What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening

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This article discusses some of the main stages of spiritual awakening and is based on many of the things I personally encountered during my Kundalini awakening. I hope that it will provide insight as to what others could expect to find or experience during their awakening and it provides information and advice on how to overcome some of the common problems.

Spiritual awakening involves moving beyond the mind and ego-personality construct and integrating them with spirit and divinity, this requires one to move into higher states of consciousness, to learn about and cultivate love and merge back with the soul and connect to the higher self. Part of this process is a journey to heal from personal illnesses and maladies by learning their spiritual causes, by removing impurities from the body in the form of dark energies of a shamanic quality, purifying chakras with tantric energy, unblocking energy channels through yoga and breathwork and awakening dormant parts of the brain in order to become a more evolved human being.

Some awakenings can be gentle and graceful particularly if supported by hard work and yoga, whereas others can be far more turbulent, dramatic and disturbing depending on the nature and type of work the individual needs to do or what they might need to experience in order to progress. To some people the idea that there is a veiled divine reality that requires personal work and evolution to reach is beyond their scope of understanding, it does not fit with the present scientific paradigm.

Confronting sources of fear

Fear was the main part of my awakening that I believe needed to address, initially, I discovered that muscles in my body had become contracted due to fear, this made my physical mobility more limited than it needed to be, my energy field routinely gave out a lot of unpleasant fear vibrations and harsh negative energy, which felt very unpleasant. In order to become free of fear one has to directly confront each source and where necessary take steps to address or resolve each one.

Later on, I learned that the purpose of body hair is to help release fear blockages through a combination of pulling certain hairs out (excluding the top of the head) and very gently stroking others and through doing this you can process trauma, also associated with sources of personal fears stored in the root chakra. Doing this can also heal some sources of cancer in the body and alleviate some of common mental health problems which are actually linked to things like fear blocks in the body.

Some sources of fear were more intense, some of them manifested as what felt like thick black energy that would sit somewhere within my body. Some of these fear energies I would come to associate with what many spiritual cultures call ‘demons’, and I would learn how to use a combination of ritual and exorcism to remove them utilising my own mind and willpower.

Doing these things enabled me to overcome spiritual corruption and also learn about the sorts of things that can harm oneself or others. Some fears were purged with the help of others through practising tantra and many fear blocks could be removed and processed by massaging the legs, feet, thighs and buttocks.


Detoxification is definitely one of the more unpleasant parts of a spiritual awakening, but also necessary. One of the first stages during my spiritual awakening involved a purging of chemicals and toxins within my body. Some of these manifested as little fluid-like blisters on my fingers, toes and the palms of my hands and were extremely itchy.

I found it extremely difficult not to want to pop or scratch them and on occasions, I would also scratch the skin off and make them raw, sometimes resulting in lichenification or ‘double thick skin’ which only Bio-Oil seems to heal properly. I did find a bit of masochistic relief through the stinging sensation caused by running them under very hot water and later used wash brushes to lightly graze over the skin rather than making myself bleed with unclean nails.

Some of the worst toxins and chemicals were purged through the body’s natural excretion system, I experienced what felt like a ‘sticky goo’ like substance that burned my outer skin and extremities and it was important to not touch this. I had to take extra special care to cleanse and sanitise with soap and water even when going to the toilet, even leaving a little trace off this near the anus would cause severe burning, it was almost like handling radioactive pollution. This later became my preferred method of cleaning as dry quilted paper alone is not really adequate to clean yourself with, I’d combine this with hot soap and water I’d keep next to the toilet.

Chakras and energy in the body

Every chakra in the body stores information about your spiritual development needs in the form of energy which the mind can access, it also stores problems relating to your ego is and y focusing on one chakra at a time can help you to work through things required for your spiritual evolution to take place. Chakras must be purified of negative energies, karma and things that block them.

Things that can clutter a chakra can include things like not speaking clearly or speaking truthfully, addictions to pornography or seducing someone else through staring at someone in a sexualised way, having too lower self-confidence or self-esteem issues, arrogance or over-confidence, vampiric behaviour, neglecting family or relationships or having caused something that makes you fall out with your respective inner divine, sometimes resulting in corruption.

Strange as it may seem, as you resolve the issues that are highlighted by exploring the chakras, then physical diseases can begin to heal and de-manifest themselves from the body, leading to the conclusion that much disease has spiritual causes. I wrote more about this topic in the article on recognising and healing from negative ego behaviours.

Some of the material that chakras hold onto can be unpleasant or scary to listen to and often requires an appropriately matched member of the opposite sex to connect to the corresponding chakra through their mind, hold space if necessary and then begin to release the tension and trauma that corresponds to the event or incident, and at other times when done in a more tantric way one can use their sexual energy or through sharing water energy to purifying and transmute bad energy.

When working with Kundalini energy, during the later stages once the bodies energy channels have been opened, the energy will rise all the way up the spine and shoot out the top of the head and the crown chakra, something that can be both frightening, exciting and highly mystical to experience. This can lead to enlightenment and a more intuitive and aligned connection to God and the divine as you become more important in how you can affect and become involved in the grand scheme of things.

Consciousness and self-awareness

One day I saw the book ‘Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle advertised on Amazon and I decided to purchase it spontaneously thinking that it could be a useful self-help book for me. I soon learned at the time (my early 20s) that I was not a very conscious person. I did the main recommended exercise of reading the blank spaces between words and I began to witness a change in myself and my consciousness that gave me a greater sense of clarity and lucidity, this was accompanied by visual changes and seemed like the beginning of seeing through an invisible fog or shroud that was now being lifted.

A few years later I began to experience more unusual things happening such as energy starting to stir and moving around the body and would later identify this as the beginning of something called a Kundalini awakening. This Kundalini energy was sometimes so intense and powerful that it increased my levels of self-awareness and consciousness significantly culminating in Christ-consciousness. Before I knew it, I had awakened to the point that I knew that I truly existed for the first time, I was truly really self-aware, something is known as ‘self-realisation’ and this is what enables you to live and experience yourself as your own god rather than just a mind with an ego-personality being marched around.

Meditation which I initially found very boring eventually became my friend, at first it allowed me to better feel and hear intuitive information, later it would serve as a way of resolving inner conflicts with people through the mind and finally it would become a tool I could use to grow and expand consciousness and self-awareness, heal from and release trauma and fear blockages or even communicate with other people or spiritual beings. As one becomes aware of how consciousness functions, one can become aware of all the different people and gods who either come into your mind at times or choose to experience through your body and senses. Often you can experience a greater sense of connectedness to others and co-operation or unity that many like to call “oneness”, and this is often a more loving state to exist within.

Transmuting ego and purifying the ego personality

During my awakening, I repeatedly kept coming across a reoccurring message about the need to ‘remove the ego’ which was very confusing as I didn’t know what ego was at that point, it’s often talked about in terms of being part of the mind or human ego-personality. It was Christian literature that seemed to clear up most of my ambiguities and I learned that it simply means ‘that which separates you from the light of God’, and it refers to character and personality flaws and traits that lead to things that aren’t compatible with the divine way of living such as dark impulses, impure choices and behaviour such as acts of sin and transgression.

Ego energy is stored as dark energy within the middle of the body and it can be periodically channelled into the mind in order to learn what your own unresolved ego issues are in order to work on healing them. Once you’ve healed all your sources of an ego you experience something called an ego death, this is when the mind becomes very quiet and still, all your irritating recurring messages have been resolved and you’ve released most of your fear blockages through yoga, meditation, prayer, tantra and tantra massage.

Ego creates an unpleasant impure expression on your face, often on one side, that when you surrender these face muscles your mind begins to channel the things you have done wrong and what you need to do to resolve things. A lot of the work needed to heal the ego is done through doing yoga and meditation as well as working hard in whatever it is you do, it’s not limited to your day job or home chores but can include these things.

Some of the worst ego is related to things like over-reactive or hostile thoughts or behaviour, for example, being too angry, too lazy, addictions or bad habits, bad attitudes or behaviours, poor personal hygiene or dysfunctional thinking and ways of living or even more corrupting desires such as wanting to deliberately cause harm to someone such as an act of revenge or out of spite or malice rather than seeking to resolve it peacefully.

I once had an angel standing next to me and they gave off so much love that whatever darker ego energy I had begun to flicker away from my body like a flame blowing in the wind and I began to hear everything internalised as an inner voice in my mind. After this, I began to address things like procrastination, addictions to pornography, oversleeping or sleeping in and I later discovered that we each have a list of unresolved spiritual issues that our unseen guides are keeping track of and by resolving these issues it edges each of us closer to ascension and becoming their own highest or best self.

The brain and activating your spiritual sight

One evening I found myself spontaneously doing prana breathing exercises in bed during meditation, after a while, I began to experience a strange sensation of rising energy streaming up from my legs and merging to form a small plasma-like energy orb around my lower back. This energy orb then proceeded to rise up my spine and along my back, it would briefly disappear as it travelled through my neck and then abruptly discharged with a strong electrical like shock as it came into contact with my brainstem, it was a shock in more than one way, it caused me to sit upright and I wondered if it had caused any permanent damage to me, afterwards I became much more clairvoyant.

Soon after this event was when I believe I began to hear and perceive mental inner voices and began to see spiritual lights, apparitions and visual phenomena around me overlaying my ordinary sight. Some of these were bright and beautifully coloured psychic lights and some appeared dark, sinister and shadowy. Each one belonged to a different spiritual being or entity. Much further down the line, I was later told this electrical discharge was responsible for clearing my neural pathways.

In order to have a healthy brain and achieve Christ consciousness, it’s important for men to abstain from physical masturbation for a period of time in order to channel the seminal fluids in order to anoint the brain, however, it is still possible to exchange sensual or sexual energy with a woman without ejaculating. Everybody should also avoid creating harmful intentions with the mind such as violence, revenge or ideations about killing as dysfunctional thoughts that manifest are responsible for certain brain tumours.

Experiences with spiritual beings

During spiritual awakening, it’s normal to eventually encounter spiritual beings, some of these were the former gods in our world and were belonging and part of different cultures and they can be interacted with through meditation or silent contemplation. To complete a spiritual awakening it’s not always necessary to interact with these higher people, however, they can be helpful and some serve as guides or impart wisdom and information.

One of the first inner light phenomena I witnessed belonged to a being we call by the name Archangel Michael who usually serves as a divine protector, however, I, later on, realised this is a name used to describe many different beings and depends upon your god, timeline and worldly reality. One of the most profound encounters I experience during 2013 later revealed itself to have been Jesus Christ, who showed me what love and forgiveness felt like and was in part due to my strong work ethic in my web development job at the time.

As I got more into spirituality I was also able to interact with Egyptian gods and due to my love of science fiction, a number of higher dimensional people revealed themselves giving a few insights into what living in space could be like with the right technology and hints of how people look in higher dimensions.

It’s often more common to be interacting with a spirit entity, whilst there’s a colour-coded system to identify them i.e. dark or light and then different colour categories to denote green for a healer, blue for leaders or gold and silver for Gods or Heavenly Fathers, they don’t always have your own wellbeing and upliftment in mind and are just as easily swayed by greed, opportunity or overall interests that might conflict with your own. Some entities are used as tools to make you become aware of negative patterns of behaviour such as archons and the succubus demonic being, which communicated sexual lust to me.


Learning about karma was perhaps one of the most unpleasant parts of my spiritual awakening and was one of the last things I did. This was something I mostly learned about experientially through connecting to different entities and experiencing dreams about harmful instances that took place in past lives.

Though karma isn’t all about past incarnations, it’s about the disease, damage and trauma you also do to your own body every week through acts of sinning or causing spiritual transgressions. I found some strange rituals to help heal the male genitals, such as cooking walnuts in butter to healing the testes or eating lychee whereby Chinese spiritual healers would offer to work with you and explain what causes such damage and how to overcome it.

On one occasion, I experienced hearing a guide’s voice speak to me that said “you are creating karma”, although it was not something I believed in at the time, but seemed to validate the phenomena. I would later connect karma to the health of the body and something called spiritual corruption and realised this was behind many of humanities diseases, personal suffering and defective physical changes that alter both DNA and appearances, something I found was reflected in my own personal appearance at times.

I’d already heard of the term ‘wheel of karma’ and after exploring the topic I later realised this represented the major spiritual lessons one would need to learn in order to break the cycle of karma that is required to end the need for physical re-birth and re-incarnation on the physical world. This was something I took seriously and is something that became an integral part of the process of ascension and my yoga sessions and something is also written about in my spiritual tests and trials article.

At one point I learned that human beings also each have a “karmic contract” that determines to what extent and what expectations there are regarding the atonement of past sins or transgressions and the processing and releasing of karma; usually this is released through hard work, service to others through doing good deeds and doing yoga to heal the body, mind and soul, however, it can also include other things such as abstaining from certain things.


Ascension is about reconnecting with the source of love through the ascension of the mind and spirit, whilst it’s something that actually begins very early on in the process this was one of the very last things I completed, it culminates in an event called The Last Supper after having advanced through different density levels and frequencies of mind and energy and then ultimately reaching a higher dimension of existence that some simply call Heaven. Contrary to the story of Jesus you reach the top and this can be achieved whilst you’re alive.

To complete this one requires a complete dissolution of the ego, called an ego-death, releasing some of the most relevant karma and traumas as well as going through the prior mentioned areas in this article during an awakening. It was only once my body, mind and chakras were purged of most of its negative fear energies, fear blocks, tension and toxic chemicals could my vibration rise to a much higher frequency resulting in spiritised matter. Later my own spiritual work primarily shifted towards trying to refine my quality of behaviour and interaction with others whilst still being in service by sharing spiritual knowledge such as information about diseases such as the dreaded coronavirus.

Only once you’ve reached a sufficiently high enough frequency is the soul merged back into the physical body, something that can otherwise become damaged or corrupted through conditioning it with lower behaviours. The soul gives strong suggestions of multiple lives existing and through knowing others at this level you can get a strong idea of who someone is before interacting with them from an ego-personality.

At one point I experienced a strange inner saying of goodbyes to the lower versions of my own family members and I was eventually I was merged into a higher reality. Here my parents looked very much physically similar, although they looked healthier, behaved much less anxiously and seemed to have developed an ability to share messages telepathically and through showing psychic pictures directly into my mind. I learned that inwardly they belonged to a different and more evolved grouping of consciousness and this merger into a higher dimension was the only way I was going to be allowed to continue to evolve myself and improve my own life and reality.

Remaining in a higher dimension is not as easy as you might imagine and requires a strong foundational awareness of how to use your chakras, being commited and determined to overcome or remain free of any major fear blocks or corruption issues and karma and the ability to self-surrender muscles and hear from your daily intuitive mind in order to guide your work and life as necessary.

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