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This article is a look into the spiritual trials and tests presented during a Kundalini awakening, something that is necessary to successfully pass in order to achieve a state of spiritual purity which is necessary to make ascension into the higher dimensions of reality.

Part of the purpose of a Kundalini awakening is to first purify a person, provide teachings and lessons about better ways to live and to release karma from the body and clear out the chakras of blocked stagnant energy. During the later stages of a Kundalini awakening, a person is required to undergo vigorous testing and trials in order to ensure that someone is spiritually pure, this means to purify oneself and become free of most serious ego, evil and corruption. This also helps to form a more developed sense of moral right and wrongdoing based on love and higher knowledge rather than mankind’s relative laws alone. These things are required before an uninitiated human being can ascend and be merged into higher realities, the higher dimensions are what Christian’s refer to as Heaven.

This can only be achieved by going through something called Ascension, something which is guided by a number of spiritual teachers or beings such as angels, spiritual guides and heavenly fathers, some of whom serve different roles whilst interacting with us predominantly from within the hidden psychic space of the mind and so they remain largely unseen for the greater part by physical senses, but we may see images of them behind closed eyes or within the mind’s eye.

The testing takes place on a number of different aspects of the whole self, this encompasses the mind and mental self or psychic inner being, the soul, the consciousness and one’s innermost god-self, the inner witness or ‘I am presence’. None of these parts is truly physical as we understand nor can they be identified through dissection or scans with the present technologies available, however, they can be felt, experienced and observed individually within a person to a point that they can be validated beyond reasonable doubt and many have found ways to understand their functions and work with them to develop spiritually and solve some of the mysteries behind certain health conditions.

The testing that takes place is intended to help purify a person on these inner levels and testing usually consists of a number of set criteria based upon the knowledge of evil and what creates karma. What sort of testing are we talking about? On the severe end of the satanic scale, we’re talking about things like rape, murder, paedophilia and acts of revenge or violence, acts of terrorism or other sadistic acts. The lesser or more moderate issues that are screened include things like theft and stealing, telling lies, lazy attitudes, poor personal hygiene and sexual perversions.

Every person is represented by a spiritual character or avatar that visually symbolically communicates what their lower aspects and behaviours are and this character can change, morph and adapt to suit the present reality as easily as the mind can produce new images or holographic forms and this is stored somewhere accessible within the psyche.

The purpose of these tests and trials is similar to a checkpoint or immigration screening and is intended to ensure separation of the pure from the impure, water from oil and means that people with highly toxic issues cannot enter into the heavenly version of reality. Some people believe they have assured a place in heaven irrespective of how they live, even if they go to Church or worship Jesus, this is not necessarily the case, however good deeds, hard work and spiritual self-development are seen as virtues and people are rewarded with good health, less karma and secure more points towards their goal of spiritual ascension. Not everybody that experiences Kundalini will necessarily complete all the required stages nor can everyone cope with the fear and psychological changes to the mind and consciousness, however, this is where a Kundalini awakening will eventually take a person if they are able to flow with this evolutionary process rather than resist or swim against it.

When a person successfully passes one of these inner tests, it is marked off a checklist and the vibration and frequency of the inner being rises. Successfully passing a test or trial sometimes means that lower dirty energies are expelled from the body, usually the root chakra, these energies are often referred to as impurity, demons or entities and they resemble things like oil slicks or clouds of black smoke depending on where you witness them and sometimes they result in something called a spiritual crisis. Impurity within the body adds to the audible noise and ego content portion of the mind, ego also creates tension that distorts the natural shape of the face, body and expression and contributes toward many of the repetitive or impure thoughts that are heard within the mind in an unclean vocal tone.

Who is responsible for these tests?

There is indeed a spiritual form one can identify as “Satan”, it takes on a humanoid form and has an imaginatively sinister appearance and vocal expression, but this itself is merely a disguise for certain pure spiritual beings doing the testing and they are usually permitted to deliver the harshest and most unpleasant tests. The entity or being is not usually pleasant to experience or encounter, much like encountering prison staff as a convicted criminal or speaking with immigration and customs officials, however, its goal is ultimately a positive one.

Some issues are likewise handed to a class of entity referred to as ‘reptilians’, they are a symbolic and personified form of an evil humanoid being, with the serpent, snake-like or reptillian features and they often deal with the negative content concerning the psychic faculties of the human mind such as violent or hostile thoughts, thinking, intent or desire to do harm or malicious things like an act of rape.

People with problems of this nature experience and undergo DNA mutations and their appearance correspondingly changes to look and feel more sinister on an intuitive level. In addition to these, there are also the less descriptive and more generic lower frequency and darker entities that take on certain roles or tasks during this process.

Usually, the aspect of self-being tested is put into a simulated virtual environment or dream which is created from mind and energy and then it is observed for how it behaves and responds to a particular situation. This ensures that a person’s true intent can be observed and recorded and this represents a true likeness of how the person would respond if they were ever to physically encounter the same situation.

Here is an example of how the lust for money is tested for. In the first scenario, the person walks into a shop to buy an item, during the checkout process, at a key point the shop clerk or cashier must turn their back to the buyer to do something whilst the cash register is open, exposed and vulnerable to money being taken or stolen, usually, a stack of notes or bills are visible in the till and there’s a long pause of opportunity to do something. Do you contemplate taking some money? Are you tempted to do so? If you’re tempted, do you actually make any money?

Depending on the choices and thought processes made, a person may either pass the test by refusing to entertain the idea of stealing and not taking the money, or fail the test presented and give in to temptation by taking the money as the opportunity is presented and usually the temptation is made very easy to take. It is also possible that one desires to take the money, but experiences too much fear at the moment to do it, this would be a lesser fail but mean that the risk of temptation still existed and further work is required to purify and develop one’s understanding of right and wrong.

More than one variation of the same theme is presented, in the next scenario, a person goes to an ATM machine and presents their card to the machine, after selecting a choice amount of money, the machine suddenly experiences a malfunction and the compartment where the money is stored is exposed showing a large stack of notes. There’s nobody else around, are you tempted to take more from the ATM machine than you asked for? This was a real example taken from my own awakening, however, there are many other different types of tests offered designed to help someone overcome serious issues if any are present and might include anything from sexual perversions, evil desires or the temptation to murder or kill someone.

A pick-pocket would be presented with testing of a similar nature, their dream test might show them following someone with an open bag showing a phone, wallet or purse hanging out, usually some sort of ‘low hanging fruit’ to tempt you with. If they are able to resist stealing and change their inner beliefs they will be able to pass subsequent testing and in the future, they won’t be branded as a thief, nor have to suffer from the physical health problems that thieves have to endure through karma and additional realities will open to them.

Tests can be short if they’re successfully met the first time, however, if any of the tests result in a fail, usually, they are followed up with additional testing of similar scenarios over a possibly much longer period of time until someone can resolve them successfully, the in-between time can be used to process the lessons from the outcomes of the prior dreams, with the objective to re-orientate one’s core beliefs, mind and consciousness and grow spiritually. What I learned was that consciousness and the spiritual self exist across multiple lifetimes and must overcome negative events and learn lessons that occurred during these different lifetimes.

The main spiritual lesson behind this particular one is that it is usually immoral to steal or take another’s money, property or value, most evolved people consider this to be wrongdoing and evil and subsequently don’t like this and won’t accept this sort of behaviour. The closest physical representation to this sort of test that I’ve seen was an episode of a Derren Brown show called The Heist where contestants were secretly being conditioned and then later tempted to steal from a staged money delivery as part of a recorded set-up using a fake gun they were given which they believed was for later exercises of the day. Some of them resisted the temptation to act in evil or immoral ways despite the indoctrination, however many experienced a rush of adrenalin, power and a sense of reward and were unable to resist stealing from the delivery office holding the money.

How the above differs from Kundalini is that you will not be indoctrinated into doing something evil first, however, one’s mind and consciousness is easily fooled into believing that what they are experiencing is real, as the spirit beings who test you want to know what you would honestly do in a real situation and then to assist you in making the right choices and then provide you with an adequate and realistic series of tests to ensure a positive result is achieved. Once a person overcomes all of their expected evil impulses, lower desires and behaviours they are soon ascended into a higher version of reality, often a deeply mystical process, above in higher reality, the quality is far better than the present reality and offers different rewards and challenges.

One of the ways I learned that a person can check for evil issues, even prior to a Kundalini awakening is through making a prayer request to the serpent, the same one you can observe slinking down from the trees and speaking in your native tongue, this shrewd and clever being is capable of discerning evil in other beings by accessing the mind and chakras and then it can communicate this back to you by way of a dream sequence or short vision in order that you may dis-identify from something harmful, usually a behaviour considered evil or corrupted.

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