Coronaviruses: Spiritual Insights and Solutions for Healing Coronaviruses

Coronavirus Spirituality

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Short disclaimer: The views in this article consider spiritual perspectives, such as viruses like Covid-19 come to exist for spiritual reasons to help address specific global and social problems. If spirituality or topics concerning objective evil, particularly ideas concerning religious morality make you uncomfortable please consider that this article might not be for you, it contains some ideas some people may find distressing and/or would be likely to cause harm or offence.

I lack the relevant medical knowledge to discuss vaccines, human biology or virology in much detail and you should not expect this from this article. However, some of the more enlightened information about disease comes from the evolutionary process known as Kundalini and at times exceeds some of our present-day medical knowledge and understanding about diseases.

This theory suggests that viruses don’t randomly appear out of the blue, rather they exist in order to create behavioural changes and modifications in the way living beings choose to live and by this rationale and understanding people can shift from feeling victimised by viruses and rather learn to surrender and change themselves by giving up resistance in the body and mind, this is a core practice at the heart of much spirituality.

Spoken truthfully, there’s very likely an intelligent and meaningful purpose behind why viruses like coronaviruses exist in the first place and by my findings, religion seems to have the answers about specifically what each virus is specifically used for and its intended consequences to a human being. This understanding can further explain why only certain people are catching viruses and how natural immunity can be maintained.

I believe if this theory can be adequately studied, validated and proven it will eventually be paradigm-changing. People would then likely not feel as uncertain or as fearful due to the circumstances surrounding viral pandemics or catching a virus and additional things could be done to quickly address the problems behind each virus before it gets totally out of control.

I believe many of the underlying problems viruses are combating have already made their way into our awareness through the collective human consciousness and the intuitive mind that we each have access to. This intuition provides insights such as warnings as well as insights about some of the things that are causing it to spread. Specifically, I believe this is signalling for us to address and resolve specific dilemmas in our lives and society and much of which fits into the broader scope of spirituality such as evil and spiritual corruption, ethics and human morality.

What have these intuitive insights been saying? Certain intuitions bluntly stated that predatory paedophiles and human sex trafficking were significant factors relating to Covid-19. Other more general coronaviruses also occur for a range of different spiritual reasons that I’ll list off shortly.

By observing and validating the negative patterns of human behaviour, in conjunction with the concept of spiritual purity and its effects on the body, I believe it is possible to understand what causes viruses and viral diseases. I feel we can further extrapolate from the concept of spiritual corruption and harmful behaviours and expand this list to include a range of other probable things from modern-day human slavery such as in the context of sweatshop workers, animal welfare issues such as the trade of animal meats like Whales or Pangolin. There may also be other environmental and ecological problems such as mass deforestation and extensive cruelty to animals in industrial-scale animal farming practises in places like China and the United States.

Some of these issues are already known to some degree and some seem to have a tremendous detrimental knock-on effect in terms of the overall health and social wellbeing of our global society. This is partly through the decline and degeneration of attitudes, choices and behaviours in populations and partly due to what is believed to be the individual related causes of each virus. The viruses are likely intended to address such problems at the level of our biology and are intended to make an individual surrender in the spiritual sense.

Things that can be successfully identified and categorised as spiritual corruption represent many of the things which are most harmful to the success and longevity of our world and its biodiversity. In this regard, viruses function as part of the broader immune system of the planet by stemming and preventing negative patterns of behaviour from occurring or going ahead unchecked.

The overall theme of spiritual corruption corresponds to choices and behaviours that are carelessly made in opposition to the divine will for our world. Some of the additional causes of coronaviruses include instances of intense anger, over-reactive and hostile thinking, manifested thoughts and behaviours, addictions to masturbation and alcoholism were also cited. This invisible battle taking place between the divine and the world is based upon a broader tree of knowledge concerning higher morality that one might refer to as ‘good and evil’. For a world and its people to evolve, it must overcome its own sources of evil and eventually come into an enlightened state of being that exists in harmony with other people and animals.

From the divine perspective, the goal has always been about helping humanity evolve into higher levels and degrees of understanding, consciousness, and being to create a more desirable experience, however, the physical world is where humans develop whereas the divine reality is where it has already been perfected to a high standard.

When a person reaches a peak of spiritual development and has resolved their lower impulses, ego and darker issues, they are eventually separated from the rest of the population through something mystical called Ascension. Ascension involves transitioning from lower to higher dimensions and this process is guided by other more evolved beings who use these dimensional levels to organise different quality levels of our human experience whilst we’re in this world from beginner to advanced or low frequency being to high-frequency being.

Ultimately I believe that spiritual wisdom and insights will yield many of the answers needed to understand the root cause and nature of many of our humanities health problems, including overcoming the most common types of coronaviruses and diseases. Much of this information has traditionally come from spiritual teachers and mystics, however, at times teachings and information can themselves become corrupted.

Is there evidence to substantiate this?

A guiding entity told me that sexual perversion damages the natural human immune system by reducing the number of white blood cells in the body needed to combat viruses, something that is evident in people with AIDS/HIV which seems to be linked to hateful thoughts and attitudes towards others and is something I believe is facilitated in part through instances of homosexuality and paedophilia and perhaps other things leading to great irritability through being cut off from the divine source of love.

Limiting the effectiveness of the immune system makes a person more vulnerable and susceptible to being overcome by a virus or viral illness and in my understanding it is a deliberate attempt to thwart, stem and combat corrupted and unhealthy choices and behaviours in both humans and animals. People who are able to overcome the underlying spiritual issue will heal whereas people with too much corruption and are unwilling to change will eventually succumb to greater and greater illness and disease.

Predatory-paedophilia towards children is considered one of the most harmful forms of sexual perversion by God and this understanding is ingrained into western society, it’s reflected in many of our laws, yet abusive things like trafficking still happen. Through my research, I realised that certain perversions produce certain characteristic signs of trauma that differ in degree and severity and can seemingly change, re-shape/mould, and transform the appearance of the face and body.

I deliberately describe this type of trauma as being ‘spiritual’ due to it being connected to karma and ego; and the idea that an act of evil or immoral wrong-doing (transgression) introduces physical trauma and defects into the body as a result of a karmic consequence. I reference karma to allow people to understand that it’s harm caused to the body through spiritual consequences of doing something harmful in one’s life and also to differentiate it from the traditional models of mental, emotional, psychological distress associated with trauma to a person’s psyche or the blunt force trauma sustained to the body through something like a road traffic accident or a violent assault.

Upon closer scrutiny and observation of many of the people who died due to Covid-19, many looked substantially spiritually impure. Most had significant signs of spiritual trauma to the body, some I believe result from spiritual transgressions and offending choices, behaviours and illicit activity. The most serious and pervasive issues seem to be connected to sexual predators, many of whom have been sex-trafficking children around the country and I experience a number of intuitive dreams details how this was occurring.

Sex trafficking of children can occur through grooming techniques as well as the seduction of the mind, sometimes this is deliberately intended to influence and seduce someone into surrendering their will over to another person. In many instances, this can result in abductions of children and there’s evidence that many children are later murdered to protect the identity of those involved. Trafficking seems to be happening everywhere and does not necessarily mean being sold into prostitution; it seems just as common for young victims to be taken to places such as pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and often other peoples’ houses.

One of the most common causes of the coronavirus appears to be linked to uncontrolled anger, this can include things like both physical and verbal threats and hostilities as well as aggressive thoughts, intentions, attitudes and impulses from the mind projected at others. Merely thinking ill towards someone when it is not justified is a sure way to get a moderate coronavirus for a short period of time. The virus causes someone to surrender and then to process their trauma and limits their ability to cause further harm, however, this process can repeat until the spiritual lessons are learned.

People who repeatedly suffer from this type of coronavirus and pattern of behaviour need to become more mindful of their thoughts and develop better emotional self-control through tools such as meditation, yoga, exercise and anger management techniques. I found holding a weighted spherical object in the palm of the hand whilst lying down with the hands facing towards the ceiling was a beneficial way of helping my arm to surrender and helped to process lasting and residual anger and trauma out of the body; likewise clenching the hands into a tight fist for a period of time also seems to naturally help channel unprocessed anger and release tendons in the arms.

One of the other most common causes of coronavirus is due to seducing someone through the mind, sometimes this can be a mental predator whereby prolonged attention is placed on a person either in thought or in person, even looking at a photograph of another person frequently creates a mental or psychic connection from the mind of one person to another person.

This phenomenon can occur in both adults and children and I believe is the primary way in which I believe many children may end up being trafficked. In some instances, children end up connecting with animals in this way and causing a similar effect that results in consequences that causes them to develop a virus as a way of helping them to surrender and stop connecting to animals in this way, which can lead to harm.

Generally speaking, seducing someone in this way causes problems for everyone involved, however, usually, it is part of a faculty that otherwise might ordinarily be used by two people who are romantically interested and bonding with one another whilst becoming spiritually and energetically intertwined. Whilst this is natural, it can also be abused and misused when psychic and mental boundaries are not healthy or maintained.

The Study of Karma

According to both spiritual teachings and my own experience spiritually pure people are rewarded with substantially better health, most of the articles on this blog endeavour to help someone reach this evolved state of purity. Those deliberately causing harm or engaging in immoral choices are effectively punished for and by their own sins and will experience more significant trauma, karma and sickness, suffering and disease.

Studying someone’s facial trauma that has resulted from a source of karma based affliction or a spiritual transgression reveal signs of underlying and inner spiritual problems with a person that I reason is connected to impure, egoic and even sinful behaviours, this is one of the main ways I’ve been able to validate and back up my theory that appearance is connected to purity.

By carefully analysing someone’s karma (spiritual trauma) as it relates to changes to the face and body it is possible to assess and determine a range of corresponding problems. This phenomenon I sometimes call the ‘Pinocchio effect’ and this is one of the reasons why there is such variety, degeneration and deformity to the appearance of facial features. The more serious ones correspond to something evil, impure or unhealthy in either the person’s mind, ego or deeds and this explains why some people look more attractive than others, what determines appearance is not all in the genes after all.

Trauma can affect every part of the body, including torso, abdomen, limbs, head and face, including features and extremities such as the nose, eyes and ears and corresponding intuitive expressions of the face, which seem to intelligently change over time to make a person deliberately seem or look more unwholesome, sinister, morally-bankrupt, evil and perverted in many instances. It is intended to indicate something is wrong or unhealthy about the person. Spiritual doctors, healers, therapists or trauma specialists can all use these symptoms to diagnose or identify the underlying inner problems, conditions or issues and what it pertains to, one of the most serious and common is sexual perversion.

Many people sustain changes to the shape of the eyes, the brow, the cheeks, the jawline, neck and chin, which can all become corrupted or distorted in shape, size and appearance over time, incrementally transforming someone in line with what I believe and understand to be someone’s sources of unhealed ego, corruption and unresolved spiritual issues such as instances of evil or depravity; these are all things that begin to be healed during a prolonged spiritual awakening such as Kundalini, some however still require very deliberate therapeutic techniques to release.

The appearance of the face changes quite literally as muscles are reshaped or moved out of place, small cancerous growths may appear under the skin. Through the application of body tension, the unpleasant and sticky feeling ego changes and begins to distort the appearance and proportion of the face’s features in the cheeks, nose, eyes and chin. These changes are often how a negative or dirty attitude can be reflected in the ego-personality and appearance of a person. When a person has a virus, there is usually also corresponding inflation to an area of the neck, often what seems to be just below the ear and people with unprocessed anger develop much more unnaturally wider jaws that seem to protrude than is normal.

I believe this as of yet not very well understood phenomenon in part occurs to allow other people to gauge or discern what someone’s spiritual problems are by unconsciously analysing intuitive expression. I am so convinced by this that I one day believe it serves a beneficial role in medical diagnostics, medical science, spiritual karma, and even criminal forensic investigation as certain types of trauma seem to correspond to an impure act such as rape or child abuse and can subsequently be identified.

If you would like more information about the techniques and criteria I’ve used to study the body, karma and trauma in this way, please refer to an earlier article on ego balancing. This introduces methods used to examine the face and begins to explore what someone needs to recognise in other people, including more detailed descriptions of how the face is changed and re-shaped by trauma.

It also touches upon how to begin to access and retrieve the information using one’s own mind in a tantric way to begin to identify issues and heal things within the body in order to reverse the degenerative effects afflicting someone’s body appearance.

This prior study into facial trauma allowed me to see there was a correlation between impure appearance and coronaviruses, it seemed to be infecting individuals who have at least one or more negative issues.

I was told it was important to get outside and be around other people. This was meant to be one of the main methods in which information was being shared from person to person through the mind relating to the causes of coronaviruses, something that was stifled through government lock-downs. This might in reality be how herd immunity really works and helps people who might not even have the virus yet to also assimilate, process, and integrate new information obtained through the mind and into their consciousness and subsequent personal belief system(s) so as not to commit the offending causes of the virus.

The Role of Spirituality in Overcoming Viruses

Information is coming into the mind all the time and I no longer believe that the mind is only limited to the physical constraints and limitations of the head or the body, through spiritual practice, one can come into contact with the divine mind or beings of pure and benevolent qualities who understand our humanities evolutionary needs.

Tapping into this wealth of spiritual knowledge and information I believe can be best done using a spiritual practise that incorporates focused meditation, yoga and direct requests made by way of prayer and that this information is available to those who are open, receptive and prepared to listen and feel inwardly through the mind and body from an ethereal place called the astral plane and through holographic interactions in a shared space created by the mind.

The idea that some people and beings exist somewhere else and are not part of our world reality, but yet can and may choose to interact with us, might seem bizarre or startling to some. However, many of these beings have higher information about the causes and true nature of diseases, much of this pertains to the topic of karma, how I believe diseases are first created in the body and mind in response to things like acts of unkindness, sin and transgression, this is part of the rational spiritual mindset, but yet this understanding remains alien to our doctors and scientists.

Occasionally, this information will come in the form of a telepathic or spoken voice into the mind. I would encourage anyone using these methods to remain conscious and alert during and immediately afterwards. Particularly during the periods when you go to bed and secondly when you immediately wake up in the morning, as these are the times when we are most receptive and available to being approached. When the mind and body begin to process intuitive information we may have received during the night.

Prayer and Meditation

Yoga works with the mind, body and breath through holding different postures and enables us to travel or project somewhere else in mind to concentrate or access a part of the psyche necessary to heal something inwardly.

Prayer is a way of focusing the energy and intention of the mind to connect to something higher, this can be God, a higher aspect of the spiritual self and occasionally the consciousness of other people. Depending on the intention, this can be used to resolve a number of personal problems through insights, mutual agreements, releasing fears or clearing a chakra or connecting with a guide or angel who might attempt to communicate with you about your problems. Apparently, Mexico faired much better than other countries during the pandemic simply because their natural reaction was to pray more and become introspective.

Meditation allows the mind to disengage from external stimuli and can either focus on processing information from the body such as trauma or medical intuition or connect the personal mind into the higher levels of mind where more enlightened beings or spiritual guides may interact with us inwardly. When meditating, it’s easier for us to begin to cycle through the thoughts in our ego. Some of these relate to daily activities initially. Still, later the mind begins to focus and relax muscles all over the body that releases different information from the body and into the mind for it to be recognised. When meditation can be sustained for a longer period, internal subtle vibration is generated and this begins to dissolve psychic impurities stored as subtle energy within the subtle bodies such as the astral body that sits within and interpenetrates the physical body.

I found that doing these three spiritual practices enabled me to learn more about the initiating root causes of a disease rather than hoping for or relying on purely a physical or medicinal intervention such as vaccination. All three modalities enable the trauma behind a source of karma or transgression to be processed and released.

Tantra as a Healing Modality

There are two distinct sides to tantra; one is about spiritually connecting with another person for sharing greater warmth, intimacy, love, sensuality and bonding through love, emotion and energy. On the other side, tantra massage can also function as a path of personal healing, this involves a form of caring message to parts of the body to release karmic tension and trauma. In tantra, the mind itself can be used as a beneficial spiritual tool for personal healing and transformation as it may be carefully directed to assist in unpicking the underlying causes of disease by accessing energy and information from the chakras.

By connecting with someone and then using the inherent qualities of adult sexual energy a person may begin to shed impurities from the body that correspond to sources of past unprocessed trauma which can lead to a personal breakthrough in healing their body. Removing and processing sources of trauma is necessary to allow the body and mind to work together to restore health. After a session one can find that physical defects within the muscles and tissues due to personal karma, cancer or trauma begin to reverse and start to correct abnormalities to one’s appearance and body shape, however, there are many things that still require a physical intervention to heal and this is where things like acupressure, traditional massage and acupuncture can complement healing.

Spiritual Surrender

One of the most effective methods of releasing trauma and processing information is a form of spiritual surrender; this involves a physical and mental willingness to let go and when successful allows muscles and tendons in the body which have been contracted and tightened due to fear or by trauma to release and unwind. I was informed the main purpose of coronavirus was to help someone surrender and meaningful information can be heard during a still and silent meditation.

When both surrender the body and mind work together and begin to release sources of trauma, often with accompanying thoughts of things that need to be heard in order to make better decisions or choices and even for learning the greater spiritual lesson required to prevent repeating problems.

I will be writing more about what surrendering is, why it’s important and how to go about achieving the surrendered state necessary for releasing trauma, something that could be considered a necessary part of the phenomena of spiritual awakening for the body, mind and spiritual aspects of a person being to heal.

Without such an intervention, society and global civilisation could risk falling into a state of total decay or even collapse, which is associated with a fall into dystopian times. Without correcting this problem, conditions would threaten to cause more harm than good to people’s health and development and our world could cease to serve its purpose as a learning environment and place to continue to evolve.

Please remember, any choices or decisions taken in respect of one’s own health or wellbeing is done so in the full knowledge that each person is responsible and liable for their own health, please consult medical professionals alongside alternative information.

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