Healing the Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

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The root chakra is located in the base of the pelvic floor pointing down, it’s considered the first chakra, and unlike all the other chakras positioned in the torso, it doesn’t have a front and a back, only a single vortex. This chakra deals with our sense of personal security, fear and sexuality and it’s positioned in a sensitive part of the body where fear tension and constriction often forms in the thighs and pelvis due to future unforeseen or unresolved sources of anxiety.


This chakra is prone to becoming blocked very easily with different types of negative energy and when this happens we typically experience a burning sensation which is quite unpleasant. I liken this chakra at times to an air filter as when it functions properly it can purify bad energy from the body, but when it becomes blocked it can cause distressing symptoms.

I’ve covered a root chakra healing crisis already in quite a bit of detail in an earlier article, however, to recap some of the more common reasons it can become blocked may include lusting after another person’s sexual energy, which can come with a serious complication of breaking psychic boundaries and causing a violation similar to sexual predatory behaviours that may cause mania, psychosis or an inner spiritual crisis.

Expressing an attitude or disposition of disproportionately too much fear in relation to something that may hold back the progress of your lifetime, might include not wanting to learn to give a presentation, doing public speaking or any number of things. There is a wide range of things and reasons that can cause individual levels of heightened worry, anxiety and insecurity that sometimes correspond to too much fear energy. In a recent example, the teenage daughter of a mother was not wanting to go to University due to being too afraid and this was likely to hold back her life, so this ended up being the initiation for a Kundalini awakening.

If you sustain a hot burn due to undue sexual attention due to a lustful stare or pervy sexual attitude you can lay on your back with knees bent and place a piece of black tourmaline can be placed at the point of the root chakra. If the root chakra is releasing a lot of dense, heavy or stagnant negative energy then a bath with several generous handfuls of salt can help to cleanse the energy and the heat from the water will assist in relaxing and releasing tension stress in the hamstrings. On several occasions, I’ve used prayers to angelic beings, on one occasion a spirit guide placed my astral body in an environment with a cooling ice flow washed over by seawater and the energy of this dream cleansed the negative energy and alleviated my burning. On another occasion, I felt what was a hand placed into my body at the root chakra and the bad energy was lifting out of me.

In addition to Kundalini energy during an awakening, I’ve also found that tantric sexual energy or a type of strong plasma energy is strong enough to cleanse and break through a heavy blockage in the root chakra. This plasma is not the same as ignited gasses in the scientific sense, it’s a type of strong energy with a different quality than sexual energy or Kundalini. The latter two types of energy are possible to access through psychic connections and meditations, however, I couldn’t tell you precisely how, just that they are there and can be accessed by inwardly interacting with the right people, often these are healers.

If it is not appropriate to use the sexual energy of another person because it’s wrongfully encouraging you to bond with the person, you can request during your meditation to use a spiritual serpent, this is a metaphysical tool used for consuming impurities within the chakra system and it also helps to pry apart contracted muscles producing a very blissful and soothing effect, but it is possible to become addicted to wanting to use one, some are used for external massage and some can be used for the internal massage of a sensual type.


If you produce a lot of bad energy through doing harmful sexual things, you may very quickly attract the attention of certain types of entities. They often don’t look pleasant as they resemble things like squid, octopus as they have tentacles that are capable of being inserted into chakras to feed on the negative energy being produced. This will have the effect of also blocking the chakra and with it can come many symptoms associated with chronic fatigue, low mood, lower energy and at times this can come with seeing apparitions or hallucinations. Entities will naturally fall away once you have stopped producing dark energies and stopped doing things to attract them into your life. Examples can include using or consuming harmful sexual content on the Internet, sending out perverse sexual attention to other people or various kinds of negative psychic interactions such as sexual predatory behaviours that take place in mind only resulting in creating or attracting an entity.

There are certain skilled professional shamans or shamanic healers who can be called upon to remove entities and normally it is the inner being or consciousness responsible for reconciling toxic actions and their corresponding karmic consequences.


In addition to lust for others sexual energy or lusting after the flesh of the physical body, the root chakra is susceptible to sexual perversions, many of these are recognised in Christianity, however, it is also probable that there is an even wider range of another paraphilia may also cause blockages here, but further study would need to be done. Violations that produce karma will often create an energetic blockage that can stem the flow of energy into and out of the body, they may cause fear contractions in the feet, legs, thighs and pelvis and cause both an ungrounding as well as spiritual, physical and emotional trauma as it affects a number of different levels to the body, mind, consciousness and eventually the soul.

In addition to these types of sin, you must be aware of your potential for seducing another person and being unable to resist as there are karmic complications here relating to the appropriateness of age and whether or not you’re coveting or violating someone else’s relationship partner, husband, wife or twin flame by attracting or seducing them, usually through the mind.

The common condition known as Piles I learned is linked to psychic cording at the root chakra level. I only discovered this after a tantra workshop, one cord I collected during the train journey down being sat opposite a young woman and another I seemed to pick up by looking at someone during the beginning of the workshop itself, they’re created through the use of mind and placing attention on someone and the result was being sore and miserable for much of the remainder of my time away from home, so be careful about cording and try to learn at least one ritual method for removing one.

Often it is during a spiritual crisis where a person learns to resolve a negative karmic lesson and may result in clearing a very toxic negative energy from the body. Evidence for karma can be found by studying the face in almost everyone, as it leads to a transformation of physical appearance, discerning these changes is something I now refer to as ego balancing as karma and mind function together to produce negative defects that transform, alter and change the physical appearance in the face in relation to a degraded ego persona or impure mind, inner being and consciousness.

Masturbation can be used as a way of processing the energy or incidents responsible for sexual trauma and releasing this from the body often producing feelings of hurt, guilt, shame or anger at the same time depending on the context of whether it was sustained through another person or self-caused. However, if a person repeatedly re-offends it is possible for someone to develop a form of cancer, often the prostate in males and I am uncertain how it affects females, but there appears to be a wide range of physical conditions, illnesses or diseases to choose from that are connected to karma including cancer and sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia.

When in meditation and sat with the legs crossed or folded it is possible to begin to release tension stored in the legs and it will begin to concentrate around the base of the pelvic floor, muscle tension may begin to cause a happy or pleasant stirring effect here that appears to help reduce fear and anxiety levels before the tension is finally released resulting in muscles relaxing and releasing which can bring about greater comfort and reduce the risk of chronic physical health problems within the body due to excess tension.

Both physical massage and acupuncture can also be used to treat root chakra problems by focusing the mind on sources of trauma stored in the body before they are processed and released.


Information held and stored in the root chakra plays a crucial part in understanding various anxiety disorders such as feeling too anxious or chronic anxiety. Sources of anxiety can include not keeping up with work, home and family expectations, having an undiagnosed illness, being too fearful of social expectations, too much use of avoidance, coping strategies or procrastination. These are things that can all cause or yield in anxiety and emotional fear energy and vibrations that cause muscular burning and contraction in the body’s muscles.

One of the ways you can intelligently trigger information from the root chakra with the mind is to lightly pinch and bite your lip to simulate the action and intention of worrying, something like this would usually happen anyway under the right conditions. This I found can be useful to retrieve information about any illnesses you might have, something that would only be temporary so long as you can determine the spiritual cause of it. However, too much lip biting is a sign of chronic anxiety and excessive worrying and would yield to stress and make you unwell.

It’s also important to be mindful of not deliberately causing other people to feel anxious by way of how you speak, communicate, behave and interact with them as this can result in feedback that will cause you stress and anxiety and at times their anxious energy may be passed from them and back into you to resolve. To avoid receiving another person anxiety energy, you must be mindful not to cause unnecessary anxiety in other people. Sometimes responses are justified depending on the situation and sometimes another person’s natural insecurity may cause them to worry excessively on their own, however in many cases, an overreaction or egoic behaviour is seen as unjustified and disproportionate, these interactions are something to be mindful of as they can create ego or make you feel anxious by way of return.

You must be aware of your psychic cords and whom are you linked to, who may be a new connection and who might be causing you anxiety or trauma due to not respecting sexual boundaries with other people. For example, if you are a person who is not clear with your boundaries you may either sustain harm when you or your partner flirts with someone else or you may cause your partner harm in the same way and cause harmful consequences through committing a transgression. If you do not respect your spiritual expectations and obligations in a relationship, it can result in sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and even the miscarriage of babies that can’t be born due to an unstable relationship.

I believe the coronavirus is connected to different types of transgression and one of the main ones I believe I’ve identified is not respecting proper boundaries, this can include acts of seducing other people with the mind through the root chakra when using psychic cords, particularly in instances outside expected norms such as when adults are interacting with children, or when children are interacting with animals. Many cords are experienced unconsciously without knowing whom they are attached to simply through lack of care and awareness of where the attention of the mind is being directed. This is a recipe for trouble and harsh health consequences.

Traditionally these boundaries are defined and recognised as being: incest, bestiality, paedophilia, homosexuality, coveting, lust and hyper-sexual attitudes such as precocious children and it’s important to understand that even an interaction within the mind corresponding to one of these things will cause a coronavirus to develop in someone and result in spiritual corruption that causes an inner spiritual drop or fall in frequency, the opposite of ascension.


Grounding can mean a few different things to different people, but within the context of the root chakra it most often means one of the following three examples:

  • To ground excess spiritual energy out of the body that is causing problems due to having too much subtle energy, this is not the same as energy that is released through digesting food and this energy can be released by visualising a shamanic root system that assists in pulling the energy down the legs and out of the bottom of the feet.
  • If you are holding onto too many negative energies these can also be released and grounded into the earth where this energy can be transmuted into a neutral state by forming an intention whilst visualising a similar root system.
  • When you need to physically ground, it often means that you’re excessively worrying and too afraid and the physical body begins to experience tension in the form of contracting muscles in the feet, lets, thighs and pelvis. Doing an ordinary activity that makes you feel safe is often one of the easiest ways to approach physical grounding, if this isn’t possible, then most people will often have at least one psychic cord to another person whom can provide psychic energy that counters the burning effect of anxious energy. Often it is enough to relax the pelvic muscles and thighs or think of a person whom makes you feel safe and this will temporarily alleviate the fear response, but it isn’t a permanent solution so either a situation or an issue will need to be resolved.
  • Root tornado, this is more rare, but it possible to activate root chakra energy that assists in alleviating the chronic discomfort of anxiety issues that appears not to have the same risks associated with accessing someone else’s sexual energy. Try placing a smooth red palm stone underneath your tailbone before you go to sleep of your favourite crystal.
  • There are a number of positions in yoga that can assist in both physical grounding and clearing and removing negative energies from the body.
  • Physically massaging the legs, thighs, pelvis and lower back can provide relief from fear tension and assist in removing certain types of trauma from the body.
  • Walking bare foot on the earth can assist in releasing tension and constriction from the legs and pelvis which has a grounding effect and if in a suitably natural environment like a garden or the countryside, these places offer a suitable place to access nature energies to ground or purify.

From what evidence I have seen from observing other lifetimes, it is apparent human beings can live in space for long periods of time, which may conflict somewhat with the idea that barefoot grounding is always necessary for optimal health, such as to be without shoes or socks and walking barefoot on the ground, earth or soil frequently. It might be that humans establish an electromagnetic or spiritual connection to their origin planet in other ways not necessarily requiring physical contact, however, I’m uncertain how grounding works in this respect.

You can read more about grounding practises in this other article on grounding your spiritual energy.

Myths about healing chakras

As a ritual intention, I believe some of these things can help you to place more of your mind and awareness on that particular chakra or area of the body and can cause the corresponding muscles in that part of the body to become contracted for a period of time in order to channel thoughts and information from that chakra.

Eating foods specifically for their colour, for example, tomatoes that are red or wearing red clothing or clothing of a similar colour to the corresponding colour of the chakra you’re expecting to work on is not necessarily going to help you to balance or restore that chakra, but I do think more investigation needs to be done to confirm whether or not coloured light can actually interact with a chakra.

There’s are spiritual healing rituals such as eating walnuts and lychee that can assist in healing the male testes and intuitively I’ve heard that certain vegetables can also be used to heal spiritually, this isn’t really about a biological change, but an energy interaction. Some believe it’s through receiving love, spiritual currency or energy from a particular source, for example, it could be through the chain of people responsible for planting, growing, cultivating, harvesting, transporting and selling these products. It seems to be more significant if it’s something that has greater spiritual value or expectation upon it at that moment in time. I was also told intuitively that eating the orange peel or eating marmalade on toast is a way one can heal the sacral chakra, and this seems true in my experience as I experience bad energy being removed from here.

Crystals can also assist in forming clear mental intentions to work on a particular chakra, however, despite crystals being able to store and transmit subtle energies, I do also believe there are all sorts of wildly exaggerated claims, falsities and disinformation made about the use of crystals and the abilities of their practioners to heal someone with them.

I have however come across at least two different techniques that use crystals to create and signify a strong deliberate intention that can be used to request the help of a specific nature during meditation, sometimes this comes from other spiritual beings who in turn can use crystals as tools whilst interacting within the mind or from the astral dimension.

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