What are the Spiritual Causes of Disease?

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This article is intended to explore some of the main spiritual causes of illness, sickness and disease and includes several examples pertaining to things like cancers of the body and viruses.

I remember when someone once shared with me that diseases have spiritual causes, whilst this was a mystery to me 8 years ago, I thought it was profound. It would take several years of putting together the jigsaw pieces from different spiritual sources such as religion, ascension, shamanism, the ‘new age’ and tantra in order to really comprehend what this meant and it also includes esoteric knowledge I learned through completing and going something called a Kundalini awakening, which is a sort of initiation into more advanced states of human evolution.

I arrived at the conclusion that at the root of many diseases is the intelligent purpose of bringing about behavioural changes and modifications in living beings, i.e. people and animals. These changes occur to different elements of the human being, but especially at the levels of mind, soul and consciousness in order to bring about and shape the ongoing evolutionary development of a person.

As consciousness transforms over time, beliefs and thought patterns begin to fall into harmonious alignment with a higher divine will and perspective. This higher perspective in my experience is usually based on love and a more evolved way of being and understanding things. By making personal changes and learning, decoding and integrating the spiritual lessons from diseases, can someone positively transform and develop one’s inner self, the god and consciousness, as this happens many personalities and character defects are either corrected or resolved from spiritual development and leads someone into higher degrees of consciousness and spiritual evolution.

In essential religious and spiritual teachings information is shared about the nature and cause of disease, here it is usually referred to as the concept of sin and transgression, something that leads to an inner spiritual corruption. These represent the worst things that our gods and divine creators deemed completely unfit for a human being to do or partake in, or they are things that are considered harmful and detrimental to other people’s lives, and this forms much of our present-day moral understanding. When humanity is stuck in this lower stage of evolution, they often refer to people as being ‘like children’ or ‘animals’ as expressed in either the infantile, unlearned or pejorative sense.

At times ordinary transgressions and spiritual transgressions converge and could be considered to mean the same thing. For example, coveting someone else’s partner to the point of being prepared to tempt, solicit and sexually seduce them would be considered both. Whereas being cut off in traffic would more likely just be considered an ordinary transgression, however, both might result in a minor to moderate increase of disease or ego affecting the offending person(s).

Irrespective of whether coveting is protected by human laws, it is however governed under spiritual laws as an offender would probably get a coronavirus and the offender asked to surrender assuming they were committing coveting by lusting after others. On the flip side, adultery only seems permissible without spiritual consequences of disease when individuals bond and form spiritual agreements to allow such things. Some people seemingly become addicted to the thrill or excitement of this idea and later may develop difficulties in forming relationships based on love as opposed to what opportunity can afford them.

In order for a person to remain healthy and avoid developing sickness, disease, illness and trauma for spiritual reasons someone must abide by valid spiritual teachings and higher laws to prevent bringing about karmic health consequences that result from violating them. In order to recover and heal a person must be prepared to make changes in response to their disease(s) and learn from the experience.

However, not every disease has a spiritual cause, if a person refuses to eat healthily, go outside and breathe fresh air, frequently oversleeps or doing exercise, then the body will start to degenerate and disease will set in more rapidly. Many diseases however are still governed by spiritual laws, the underlying sentiment is that human beings were not inherently meant to become a dysfunctional, immoral or degenerate species, contrary to however many people who would deliberately live in ways that do not respect this ethos.

The following is a short example of how spirituality can intersect with disease and at times appears to contradict what many scientists and doctors might say. I learned about an instance of liver cancer that was manifested as a result of drinking whiskey directly out of the bottle, outside of any sort of social context. However, if the very same amount and units of alcohol that were poured into a glass and drunk within a social setting would not have resulted in cancer developing or if the person was using alcohol as a way to cope with a bereavement, the disease would not likely come about as a result of this act.

In this case, the purpose of the disease was to bring awareness to the risks and problems of possible alcoholism and associated behaviours such as social isolation and addiction. However, once these are corrected the disease would begin to seem to heal and reverse all on its own, that is so long as a person is prepared to put in the effort to change, sometimes it requires someone to work it off through normal jobs, work, projects or physical exercise; or additionally, someone creates more love through positive human interactions or being in service to others in some helpful or beneficial way that these acts offset ego-based trauma.

Smoking cigarettes is also governed by spirituality irrespective of what harmful chemicals they might contain, a person who only smokes socially or occasionally is not likely going to be threatened with developing throat cancer, however, a person who persistently chain-smokes is highly likely to get it. Spirituality in this case dictates that ‘it is unspiritual to chain smoke’ through multiple packs of cigarettes, however, enjoying the sensations of smoking on its own, whilst drinking alcohol, after sex or even from a pipe or cigar is not considered a sin.

Likewise, there is nothing sinful about enjoying the act of betting gambling, the adrenalin of taking chances and making money from betting. However, it becomes a sin when a person becomes addicted, ignores their family and social responsibilities, squanders most of their hard-earned wages and begins to recede more and more from society or family life obligations.

In these cases, the cure for cancer is not to have diseased cells chemically obliterated with radiation or cut out of the body, this is in reality a barbaric practice that will one day end. Healing cancer requires the person to recognise the error of their ways and reverse the trend of damaging behaviour once it’s identified, which may or may not require consulting doctors or specialists along the way to get to the bottom of things, often spiritual answers come in the form of intuitions and channelled thoughts. This approach to healing is also why a repentant attitude and a willingness to help others is important, as this is what works off the karmic debt and allows the disease to de-manifest from the body.

It seems that when thoroughly scrutinised, even viruses are in reality not the result of transmission from insect or animal bites, but rather they’re manifested directly into the body in response to different spiritual transgressions. One of the most common viruses, the coronavirus has a variety of different attributable causes ranging from excessive anger, over-reactive thinking and hostile thoughts, to seducing someone through linking to the mind and energy of another person, something I frequently did throughout my childhood.

The Rhinovirus also known as the common cold, this illness serves to help someone process a difficult inner lesson concerning right and wrong human conduct and behaviour and can only be eliminated entirely through learning the spiritual causes and not committing the offending transgressions. Sometimes transgressions are also the things that are considered too taboo or too embarrassing for open discussion, the example that was intuitively cited was acts of ‘inappropriate touching’ and may explain why it’s more prevalent throughout earlier childhood.

Having a runny is nose is just one of the ways in which the body processes away from the resulting tension from the head, during cold many people, also develop general coronaviruses at the same time, which is in reality intended to force someone to surrender through the risk and threat of remaining unwell. Surrendering doesn’t always happen right away, but activities like reading, drawing, writing, taking a hot bath and doing something mindfully and relaxing can speed up the process of surrendering sooner and lead to quicker resolution of an illness. Tension is often part of deliberate or intended suffering that is enforced through tightness and constriction that is bound to a particular spiritual offence.

Symptoms like sore throats and tight heads can be attributed to the consequence of suffering due to ongoing feuding or internal conflicts with people, often it includes threatening behaviour intended to intimidate, in a way that is inappropriate or not morally permissible in a spiritual way, often this leads to over-reactionary mental and emotional anger.

During my life, eczema was frequently used as an unpleasant means of forcing me to surrender or process something unpleasant I had done wrong, I eventually learned it would only disappear once the mind has identified the inner problem. The act of processing is often what naturally takes place when one’s awareness jumps from one part of the body to another when a person stays surrendered, this can happen throughout the day on its own leading to intuitions and releasing muscular tension, but this is especially so during meditations or when falling asleep, often this happens during temporary periods of bipolar depression when the body becomes slow and heavy and thoughts are easier to perceive and distinguish.

By beginning to process the many different sources of tightness, soreness, tension, trauma, ego and karma linked to disease from the surrendered state, the mind and consciousness interacts with the body to begin to heal itself and release these different traumas. One of my own self-healing rituals is often just to lay on a yoga mat, breathe deeply, and allow tension to release on its own whilst listening to something relaxing like music, white noise sounds, or whilst doing a specific healing meditation to some of the accompanying meditations found on youtube.

Healing the ego is one of the main ways that someone begins to develop themselves and clear suffering and disease. The muscles of the body and corresponding chakras in each area of the body all store information about what is wrong with different aspects of personal health and often include what each person needs to do, to progress in a particular area of life or self-healing. Two of the most active and relevant chakras are the root chakra and sacral chakra, they detail problems with sexual trauma, personal fears and anxiety and family and relationship issues respectively.

Spiritual impurities are also one of the spiritual causes of disease, this sits somewhere between the originating issue and point of the offence and the biological symptoms that later develop. It can however be difficult to find evidence of impurities, that can be examined or quantified scientifically in the same way a blood or saliva sample can be examined, however in spiritual terms, an impurity is unpleasant psychic energy that can be felt and perceived both within and by the sensing instruments of the body. When bad energy is present in the body there will often be either a corresponding disease or a dirty or impure part of the ego expressing itself through the personality and physical appearance. Impure energies can thus at least be validated by people with enough awareness of subtle energies such as healers or people who have undergone an awakening and have developed this sensitivity to it.

Skilled healers such as tantric healers also have the ability to extract this negative energy from a chakra or the astral body and their own mind may even translate what the underlying or inner issue was that created the bad energy in the first place, some may even go onto to help clear or transmute negative energy with their own tantric energy. When a person clears out enough bad energies and integrates enough of the spiritual lessons to prevent reoccurrence, this begins to pave the way for a person to go through something called ascension to move into higher layers of mind and consciousness.

Ascension means that the mind is split up into different frequency dimensions, lower dimensions have more fundamental problems to learn about, whereas in the higher dimensions there is much less disease. Everybody is eventually expected to complete this cycle of learning, however many physical lifetimes it may take, but most diseases can thus be prevented by knowing some of the fundamentals of spiritual understanding and then applying this to oneself without necessarily needing to know precisely what every individual cause is, there will one day be enough wisdom floating around in the collective mind as to understand what sort of things one can or cannot do without manifesting a disease, thus becoming common understanding.

Even if someone does have or create a disease, after persevering with enough work and effort, someone will usually be gifted with the knowledge of what caused it. Some people are actually healing from all manner of diseases, but may not have the awareness to realise it, or may not be taking on board the integral lesson required to avoid it becoming repetitious by creating internal changes to the quality of one’s consciousness and inner being.

So having reached this far, what are the spiritual causes of disease? The underlying root causes of disease are usually spiritual, however, the shortlisted answer could undoubtedly include anything that is spiritually corrupt, for example, immoral behaviour, sexual perversions, sexual lust (not to be confused with eroticism), lust for power and control, greed, selfishness, coveting, cruelty and abuse, laziness, vanity and narcissism, hypocritical attitudes, telling lies, stealing, cheating, extreme forms of hate and even the destruction and vandalism of property. These things all feedback into the body and mind in terms of trauma and diseases, some things will even make a person look like they’re full of ego or more sinister, this usually continues until such a time that the individual understands what things are immorally wrong and therefore stopped and this can result in a spiritual awakening.

The lack of care and awareness concerning the power of one’s own thoughts is also very misunderstood in terms of its mental health impact, one can develop a coronavirus simply through egoic reactions, hostile thoughts or violent ideation, this is in fact very common. It is also through understanding the relationship between the mind and the body that someone one can begin to see how it relates to the causes of disease or illness.

Some sources of diseases can be explored from a psychospiritual level by witnessing how thoughts and intentions manifest into symbolic holographic forms, this can occur either by being allowed to connect and access someone else’s mind and thoughts or by seeing how the mental self of a person is behaving on something called the astral plane, this is a shared space where many people simultaneously access information and learn new things, it is also somewhere where both the beauty and gruesomeness of human thought can be explored in greater detail and complexity as the individual psyche expresses symbolic communication. From the astral plane, many different types of errant and incompatible behaviour can be identified by seeing what a person does and how they interact and relate with other beings and many of these incompatible behaviours will also correspond to physical disease.

Some of the worst diseases are generated as a result of things like an act of rape or murder, however sexual perversion and its many encompassing attributes and complexities are alone one of the world’s biggest causes of disease. This might also be followed by violent or predatory attitudes and behaviours, especially if it contains elements of violence, sexual violence or abuse directed towards someone else. I’ve already mentioned that some diseases can spread through society in the form of meme behaviour and socially learned or copied behaviour, usually things that encourage spiritually corrupt attitudes or behaviour to occur. In addition to understanding spiritual corruption, one can also begin to learn and glean what spiritual expectations are and how spiritual learning and development or lack thereof correspond to diseases like bipolar disorder.

This is often why religious morality features in some of our entertainment media to reinforce ideas about proper and safe human conduct and morality, however in a world where both good and evil express themselves in ways that are not to be taken as fiction, there is an inherent risk of people becoming more corrupted than spiritually purified as not all ideas are pure of based on the truth when aligning with the morals and ideals of a sick society, so to do the individuals that subscribe to them become sick, a spiritual awakening is what is required to undo transgressions and reverse much of the damage.

Whilst many of these causes of disease are as clear as day for me to see now, however, they’re only likely to be taken seriously by those who are genuinely exploring spirituality with an open but discerning mind. Presently doctors and scientists are going to struggle to make these connections due to an overly strong belief or adherence to scientism and other incorrect theories, especially when someone is devoid of or lacks any mature spiritual understanding to bridge their knowledge divide. For the time being this information is unlikely to reach the mainstream world or become validated and make its way into mainstream medical understanding, however much of it can be validated empirically and tested by those who are already suffering and are seeking a spiritual solution to end it.

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