How to Reverse Spiritual Corruption

Spiritual Corruption

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This article explores spiritual methods and practices you can use to reverse and heal from spiritual corruption. Overcoming spiritual corruption allows the body to heal from the visible signs of corruption and the bio-degenerative effects resulting from accumulated karma and trauma over time. It may also be possible for some people to be able to go on to experience a spiritual awakening if their Kundalini energy is activated, this is what allows someone to become reconnected with the divine levels of humanity and the universal source of love many refer to as God.

People become corrupted for all sorts of reasons, for example telling serious lies or telling too many lies, holding onto so much anger that one’s disposition results in murderous or dishonest intentions or malevolent behaviour, excessive or over-reactive anger and overly aggressive behaviour can further lead to domestic violence or desiring to carry out acts out of spite or revenge. Other things to look out for include manipulative and deceitful behaviours such as the phenomena of ‘gas-lighting’, cheating in organised competitions, seducing people, and coveting someone else’s possessions, relationship or marriage partner through lust or jealousy.

Spiritual corruption at the level of governments can include things like forming unholy alliances with other countries, resulting in a power imbalance i.e. Russia and China, developing or using weapons that were not meant to be created, or even used in ways in which they were not meant to be used such as against civilian targets. Other high-level crimes that are spiritually corrupt include acts of terrorism, human trafficking, stealing and drug trafficking, although not all drugs are in themselves corrupt, as most serve a valid purpose, it’s only when a society cannot maturely handle their use or fathom their inherent purpose that it results in addiction, substance abuse, dependency and eventually degradation and disease intended to make people suffer or see things in a better way with the hope of reversing course.

If sexual perversions or perverse influences exist in someone’s life, this is a very common theme that will shed light on the reasons as to why someone would become corrupted, often I feel this is a reflection of today’s declining society and loss of religious moral values.

Many of the aforementioned things will eventually cause soul-level corruption and can take multiple lifetimes to completely correct, but even in the present, it takes its toll in the form of mental health problems and creates an impure consciousness that’s not pleasant to interact with as its incapable of perceiving the world in a wholesome or healthy way, making it less pleasant to exist within.

A person can never become uncorrupted so long as they are holding onto attachments to corrupt views, attitudes or beliefs such as homosexuality or transgender. Once an act of sin or a serious transgression has been committed it’s normally asked of you by your god to work off a significant amount of the karmic debt and reflect upon wrongdoing or be repentant, Christians are often forgiven and have it written off in exchange for doing some selfless work.

Everybody has something called a karmic contract which is regularly updated, agreements can also be made with the god of another person. If you’re the sort of person who is caught in this trap of transgressing and working then it helps to sincerely acknowledge any wrongdoing and have a repentant attitude, you may also need to stop doing something that is wrong, to make good on any of the offending things you may have done that have wronged someone else and to release any trauma that was created at the time of an offence.

If you can be introspective or self-reflective you will be better able to identify areas that are corrupt or not in alignment with God, some of the easy ones include things like telling lies, addictions (sex, pornography, masturbation, alcoholism, video games etc)… being dishonest with yourself will make the process difficult as you’re showing signs of denial or avoidance, you may need to exercise will power over these influences in your life in order to bring them down to a healthy level, some things will need rebalancing to correct harmful beliefs or attitudes.

Spiritual corruption is very common, today almost everybody has at least some sort of unresolved issue to contend with, multiple issues can be present at the same time and result in greater corruption and become much more easily visible for others to see. A person who successfully becomes uncorrupted is usually moved into a higher version of the same reality, this creates a natural separation between some of the spiritually pure and highly impure people around you and serves as a natural yet invisible barrier, however, it is also common that a person might oscillate between these two points until positive habits, behaviours and conditioning set in and become habitual. Some corrupted beliefs might require additional things like hypnotherapy to address issues of the mind and consciousness at a much deeper level.

To learn more about the various sources of corruption you can also read this further article on spiritual corruption.


If a person has very low self-awareness or low consciousness it can be difficult to exert enough individual willpower or influence over a corrupted mind that is contaminated by various negative influences. One of the ways to develop one’s awareness and consciousness is through meditation and contemplation of what is behind the ‘I’ and what is the self, sometimes called the inner witnessing presence, the essence of who we each are, this requires inwardly recognising this none physical part called ‘the self’. A person who creates higher frequency energy or love will usually begin to grow in consciousness and become more alive, when a person becomes dedicated to present moment meditation they may begin to become free of certain fears and burn away impure energies within the astral body, chakras and the mind.


Yoga can be used as a complete system for the restoration of the mind, the body and the spirit, it utilises a range of physical poses and positions in order to work on different aspects of the whole self-using the body and mind to do the work together. As a person moves through the different motions and positions, the body will usually begin to automatically access the necessary parts of the psyche and consciousness and begin processing past negative events and learning the subsequent lessons from them. To be successful a person must surrender all mental, physical and psychological resistance in the mind in order to release the body from sources of tension resulting in corruption and the formation of the ego.

Yoga can be used to reverse these visible effects of corruption and has quite a humbling effect that can bring one back to reality, however, it is also sometimes necessary to inwardly dis-identify from the main sources of corruption one has or is attached to.

Healing the Eyes

One of the easiest visible physical signs of corruption to spot and identify is the ‘corrupted eye’ or ‘evil eye’, usually, a person will show signs of having a glossy or shiny texture or appearance over their eyes and perhaps a slightly sinister, dirty or evil-looking glint in either one or both eyes. Often muscles in the cheek around the main problem eye will frame the face and expression differently, usually, the cheek muscles are pulled up and tighter and the eyes may seem to squint more than is normal and the face develops a sort of sheen effect as it catches more light.

Some of these physical changes are permanent for the duration that someone should remain corrupt, however when a person is deemed uncorrupted, these defects will begin to heal and reverse themselves and one’s physical appearance will also subsequently begin to revert and transition back to normal, often healing damaged DNA in the process and restoring things like the shape of the jaw, the eyes and the nose.

I often speak about changes to physical features in terms of being ‘karma’, in this context it represents some part of the body that has been changed or had its appearance directly influenced through a karmic act or an impure deed through an external influence upon one’s own mind, this influence is usually a spirit entity serving as some sort of ‘karma police’ role, they have authority and powers to connect with the human body and mind and then physically change the body based on whatever is needed.

I sometimes call this mysterious phenomenon, the ‘Pinnochio effect’, based upon the fairytale about the wooden boy who would tell lies, but due to not everybody having awakened their spiritual sight, these entities can’t be seen, although occasionally they can be heard being around you in the mind. However, a pure or holy entity will have the ability to either corrupt or uncorrupt someone based on how much effort they have put into reorientating their mind, and beliefs and being away from harmful or corrupting sources.

A simple exercise and spiritual purification ritual you can do to heal the eyes from karma is to place two pieces of cucumber over the eyes and go into a relaxed meditative state, this can help to release karma and heal the eyes from the effects of things like lust and unwarranted aggression. This exercise will assist the whole process, but done on its own it is not nearly comprehensive enough to completely reverse corruption, but will enable you to work on a few small things at a time.

Heal the Mind

The human mind can be used as a highly effective intuitive tool to receive or retrieve intuitive information from different sources, these can include one’s own body, information accessed from a chakra centre or by connecting with an external spirit entity who can channel information of a beneficial nature. Often one needs to have the correct intention and attitude whilst inwardly searching for anything that might represent a current unresolved source of impure intent, corruption or evil behaviour underpinning negative karma on your part.

If an individual part of the body has become corrupted or affected by a karmic influence, such as the teeth for example and placing awareness on that part of the body and then relaxing and surrendering the muscles at that location completely will begin to cause thoughts of a negative quality to come to the surface of the conscious mind revealing intuition and insight as to the nature of the problem.

Some of these negative thoughts require either what Christians call a ‘rebuke’ or to inwardly dis-identify from something harmful and to re-identify with a right or moral choice or action. Usually, thoughts that are based on or derived from dirty, impure or corrupt ego attitudes express themselves in the face and these will correspondingly produce dirty or impure sounding expressions in the mind to tell you that they are of an impure nature, some of them can seem to berate or belittle you as if they had intelligence of their own in order to make you pay more attention to an underlying issue.

It is necessary to unblock or develop the higher chakras and to purify the mind from manifesting toxic thought-forms, impure intentions or harmful content before clear communication can be possible as spiritual beings usually interact with us through the mind or from the astral plane that overlays physical reality, somewhere where our thoughts, psychic energy and intent becomes a visual and tangible reality for the inner being.


Prayer can be used to assist in restoring sanctity, cleansing and even revealing sources of ego or corruption and help the reorientation of the consciousness, mind and human will back towards the divine’s expectations or the will of God. Prayers I have had the most success with include the Lord’s Prayer, Archangel Michael or Jesus Christ. A brief word of warning, it is possible for Gods, Michael spirits or Heavenly Fathers to become corrupt if they exercise too much bias or begin to show a personal agenda or attachment to someone or something. I’ve personally never come across a corrupted form of Jesus Christ speaking in my mind. I’ve found the Lord’s prayer frequently releases fears, ego, and contracted muscle tension to reveal what things in your mind and psyche you’re resisting. Prayer can be used to ask for things that you may need in your life, if you’re an individual that frequently creates or generates enough love, you may even get a brief audience with the Heavenly Father or Source God.

Often for prayer to be successful, it needs to be very genuine and sincere, regular prayer needs to be repeated over several weeks on a daily basis and accompanied by periods of hard work, including doing daily kind or good deeds in service to others and following through with any direct intuitive information or wisdom you receive in the mind.

If someone is highly corrupt they might be ignored until a certain point of purity or self-development has been reached or attained and can be measured in how much love a person creates.

Some of this work which is often referred to as ‘shadow work’, can be achieved by going through a spiritual awakening. If you are not ready to experience Kundalini, it is still possible to access sources of impure energy through a practice of tantra whereby pure sexual energy from a partner of the opposite sex can purify a part of the other.

Undertaking regular trauma release exercises can be used to heal from small cancers, most recently I wrote about releasing trauma whilst showering as an accompaniment to your weekly routine and spiritual cleansing practises.

Baptism Ritual

One of the more serious purification rituals I’ve come across is a Christian baptism ritual, whilst I was never physically baptised or religious when I was younger, in my early 30s I was given this rite from the astral plane and able to observe some of what happens. I was taken to what looked like a swimming pool, two men briefly held me under the water and my crown chakra opened, impure energy represented by a brown murky colour appeared to bleed out of the top of my head showing impure attitudes and beliefs being released.

Baptism would normally only be offered to people seriously interested in becoming true Chrisitan’s, anything beyond this would open it up to being abused as someone could in practice be deceitful and dishonest about their intentions and merely pretend or lie in order to try and curry favour.


One of the more drastic ways to release impure energies or demons is through an exorcism ritual, through this act one can more quickly recognise the distinctions between spiritual light and dark, or good and evil and then if completely confidently, assert enough mental will to reject or rebuke something unholy or impure from the body and mind.

All of these methods have something in common, they help a person purge the body of toxic or harmful energies both within it and externally influencing it. Combine all of these suggestions together over a period of several weeks and months and you will be well on your way to becoming free and uncorrupted, one can begin to feel better, lighter, higher in vibratory frequency, euphoric and more fulfilled and restored in self-esteem and physical appearance as karma is lifted and corruption reversed.

Spiritual corruption is what occurs to different spiritual and metaphysical parts of ourselves when we violate divine laws or rules that govern what is and isn’t acceptable within the human experience, take harmful or dangerous decisions that go against the divine will and this covers everything from human sexuality, ordinary conduct and behaviour, governments, political agenda, corporations and religious belief and proper and right use of warfare or instruments of war.

These higher laws and rules have typically been transmitted from God to various mystics, saints, healers and holy people over the centuries and this has formed a body of knowledge called good and evil and this is often talked about in terms of sin, transgression and karma or a battle between good and evil.

When these spiritual rules are violated the subtle spiritual body takes on impurity or sometimes a demon and the shape and appearance of the physical body begins to transform both in terms of how it looks and feels in a negative sense. The person may then come under the influences of karmic disease or sickness such as coronavirus or cancer.

Dreams and shadow healing

The dream space can at times provide everybody with a mental or psychic environment in which to view and interact with material stored deep in the psyche. This often comes in the form of symbolic imagery which is intended to communicate a particular point and sometimes comes with spoken or telepathic information or message, often it pertains to ego or sometimes a source of trauma being examined and released.

One may find that their own appearance has accentuated or exaggerated features intended to communicate signs of inner corruption that can often include things like the eyes. For example, seeing a demon with pink eyes or encountering a spirit entity being with pink eyes is usually a sign of despair and lethargy, and a set of eyes with blue rings around the iris is usually a sign of issues to do with too much power and eyes that are wholly black with no whites or iris visible or are bright often red represent something very dark and evil such as holding the desire to murder. Examining these things through the lens of spiritual symbolism, over time it becomes possible to identify character flaws within the personality and begin to purify the ego of harmful things.

Clearing Entities and Impure Energies

Impure energies and entities can be created by one’s own mind, emotions and subtle energy, impure energy can be received from another person in response to a transgression or a person may inadvertently pick up or release an entity that corresponds to something impure from another person such as someone with an addiction or suffers from personal hygiene problems. Entities can range from thoughts that loop around the mind repetitively to encounters with spiritual beings or entities encountered within the mind’s own psychic landscape, these may include the jellyfish-like astral beings associated with schizophrenia, reptilian beings denoting reptillian behaviour or demonic beings that are personified reflections of one’s own evil intent, choices and behaviours expressed symbolically.

Working with Chakras

Signs and evidence of corruption are stored in many places, impure energies can become embedded within muscle structures and karma is usually applied as additional tension to the body that produces tighter tendons, but a person who does yoga properly and regularly will usually encounter these things as they begin to release their own trauma through a combination of muscular and tension release, shedding impure or negative energies whilst frequently being shown and seeing quick visions of the past or dreams that recall a past incident.

Part of the chakras also stores information about a person, including harmful things they may have done, I sort of think of them as being like data discs or an aeroplane’s black box for the body and psyche, however, their content is stored as energy and their existence is metaphysical rather than physical. Events from the past can be accessed through the mind and another person can retrieve information from another person by creating a cord, something that a partner or therapist might be more likely to do if they are allowed access to them in order to read their energy. The chakras store the evidence of trauma afflicted to another person such as an act of rape or brutality as well as the things that a person may have committed against another person.

Visible signs of Corruption

The easiest place to spot the signs of spiritual corruption is in the head and facial expression because this is the most expressive part of the body, however, changes also occur to other parts or areas of the body often affecting both their physical appearance and the health and wellbeing of someone overall from that location.

The muscles below the eye often change to produce a particular look that is deliberately intended to intuitively convey what is wrong with a person, for example, they might look dirty. unwholesome or even sinister depending on what that person has been thinking about inwardly or may have already physically done.

The average person is creating impurity and disease such as cancer and then removing it again all the time through acts of hard work, however, if the person doesn’t acknowledge the original mistake, misdeed or wrongdoing then it may either be left in place or skipped over until a later point of realisation, awareness or conscious growth has been made, which often requires going inwardly introspective and using spiritual practises.

Over time the number of negative changes to the body will transform it producing a more unsavoury, dirty or unwholesome appearance that includes physical flaws and defects that correspond to corruption and corrupting instances, however, all is not lost as these things can all be reversed if the person is prepared to surrender themselves to their respective divine.

Soul Polarity

When a person becomes corrupted they become dark or fallen as they begin to deviate from being a light polarity being which represents a more evolved state and higher quality of being. Dark people begin to fall out of favour with God for a period of time and can even fall into lower parts of reality, these feel much less comfortable, welcoming or hospitable and have harsher inner spiritual lessons about the things that are acceptable and they tend to express themselves differently in terms of behaviours that are more often than not associated with dark spiritual archetypes such as the vampire or the joker’s face.

A person who is of a light polarity or becoming spiritually lighter will begin experience what is known as ascension and eventually, their inner being, the soul and part of the mind’s psychic experience will rise to a higher part of reality whereby their inner mental and spiritual experience can become shared with like-minded and evolved people.

Once someone has demonstrated a strong and positive consistency for a period of time the person may become eligible to become free of the need for incarnating into a physical body at all and may accept a body produced of spiritual light, a bit like a hologram or a body projected by mind and energy, but it still retains all the same faculties and senses without the unnecessary dense feeling of being physical or encumbered.

A person who is dark or becoming darker may have already fallen or been experiencing a descent into a lower reality where they are placed with other corrupted souls of people who are deliberately doing wrong or causing harm to themselves or others. This is an inner change normally even if our outer appearances seem to be on the same level, a person may either continue to descend into even lower dimensions or begin to ascend into higher realities based on their level of spiritual purity, love and self-development.

Changes to the Mind, Soul and Consciousness

The soul is the metaphysical part of our being that enables us to move or transition from lifetime to lifetime and lets us take and transfer our knowledge, lessons and skills into other similar human experiences.

Any impure ways of being will eventually begin to imprint themselves on the physical body and will change the physical appearance for an extended or fixed period of time and overtime any accumulated sources of impurity or corruption will begin to condition the consciousness of the individual changing whom they are from within and this will eventually contaminate the soul as these impure behaviours are integrated. To keep the soul pure the person has to live in a pure way and limit the amount of corruption that it might take on.

A person who is not particularly mindful or aware of how they think and the things that they do will eventually begin to introduce impure thoughts and intentions into their mind, an impure intention will usually be followed by an impure thought that must be validated inwardly.

The worst types of thoughts might change expression for a short period of time or may even begin to produce an impurity within the body, impure energy is usually shed again and released after a period of time by creating love or positive energy and emotion through working hard or appreciation of others works and contributions, and this process is helped and sped up by a repentant attitude.

Attitudes and behaviours

In children, spiritual corruption could come in the form of persisting bad attitudes and behaviours, examples might include bullying, name-calling and unjustified acts of aggression or hostility; excessive laziness, apathy, greed, telling too many lies or particularly bad lies or false statements, too many puerile thoughts and behaviours, hyper-sexual or precocious attitudes and behaviours, addictions to sweets or sweet foods.

In adults spiritual corruption can include areas such as financial corruption or inheritance between family members, violating the love in a serious bonded relationship or marriage, failing to provide for the needs of a young family, any serious addictions such as alcoholism or drugs, not maintaining safe boundaries with children, acts of revenge, desire to commit an act of terrorism.

There are of course a lot of shared themes such as sexual perversions, cheating, racism, psychopathy or lack of empathy or care and coveting. All of these things will begin to leave their mark on the body and physical features and as a result, it changes a person’s physical appearance, attractiveness and desirability.

In adults, the scope and range of behaviours become more complex and often includes things like ‘playing’ the opposite sex, coveting another’s partner, sexual perversions, arrogance, excessive intolerance, lack of empathy or attitudes in line with psychopathy. All the physical changes and trauma that result from these behaviours are intended to help you navigate morality and the rights and wrongs of the human experience by taking care to heal these parts and learn the underlying lesson. It also provides other people with intuitive information about a person and what their possible problems are. It stands to reason that a whole or perfected person has little to no trauma or physical defects of this nature and has learned their necessary spiritual lessons in order to live without this suffering, which becomes unnecessary.

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