Sexual Health, Karma and Fertility

Sexual Health, Karma and Fertility

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This article is intended to cover a number of facets surrounding the topic of sexual health and fertility and will draw from information about spiritual healing and problems resulting from and connected to causes of karma grounded with knowledge derived from a Kundalini awakening about the nature of humanities future evolution.

Links between karma, disease and infertility

Whilst we live in the ‘free will Universe’, and we are free to determine our own choices and our own fates, whether they be good or bad to a certain degree, everything we do is subject to immutable karmic laws and these determine what things are acceptable and the things which are not acceptable. When a person does something considered unacceptable or ‘impure’ and violates divine law, this creates karma and the person is subjected to a number of spiritual health penalties, this may include diseases, sustaining trauma to an area or part of the body or transforming a part of the body and even physical death in the worst instances or due to accumulation of too much karma, but this is something usually managed by spiritual guides that exist outside of our physical world, but interact from the mind and astral planes we’re all connected to.

I refer to genetic level changes to the body due to karma as trans morphism and this explains how the human DNA changes and mutates in accordance with how someone lives, thinks, behaves and the choices or decisions that they make. When speaking in terms of karma, often it is things of a sinister nature or evil quality, including immoral or wicked choices or behaviours. However, the DNA can also mutate, change and adapt to incorporate positive qualities as well and can even repair itself from prior damage and this is partly how physical form and appearance are linked to evolution. We appear to take our genetic blueprint with us as I’ve witnessed how a single appearance evolves over time, evolution occurs through successive lifetimes as we each develop spiritually and learn what types of experiences we desire to live, whilst navigating the spike traps of karma when deviating from true and accurate spirituality.

Some of the spiritual complications of sexual karma include impurity within the root chakra, eyes and other parts of the body, the creation of psychic or astral pollution, including demons, entities and low-frequency energy and what I learned most recently is the connection between karma and the growth or re-growth of unsightly and unwanted body hair.

Whilst not everybody knows what tantra is often misjudged and associated with tantric sex, it’s also part of an ancient set of healing rituals, something that can release trauma from the body as sexual energy from the mind and body can be used to purify the darker energies of places like the root chakra or the heart and this can be used to help a person process and release painful or traumatic events of the past whether sustained through karma to oneself or due to sustaining trauma through an unfortunate interaction with someone else.

Male sexual health

The gonads, penis and prostate gland of the male are parts of the body’s sexual and reproductive system that are targeted and subject to harm and disease as a result of karmic consequences. Things that harm these parts of the body can include overly effeminate behaviour, infidelity, seducing other people and sexual perversions such as acts of paedophilia, queer behaviour, bestiality and acts of rape.

Some of the other trauma signs linked to sexual health can include things like prematurely greying hair, experiencing a transition to naturally short hair, hair loss or pattern baldness, cancer, weak and sagging abdominal muscles and chest pecs and eventually the face may take on a sinister or corrupted expression as part of changes to the face and eyes, some of which are linked to cancer. Further damage can include deliberate things like a blocked sperm cord and damage to the sperm cells themselves.

One of the more unusual reasons for erectile dysfunction in males can include a soul agreement intended to discourage instances of infidelity within a relationship, however, I suspect there are likely many other types of spiritual transgression that can interact with the body in this way, many of which fall into the most harmful category of perversions.

A popular spiritual ritual for healing the testes in men I was shown includes cooking walnuts in butter and then eating them, they taste a bit like popcorn when cooked like this, it is said that this will help to heal and aid fertility, reduce inflammation, heal cancers or abscesses and I had even been able to observe positive results myself treating inflammation. A Chinese spiritual guide told me that when eating the fruit Lychee, they are prepared to help someone understand sexual karma and provide healing to sexual organs or process karma within the sexual chakras.

Whilst men are often encouraged to check themselves periodically by feeling the testes, however, it also needs to be known that light touch and massage itself is sometimes enough to heal some problems right there and then as this facilitates in bringing intuitive information forward into the mind as to the nature of the problem or its originating cause, often something rooted in some type of sexual transgressions such as coveting someone else’s partner, seducing someone inappropriately or other things considered sinful or which are seen to violate another or divine law.

Slow masturbation in men and women is also something that can be used to release trauma from the body and the root chakra and particular muscles that are connected to this. Ejaculation is also the point at which harmful energies can be expelled from the body relating to past trauma.

Female sexual health

The female genitals, ovaries and breasts are parts of the female body’s sexual and reproductive system that are also likewise affected by karmic consequences. In women, I learned that overly masculine behaviour is something that is linked to infertility and one’s ability to maintain and uphold the innate values and proper character of one’s birth gender, this is just some of the information I discovered that can be obtained from a woman’s root chakra when reading energy from it through tantra. One of the similar types of trauma a woman can sustain is a blocked fallopian tube and damage to the eggs.

The use of a flexible elongated sexual toy I was shown is suitable to reach into deeper parts of the female anatomy, there are internal points within the uterus that are intended to assist and facilitate in releasing different types of sexual trauma.

In tantra, the use of a cucumber periodically can be used to spiritually purify oneself and release trauma, where fruits or other vegetables are considered unsuitable for this purpose. The energy of the cucumber is cleansing and the shape is ideally suited for reaching where it needs to make contact. Whilst men cannot release trauma this way physically, they can however have the energy of the cucumber shared with them in order to purify harmful some of their energies within their root chakra through observing or watching a woman using one herself.

Women can also lightly massage ovaries in order to release trauma and heal the damage that has been done to them over time. Other harm can be reversed through a skilful practising of tantra, working hard during one’s ordinary week or creating love through positive or uplifting interactions or acts of love or kindness, such things are usually sufficient to pay back many types of karmic debt and heal the body and reverse some of the degeneration.

Sexual perversion is a major cause of karma related health problems and disease.

Over time sexual perversion will corrupt the human DNA and so far I have observed changes occurring to the shape of the jaw and teeth due to expansion which seems to widen the jaw and gum palette further affecting the shape, positioning, fit and overall appearance of the teeth within the mouth. Observations of many people today will reveal this bulging that has taken place to the extremities of the jaw, resulting in increases in tension, discomfort within the lower and upper jaw and teeth, sometimes mistaken as growing pains.

The divine has a number of spiritual archetypes that it uses to communicate a range of negative human behavioural patterns and choices, these are capable of changing or altering different parts of the body in order to reflect back these lower qualities through defects to appearance and changes to DNA. Certain alterations to parts such as the ears, nose and mouth are quite deliberate. Whilst this can intuitively convey to someone another person’s spiritual problems, experiencing this oneself is very undesirable and can impact mood and self-esteem, overall visible attractiveness and harms the DNA we each carry.

As sexual perversion increases amongst a population, so do infertility, physical deformity to appearance, cancers and miscarriages in adults resulting in lower birth rates.

Hyper-sexuality is something that can affect both children and adults, when these two groups are no longer adequately able to respect either physical, mental or psychic boundaries of the mind, then the population suffers and becomes sick and we experience pandemics such as coronavirus. I also believe sexual perversion is responsible for lymphoma cancers that alter the appearance of the neck and face and it causes damage to the grid structure responsible for properly contouring and holding the shape of muscles in the face.

Viruses that the divine use against us in response to perversions (spiritual corruption) include the coronavirus, norovirus, rhinovirus, AIDS and ebola virus, but in truth, there are likely countless other viruses depending on the needs and severity of the problem(s) a world encounters.

Sexual perversions are just one of the categories of harmful behaviours that a person is forced to confront during a spiritual awakening such as Kundalini. The Kundalini initiates a powerful and much stronger tantric purging of all the chakras and re-awakens the spiritual senses allowing for inner lessons and higher wisdom to be received. During this process, it is normal for the sexual orientation of the mind, consciousness and the spiritual self to re-identify with their physical biology and anything contrary to this is a perversion that impacts physical form and appearance.


Both males and females sustain trauma due to different homosexual behaviours, what differs is that whilst women can engage with other women in a sexual way if they remain open to being with another man; males can never engage in a sexual way with other males without serious consequences to health. When it is considered homosexuality a person’s appearance begins to transform in a negative way, this is how karma interacts at the level of the body. Any attempt to override this spiritual law in an effort to achieve total equality is actually damaging to humans.

Spiritual laws surrounding homosexuality do seem intended to respect the natural order, to protect family, population sizes, birth rates, prevent cancers, trauma and to prevent the decline and degeneration of the from any choices that are incompatible with how our divine creators intended. They also seek to ensure that the human form is respected when it comes to sexual expression and prevent forms of perversion from becoming widespread through the consequences of ill health, disease, damaged immunity and viruses. It is believed that AIDS and HIV virus is part of the negative consequence of projected hate that some homosexuals develop through being disconnected from the natural source of love and can include things like seducing young teenage children into becoming homosexuals who do not respect their free will to chose.

The reality of these types of relationships runs counter to much of the modern-day prevailing western thought, views and beliefs primarily due to what I suspect is a mixture of progressive politics, propaganda and the creation of perverse forms of pornography that have only in recent decades and seems harmful to both people and the wider society.

During a Kundalini awakening, the mind, soul and consciousness are independently put through trials and a testing period in order to identify and clear someone of highly toxic problems such as sexual perversion related corruption issues in order to help someone evolve and move into a higher inner dimension of reality where the energy and frequency are much lighter and closer to love and the source of god, this is experienced as pleasant and desirable vibrations and an energetic reconnection through the chakra system.

Parts of Christianity and even smaller groups of spirituality such as ‘New Age’ have become corrupted through some of their members mistakenly believing that sexual perversions are healthy. Some high profile religious leaders have even developed throat cancers, the chakra associated with truth and communication through failing to oppose homosexuality in their respective religions. This behaviour is something that is originally acknowledged as spiritually impure and it is against the higher information that was given to us through the teachings of Jesus Christ which belongs to the spiritual Light. These are core teachings that transcend our world and cannot be changed to suit or fit the political agenda of the day.

What about transgender?

Whilst many well-meaning people have attempted to ensure the rights of sexual self-determination and personal expression, my personal understanding after Kundalini is that the transgender phenomenon is in reality actually very harmful to a person and is something someone should really seek to avoid as it is in line with other sexual perversions. It appears to yield many of the same visible trauma signs such as dull, sad or weepy eyes, cancer of the face and lymph nodes in the face as well as a deformation to parts of the face such as the neck, cheeks and eyes.

Some children have openly shared their feelings and revealed that transgenderism is simply a result of pretending to be the other gender and incorrectly believing that this is something they can choose, which would put it in the category of being a serious mental health problem as it is going to result in trauma.

I personally believe that if a person was truly destined to be a different sex, they would have been born this way in the first instance and unfortunately no amount of hormone therapy replacement or transitional surgical procedures are going to change this innate reality. A spiritual understanding of life, incarnation and evolution is required for others to understand that life begins prior to physical biology and problems emerge as there is disharmony between the spiritual parts of the self, the mind and the consciousness where we internally feel and derive identity from independently of the physical-biological vessel.

Hair loss

The crown chakra is the last chakra located in the crown of the head, it links human beings to their respective divinity, but this connection can be lost, severed or cut off in response to things that violate the divine will such as acts of sin.

Pattern baldness hair loss seems to be just one of the most common trauma symptoms that affect millions of people. Whilst there probably is an unknown Amazonian plant responsible for hair regrowth waiting to be discovered, I believe the main method to help the hair follicles in the scalp to regrow is to release the corresponding trauma from the body, learn the underlying spiritual lessons and then to re-align with the divine will and disidentify from any of the areas or things that are known to cause damage, these are usually looping and heard within the ego portion of the mind.

Body hair

After examining body hair and intuitions about body hair I believe that the purpose of hair is usually to facilitate removing trauma and negative energies from the body, sometimes a person will experience hairs standing on end and shivering as they release negative energy, in this respect, they serve as tiny antennas and are allowing energy from the body to release. In some instances, I found that pulling some of these hairs out allowed muscles to relax and surrender and I found some trauma was released and my nervous system seemed to relax and reset. During part of my Kundalini awakening, I once witnessed each hair on one of my arms swaying independently from one another in the air like serpents and after this, I knew there was something important about them, something more than trapping heat close to the body.

Pulling out pubic hairs individually reveals and releases one’s sexual karma from the root chakra and I believe this is best done carefully using a pair of tweezers. Whilst I believe waxing can be effective on large areas of hair and skin found body hair removal creams to not really process anything, but were useful for simply removing hair, however plucking or pulling the hair out is what stimulates the mind, body and nervous system.

In reality, I do not believe human beings are meant to keep their body hair, it serves a temporary purpose and disappears on its own once the energies have been processed. Excluding the top of the head where it is styled for aesthetic reasons, however even keeping and styling pubic hair might be counter-productive to healing the root chakra, here it is often used to denote adulthood and passing adolescence so I’m uncertain if this is intentional or merely the point where karma can be processed safely.

Releasing trauma

A few months ago I wrote an article about spiritual cleansing whilst in the shower, something that also facilitates releasing trauma from the body and even healing cancer, however, one of the most common and effective practises I have come across for releasing past trauma is tantra massage, which can be done in combination with further things like breathwork, yoga and meditation in order to surrender the body so trauma can be removed on both the physical and energetic levels of the mind and body.

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