What is Impurity?


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Impurity is a contraction of ‘spiritual impurity’, it refers to psychic energies produced by the mind of another person or being. When a person does something that’s not in alignment with the higher spiritual expectations of living then a person may take on impurity into the body. These instances are sometimes referred to as an egoic reaction or an egoic behaviour or simply a cause of ‘ego’ that is harmful or detrimental.

Causes of impurity

When someone does something wrong of this nature, this is also called a ‘transgression’, these can be made against other people whom you encounter or interact with on a day to day basis or against the divine where we derive higher laws from.

When we don’t respect other people and or ignore or deny these higher laws the body takes on this type of impurity. Because impurity is a psychic energy, it sits within the astral and emotional subtle bodies, it can usually be felt as a sickly or unpleasant feeling and sometimes it also sits in an area of the body it cannot be seen with the naked physical eyes, however it can be perceived by certain healers, shamans or clairvoyants that have the ability to see psychic energies.

Impurity doesn’t feel very pleasant to hold onto, it produces a sensation that is picked up by the mind and body together and it lowers the overall vibration of the inner being that we each have. A person with a very low vibration is likely to feel more lethargic, heavy, sluggish, fearful and have chronic health problems. For example, an alcoholic or someone addicted to something will not have the same healthy appearance as someone without these things.

You can learn how to achieve a higher vibration by learning the underlying reasons for the causes of impurity and this is frequently done through doing a spiritual practise of meditation, yoga and prayer. The higher vibration is achieved naturally as the impure energies are removed and you begin to spiritually ascend into lighter and higher energy frequencies and higher densities and dimensions that separate out the different levels of spiritual learning.

At the very top end of this range of frequencies is Heaven, and this means you’ve achieved or reached all your spiritual expectations and you’ve become ascended. It is not necessary to die in order to ascend as this process of rising or falling occurs all the time. Ascending means you become separated in both your inner and physical experience in order to progress your spiritual evolution without being held back and being forced to live around people that make the human experience unpleasant.

Many of us have become accustomed to accepting others with a little impurity as most people have a number of unhealed issues that result from impure ways of being whether we are aware of them or acknowledge them or not. However the more impurity someone has, the more likely that others are going to want to naturally avoid them or not be around them very often. People whom are of a very high frequency do not like sharing the same space with people of a very low vibration due to unpleasant low vibrations that come from the inner veiled spiritual experience I sometimes refer to as the psychic landscape.

Changes to the face

Recently I connected the concept of religious impurity such as Sin with distortions and changes to the face of an individual which over time transforms the face in a harmful way through defects, distortions to proper muscular tone and definition that makes a person look unwholesome or unclean. The more ego or impurity a person has, the worse they will begin to look. I’ve started referring to the process of identifying and diagnosing problems of the ego as Ego Balancing, which I also recommend as a accompanying reading to this.

Some transformations are small or minor, however other issues which are moderate or more serious or severe begin to cause a greater negative transformation of the face. These transformations take place by way of the mind interacting with the body, muscular tension becomes imbalanced as symmetry of the face begins to change. The worst issues are what are responsible for making someone appear sinister or evil. Any minor issues, if they are allowed to accumulate will make someone look like they have a lot of ego. I discussed a bit about causes of ego in an old article titled Recognising and Healing Negative Ego Behaviours.

When a person acknowledges and corrects ego, the appearance of the face and body begins to revert back to its original and healthy normal state or blueprint. This happens as contracted muscles and muscle fibres release, releasing energy and tension and also when tendons release deeply stored tension in the body.

As tension, issues and harmful ego energies are removed from the body the facial appearance begins to balance out and muscles which were previously changed begin to correct themselves restoring one’s appearance to a healthier appearance. I think it is also worth understanding that the face changes for reasons that go beyond DNA, diet or environment, however I acknowledge that these things may shape and influence how we live.

Some impure spiritual energies are also responsible for some types of sickness, illness and diseases, including things like cancer. By navigating the causes of impurity successfully, it is possible to release yourself from states of inner suffering and heal disease and restore health, beauty and proper human aesthetic back to the body and grow one’s spiritual evolution and self-development.

Removing Impurity from the body

Impurity can be removed from the body through spiritual practices including yoga, prayer and meditation, but also through helping someone else in a selfless way and supporting your chosen community. However it is ultimately necessary to learn the underlying lessons as else some impure energies will stick around until this has been done. Learning to make proper, fair, balanced, proportioned responses, wise choices and actions and decisions can prevent the worst type of impurity from forming in the first place.

A simple exercise to validate the concept of impurity and removing impurity is to wash the dishes, by the end your act of hard work will have paid back and produced some positive energy that removes some of the impure energy. When this happens I often feel muscles relaxing or releasing, particularly in the legs or face. There are comparable exercises to this such as cleaning the bathroom, emptying a bin, washing the car… it is about energy dynamics and hard work. Some people’s ego cleansing rituals may not involve physically cleaning anything and you may have to learn what these are.

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