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Healing the Ego

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It was the best selling spiritual book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle that first brought to my attention the significance of healing and purifying the human ego-identity and character by acknowledging sincerely and then self-correcting and addressing many of the negative behaviours, unhealthy patterns of thinking, reactionary responses and conditioning that both adults, many children and teenagers engage in relative to their age, social class and standing within society.

Through exploring both the spiritual philosophy of the many worlds, timelines, dimensions and realities as well as concepts such as the New Heaven and the New Earth and the higher density version of the ascended Earth that is spoken of by many authors including Delores Cannon, Eckhart Tolle and Lynn Grabhorn I realised that they were seeking to transcend the self-destructive paradigm of the present Earth and to improve the quality of life and experience for everybody that would seek to ascend from matter into spirit and lighter dimensions and densities of existence.

Ascension takes place through becoming higher in vibration, lighter in spiritual density, which in turn can only occur when we address the primary sources of negative energy and negative behaviours whilst acknowledging, growing and taking on-board the positive spiritual teachings regarding our way of living. As we do so we begin to embody and take on board more spiritual light, Eckhart mentions this quite casually in his book I feel, however, when in meditation and your thought shave stopped this literally occurs as light from higher spirit washes over us taking into account our acts of service to others, intentions and desire to do good or change something for the better. When a core lesson has been achieved our spirit becomes less restricted and may ascend to the different layers of the spiritual densities of the astral that we simultaneously occupy.

By taking responsibility for one’s own harmful, destructive or degrading behaviours and seeking to address the most negative character defects and egoic-behaviours one raises in vibration and frequency and begins the process of transcending the old paradigm through birthing of a new one as part of the ascension process. Purifying the ego is about clearing away the debris from the spiritual body and forming a strong, healthy and well rounded and balanced human character that seeks to promote and encourage positive interaction at all levels of the human experience whether it be with other human beings, plants, animals and spirits alike. This means that the ascended version of the Earth is about the collective quality of shared life and experience, however, there are certain things which are not going to be permitted there, and thus we now begin exploring the various defective character flaws that many of us still cling to due to a combination of ignorance, unconsciousness or lack of self-awareness, selfishness or because we don’t yet understand the implications of what we are doing to ourselves nor to other people and remain stuck, which is where many of us are.

There is a whole range of egoic-behaviours that are detrimental to the human being, society and global civilisation everywhere. If these things are not confronted, then the healthy balance between polarising character traits is lost and instead of relative and balanced harmony, evil is allowed to propagate unopposed, societies gradually fall into ruin, decline and disrepair and ultimately even entire civilisations may be lost which is what occurred during the fall of the Roman Empire.

Unjustified use of hostile anger as opposed to positive righteous-anger is frequently referred to by the term “egoic” in that it refers to the undeveloped ego-character that pushes an individual to often deliberately harm another without a valid reason or motive. Most people have what we might also refer to as a shadow which can be seen as the collective sum of all of our negative traits, negative accumulated inner energy fields (Pain Body) and personal past karmic history, which many of us are in ignorance of.

Who gets to decide what is considered egoic-behaviour?

This is where the topic of egoic-behaviour becomes most interesting and also a little more complicated. We are all originally derived from spirit, however whilst we are physically incarnated we still have a variety of ancestral spirits watching over us, they are essentially people that have previously been to the physical Earth and have either ascended into spiritual realms or have evolved to the point that they have balanced their character sufficiently that they do not need to return to the lower density physical Earth. However many do still choose to live in a higher version of the Earth whilst at the same time splitting their activities by engaging in selfless service to others in order to generate the emotional quality of love and gratitude through their own work. Taking this into account along with the diversities of different Earth peoples we can come to understand that egoic-behaviours are both universal in many respects but also sometimes very cultural specific in other areas. However if we attempt to impose our point of view on another culture we infringe upon their free will and in turn, this results in degrees of collective shared karma or ancestral karma.

An example of an egoic behaviour that can be applied universally is the unjustified use of force, violence and aggression that results in physical, psychological or emotional harm. An example of a cultural specific egoic-behaviour would be balancing out the right use of swearing taking into account context, severity and degrees to which it is applied. Some would advocate more use of forgiveness and tolerance whereas others would see certain events and situations as justifying the need to naturally express either anger or condemnation, even though swearing depending circumstance. If we examine many western influenced societies in deep poverty as well as some of the working classes and labourers we often see individual’s that swear compulsively without the need or justification for it, and very often it is done in order to seek approval from their friends and peers. However, there would also be more tolerance for swearing in some areas and less so in people that are part of higher degrees of culture within the wider society. It is an endlessly shifting task of balancing the fair expectations of the ego from both sides whilst maintaining a quality of existence that does not degrade, de-evolve or slide backwards.

Many of the worst forms of egoic-behaviours were given to the people of Earth traditionally through higher religious and spiritual teachings in various cultures and often termed as behaviours or actions that would be considered sin and often harshly condemned or punished. Today it is present Eckhart Tolle that has brought back into the conscious of the spiritual community the need for addressing egoic behaviours.

Some egoic-behaviours move beyond the more obvious negative forms and into the extreme end of the positive polarity such as over-confidence, superiority and arrogance. We can see this spectrum of behaviour exhibited by the Archangel Lucifer that represents pride and superiority when they are imbalanced and far beyond the shared expectations of the people.

As we engage in self-work and healing the personal inner shadow and collective shadow of society we find that a whole range of inner negative energy blocks untangles and fall away from the body, wounds and traumas surface and release and present and past life karmic entities removed from the body often resulting in various forms of different healing crisis taking place during the transformation or the individual. After this, we begin the process of raising in vibration and frequency and we pro-actively learn to refine our ego-identity and character into a better iteration of who we each want to become. Those who refuse to change their ways are given a spiritual home in an astral density with other beings that behave similarly in kind and may ultimately result in reincarnation on one of the alternative Earth realities that provide the sorts of spiritual lessons that both the soul and consciousness are required to learn from, often in the form of suffering so we can catalyse the process of forming new realisations that in turn shape our personal evolutionary process.

Once you understand this higher philosophy for the development and preservation of culture and experience you begin to see and feel the bigger picture. When taking into account the quality of experience from an empathetic point of view and the perspective of more than just the self, including both others and the whole. Once this is done you can more or less begin to predict or feel from the heart what is the right or wrong thing to do in any given instance and apply to a whole range of everyday issues and scenarios. Initially we clean and purify the ego, then we begin a process of further balancing our egos and refining its qualities and this is something that the Kundalini Awakening process will assist in doing through both tough love and patient teaching.

Some of the items listed at the end of this article will be self-evident, some are simply a case of addressing bad manners or bad habits, and others are not so obvious yet they still apply due to the collective harm that they have. So if you’re looking to heal and evolve to a higher version of the Earth, egoic-behaviours or habits are things that simply put, you should not do, learn to minimise or recognise when or if something is acceptable under any circumstances. Some of these are enforced through human laws, some are common knowledge and socially accepted and acknowledged and others are far more individual and contextually relevant that they could not possibly be enforced by other people and it is this range of disorder that most frequently falls under the law of action and reaction, known as karma. This is where sincere self-acknowledgement of our own negative behaviours and shadow through sincere self-reflection plays a major role in healing the shadow-self and clearing away our negative-ego, egotism and egoic behaviours. Many of us, in the beginning, would rather justify everything away rather than own up to or face the unjustified, hostile, bad mannered and unkind things we have all done to both ourselves and others.

The following list includes some of the most relevant egoic-behaviours that are responsible for producing both karma and negative energy, however, it is not extensive, for it would not be possible to list each one here. Past core spiritual teachings such as do not do unto others that which you would not have done unto yourselves, which avoids coming from a place of hypocrisy, it, of course, is more complex than this as there are certain expectations regarding behaviours that we each see as either positive or negative, and this in itself becomes a balancing act of learning to see from a higher perspective that takes into account the fair expectations of many individuals simultaneously.

As we acknowledge and take steps to un-do and recondition our minds and selves from egoic-behaviours, we in turn clean up our soul and spirit from within and we raise in vibration as part of the Earth ascension process. Incidentally following this approach helps to reduce the severity of a wide range of mental illnesses including healing from inner-voices, aspects of bipolar and schizophrenia, healing crisis, sources of general anxiety, entity harassment and poor anger management as a result of limiting the negative energy that we create or share.


  • The need to be right regardless of the facts and continuing to argue (not recognising the truth)
  • Swearing (Compulsive and unjustified)
  • Excessive self-pride, arrogance and superiority (Luciferic)
  • Addiction to compulsive thinking and resulting loss of self-awareness in situ (unconsciousness)
  • Addiction to alcoholism/binge drinking and Friday or Saturday night brawls and degenerate behaviours. i.e. being sick on street corners
  • Binge eating leading to obesity
  • Hardcore pornography leading to addiction and hypersexualised society
  • Sex addiction – leading to caring about little else in life
  • Lust, sexual perversion and lustful or predatory seduction
  • Perverse kinks and fetishes (degrading the human form your soul and spirit inhabits)
  • Addictive gambling – leading to debt and a downward spiral
  • Addictive narcotic drugs – health suffers, society suffers, downward spiral
  • Bad Attitude – you’re not prepared to work for something
  • Unjustified aggression – bullying and excessive force when inappropriate, harming those that have done no wrong
  • Abuse of power over others (lusting for power)
  • Intent to cause deliberate harm (including plants and animals)
  • Collective punishment (harming a whole population due to the actions of a minority few)
  • Deliberate harm and malice
  • Dirty bad habits (dirty-sloth style eating, picking your nose, chewing with mouth open)
  • Talking excessively loudly in public places (telephones on buses or trains)
  • Cheating – homework and tests
  • Adultery, cheating on your husband/wife or partner
  • Unjustified benefit payments
  • Theft and extortion, armed robbery
  • Bribery, accepting or soliciting (cash, property, gifts etc)
  • Addiction to money/gold/jewellery
  • Stealing (forced entry/unjustified)
  • Free downloading and torrenting of computer games/books/music/artistic works (not paying value for works produced)
  • Working without any care or attention (mindless, zombie-like)
  • Lack of care, concern or conscience
  • Tolerance of that which is evil or leads to evil
  • Excessive Procrastination
  • Overly perfectionist outside a work context
  • Lack of effort and refusing to work
  • Bad spelling (repeated, no effort made to adjust)
  • Unkempt appearance
  • Poor personal hygiene and levels of cleanliness
  • Pleasing everybody – detriment to self, authenticity, burning one’s self out


Attempting to adhere to such a list of egoic-behaviours at first may feel like an on-going process which at times can feel like spinning plates attempting to keep on top of them all. Once you have cleared the worst ones, the process shifts from one of personal healing to one of ego character refinement until one becomes happy and contented with their own level of being and their location within the spiritual densities.

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