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This article is intended to introduce, dissect and discuss some of the main areas of the mystical phenomena known as a Kundalini awakening from the perspective of someone who has undergone it. I share personal insights and revelations based on both direct experience as well as divined knowledge from the spirit and I’m able to offer and function as a source of authentic enlightened knowledge in order to assist someone who might go through this process.

Kundalini energy is part of our vital life force and it is also a powerful form of very strong sexual energy that can be used and harnessed in order to rapidly further ones own development and spiritual evolution. Prior to a Kundalini awakening a person may not be very conscious, may not have much self awareness of their own use of the mind, the body’s energy and typically a person may be suffering from any number of diseases, chronic health problems or need to overcome their most prevalent and limiting fears surrounding the human experience.

The precursor right before a Kundalini awakening is feeling the strange sensation of a golden thread-lace of Kundalini energy slowly uncoiling from around the tip of the tailbone. At more advanced stages the Ida and Pingala channels may also activate and if one can abstain from the urge to masturbate, then this energy may cross back and fourth whilst rising along the central shushumna energy cannel mirroring what is seen in the Kundalini caduceus resulting in better mental cognition and intelligence.

Over time the Kundalini energy will begin to rise into the body and will simultaneously induce states of sexual arousal, euphoria, ecstasy, bliss and frequently results in hyper sexual behaviour. Sexual energy is inherently cleansing and assists in clearing away of stagnant energies from the body. As this is felt and experienced the Kundalini simultaneously assists in a process of purging the body of energetic blocks, biological waste and toxins, clears psychological content and material from the chakras, stagnant or negative energy, stuck emotions, past trauma and entities from the subtle layers of the body and helps to open the subtle energy channels.

A Kundalini awakening may be part of a long journey that takes place over many many years and will seek to raise one’s consciousness beyond the mental ego self-identity, purify the individual biologically, energetically and spiritually whilst providing higher spiritual teachings in relation to the true nature of how the human experience and how we are all supposed to live in a harmonious way relative to our culture and higher laws.

Once a particular milestone or stage of development has been reached a person’s higher self will descend and attempt to make contact with the person and this is done in order to then further continue their spiritual ascent or ascension through further insights and teachings often obtained or accomplished through sustained meditation practices or yoga of the body and mind.

A person’s spiritual anatomy will become more acutely active during Kundalini and may provide a clairvoyant ability to see into the spiritual veils where one can witness a range of none physical consciousness and life as well as psychic impressions. As one experiences a stable flow of spiritual energy they may begin to experience vivid or lucid dreams enabling one to begin to receive dream teachings.

During Kundalini layers of negative energy are shed that result in the self-identification of consciousness with the mind, the body and the ego portion of our being as well as other mental chatter or content that contrasts to that of the deeper soul wisdom, ones own alert consciousness and spirit.

Kundalini often helps or may force someone to process past karma and at times the dreams produced during these stages may have much more meaning and be delivered in much more clarity or lucidity, almost as real as the physical state of living.

As one begins to explore the different inner spiritual planes such as the Astral one may encounter none human life. One may feel themselves walking through other spiritual planes or at times spontaneously astral projecting out of the physical body in order to explore and encounter environments outside of the physical experience. A person may then typically be joined by spiritual guides, angels or other higher spiritual beings, some are based on extra-terrestrial forms and sometimes they offer positive support and positive lessons for growth, life direction or further self-mastery in an area.

In the lower frequency densities, the spiritual entities and consciousness one may encounter are very unpleasant and they provide quite harsh spiritual lessons in relation to certain behaviours that as human beings we were not meant to engage in unless one wishes to partake in deliberate acts of evil from minor, moderate to severe that up until this point one may only have done through ignorance or through lack of more complete awareness.

If darker lessons are required a person may be accompanied by a dark night of the soul and be joined by low-frequency negative entities such as Satan that provide the knowledge and testing of one’s inner being to entertain evil preoccupations or responses to certain situations. When one passes these lessons the soul ascends into the higher spirit and may eventually come to inhabit the heavenly realm where spirit and flesh co-exist simultaneously.

The spiritual aspects of a person including the god-self, soul and consciousness will be tempted and then tested with a wide range of negative behaviours, some of these may include rape, murder and theft and as these take place a person’s whole being is placed into a much harsh learning environment and lower density for the dirty work to take place. These lessons are to assist one to reflect on their choices whilst simultaneously freeing the person from the grip of the lower portion of the ego personality.

The shadow work of confronting demons was symbolically told by the story of Jesus going into the desert and confronting Satan. Stamping on the serpent I believe was a symbolic act of defiance of opposing evil, but whilst the serpent or snake is used to symbolise evil, the entity form has an expanded knowledge of evil behaviours and it actually has a benevolent or healing purpose in helping a person to identify sources of evil behaviour and release them, this is in part why it is the chosen emblem of the medical professions and hints at the underlying purpose and nature of much of human disease and suffering.

The serpent entity can process information about a person stored in the chakras and in doing so this gives it the ability to see into past acts of evil as well as future acts of an evil nature or quality, which are very probable or likely to occur based on knowing how one thinks and the choices one might make.

A person during Kundalini may experience the use of a serpent during their awakening in order to clear, release and let go of blockages from the chakras, as this metaphysical form weaves through the subtle body simultaneously releases tightened or contracted muscular blocks in different areas of the body. The serpent is also a metaphysical tool that can be used for an energetic massage and it is often associated with a more sensual or healing quality and this produces a more pleasant or gratifying sensations, ideal for healing from sources of stress, worry and muscular tension.

During this period one may experience or hear inner spiritual voices, some have a disgusting soft black and slithery quality to their vocal expression, some have deep demonic tones to their voice and occasionally these are balanced by more positive spiritual voices derived from angelic beings, entities or spiritual guides. This period provides a great opportunity to directly confront and ascend one’s soul beyond evil in order to remove sources of fear and evil from one’s life, however it’s capacity for growth is balanced by how traumatic and difficult it can be to maintain a grounded sense of rationality and maintain a normal sleep, work, family and life balance.

During this time one will discover that many degrading and wilful harmful or degenerative or self-degrading behaviours towards one’s own body temple, mind or towards another being are not permissible and these things frequently result in the application of karma that come with harmful consequences to ones health and well being. These things may include lessons such as addiction in relation to excessive masturbation, perceived alcoholism, persistent swearing or behaviour considered inappropriately hostility, aggressive, malevolent or violent. One can begin to learn that persistently telling lies, engaging in hypocritical attitudes or manipulative behaviour with the intent to do or cause wilful and deliberate harm to another person are not acceptable.

Many of these lessons come from divinity that govern over humanity, whilst some of these spiritual lessons may apply to everyone there are also many personal lessons given that one can receive and begin to apply to their individual issues and these are likely only going to be applicable to that person based on their own learning and development needs.

Until one is more confident and prepared to readily accept and begin to apply the knowledge of evil as it is learned in one’s own life then one can expect to encounter, attract or experience more personal demons, dark energies and lower vibrational entities and states of personal suffering. Many of these entities are types of none physical consciousnesses or types of spiritual life that are attracted to the resonance and qualities of a person’s soul, thoughts, intentions, emotional resonance, attitude, beliefs, and personal energy.

An individual that successfully recognises and opposes these low frequency dark entities and engages in shadow work, healing and self-clearing will eventually emerge from the lower frequency dimensions into more pleasant higher frequency dimensions. This can be thought of as a symbolic rebirthing or inner transformation and is one of the main goals of spiritual development is in order to grow and evolve.

Many souls experiencing a kundalini awakening at this time originate from either being a dark spiritual polarity or having been one prior to this and depending upon the receptivity to positively re-enforced conditioning and light polarity teachings of their beliefs and ego-personality in order to help them get through life and then later re-identify with more positive ways of being and expressing.

Many of us hold onto unhealed spiritual wounds within the soul, ego personality, god and consciousness. During the middle to late stages of a kundalini awakening one may inadvertently discover that there has been a huge discrepancy or incongruence between ones own perceived character or ego personality of who the person thought they were in mind versus the reality of who they are when spiritual veils into unconditioned layers of reality have been removed. This loss of the ego sense of self and the reunification with the purified soul is accompanied by an ego-death, here one may have the opportunity to develop into a self-aware, enlightened or self-realised levels of being considered to be more fully conscious than the dream state of living.

Through on-going dreamwork, one may witness the behaviours and actions of one’s soul and spiritual ego-character playing out independently and interacting with other people and spirits. When the purified soul and newly developed and refined ego-character healed through shadow work one may then have a higher quality of human experience and new timeline potentials and higher frequencies open up to the individual in line with the process of spiritual ascension which opens doors into higher worlds or a higher version of reality of the same world.

Kundalini is part of the natural ascension process intended to guide someone out of lower densities into more pleasant and lighter higher frequency densities more pleasant to exist within. As an individual begins to clear the most serious of their spiritual and karmic lessons they will be given positive teachings, lessons or special skills and gifts also known as ‘sidhis’ in line with their spiritual archetype or character, special interests, higher life purpose or destiny if this has been mapped out.

In this regard ascension may be thought of as an upward journey through higher spiritual frequencies of energy that allows the person to begin to vibrate at a much higher and faster frequency. The physical body will begin to lose its feeling of heaviness and density and transforms into a greater synergy of spiritual light and physical flesh. If one continues to develop and seeks to do God’s work then at some point the the physical vessel may cease to remain physical any longer and one will come to inhabit a spiritual body made entirely of fine ethereal light rather than physical matter.

As the need for spiritual energy to flow freely and unrestricted around the body increases a person may experience spontaneous Kryias unless they are already doing yoga or a spiritual yogic kryia practice of their own. Wise Sages and spiritual Masters will use telekinesis upon the inner energy field of a person whilst either asleep, meditative or rest which will force the physical body and limbs into a new position such as moving one’s legs into a diamond position to facilitate opening the subtle energy channels of the body. One may also experience audible voices being spoken in the room despite no other physical person being present. Spontaneous kriyas can be quite frightening as one’s body seemingly moves on its own, simply doing the best to allow the positions to occur and know that others are assisting you through your process.

As a person becomes sensitive to subtle energy for the first time, an individual may discover the electromagnetic field of the body and aura, the ability to feel the degree and intensity of their own emotional energy such as anger, hate, hostility and how unpleasant and abrasive it feels giving rise to tactile hallucinations. One may also experience great feelings of euphoria, peace, expanded heart centre awakening, empathy and compassion for other life.

A soul that is part of an existing religious or spiritual framework whether in this lifetime or past lives may encounter ascended gods and goddess deities like Shakti who is the personification of the Kundalini energy and Kali who assists in the slaying of demons. Individuals may encounter Jesus Christ who may offer manifested healings or forgiveness of karma and past sins and transgressions, Archangels and any number of other higher and ascended beings.

At times individuals become more acutely susceptible to feelings of grandiosity and overconfidence as the psyche and psychological sense of self-expands beyond its original limitations. Kundalini symptoms are often misdiagnosed such as bipolar disorder by doctors, however mental health problems can also develop alongside Kundalini which can confuse things somewhat, these might include a temporary loss of being able to discern or remain grounded to consensus reality or maintain a grip or baring on reality that brings on states of psychosis of the mind. Some people develop schizophrenia symptoms that leave them in states of inner confusion as the mind and consciousness undergo changes and one experiences and becomes more accurately aware of what the mind is doing or projecting.

During Kundalini the nervous system may become overloaded due to excess anxiety, stress, fear, panic, excessive or overly strong emotional reactivity, excessive levels of spiritual energy that sometimes accompanies sexual arousal or heightened energy that may accompany the fight or flight response. For this reason a regular physical, spiritual and energetic grounding practice is encouraged during an awakening in order to maintain stability, self-control and channel ones own energy within the body safely.

A Kundalini awakening may either stop after a particular point of development or milestone has been reached or continue to spiritually develop and ascend an individual into higher and more advanced stages of awakening depending on what is required or set out for raising a persons potential. Kundalini will increase and expand one’s personal knowledge and may bring one into higher and more spiritually evolved states of being should they be able to navigate it successfully.

A full or complete Kundalini awakening is not an easy process to undergo and in many instances it will take a many number of years to complete, integrate its understanding and lessons. In my case it lasted over 7 years and even then I realised there are higher stages of development one can seek to undertake if truly determined that take place in higher levels of reality with ascended individuals. In many instances a Kundalini awakening is to be seen or regarded as a positive and transformative disintegration of the old person and a rejuvenation or rebirth into the process or part of the journey of becoming a new and much more improved person over the old self.

This is in contrast to this some people are overly fearful of this process and regard Kundalini awakening and the serpent as an instrument of evil and something to be avoided, but I believe these people do not yet really understand or fully appreciate or comprehend it’s positive and transformational purpose. Those who are especially seeking of Kundalini for purposes of ego gratification are the group most likely to be disappointed and least unprepared to handle or undertake it.


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  1. First, THANK YOU for having this site! 23 years ago I had a kundalini awakening which opened the door to memories of sexual abuse as a young child and alien abductions as a child. I thought I was either insane or all of this was true, and I did not know which was worse. Also, the awakening seemed to have opened the door to an intense energy that continues in my body to this day, a huge snake that lives within me and moves my body along with hissing and sometimes a barratone sound. It has acted as kind of a ‘roto-rooter’ rooting out traumatic memories. After all these years of intense therapy, group work, energy work I find myself at a place where I believe the energy is shamanic. Kali is an important connection for me. I am now writing a book about my experiences…..a book that I desperately wanted to find in the beginning of my awakening. Thanks for creating a place for me to share this. I am now ‘out of the closet’ and sharing what I have worked to hard for 23 years to hide.

  2. Hi Marigrace,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading and thanks for sharing your experiences. This seems to parallel what the ancient Greeks knew about serpents and healing and why the caduceus is today the official medical symbol in many places.

    There aren’t as many active Kundalini websites online as there used to be although there’s still some good information out there.

    You might like to read another article on my other site on the Seat of the Soul where I believe the serpent resides.

    Good luck with your book.

    Kind regards,

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