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This article is intended to serve as an introduction to the topic of karma and explores things like positive karma, negative karma, karmic debt, karma balancing, karmic disease and the essential to understand the principle of cause and effect in relation to the health of the body, mind and soul.

For every action either good or bad, there is an effect that sends ripples out into both one’s own and others lifetime resulting in any number of unseen consequences that may be felt later. One’s own thoughts and intentions are capable of influencing other people at a distance and assist in setting up future events and it pays well to only think pure or loving thoughts.

Positive karma is the idea that for every positive or selfless good deed or act of hard work, one will begin to accrue positive karma, this often comes in the form of love (universal currency), positive emotional energy or high-frequency energies that can be exchanged for things like personal healing, recreational time without being made bipolar, more enjoyable dreams and even manifested events or synchronicities to encounter in the future down the line. Positive karma is however often used in the beginning to offset the damage done by having accrued any negative karma until one either reaches a low level or the value is seen to reset completely as achieving a good state of health is often most desirable.

Negative karma can have numerous unfortunate consequences such as missing out on a relationship or similar opportunity or losing one’s job, however, it frequently causes damage to the body in the form of a disease, ill-health and other chronic health problems, it can explain many health problems, everything from the reason why you have a bad back, why your hair may be falling out or even the real underlying reason why you might have cancer in the body somewhere.

The Causes of Karma

The causes of karma can consist of many things, this includes both personal transgressions against other people, divine transgressions against God that breaks spiritual laws or transgressions against other people’s gods who perceive you as having done something particularly or unnecessarily unkind.

One of the most fundamental areas to understand when it comes to learning about the causes of karma is sin and transgression. The topic of Sin holds a lot of wisdom about the true cause of many common diseases and whilst we know about the most common and most relevant forms of sin from a historical perspective, I understand there are still many more which are yet to be discovered and are likely to be relevant to more modern times.

Modern examples of karma might include the rights, wrongs and morality of interactions with computer AIs or humanoid android robots, very conscious animals, other bipedal sentient species and even what can be achieved with the mechanisation of industrial farming and food growth. Whilst this might sound rather far fetched or not very spiritual even, this is an area we will one day approach and have to deal with in order to avoid creating new viruses or diseases as these areas are governed by spiritual expectations intended to ensure a certain quality and standard of human creation is maintained and perfected, something that philosophy would discuss, but ultimately spirituality would decide.

Through an understanding of karma, one begins to see the world through different eyes, by peeling back this veil and seeing humanity through the eyes that spirit does, it’s possible to realise simple things such as realising that staring at someone inappropriately can result in the formation of skin spots or acne forming on the body.

For every situation that requires managing, there is a physical intervention that can take place through the body to facilitate and guide choices in order to help someone to come into alignment with their spiritual expectations, it is usually only when one begins to swim against this current of spiritual expectations does someone begin to experience serious ill-health problems.

Whilst karma can be applied at any moment in order to begin changing the body, often in very subtle but still noticeable ways through the creation and application of body tension, the period of the day where this is most observable is just before sleep as this is when the body and mind naturally surrender and give up resistance, however one still requires sleep to function and there’s only so much time allocated to focusing on this aspect of life, often it is used to convey a new problem through a short vision, dream or spoken message.

Releasing Karma

Releasing negative karma and connected trauma often comes either during a spiritual awakening with associated spiritual practises or when engaging in a personal journey of self-healing, whilst some of the content is from the present lifetime, soon comes the realisation that multiple lifetimes is actually the truth and much one of one’s own negative karma comes from these other lifetimes.

During an awakening such as Kundalini awakening, the unprocessed content of the charkas soon becomes processed allowing one to shed dark energies, lower negative energies and trauma stored as subtle energy in the body, often resulting in a lot of unpleasant dreams relating to past incidents, some of which will be derived from past lifetimes.

One of the best spiritual practises for releasing karma is yoga, information pertaining to karma is stored in the individual fingers and toes in the hands and feet respectively, in addition to this, there are special muscles in the pelvis that also tighten in response to trauma and fear which are also responsible for storing karma and trauma.

The most effective yoga position for creating an attitude of repentance and releasing past negative karma involves folding over oneself and allowing the muscles and tendons in the legs, feet and toes to surrender completely and release, as this occurs the mind begins to process the material.


As the surrendering occurs, tension releases from the toes and constriction in the muscles begin to release as psychological resistance in the mind and physical resistance in the body both give way and over time this has enables the body to become more flexible and less stressed. One of the consequences of doing yoga is the necessity for one’s own consciousness or true self, must first process this information in order to grow and develop and form healthier beliefs about what one might do in the future when encountering similar situations, it is to enable you to form a strong morality based on right and wrong or light teachings.

The physical human body was designed in order to allow for the expression of karma in the form of ill health, tightened tendons and personal suffering, whereas the divine body or light body still has all the enjoyable aspects and experiences of the human form but without the burden of the extra unnecessary systems that enable diseased parts of the body, this upgraded body becomes available only through spiritual evolution and once a certain milestone has been reached the cycles of physical incarnation become unnecessary and one may live in a higher dimension.

One of the most effective spiritual practises for healing and releasing trauma and karma is tantra massage, this is because initially, it makes a person feel safe, allowing them to naturally release and stop any resistance to the tension in the legs and feet due to fear and then through physical touch the trauma, often experienced as a type of emotional bruising can be accessed and released from the body through a caring and loving touch using massage techniques. Whilst yoga is especially effective at releasing trauma from tendons and pelvic muscles, massage can be used for all areas of the body and is very effective at releasing the trauma stored within muscles such as the hands, neck and head, abdominals, chest and back.

More advanced tantra techniques can be used to access the chakras directly using the mind during meditation using psychic cords, often it is the root chakra that holds onto and stores the worst trauma that people have sustained over their lifetimes.

Karma Balancing

One of the best ways in which to balance one’s own personal negative karma is through saying and reciting the Lord’s prayer, the specific line that has the most relevance to this effect is “Please forgive us of our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.” In this context, trespassing refers to acts of transgression against another person, if you harm another person in a very careless or deliberate way, you are likely to experience a degree of energetic and mental disturbance as well as things like chronic health complaints.

The logic behind this is that if you’re prepared to forgive someone else’s transgressions against yourself, often the god of a person of which you are karmically indebted to and occasionally the divine God may agree to clear the slate between yourselves in order to avoid any additional or unnecessary personal suffering, however sometimes one’s own god may insist on suffering as it sees it necessary for evolutionary growth in order to learn a harsh or difficult lesson.

For minor things, this can be quite easy, but for serious things, it can be extremely difficult to forgive, however it is later that is likely to unlock and address your own most significant karma as forgiveness is considered an act of love to do so, even if this person’s actions and intent were evil or unloving. Many decisions involving karma are handled by other spiritual beings and are not made from someone’s personality level, as to allow this would be unfair due to various resentments or hostilities.

Beyond using prayer, working hard is probably the best and most tried and tested way of releasing karma and the negative or unhealed ego, I tend to think of this as a type of karma as it comes with negative changes to the body, usually a pool of unpleasant energy in the mid-belly area, often cancer is created out of negative energies and the face is likewise negative changed and transformed to convey and represent a range of negative ego qualities from a bad attitude, lazy work ethic, someone who lies, deceives or manipulates others and even more sinister things such as a sexual predator, rapists or someone with a malicious or hostile intent to commit an act of violence, the mind intelligently imprints these qualities upon someone’s face and appearance through making deliberate changes to muscles, the metaphysical grid structure that contours the face and even sinister-looking eyes in order to make someone intuitively match the way in which they inwardly think and behave.

To become free of karma is to become free of creating one’s own suffering through disease and distress to the physical body by aligning with spiritual expectations regarding love, life and other people, this is how people ascend and evolve spiritually and it’s the solution for ending most disease, for which its purpose no longer becomes necessary.

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