the key to confronting one’s own deep fears lurking behind cancer in order to reach a point where one can successfully surrender and heal. In addition to massage work, I would also recommend doing the semi-frequent meditation, yoga and prayer, most only require 15-20 minutes regularly to be able to expand one’s own mind and consciousness enough that it will allow you to become more aware of your intuitive information streams about the body and its state of health and become attuned to the spiritual side of reality and learn to feel and experience what is really taking place within the mind at any given moment.

One of the most significant lines in the Lord’s prayer I believe is “forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive others that trespass against us.” and I believe this can be used to nullify or offset karma from others by seeking help from a higher power, usually this is God, however, there are many different beings that exist beyond the range of our physical senses, I found often that if we’re prepared to forgive others ourselves first, that ‘the dog eats dog’ attitude of karma is what I believe keeps a lot of people miserable for much of the time and it’s unnecessary if it’s possible to quickly acknowledge the mistake.

Lymphoma cancers can be healed without the need for invasive surgical intervention and this facilitates and enables the transformation of one’s own spiritual and emotional well being, one’s physical appearance is slowly and observably restored and becomes visible to see in people, the sad watery eyes and spiritual wounds also eventually disappear from peoples expression and people seem to become content and happy again.

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