Spiritual Perspectives on Healing Cancer


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This article explores some of the underlying spiritual reasons why people develop cancer and I try to provide certain insights into the underlying nature of and the root causes of many different types of cancers, (although not all) and I go on to list some beneficial advice to heal cancer naturally using spiritual tools and enlightened insights rather than invasive and harmful treatments that are clearly also damaging to the body and possibly even permanently life-altering.

One of the best-enlightened insights to understand is that many diseases were deliberately and intelligently designed by our divine in order to assist and bring about deliberate changes to human consciousness, mind and behaviour. These changes are usually based upon a divine will or plan for a world, for an individual person and much of it is based on the understanding that there is an acceptable standard of conduct of how humanity should behave. This can be categorised into the knowledge of what is good and what is evil, these are not relative personal beliefs or opinions but are ultimately defined by the God of our world and the underlying creator beings, but different gods have slightly different rules, manage different realities and have slightly different interpretations, although some things are immutable and common to all.

Before I really get into the topic of cancer, I want to introduce some spiritual concepts you really need to first understand, such as the idea of there being a divine reality that exists beyond our earthly one. People who have experienced mystical glimpses into Heaven may reveal that they are maintained in such a way as to be free of diseases and without people having ego or ego-based behaviours. Due to this diseases are not necessary here and in any case this is the purpose of karma and the physical Earth plane. They don’t accept people who willfully or deliberate perform acts of sin or create transgressions and so is upholds spiritual purity. This distinct separation ensures different quality of experiences can be maintained and they use dimensions to achieve this, something that cannot be seen or examined, but can be known conceptually through the mind and experience directly using the human body as an instrument of perception.

Heaven is a place where other humans have already largely perfected and seek to maintain a much higher standard than our own humanity, people who reach this level naturally are usually considered to be far more spiritually evolved than we are, but even here, people are still learning additional skills, developing themselves and refining the various experiences to be had or that they would probably like to have and go on to create.

To understand how there might be a higher world without disease one first needs to understand how disease and cancer first come about through dysfunctional human thoughts, beliefs, choices, attitudes and behaviours, such as having an excessive or substantial source of ego or making harmful or malevolent choices that are incompatible with the ideals of love or the divine will that to violate are responsible for creating karmic health conditions such as what many instances of cancer appear to genuinely be, you don’t necessarily cure the disease by intervening at the level of the physical body, you merely use it to identify and diagnose the spiritual reason why and then come up with an appropriate solution to fix the underlying reason you have it in the first place.

For example, if you’re an excessively angry person and have created or caused cancer somewhere due to outbursts of a violent or abusive nature, then, in my opinion, you absolutely don’t want to be cutting away the diseased part of your body just because of this, really this person should be taking something like anger management or meditation classes, doing a gym workout, yoga session, thinking about taking a hypnotherapy session and finding ways to process and release the trauma and tension in the hands and body whilst seeking to learn the underlying reason for this. Often therapies such as acupuncture or massage will assist with this process of learning and trauma release because they help to focus the mind and keep awareness placed onto a specific part of the body in order to begin to heal it, but one’s intention is key to this goal.

Whilst the mind is certainly very complex and not completely understood, we all have the ability to use our mind and it is one of the best tools for processing and receiving intuitive information about health and disease. Sometimes this intuition comes from within our own body in the form of scanning with our mind and awareness for sources of pain, discomfort or tension, but at other times information is gifted to us from an external spiritual source, often involving an inner interaction with someone within our shared mind space from some sort of benevolent or helpful spirit entity or being such as an angel or healer spirit guide and the nature of this information can be very specific to our personal healing needs and subsequently reveals a lot about the reasons why people develop diseases such as cancer in the first place.

Secondly, I also believe it’s really important for people to understand that it really should not be necessary to fill the body with toxic chemicals or to need to cut away different diseased parts of the body in order to heal from cancer tumours; there are spiritual ways and methods of doing this. In my own experience, I have found that tumours can be shrunk, reversed and will completely disappear when you are able to identify the originating cause or learn the spiritual lesson behind it and reverse it by making essential and necessary changes to your life.

To be able to use the mind effectively requires much greater self-awareness to be perceptive to this mental information we all receive, not everybody has this level of awareness in their daily lives, I certainly didn’t until I took meditation seriously. These intuitive insights from the mind are what enables one to grow and self modify conflicting behaviours such as realising the need to overcome an addiction, identifying a toxic character flaw, becoming aware of bad habits or recognising that a pattern of behaviour as something that is either directly causing harm to oneself or causing harm to oneself through causing harm to others, known as a life transgression.

Examples of Cancer

In the following examples, I list and describe situations where it’s necessary to take care of the body in order to avoid creating cancer.

The first example is based on the concept of causing self-harm and addiction; I frequently like to use an electric fan heater in my room or workspace to keep me warm and I’ll often sleep or take naps in front of it with my back facing towards it, similar to enjoying a home log fire. I used to do this to the extent that I’d sometimes burn my back due to being too close, I know they were not really designed for this sort of use anyway. I was eventually warned through being shown a symbolic dream of what looked like a mixed grill plate meal, the sort you’d order at a pub restaurant, and a quick voice I overheard stated I was at risk of developing cancer through doing this, I know I was actually slowly cooking parts of myself.

Brain Cancer

In another example, at one point I had become so apathetic towards life that I was frequently sleeping in during the morning or even sleeping through much of or even the entire day. I heard a spiritual voice communicate to me that I was at risk of cancer because my brain was not being used enough for challenging activities, they also mentioned a significant decrease in neural activity and that if this pattern of behaviour continued I was very likely going to result in some sort of brain tumour forming due to lack of cognition or thinking hard.

I believe the spiritual lesson behind this was understanding the brain requires something cognitively challenging or stimulating on a regular basis, something that really exercises the brain and uses the mind or else this organ and the energy that moves around it starts to stagnate and causes people to become ‘brain dead’. There are very likely many different causes of brain tumours and I believe it’s possible to extrapolate some of them and it what it comes down to is dysfunctional use of the mind, patterns of faulty thinking such as threatening or hostile thoughts or doing things known to cause harm to the physical brain such as over-sleeping.

Any sort of cancer tumour can be rightfully seen as an impetus to change, whether it be a learned or conditioned behaviour or the need for a better lifestyle, it’s why having a positive and healthy lifestyle alone will either reverse or heal disease or prevent much of it from ever occurring in the first place.

Prior to this point in my life, my day job of web development provided me with a lot of cognitive challenge and stimulation as it’s a difficult job, but in reality, this is a really great brain workout on its own in terms of analytical thinking, abstraction, reasoning, problem-solving, planning, logic and communication, a sort of mental gym workout. My own intuition was saying something like doing Sudoku or Crosswords, reading more and finding the motivation to get up and out and about more during the day, part of what I’ve opted for is regularly playing one of those brain training games on my mobile phone and I feel some of this is contributing to using more parts of my brain.

Bone Cancer

In this third example, it was mentioned to me intuitively within my own mind that I had developed a bone cancer as a result of ‘so little movement’ and this seems to be highlighting the need for regular movement and exercise such as running or walking outdoors in order to not develop a stagnant or sedentary lifestyle, this really follows on from the example above, a lot of my work and leisure is done sitting in front of computers and since lock-downs I’ve not been going many places, I can only stand walking around my local park so long before I tried of this. This tumour, apparently somewhere in my leg has been insightful, it’s a motivating factor for personal change and otherwise, my body would have continued to become so diseased as to make living life with much joy or meaningful impossible. Eventually, I know the gyms are going to re-open and there will be more places to either visit or return to, the original solutions alluded to needing to be more active during the day, of which I’d essentially given up doing due to my life situation.

Throat Cancer

During a prior instance some time ago, I remember receiving another very specific insight that said I was at risk of developing throat cancer due to what I perceived and understood at the time was likely a forceful method of breathing that I’d initially started doing due to overdoing breathwork or holotropic breathing, which eventually seemed to become just a bad breathing habit I was finding difficult to stop. I believe the muscles in the throat are very sensitive and that improper breathing and forced air intake is an issue, but also not chewing food properly and swallowing forcefully are things that over time lead to the formation of cancer in this part of the body.

I believe this is something many chain-smokers should also be aware of, as I know many cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, I believe addiction to cigarettes is a karmic cause, as not everybody who smokes gets cancer, it’s not a genetic thing, it’s a behavioural thing, like most disease, and contributing factors might include the concept of having a spiritual addiction, smoking somewhere inappropriate or at an inappropriate time, which fits into the idea that everybody has a series of spiritual expectations that we are each influenced by, harming the part of the body used for the process of smoking is a way of bringing attention to the person that they’re doing something that’s resulting in harm.

Spiritually speaking, information from the throat chakra would also reveal that people also need to be careful of their communication and the sort of language they use, including the type of insults, appropriateness, proportionality and severity of insults or bad language used, whether you shout too much, whether you put someone down unfairly. Other spiritual expectations include whether a person speaks truthfully or tells lies, chooses not to speak up when they should be, or speaks and spreads malicious information through gossiping, slander or uses speech and communication in an otherwise dark or harmful way or in a way that results in serious harm to something or someone else.

Lymph Cancer

Lymph cancer is something that causes cancer to the lymph nodes in the body, these in my experience are commonly located behind the ears, in the neck, particularly the sides of the neck, in the throat and under the armpits, and in truth there are probably many others I don’t even know about, I’m not a doctor, but this type of cancer is one of the things that I’ve observed that so many people have it, it’s quite easy to spot early on as it causes a degree of disfiguration and distortion to the shape of the face, particularly around the eyes, cheeks, neck and jawline and it often pushes the neck out of position creating the appearance of a double chin, bulging and even sagging neck skin and muscle, but any located under the arms or near the chest seems to be responsible for making breasts in both men and women appear to droop or hang.

Bowel Cancer

In this next example, I’d purchased for myself a chocolate bar, it contains 3 layers of chocolate, one white, one milk and one with dark, honestly, it’s quite sickly and horrible, but after eating it and spontaneously deciding to meditate, during this meditation my now long deceased grandparent appeared to me in my mind and communicated to me that his bowel cancer was in part due to becoming addicted to eating too many sweets and chocolate.

He clearly knew I was writing this article at the time and he wanted to share his wisdom with me, so this seems to have been the underlying cause of his own bowel cancer condition when he was alive and this seemed to make me more aware of certain risks. It also emphasized the need to consume sources of fibre and green leafy vegetables in order to take care of the gut. It’s possible he was susceptible due to his sweet tooth and possibly having an addiction as such because it’s still a karmic thing and there are spiritual expectations regarding the balance of different experiences.

The anus and bowel are also susceptible to developing cancer due to damage caused by either forcing bowel movements through being impatient or even by cleaning too aggressively and whilst they’re resilient in normal use, they can’t take sustained harm in this way as it causes trauma to the body. The anus and colon are also karmically susceptible to cancer by being penetrated during sex, which is usually considered a major source of impure behaviour unless it’s something like a medical camera used during a polypectomy or possibly some other sort of appropriate instrument, despite how sensitive this organ is and it’s close proximity to the genitals and being stimulated, humans were never supposed to have anal sex or connect with one another using this organ, it’s for excretion, this is why there are spiritual teachings about not engaging in sodomy as it is a common form of sexual transgression that results in cancer of the colon.

Cancers Linked to Sexual Health

Researchers linked ejaculation in men to a decreased risk of prostate cancer, I believe this is in part due to the fact that orgasm assists in processing and releasing trauma from the body, much of which is connected to the root chakra and causes of sexual karma. The root chakra is responsible for storing information about worries, fears, survival needs as well as sexuality and sexual karma. Ejaculation is just as beneficial for women as it is for men when it comes to processing trauma, even if fluid ejaculation is often less common in women and almost always a foregone conclusion in men, it’s ensuring that the trauma gets released from the body that’s important and the intuitive information that plays out from the mind at the point of ejaculation is necessary to hear in order to prevent oneself from getting worse or repeating the same problem over and over.

Survival information can be accessed by the mind and body by directing inner awareness to this area of the body where the root chakra sits at the pelvic floor. A lot of trauma is stored in the legs such as the feet, thighs and hamstrings in particular and it’s when genitals are lightly touched that the body surrenders and begins to release trauma, there are dedicated trauma muscles where common trauma is released by shuddering or successive muscular contraction or muscular release, these are connected to the back of the legs and pelvic muscles and it occurs during orgasm. The thoughts released into the mind at this moment are often very important in order to understand what is making the root chakra so out of balance or disharmonious and this often contains information about the things we each need to do in order to maintain a sense of personal security, which includes our own survival needs, which is a primary function of the root chakra.

When masturbation is done in a slow and caring way, is something that will facilitate in processing and removing trauma from the body, mind and root chakra and may even bring forward survival information we might need to stay safe in a certain situation. Tantra massage is an integral part of the healing process within tantra and can even lead to enlightenment, however, it’s only effective if it’s done in a caring way and not rushed or performed or done merely for gratification as the other partner needs to be able to remain in a relaxed and surrendered state without contracting muscles due to fears. I believe that sex can facilitate the same thing, however, the aim of sex is often more about eroticism, gratification and orgasm and its healing potential can be missed or overlooked often because one or both partners have psychological blocks due to fears surrounding shame, guilt, anxiety over performance expectations and I believe this is why Karezza may also become popular with many.

Prostate Cancer

The following information is very important for people who want to learn about tantra and do so safely. The prostate gland in men is a very delicate and energetically receptive organ that can be mentally manipulated or massaged without physical touch, this gland plays an important role in relieving the unpleasant symptoms of worry and anxiety in boys and men, but can also be physically massaged externally for the same purpose.

At times the prostate gland can be used to relieve anxiety or to create blissful feelings in men and it’s usually women or girls that can connect with this psychically. However, things can begin to go wrong if proper boundaries are not observed between adults and children as connecting to the root chakra of a child and doing something like flirting leads to karma because it’s not safe or appropriate to do this, a serious karmic consequence of sexually connecting to a child’s root chakra is usually prostate cancer.

When the prostate becomes diseased it’s a sure sign that it’s being abused or misused in some way such as serious violating sexual behaviours, including the mind and the body’s subtle energy system whilst corded to someone else. Cording is the psychic mechanism in which people use to connect the mind and chakras together. However, some psychic interactions are responsible for crossing boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed without creating a serious transgression. It is considered a spiritual violation and transgression when age boundaries are not maintained.

Women who have spiritual expectations over becoming mothers and baring children but often resist this expectation or refuse when in such a relationship may develop cancer of the ovaries, these are likewise very sensitive organs also linked to healthy fertility and reproduction similar to the tests in men, but also provide feelings of sensuality when delicately massaged in women. Touching an area of the body will assist in focusing the mind on reading into any problems at that point, however often it’s an area of tension or soreness that naturally brings awareness to that body part. The testes in men are similar and cancers here I believe can be partly attributed to a loss of masculine behaviour or expressing unnatural or perverse sexual desires.

Understanding the causes of cancer

What I took away from all this accrued information is that the body is capable of and is prepared to develop cancer in response to deliberate neglect, harm, trauma or self-harm. What is perhaps most interesting is that cancer tumours themselves seem to contain the necessary information required to heal oneself, if it can be understood and it usually includes the reasons why a tumour has come into existence in the first place. All it requires is to be processed by the mind, sometimes through delicate massage and other times in meditation.

This information required to heal is something that the body and mind functioning together make intuitively available, often it’s a spiritual-doctor, therapist or healer who has developed energy reading intuition or who can tap into the shared mind when connecting with a patient in order to retrieve important health information and they might be able to relay an inner cause for the person to learn and understand from, however by this point I fear that many people make an immediate hasty and fear-based decision to take or use an invasive therapy that will undoubtedly result in permanent physical harm, such as when surgically removing parts of the body afflicted with cancer and causing scars when dealing with things like lymph, prostate or ovarian or cancer.

I believe that understanding that karma and transgression play a key role in the causes of cancer in addition to the things that cause harm to the body can enable everyone to learn the underlying spiritual causes and reasons why they might have cancer and this will empower people to take steps to remedy or removing the risks of developing cancer during one’s own life or to heal from existing cancer where the cause is not obvious or known.

Spirituality seems to have many of the tools required in order to heal from cancer in ways that are non-invasive and do not cause irreversible damage to the body, such as tantra massage, but getting a feeling for what counts as truly honouring and respecting the body as a temple to the divine and what spiritual expectations flow through life can help one navigate the pitfalls of cancer without necessarily needing to know what every precise cause is, as there really are that many that come about when someone strays away from what love is and experiences the consequences of this in an abrupt and harsh manner.

I’ve been personally told at least once that I’ve had a cancer tumour somewhere in my body by listening to my own intuitive mind, something I’ll admit that I found really scary and unexpected at the time, it seemed to come out of nowhere, this was found whilst doing a body scanning exercise whilst listening to the intuition that came from this region of the body as I had awareness placed on it. Often it is feeling an unpleasant, sickly or tender area of the body and at other times it is the sensation or psychic sensing of being able to detect impure energy that is sensed and even tasted on the front of the tongue. I did however already know intuitively that tumours can be reversed through spiritual methods, but one really needs to identify the original cause and be mindful to ensure one consciously acknowledges and dis-identifies from the offending actions, choice(s) or behaviours in order to prevent making cancer worse or having it return again for the same reason or repeat the mistake.

Once identified it is necessary to begin working really hard and to begin to offer some of your time and energy helping others as this is how you are earning and making your spiritual currency or ‘love’ which is what is often used to pay back a karmic debt caused by or resulting from a spiritual transgression of this nature.

The idea that love can heal cancer might sound rather airy-fairy, pseudo-scientific and unproven to some, so I want to provide some logical insight into this also. I believe one of the reasons why love in the spiritual sense can be used to heal cancer is because it is a universal currency that extends beyond the concept of a national currency, this energy can easily be transferred, turned into something someone else would want or be used to pay off karma debt. Once it is created, this might include something like healing a personal health problem, even something that medical science has not yet solved or doesn’t understand due to the limitations on the present paradigm of knowledge.

‘Working hard’ might mean through your main job, particularly if you’re someone who is usually lazy, however, this also covers and extends into other areas of life based on the idea of meeting spiritual expectations, this can include creating enjoyable experiences with friends or for others or putting effort into your family life or basic domestic chores, for example, the simple act of washing the pots every day for a few weeks was enough for me to shed quite a lot of ego energy or impurity and reverse many of the degenerative and damaging effects to my own body, although this might not be enough on its own if the cancer is serious, substantial and very far developed. Understanding that some consciousness is in fact omnipresent and sentient, helped me to understand what hard-working expectations were, something that helps to pay back karmic debt, and in reality you cannot fool or trick consciousness such as if you begin to slack, become too idle or lazy the same way you could if you were being observed by another human being whom could be more easily deceived.

Through doing such things as a spiritual practice of yoga and meditation at one point, I was even able to verify the point in which a tumour was removed from me as it would leave an unpleasant sensation behind that lingered and remained for several days afterwards. At the same time, I would hear spoken in a corresponding positive spiritual voice, that one was removed, and it felt rather authentic as it produced a positive emotional and energetic shift from within me and sometimes I would also see a dream that would seem to show a hospital or the shedding of the consequences of a past event through the way of impurity being processed and removed from both the body and mind.

In Christianity it is taught that working hard is part of the divine reality’s spiritual expectations, this attitude will prevent someone from coming into much chronic disease or ill health through inertia or inaction and generates a fair amount of love in return. In terms of healing, it can also help a person to pay back their karmic debt or pay for a spiritual healer to interact with someone from the mind or the spiritual dimension, often during sleep or some other sedated state of therapy such as massage or acupuncture in order to conduct inner or dream-time healing.

Yoga is part of a spiritual practice that can facilitate and help a person process karma using the connected mind and body. It assists in directing the mind and awareness into particular areas of the body and often it is the areas with the most tension or that do not feel right which requires the most immediate attention so that it can be accessed and addressed.

During a yoga session interactions of a spiritual quality or purpose can be perceived to be taking place within the mind or mental space that allows for psychic interactions with other people and closing one’s eyes and just listening and observing intently to thoughts towards the end of a session can help to realise what is taking place. Often I see fleeting pictures of people, but these are not random, they represent the minds and consciousness of the people whom you have been interacting with outside of normal space, time and reality, however, these inner experiences are also processed by the physical body and mind and are not completely isolated. If the whole population were to regularly do yoga I believe many diseases would be eliminated entirely as this is one of the times which is used to process all the previous mistakes made and this, in turn, affects the consciousness of an individual bringing about internal changes that reflect a new or more evolved way of thinking or being.

One of the common purposes behind a disease, in general, is to allow someone to learn what things are considered dysfunctional, unloving or malevolent in intent and ultimately help to expand knowledge of what love is, which is very valuable. This is something that is required to create synergy between people in all sorts of relationships where personal interaction take place. This understanding is necessary as this is really what really produces the corresponding emotional fulfilment and feelings of love that underpin life and help each of us to have a more desirable experience, but often something many people are intentionally cut off from through unloving thoughts and actions.

Healing from disease is part of the process that leads to the inner understanding that can result in the transformation of choice and behaviour, as well as more beneficial thought processes and better ways of viewing the world that would eventually minimise acts of transgression and thus reduce disease by acknowledging it’s true underlying spiritual causes, something most mainstream medical models might fail to grasp without having had a serious spiritual practice.

Spiritual agreements

Spiritual agreement traps is a more obscure area where cancer might come into play, a spiritual agreement appears to be some sort of soul level or god-level agreement with another person’s same corresponding inner dimension. These are often made during times when resting or sleeping and a change in consciousness has taken place that brings one’s awareness outside of the mind’s ego-consciousness.

One such use for a spiritual agreement can be used to set out the resulting consequences of a set of conditions such as unfavourable events. It could be used for example to help to protect or maintain trust between two or more people in a relationship or business agreement and in this context cancer could be one of the resulting consequences of violating that trust and I’ve come across this phenomenon at least once or twice whilst listening to these inner dialogues between aspects of myself and others wanting to mitigate risks.

However, these agreements are precisely that, they only come into existence if both parties agree to it and one or both violate their agreed terms or perhaps both agree to waive such a right.

One of my other observations is that many long term relationship partners or married partners are actually giving one another cancer through the mind, often due to serious relationship transgressions such as coveting or infidelity. I believe this is done on a spiritual level in an aspect of self that in most people are unconscious of and remains unrevealed as otherwise, it would potentially be devastating for such people to learn of this at the level of their human ego-personality.

Cancer is often a spiritual response to some form of perceived transgression or violation within a relationship, whilst I believe some people do know, many do not seem to have it within the present capacity of their own consciousness or self-awareness to be able to discern this information and what is actually taking place. Based on my own experience of clearly perceiving this intuitive knowledge, I feel other people would surely have openly divulged the purpose behind this rather than allowing a partner to suffer. One of the most serious and obvious examples of where this takes place is due to relationship infidelity where there are clear indications it would never be acceptable or when a third-party person begins to covet the other partner and violates the bond or relationship.

There is a constant stream of expectations that underpin what things are considered loving or in alignment with love and these shared expectations frequently determine what things can or cannot take place within a relationship without causing a relative and personal transgression, for example, such as desiring a polyamorous relationship or wanting an affair (some people really do want this experience, despite how painful it might sound for one or both) and other times it may be when one or both partner’s agreed relationship boundaries are violated, use of pornography can be such a thing to cause a transgression. Information that pertains to relationship boundaries can either be verbally communicated between two people from the human ego-personality if this topic is brought up; or else spiritual expectations are normally exchanged when bonding with the other person and information is then energetically shared and exchanged across psychic threads between the root chakra of two people.

Cancer is deliberately manifested into the body as a result of a clear accidental or deliberate violation against someone else or the divine, something that is seen as severe enough that it warrants some sort of karmic punishment through disease and suffering, so it’s wise to take the spiritual teaching on things like sin, coveting, transgression and love thy neighbour seriously. What else forms part of the spiritual expectations? Things like violence, rape, murder, greed, racism, sexual perversion are considered some of the worst divine violations and transgressions, some of which produce impure energy that would almost immediately form into a physical level of cancer.

In a very recent example, someone famous and well-known in the sporting arena came forward to me during a meditation whilst I was still writing this, he was interested in learning about the spiritual causes of his own cancer, and apparently, this individual was involved in some sort of high-level cheating in his sport and it is highly likely this was an inner spiritual issue resulting in one of his cancers, possibly it was a tumour, but I lack specific detail. From this deductive reasoning, we can see that there are all sorts of serious divine transgressions that can cause cancer as a person runs up against the flow of the divine will or heavenly values and virtues, things like cheating, malicious lying and unethical practise in many areas of life including business, national and international sports and government are highly probable causes of cancers in my estimation.

In another example, I became aware of someone at the forefront of innovating space and civil infrastructure, he appears to own a number of different companies doing different things and his ego cause seems to be that this is simply considered ‘too greedy’, doing too many things and is not in the spirit of fair competition to be owning and doing so much, he’s caught in a cancer trap of his own making and possibly doesn’t understand how a divine could ever intervene or make decisions that might go again his own. I know greed is definitely a cause of cancer outside of this particular scenario, it was initially a female God who spoke to me when I queried in mind why a US senator had passed away whilst I was watching television and she simply said ‘insatiable greed’, quite sad really.

What the precise solution to the first predicament is unclear, it’s likely highly specific to the person, but it might look something like acknowledging the problem and not seeking to run, hide or deflect it by attempting to sell personal possessions (spiritual bypassing), it might be some sort of power-sharing agreement with someone else or handing over or selling off some of the other companies.

This is done in order to meet one’s spiritual expectations regarding the topic of spiritual abundance. I was told at one point that having more than one serious abundance option would normally not be considered allowed and it is written in higher spiritual law not to allow this, although you can sometimes ask and challenge this. An abundance plan is usually an additional or major project or opportunity in addition to a normal job or role that would result in the most financial reward or abundance during the lifetime, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a financial reward either as there are other things that can be as equally desirable or fulfilling.


The good news is that this can be healed relatively easily in incremental stages without invasive procedures or damaging drugs, in my case it’s done using mainly massage and they were mainly small ones, just so long as the touch is light and caring enough to create a surrendering of the body, the information about their cause can be heard in the mind and the loving and caring touch is really what heals and reverses this cancer by releasing the underlying trauma and impure energy.

Use your preferred massage oil, gel or cream and begin by making light small circles or light strokes against the skin going along the body part become aware of what the body and mind are saying to you at this moment, sometimes there will be a corresponding shift of emotions or expressions, such as sadness, crying, grief, anger or even frustration, be warned though, it’s probably not going to be nice to hear or learn what has caused it through the ego-mind and body, but this is far preferable to having to have a surgery in my opinion and if you don’t learn the inner lesson it will simply come back.

The proof of this will come in time by those doing it and providing personal confirmation and validation, but I do not believe that many people get this checked out as it doesn’t seem to look like a big or large obvious lump or tumour, but it’s definitely what seems to stretch the neck and cheeks and I suspect people aren’t going to want some sort of painful biopsy just to check this as it looks and feels so negligible in the beginning, however it is enough to distort the appearance of someone, and when a lymph cancer has well developed the effects it produces look quite unsightly.

Massage can cure many small tumours in the body, but it’s the caring mental and emotional attitude and tender touch along with getting the person to surrender that is absolutely vital, without these conditions, physical touch, even from a therapist isn’t enough on its own and not all therapists necessarily know or are skilled at having a tantric healing touch, however, this disposition is something that one can learn to do on their own enabling a person to heal themselves, it’s likely to take more than one session to completely heal something, however, cancer can be reversed in stages through multiple sessions done over time.

There are some parts of the body that massage can’t necessarily directly heal such as the brain, it’s important to realise cancers have come about for a reason and they require a conscious change, re-identification or a right decision to be made, once this has been done a deeper internal tumour will shrink and disappear on its own. Massaging the affected part of the body or parts of the body connected to the root chakra such as the feet is an excellent way of surrendering the body and channelling thoughts and information about one’s survival needs and health problems, some of which will include the things you need to take care of and address such as a disease or illness. Our own intuitive information is most likely to tell us that we have a specific health problem and might later go on to suggest a change that needs to be made, but it’s good to be mindful and aware that it’s usually one’s own worries and fears that are likely to negatively push someone in the direction of a harmful treatment like surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Meditation, yoga, hard work and repentance together are things that will help the most and aid and speed up the processing of the inner spiritual lessons and reasons why someone might have cancer, the muscles along the core body and torso are linked to the chakras which store information, these become activated as different muscle groups are themselves activated and stretched along the body when they become used and awareness is placed on these parts of the body, at this time they will usually automatically begin to play out a mental thought or entity and release information either about one’s own health, ego personality or spiritual development needs as a human being.

When cancer is healed, people’s physical appearance really becomes enhanced as the face and head take on more of their proper intended tone, shape and definition, this is something one can easily be observed, this natural tone and definition of the face is frequently lost in very many people due to both physical, mental and spiritual trauma, ego, impure energies, unsavoury mental attitudes, personality defects and ultimately the deliberate price one has to pay through karma, which is perhaps the most fundamental and basic way of describing a deliberate disease or instance of cancer, that is not necessarily a complication of some other disorder or dysfunction, but rather comes into existence directly as a result of a spiritual violation such as an act of sin.

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After a long kundalini awakening lasting many years, I eventually emerged as an enlightened mystic in 2017. I write and share information on spiritual evolution and a range of psycho-spiritual health topics.

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