What is Trauma?


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This article is about trauma, what it is, how it manifests in the body, what causes it, what its purpose is, how to prevent it and how to release it. The type of trauma we’re talking about here I describe as the deliberate application of force that creates tension by tightening groups of muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body.

How does trauma manifest?

Trauma often occurs in response to spiritual transgressions, such as things that are genuinely sinful as well as the harmful things we do to one another. This trauma is very different from other types of medical trauma such as blunt force sustained from an attack, being under the scalpel in surgery or through something like a car accident. Whilst both include hurt or pain, there are also mental, emotional and psychological components to it as well that must surface, however we’re mostly focusing on the underlying spiritual element to the cause of trauma.

The resulting increase in tension through sustaining trauma begins to cause chronic pain, tightness and soreness in affected parts of the body. With other parts of the body that can be affected, usually the aim of trauma is to deliberately damage and distort it by changing the shape, this could be a limb, facial features are commonly affected such as your nose, chin or ear, but the worst chronic pain generally comes from tightening the tendons in the limbs, compressing or misaligning the spine or putting trauma into the torso, back and abdomminal muscles.

I often equate spiritual trauma with karma, because when a person creates negative karma through their actions or misdeeds, the consequences of creating such a transgression that come with a karmic consequence. This consequence more often than not consists of tightening the tendons in the body. This is done by contracting the tendons that wrap around the underside of the fingers and toes, they’re designed to do this and when it happens it usually happens quickly and suddenly. It generates a noticeable bit of heat when tightened and when tension is later removed or released a lot of potential energy is also released back into the body making one feel energised.

When enough tension is created, it creates physical resistance and this force starts to block and impede the normal flow, movement and function of the body and limbs, this will then over time cause chronic pain problems and the force exerted may require someone to receive a knee or hip replacement for example as bones are damaged beyond their ability to cope with these forces. Sustaining trauma of this nature can be chronic, painful and totally debilitating and may prevent someone from operating normally.

Who or what is responsible for applying trauma or karma? If your mental self or psychic self is interacting with someone else in their mental space, then their god or self may decide whether someone has done something harmful that warrants someone to receive some trauma as a response.

This is also true if someone else is within your mental space and they commit a transgression against you, but other times a higher god may decide to directly intervene in human affairs and decide a person either needs to receive trauma as a lesson or whether they can be released from some of their karma through having done good deeds, helped someone else or performed hard work, which is essential for spiritual healing to be successful.

Sometimes trauma might also consist of receiving cancer cells, ego energy or sometimes viruses, however, the most common type of trauma in my experience comes directly from divine spirit entities interacting with us from our own mind rather than through the mind of each other. The idea that the mind can manifest cancer cells is quite troubling particularly if one isn’t able to overcome over-reactive thought.

This advert for vax is a good example of moderate cancer trauma, it shows three people who have under skin cancers from what seems like it is cording inappropriately and breaking down psychic boundaries between adults and children. It causes undesirable changes to appearance including bloating, swelling and inflation to the appearance of the face. Other trauma effects include intelligent changes where muscles have become unpinned from the face to deliberately distort features and damage healthy contours.

Spirit is responsible for overseeing human karma, they can easily connect through the individual mind in order to access the body and create or send different command signals that change the physical body in order to apply trauma in response to a witnessed or perceived violation or transgression. These spirit entities are usually ever present and they’re how the divine police and manage human karma, they’re given the right to do this and as a general rule of thumb avoiding sources of ego and spiritual corruption are how one can avoid bad changes such as wound tendons that cause tension and distortions to the appearance from occurring.

By late 2017 I had noticed that our divine creators had become very accustomed to using visual metaphors to explain many of our humanities different underlying spiritual problems. Sometimes these manifest as symbolic entities within the dream environment, but when they emerge in the more real sense, these metaphors become expressed within the physical appearance of the body and DNA.

It becomes possible to observe when someone’s nose has intelligently shifted and changed to resemble a vampire by changing the structure of the muscle and tension when someone’s eyes have become evil and demonic-looking or when someone’s ears distort and start to resemble a pig or seem more goblin-like than human and there are likely many more archetypes the mould the way we look. Whilst a demon might require an exorcism to remove and get someone to acknowledge the offence, a lot of the physical defects can be restored through massage, repentance and hard work.

Some of these physical changes that are imposed upon the human form I still consider to be a type of trauma to the body that can be studied and identified with physiognomy and released through processing the karma behind it.

Most (but not all) of this trauma can be released using a style of delicate and caring massage to the body in order to assist in releasing these distortions to the body by reversing the physical degradation. Often you can massage a body feature that has been affected, other times there will be a corresponding chakra that needs healing with the same technique. One of the only times I found a trauma couldn’t be released was when it involved changes to soft bone in the brow that was affected by strong compressive forces which seemed permanent, for example, creating an ‘angry brow’.

What is the cause and purpose of trauma?

An example of a spiritual transgression that commonly results in trauma and tendon tightening is predatory sexual behaviour, if you were to either deliberately or accidentally seduce someone else’s relationship partner or spouse through sexual solicitation or creating a scenario where there is too much temptation involved, often through stimulating or accessing the root chakra or sharing sexual energy with the person.

Doing this can in effect compromise the other person or their relationship, which often creates a serious enough karmic violation as it would usually damage trust within the relationship. In these instances, a divine spirit would decide what the appropriate level of punishment is for what the transgression is and usually consists of tightening, ego, karma and visual changes that make a person seem predatory or evil.

In my experience, most people are unconscious or unaware of these processes happening within the background of the mind and it only usually comes into their awareness once they begin to feel pain and experience chronic health problems or difficulties.

The purpose of trauma is usually to assist and help remind someone to understand that there are undesirable consequences for many of the undesirable choices and actions someone might make that results in a transgression or violation against someone else. Without trauma, someone would be free to keep committing offences or re-offending and causing further misery to other peoples lives and it’s usually through realising this that a person can grow and make personal changes to habits and behaviours.

It often isn’t necessary to consciously be aware of karmic processes at the ego-personality level, however, grievances or challenges to karma and some decisions made can be done during yoga and meditation, occasionally this is done during periods of rest or sleep, but this is never guaranteed and can result in sleep disturbance and restlessness.

Some transgressions are not actually against other people, but are against the human form itself or against other living beings such as plants or animals, for example, there are many sexual perversion that results in trauma and disease to the body due to violations against God and the divine, animals that are abused or improperly care for or wildlife habitats that are unrightfully destroyed can be a cause of trauma or spiritual transgression that results in karma.

Why is it important to release trauma?

As mentioned earlier, trauma will eventually cause chronic pain, stress to the body and health problems and the body becomes incrasingly tighter, less mobile and more painful. It’s normal for a person to experience greater and greater mental and emotional distress as well as physical mobility issues and limitations.

Victims who sustain certain types of trauma such as rape may re-experience these past events presented as grainy or low fidelity images in the mind’s eye and some people will develop post-traumatic stress disorder that needs to bring attention to psychological and emotional problems that need to be processed and worked on to release.

Trauma causes both physical pain and emotional pain, however, the latter of the two sits deeper within the muscles of the body and is difficult to release without doing massage to release it.

Releasing trauma is a serious component of a spiritual awakening, for example, certain Kundalini kriyas are intended to help release and process trauma in addition to opening up energy channels in the body. Without learning the spiritual lessons through the processing of trauma it becomes difficult to grow and develop as a person or be accepted into higher levels of consciousness or the higher dimensions as you become stuck repeating the same problems over and over.

How to release trauma

One of the main ways in which the damage and negative consequences of trauma can be removed is through doing yoga, something that helps to heal the body on both physical, mental and spiritual levels. As a person stretches through their tension and their mind comes to rest on an area of the body affected by trauma, here it will often automatically begin to process the trauma and go over events that resulted in a transgression.

Only once the mind has processed the events can the trauma can begin to be released, sometimes this is accompanied by an emotional component such as feelings of sadness, grief, melancholy or regret and this can be helped through having a repentant attitude that reflects the willingness to atone oneself for any harm committed.

Once trauma has been released, there is usually an immediate sensation of relief as tension is released and removed, this results in the lessening of chronic and debilitating pain and soreness from chronic health problems. In order to correct certain problems to the spine, skull, knees, hips and limbs, it is first necessary to remove the underlying trauma. This isn’t something usually isn’t something that can be resolved through taking pain killers, however, there is evidence that smoking marijuana can lessen the pain of processing a traumatic event and certain physical therapies such as physiotherapy or yoga can assist to do this.

Often usually trauma can only be released when the body comes into a surrendered state, often there is a fear, resistance or unwillingness to surrender because the processing of traumas to the body is both physically unpleasant and emotionally painful to confront.

Tantra massage can be a very effective way of releasing and removing trauma, massage helps a person to feel more soothed and comforted, enabling the body to come into a surrendered state and then the trauma is more gently teased or gracefully massaged out rather than itself being another traumatic event.

Some trauma can be very difficult to release and may require hours of massage or additional therapies such as psychotherapy, counselling or other bodywork in order to resolve emotional components or complications resulting from a past event or incident and it isn’t always easy to make someone feel safe enough that their trauma can be sufficiently released.

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