A Short Guide to Kundalini Awakening


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This article introduces you to some of the core areas of spiritual awakening such as the serpent, Kundalini, spiritual practice, karma, evolutionary purpose and I hope will serve as a rough guide through the areas highlighted in each heading. This is not intended to be a comprehensive resource on its own and nor will it initiate a spiritual awakening or take the place of credible spiritual teachers, however, please be aware that spiritual practices will inevitably result in spiritual changes eventually, whether this initiates a full awakening or just helps you along in a particular area.

Spiritual awakening comes with highly unusual phenomena, not the kind associated with UFO or paranormal phenomena, but a range of spiritual energies that are not associated with electricity, subtle forms of energy and energy currents that the body can move around. Significant changes to consciousness occur and one’s sense of self and knowledge of the Universe can grow very quickly, frequently this results in overwhelming a person and maybe diagnosed alongside mental health disorders.

One of the most significant undertakings during a spiritual awakening is learning what is love? This energy and emotion can overwhelm someone whom it opens up from the inside out in order to learn what the greater purpose of life, evolution and the human experience is all about, something that is associated with the divine or a higher divinity known as Heaven, which is reached through God and often spiritually enlightened teachings from people such as Jesus Christ. Such learning enables one to grow and come into alignment with how to live in a meaningful, purposeful and loving way and these people are rewarded with greater feelings of love and emotional fulfilment such as joy, health and vitality.

Kundalini and the Serpent

Kundalini energy is used as a catalyst within the process of personal evolution and is usually the precursor to a more complete Kundalini awakening. The serpent simultaneously rises through the body from the pelvis to the crown and it works within the chakra system in order to assist in releasing trauma, karma and revealing information you need to know about yourself into to develop and evolve through an energetic purging of the body that comes with both physical symptoms and spiritual manifestations and phenomena.

Sometimes this type of spiritual awakening occurs as the result of a consistent spiritual practise and other times it occurs more spontaneously in order for a person to develop quicker and get more out of their present lifetime, it is often the later which comes with more problems such as spiritual crisis and conditions such as psychosis, bipolar, schizophrenia, mental health problems including anxiety, depression, paranoia and inner voices as unexpected things are often encountered for the first time.

Once all the major blockages and impurities have been cleansed energy will begin to rise from the tailbone through the body and out the top of the head, at this point one becomes more deeply connected to the divine and there are heightened feelings of euphoria, ecstasy and bliss, from here I typically believe one can begin to learn more about God and ones place in the grand scheme of things.

Kundalini is one of the few things that will help one to work on and develop the soul and consciousness more directly through increasing ones level of consciousness and assisting in achieving self-realisation, the point that human consciousness exits the dream state and comes into true being and self awareness.

One of the more unpleasant tools that divinity use to teach human minds and consciousnesses about spiritual lessons are spirit entities, some are pleasant and benevolent such as angels or human guides, some exist to represent a darker nature and teach from this angle and both sides are capable of producing or calling upon apparitional ‘evil spirits’ to engage with someone in order to teach for example, the right and wrongs of a particular situation. These apparitions are produced from within the mind and are part of a subjective reality, it breaks from consensus reality in that usually another person will be unable to see or experience what the other sees and experiences, this presents challenges in the field of mental health and often doctors or psychiatrists are not interested in the content, but it represents a wealth of valuable information to spiritual teachers and the subject of these encounters.

Spiritual Practice

A basic spiritual practise is usually required for spiritual growth and for many people this consists of prayer, yoga, meditation and tantra. These are tools which can be used for doing shadow work, they assist in highlighting areas you need to work on, such as removing karma, healing the mind, body, consciousness and soul.

Religion is not necessarily required for spiritual growth, however following a religion such as Christianity provides an established framework of accessible core spiritual teachings to follow as well as providing a sense of wider community and kinship. People whom undertake a personal spiritual path but neglect the core teachings found in religion are likely to make slow progress or risk using their “spiritual but not religious” label as a means of spiritually bypassing the areas which are actually important. Paedophilia as encountered in Islam through the story of the prophet of Muhammad is however something to avoid at all costs and something worth mentioning. Buddhism offers a range of teachings and practises from tantra, meditation to focus of mind and greater inner presence.

Many people like to practise tantra as a form of emotional connectivity, receiving another persons spiritual energy for warmth, pleasure and enjoyment. Tantra also has a serious purpose that can assist in clearing the lower energy blockages within the body that may correspond to a sexual perversion, negative character flaw or attitude or source of spiritual corruption that could otherwise produce disease in the body. This is usually an internal process of energy sharing that seeks to remove impurity similar to Kundalini, but this energy is more readily available from a partner of the opposite gender. Love and sexual energy naturally encourages bonding between two partners.

Tantra massage is also an excellent external way of healing the body and mind by releasing trauma often sored deeper in muscular tissue and deliberate muscular blockages, these things include stuck emotional issues, residues and often sources of an impure nature. By paying attention to what is released during a tantra treatment, one can learn from and move on from past problems or mistakes and in doing so ones character becomes much improved, more refined and more evolved.

Tantra massage specifically, is one of the most effective treatments for many diseases and chronic ill health problems that deals with the root causes of disease through spiritual understanding as they exist for spiritual reasons. A person will usually be told precisely why they are enveloping a cancer tumour or a disease as this information is fed into a persons awareness through the mind, however a person whom has low consciousness or self awareness or ignores or dismisses this information as trivial or optional and is not prepared to respond positively to the information will likely eventually succumb to their diseases, as their choices and actions are violating higher laws and principles on what love is, this refers to disease of a spiritual nature and does not include diseases or cancers caused due to biological toxicity or exposure to radiation for example.


Karma is derived both from past lived lifetimes as well as being created in the present lifetime through the things you do. The goal for many people whom are on a serious spiritual journey I believe should be to begin to clear their ego and past karma, starting with the present lifetime. To become free of karma, is to escape the constant suffering that may come from living the human experience in ignorance and be released from the cycle of physical incarnation. Releasing karma too quickly can result in psychological harm as one confronts past mistakes and misdeeds in a way that produces new trauma and instability.

Karma and the human body are intricately connected, physical appearance is shaped and influenced by our karma and can result in the body degenerating, disease, ill health and personal appearance being deliberately affected in negative ways. Outer karmic influences can include blocks or hurdles on the amount of wealth one may acquire, encountering situations that feel like ‘bad luck’, whether or not you are permitted to bare or raise a child and many other things one must consider.

The people who are the most spiritually developed are usually the same people who are most attractive and at least risk of serious disease or ill health, once the basics have been mastered I believe understanding your ego can be a highly effective tool for identifying remaining areas of unresolved sources of ego by studying trauma patterns that are stored in our facial appearance, clearing this ego results in fully restoring ones pride of appearance and makes ascension far more accessible to an individual.

Hard work is what repeatedly washes away instances of karma, it is not necessary to become a workaholic or become an indentured slave, however when one steps away from working hard, this is a major trigger of bipolar-depressions and frequently begins when a person fails to wake up in the morning or frequently sleeps in and fails to begin doing their work or projects, the normal sense of rest breaks, night shift work and holidays are unaffected by this phenomenon showing that it is linked to the act of working and having a functioning mind. Working hard is also what sheds away the ego energy, karma and impurities in the body, removing these sources of spiritual impurity begins the act of restoring the original physical blueprint of the body, without putting in the energy and effort to work a person will eventually become cut off from the universally accessible energy source of love and won’t have the above-mentioned advantages.


Every race on Earth has both unique and common problems which each person is required and expected to learn about and overcome. Areas can include things like emotional-self control, sexual perversion, intellectual development, awareness of mind and energy, respect for the environment, animals and ecology.

Many of the areas and things we’re each required to work on or pay attention to are being broadcast from the chakras within the body, corresponding to a particular area and others come more directly from mind intuition rather than body intuition. Whenever you place sustained attention and awareness on a part of the body for example such as an ear, your nose, a tooth, you may eventually identify a source of trauma and discover what originally caused it, enabling one to release it in order to return to heal the body part allowing one to return to optimal health. As people, everybody is affected by different degrees of deformation and physical trauma that make us each look less whole than we ought to be.

The Kundalini caduceus symbolises spiritual evolution by depicting the chakra system overlaying a staff that has entwining snakes woven around it with wings on the top indicating the divine above. Through self development one can eventually reach higher levels of personal evolution and become ascended to the point of arriving in a new higher reality, which is quite a mystical process that science alone is unable to grasp, understand or handle.


Reality is separated into frequency bands ranging from low to high, whilst the outer physical experience is holographic and seems to remain constant there are underlying changes to the spiritual realm that one inhabits that denote the level of development. Eventually both the physical and spiritual realities merge and one moves into an ascended reality that goes by names such as Heaven or Paradise, but it is not something one is automatically entitled to.

Ascension learning and outcomes are taking place all the time, often these take place inwardly within the mental space we each inhabit but often require we make physical changes in order to better accommodate them. Ascension is not only something that occurs upon death as is suggested by Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection and post death ascension.

The purpose of this spiritual separation is to ensure that people who are near equally developed do not get in each other’s way and the higher levels typically have a greater sense of enjoyment, a fuller experience, less ill health and limitations on the degree of which disease might affect someone, these people are said to be more evolved and are allowed to go onto ‘higher worlds’ where the challenges are different, societies are more functional than dysfunctional, life is more challenging and frequently more fulfilling and rewarding.

The purpose of this blog was originally to share information relating to Kundalini, it’s evolutionary functions and the health challenges people are required to overcome in order to progress from a lower reality and into a higher dimensional reality. Doing these things will help you to ascend in order to escape unnecessary suffering and disease caused by acts of sin, transgression and human ignorance and I would encourage anyone to read through the articles that resonate with you here in order to overcome a particular obstacle or health problem in your spiritual journey.

Different spiritual teachers can assist you in different ways by guiding you and helping you work through these areas by paying attention to their particular specialist areas of interest and expertise.


I’m not a medical doctor, please consult your GP or doctor as you might ordinarily do. Any information presented on this website is intended to expand and supplement your understanding of health problems based on spiritual insights but it is often not a replacement for the necessary physical or pharmaceutical interventions often needed to recover or save lives. By following or actioning something you have learned on this blog you do so in the knowledge that you take full responsibility for your own choices, actions and decisions and that you agree to hold yourself accountable for your own well being when following advice. Please exercise discretion, discernment, consideration and forethought before doing anything and please be careful and responsible regarding any matters concerning your own health.

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