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After several years of meditation practice, I came to realise the power of the mind when combined with meditation which can be used to focus and concentrate the mind so that it may be used as an instrument of personal healing.

What purpose does meditation serve in spiritual healing? Meditation can be used to release ego, burn away impurities, healing from diseases and learning the underlying cause or reason for a disease coming into existence in the first place. It can also be used to release trauma from the body and healing from sources of karma. In addition to this, many people like to use meditation as a tool as part of their spiritual practice used to develop their mind and consciousness through self-inquiry and introspection.

There are two upright postures that I recommend and one laying posture, the first is the traditional meditation posture often referred to as the lotus position, this is an excellent form to hold for healing from trauma and focusing the mind, however, it can be challenging for many people to hold and even uncomfortable sitting like this, sitting with legs crossed is usually an easier and slightly more comfortable alternative. The back and spine should be straight and you should feel the crown of your head reaching high, meditating like this can be enough to heal and correct many chronic problems with the body, sometimes caused due to bad posture, but often as a result of sustaining a physical trauma due to bad interactions that end with a karmic repercussion to them.

The second position is a seated chair position where the soles of the feet are placed flat on the ground, if you’re less agile or flexible then this position might be preferable. This position is excellent for stretching the tendons and muscles that run from the toes and up the legs and is also suitable for releasing trauma, sources of fear and karma.

The third position is a laying down position with the arms placed at the sides with palms facing upwards, if either of the other two positions pose too many challenges then this one can also be used, however there is much more risk or likelihood of falling asleep in this position, whilst great for helping to surrender the body through relaxation alone, it doesn’t offer any sort of physical stretch from the legs.

Once you have found a suitable posture and position, close your eyes and rest the tongue on the roof of the mouth towards the front teeth, you may do this meditation in total silence or to the ambient sounds of rain, traffick, or whilst listening to a healing meditation from YouTube or Spotify that can either be music only or feature a guided meditation. Some people may like to burn candles or incense or place their fingers in a locked-position such as the fingertip of the index finger lightly pressing against the tip of the thumb, however, this is optional, hands can also be placed with palms facing up or lightly resting on the knees or thighs.

Now that you’ve begun, allow the muscles in your body to relax, this will cause tension, tightness and constriction to naturally unwind from muscles and tendons, you will likely begin to hear and feel thoughts play out through the mind, much of which will be derived from sources of ego content. For example, as tension releases, you may hear things like “(x) is too sinful” or “you mustn’t stare at people”, as you breathe through muscles, different content may be made audible from the chakras and this is usually what will correspond to an area of spiritual development, much of which consists of advice that might highlight a problem or list a series of spiritual expectations one needs to integrate into their life in order to progress in life and resolve health problems.

The mind is intricately connected to the body, in order for the mind to be still and at peace, the body must be still and be allowed to come into a healed and harmonious state. Initially, your body’s own natural tension will begin to pull the body into a certain position, allow this to happen and don’t resist, for example, your neck may turn to one side and your face may change it’s expression several times, as this happens it’s sometimes normal to feel sadness, but by the end, you may feel more content and at greater peace with yourself, the world and other people.

The body records everything that happens to it, including everything you do or think and the body then changes accordingly in response to how you think, when someone does something that is considered harmful or too detrimental then the body expresses the result of a transgression as karma, this usually means by deliberately applying stress and tension to a part of the body by causing constriction to muscles, much of which is stored in the fingers and toes, however many different muscles can become affected also.

During your meditation, you should allow yourself to release as much of this tension and tightness as possible in as many areas and places within the body as possible whilst being in the surrendered state, however, it’s normal to only heal only one or one or two things during any given session and some things will require multiple sessions to heal fully.

Once areas of body tension have been resolved, the body will feel much more relaxed and the mind should feel much quieter and easier to concentrate by this point making further work much easier. At this stage, you may begin to perform deeper body scanning of the body, whereby you may begin to feel into scar tissue from a past heart attack and learn the reason for it, identify an organ that is swollen or in a state of dis-ease or disharmony, this scanning can even be used to identify cancer tumours you may have or learn about what areas of the body or physical features have been changed in order to reflect karma back to you such as a misshapen nose, ears, lips. eyes, cheeks and neck.

Meditation is an important part of learning about what cancers you presently have and why they have come about, often they are for spiritual reasons, many small tumours or cancers, for example, can be healed using meditation alone, whereas others may likely require some level of physical intervention through making different choices, changes to one’s life or lifestyle, thinking differently, doing a different activity or working hard to pay back a karmic debt, but none of these solutions should include poisoning the body through drugs or having body parts cut off or cut out because everything can be healed using the mind.

You should be looking to balance the body and mind during your meditation, as tension is released the body should be allowed to centre itself, as the mind and awareness are concentrated, you may begin to feel inner energy rising or forming as an energy field that encompasses the inner body, as this is sustained it will begin to highlight impure energies within the body like a dye, these impurities will feel contrastingly different and often unpleasant.

Allow yourself to focus on these without being fearful, often the legs and thighs will contract in fear, although this is not necessary; some of these energies are are mental and emotional residues that can be released by allowing their content to play out into the mind, they are intended to help your mind and consciousness dis-identify from a choice or behaviour that would cause harm, disease or karma to the body.

The worst or mos unpleasant energies within the body are stored in the astral body, some of these are referred to as demons, and when confronting these during meditation can result in spiritual crisis, some may trigger panic attacks, mental confusion, even psychosis or bring symptoms of schizophrenia and can be accompanied by the phenomena of hearing evil or sinister voices, usually intended to make someone understand the severity of a demonic problem or an issue of corruption. The worst corresponding unresolved spiritual issues will usually take on a darker mental voice or tone and this change occurs simply to highlight the seriousness of the issue it represents, sometimes it can be a source of perversion, corruption or malevolent behaviour.

Having found that place of focused concentration within both body and mind, your attention should shift from any wandering or arising thoughts and from the main body, and come to sit or rest on the empty space just in front of you. At this point you want to make sure you’re feeling comfortable, confident and free of fear, this will enable you to begin to pull all of your ego and tension out of the body, and your god-self from here may begin to automatically confront and rebuke any sources of impurity, ego, evil thought forms that are released, often one perceives white light washing down from above, which I perceive as washing away negative content. As these things are resolved, the release of tension resets the appearance of the face and physical features begin to be restored, many vocal dysfunctions and mispronunciations are corrected and a lot of karma is released.

After a while the inner vibration of the body will begin to rise, as minor, moderate and serious issues are resolved over time, a person begins to ascend into higher vibrations and after sustained work, it is possible to transition into a higher dimension of reality, where the people existing there do not have the same levels of ego, spiritual corruption or problems that lower humanity do, the things that everyone here is attempting to ressolve.

Many spiritual gurus, teachers, saints and mystics have understood this process and it’s something I actually learned from and attribute to the work of Eckhart Tolle, although many people teach this in their own way. However initially, people may like to use this meditation technique to heal some aspects of the body, perhaps from a serious disease, perhaps reverse the degeneration of the body due to karmic defects, even some mental health problems, which actually have spiritual causes and origins within the body and information needing to be heard and discovered.

Eventually, the natural result of personal healing and living by spiritual expectations is to reach such a level of personal healing and spiritual development that one can ascend and join higher levels of reality. This plane is sometimes referred to as the divine or Heaven and it’s often during this transition that one can become enlightened as one begins to learn and understand the purpose of disease and suffering and see the world from a new and higher perspective.

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