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This article is intended to be a quick resource guide into learning how to go about healing the ego, something necessary for everybody, but becomes more important during a spiritual awakening such as Kundalini or when needing to learn about ones personal spiritual causes for disease in the body.

Healing spiritual trauma associated with ego issues often comes during a spiritual awakening, however that doesn’t mean you need to wait in order to correct ego dysfunctions as many people choose to have a self-initiated spiritual practice consisting of yoga, prayer or meditation or choose therapies like accupuncture, massage that usually assist in processing the lesson’s revealed by reversing the traumas of the body, mind and underlying consciousness.

Identifying your sources of ego

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to learn what your ego is by channelling your lower frequency energies into the mind. Only by knowing what your ego is can you learn the underlying lesson and begin to apply it in your life in order to develop yourself spiritually. There is usually a pool of lower energy that sits within the belly region, placing awareness on this may result in muscles contracting and the energy being expelled upwards and outwards with the breath, it frequently corresponds to a past action that yielded a negative result in someone else’s life. Many sources of ego are stored as muscular tension in parts of the body.

One of the easiest ways of taking on ego and impurity into the body are due to any number of defective character and personality traits of the ego-personality, often relating to personal interactions when engaging in work, family, friends, relationships and recreational activity. Ego is seen as something detrimental that would otherwise ruin a human experience if it is not taken into consideration and learned from.

Acknowledging where ego comes from

In my experience, the majority of looping thoughts we experience is coming from the body, from thought entities that produce words and short sentences in the mind, some entities are made by our own mental energies and intentions and some are added for us from an external source, but the intent is that we should learn from them. Many thoughts are also produced by information coming from the chakras and these are often vocalised when activating and releasing a particular muscle group such as when moving around or bending over. One of the worst things a person can do is to remain sedentary for long periods of time or to constantly sleep in or through their entire day as this behaviour will prevent the information from being heard and eventually the bodies energy will completely stagnate and the lack of physical brain activity results in a sort of cognitive atrophy.

What is impurity?

Impurity is a type of psychic residue that is produced by the mind that it sits within the subtle body. It is low in vibratory frequency and usually feels very unpleasant. By placing one’s own mind and awareness on the different areas of the body it is possible to hear what the ego corresponds to by making thoughts audible to hear within the mind. Sometimes the ego is channelled and it will cycle through a set of corresponding thoughts that when you go into more deeply, reveal their initial cause in order to learn from the mistake.

Whenever someone develops a new ego impurity the body also takes a hit in the form of a physical defect, they are particularly noticeable in the face over time and they typically make a person look less wholesome or attractive. We discuss this theme the most in the topic of Ego Balancing and how to go about identifying your sources of ego or impurity, something we sometimes use interchangeably.

How to release ego

One of the best ways to release ego energy and tension is through spiritual practice consisting of prayer, yoga, meditation and surrendering spiritually. Hard work serves to remove ego by paying back ones personal karmic debt by generating love energy through the quality of doing and contribution, acts of kindness or selfless service to others work similarly, something traditionally taught in Christianity.

When the further ego is created, there is often a corresponding thought entity that automatically loops through the mind like a broken record, these thoughts are played by activating muscles groups in the body, some of which will also correspond to one of the chakras. Other ego thoughts are more localised to areas of soreness and tension in muscles.

I’ve found Chinese acupuncture and body massage to be two very effective ways of releasing physical and emotional trauma and physical muscular blockages in the body. Engaging in an act of hard work or offering oneself to ones community through way of selfless service to others and offering repentance and seeking forgiveness for wrong doing is one of the most effective strategies of purifying a dirty or impure ego

Why it’s important to heal your ego

Your ego is what stands between you and your ability to live in accordance with your spiritual expectations, however when a person does, life begins to flow more smoothly and one can experience less suffering, disease and roadblocks in life. Eventually, one can become so well spiritually developed and clear of ego that they begin to ascend into higher dimensions of existence as part of a mystical process intended to separate the different levels of developed human beings. In this higher reality, one really begins to understand the true purpose of disease and how it shapes human behaviour and provides spiritual lessons regarding human morality and how to live from a place of love. A person who has healed their ego will have less chronic physical pain, health problems, disease and mental health distress. Many of the thoughts one experiences in mind are derived from sources of impurity in the body such as entities or impure energies connected to the different chakras.

It’s also important to understand that there are various unresolved ego issues both minor, moderate and more severe that will transform the face and body in a detrimental way if they are not identified and resolve or healed they will cause harm and do damage to a person’s appearance making someone look a lot less attractive than they would otherwise due to the accumulation of physical traumas to muscles and deliberate changes to one’s facial expression and complexion. Any tension that corresponds with the ego is responsible for muscles in the face and parts of the body from changing and this is often why tension in the face feels out of balance.

One thing I have concluded that I believe it’s important or beneficial for many to understand is that personal beauty and aesthetic is far more than just having good genes, eating a healthy diet or having a positive lifestyle, it is also a reflection of the inner purity and evolutionary development of one’s spiritual aspects including the mind, soul and consciousness, which are distinctly different aspects of self, however having positive role models and a healthy lifestyle will certainly not do any harm and can often catch or prevent many issues in the first place.


The fact that these physical defects can be healed and the damage reversed is further proof that it is merely a temporary trauma sustained to the body, often for a spiritual reason such as a transgression or act of sinning as part of a harsher learning lesson. These problems with ego development can be overcome, they are usually just part of the natural karmic consequences one receives for doing or engaging in something harmful in the spiritual sense.

As more spiritual teachers who are familiar with karma appear, humanity as a whole will eventually build up a more complete model of karmic knowledge, especially relating to physical changes and diseases that take place in the body and more precisely what issues that each expression represents so that they can be healed or corrected.

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