An Introduction to Negative Entities and Entity Attachments


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Negative entities exist whether we choose to acknowledge or openly believe in them or not. The worst kind of entity resides in the lower spiritual frequency densities of reality, they are attracted to particular kinds of mental and emotional energy and thought-forms which are normally determined by the subsequent content derived from these frequencies. Entities remain unseen by most people, however, we often feel the effects of them in quite subtle ways and at times they have very real feeling tangible effects upon the body, they are to be considered metaphysical parasites and they can cause health problems including some types of psychosis and schizophrenia. People with natural psychic or clairvoyant abilities, shamans and spiritual healers or certain individuals who have gone through a spiritual awakening or Reiki attunement will have a greater chance of being able to see of feeling them. An attunement or spiritual awakening will bring a person into a greater range or spectrum of subtle frequencies enabling sight or perception to subtle vibrational energy enabling them to see, hear, feel and perceive things which most people are unaware of.

Some negative entities stick to a person due to frequency compatibility and a person’s personal vibration and attitude at the time and some may also come into the body due to spiritual or psychic interaction in dreams, meditation, psychic-states or any number of out of body spiritual experience whilst traversing the astral plane or wander in spirit. For example, if a person has highly negative forms of various kinks, vices or sexual perversions they will attract negative-entities to themselves and they can immediately penetrate the aura of the person due to the frequency compatibility. To provide a science-fiction metaphor, it’s similar to how the Klingon Bird of Prey could fire its torpedoed through the enterprise shields, without the shield providing any protection from the blasts. If you have poor psychic boundaries due to use of attention, attunement to energy or low moral value then you may become a target for psychic predators and entities.

In these instances, they may manifest to the dreamer as a symbolic dream scene or dream sequence often featuring people or other beings that you do not know or recognise from ordinary waking reality and often they have stable differences or tels that can be used to discern their true intentions whether pure or to do harm. Depending on the encounter and energy exchanged it may it may result in negative energy being transferred over to the spiritual body of the dreamer, which will, as a result, contaminate your mental-ego as the energy is pulled back into the body with the spirit.

Spiritual Impurity

A person that experiences an unpleasant build-up of a significant amount of dark or negative energy will experience a bitter taste on the back of the tongue and this is often reported or experienced by people who have suffered a psychosis due to entity possession or ego-contamination.

Some entities are even self-created created by an individual due to various unhealthy, sinister or evil actions, behaviours, attitudes or intentions. In one particular instance, I noticed due to laughing at a past situation that was inappropriate to do so, a negatively charged entity was created which had a raw burning quality to its energy. When I quickly reflected on this response being wrong and regretting it I created a positive entity of light from the heart, only mere seconds apart which seemed to pursue and chase down the first one. The conclusion to draw from this is that our thoughts have the ability to manifest as energetic thought-forms and their vibrational frequency and polarity of positive/negative depend very much on the content and intention that went into the creation of the thought which can manifest on other planes and subtle frequencies. Ths illustrates the simple concept or unloving thoughts and loving thoughts and they energetically interplay with the physical experience.

Negative entities that are already pre-existing are attracted to and hang around in negative energy locations and environments and usually waiting for someone with a compatible unhealthy attitude or belief, which corresponds to its own energy frequency (dark/negative) or having a negative synergy and compatibility with a potential host body. These places include toxic bars and nightclubs, public toilets where dirty or degrading sex is had, drugs are taken, needles shared, dirty massage parlours, brothels and immature strip clubs. If we could artistically imagine or see this energy under ultraviolet lighting or with our eyes due to the insertion of a fluorescent dye into the body, what might it look like? The above photo I use to illustrate this concept.

Negative entities will often first attempt to attach or hang in the auric field of a person, however, if the opportunity exists they may at times enter through openings or holes and if the person’s energy is already a compatible frequency or vibrational resonance it will bypass the person’s natural auric protection completely. Some entities can jump from one person to the next when coming in close shared personal contact with another person such as passing by in close contact or hugging. I’ve observed that most people are completely unaware of this taking place and it’s only through observations of intrusions into my own energy field that I have come to understand what can happen.


Some of these entities can be evicted or expelled during a dream challenge, inner test or through inner meditation, which I refer to as shadow dream-work. They can also be removed through conducting an appropriate spirit exorcism ritual or Shamanic removal method. Entities are most commonly released when an individual comes to a new positive or healthy decision that raises their vibration and consciousness momentarily and breaks the synergy between the hosts energy and entity, When this occurs when we come to a particular internal realisation that enables us to form a new habit, behaviour or modified belief system which is now in contrast to the agenda of the attached entity and we often either quickly vibrate, shake or shudder as bad energy is released or we experience a moment of lucidity and heightened consciousness and inner light. Individuals who recognise the causes of their entities will learn not to engage in the particular action, behaviour that caused it and/or avoids a particular place or person.

Undoubtedly some of the worst kind of negative entity to encounter are demons, demonic energies and karmic-energies. Removal and clearing of demons in the physical sense through re-identifying, choosing and then subsequently doing and living a healthier way can at times manifest as expelling faecal matter from the body that was not otherwise immediately present, which can seem quite surprising. The resulting smell and appearance are often bad and typically disgusting and it’s something to be quickly cleaned hygienically well and flushed away as soon as possible as it is toxic to the skin and body.

Negative entities frequently stick to the astral body and internal energy field and when this happens they influence, shape and determining a person’s individual level of frequency-vibration, which can be thought of in simple terms as positive or negative and a negative entity will lower one’s frequency to lesser or greater amounts depending upon what it represents and a bead of light will raise one’s frequency.  The level of a person’s personal vibration also determines the level of the spiritual astral plane that is simultaneously inhabited where similar sorts of entities roam and exist and then later subsequently their ascended spiritual plane where your inner spirit co-exists.

Such entities pose challenges within the context of an individuals spiritual evolutionary process and very often correspond to inner attitudes, beliefs and psychic boundary work.

The Astral Body
The Astral Body

When we learn particular boundary skills, do inner self-healing work and reject certain negative attitudes, behaviours and actions we raise our frequency and when a person has cleared away much of their personal entities then they will begin to raise in vibrational frequency into higher spiritual planes where the energy density is lighter, faster higher in vibration and more pleasant to experience. Removing entities typically takes personal self-reflection, acknowledgement, physical and spiritual hygiene and cleanliness and inner mind/psyche change to attitude and intentions and outer change reflected in choices, physical actions that bring us into greater alignment with divine light or God.

The early significants of raising ones inner frequency comes from the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, whom I understood has re-delivered the teaching of higher ascended people like the Buddha and other human earth deities that once lived among us. Raising one’s own vibration is very important as this determines how we feel, behave and respond from moment to moment. Feeling the inner body is one method of increasing our internal frequency and shaking off any spiritual dirt, but requires great effort and determination to break through the ego. To raise our personal vibration is not by any means the only way to expel entities, however, it is effective, particularly at removing large stagnant negative energy fields and pockets or areas of collected internal negative energy that can be difficult to focus on or pin down in one location, which is referred to as the internal “Pain Body”. The increase in vibration helps to provide the energy necessary to perform an energetic sweep and self-clearing that if held, raised and sustained for an extended period of time will eventually dissolve or remove many forms of negative energy from the body.

Psychospiritual Trauma

Negative entities inside the body can also contaminate the mental self and ego-personality of an individual through the body’s own inner mental, emotional energy fields, which can present to the patient or client as distinct and separate inner-voices and personalities, which may then progress into either a partial or full possession due to the inner self-identification with the mind and mental-content that is subsequently produced by the foreign energy and personality. Whether a possession takes place or not greatly depends on the individual’s inner discernment and levels of consciousness and self-awareness in order to not get unconsciously lead astray.

You may rebuke, cast-out, pull out or remove any negative or evil entity in Jesus Christ’s name, as it assumes you follow the model of living referred to as Christ-Consciousness as well as it’s higher spiritual principles. I’ve written an appropriate article on Christian exorcism which you can do and perform yourself once you’ve acknowledged the higher way of being of light polarity souls. This is precisely why people recognise that Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins, Jesus was the physical human embodiment of God’s Light who overcame the sickness, vices and temptations of the physical material world and shows us high frequency path of love and forgiveness of sins minor or major once we’re prepared to acknowledge we’ve done wrong. The name itself carries spiritual weight and power to remove these entities from the body through command them away if within or around us, enabling us to clear ourselves just as long as we sincerely acknowledge the reasons why they were created or have attached to the individual and don’t give a false reason, excuse or speak lies.




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