What is the Purpose of Body Hair?

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This article explores the purpose of body hair, this is something I believe that people do not understand well enough yet, whilst scientists believe it is connected to hormones during puberty and inherited genetics, and some even suggest its purpose is to keep the body warm, I’m instead going to suggest that its true purpose is to help the body release trauma, fear energies and release muscles that are contracted due to fear often referred to as fear blockages.

Each hair is a fine filament that connects to the body’s nervous system, body hair has several different purposes, the main one being to help release psychic fear energies, removing accumulated trauma from areas of the body through lightly stroking or pulling on the hair. Certain hairs such as eyebrows and moustaches facilitate the act of crying when brushed lightly with the fingertips and help someone to break down emotionally, whereas some hairs seem to make someone feel more sick or angry depending on what issues or trauma the body is holding onto in that region.

Men seem to be more intuitively inclined to grow and pull or stroke their beard hair, whereas women intuitively seem to want to remove their body hair. The reason men have heavier facial hair and women do not, seems to be that if women were to look like males in terms of facial hair, it would be far too detrimental to their natural feminine beauty, however, many women do still have very fine hairs that serve a similar purpose that is often less noticeable and both sexes share common patterns of growth in areas like underarms and pubic mounds.

Evidence from Kundalini

On one occasion during my Kundalini awakening, I witnessed all the hairs on one arm stand on end and they literally began to dance and sway in the air independently from one another in a sort of mystical display that resembled charmed serpents. I later coined the term serpent hair and after this I was confident there was more of an intelligent purpose behind the hair on our bodies than what we presently know.

I believe that follicles and hair growth are actively and deliberately stimulated, for example, I noticed this on my hands, arms, knees and underarms, sometimes it would happen instantaneously in real-time as if watching a video of a flower growing that had been sped up. This new growth would usually happen in response to what seemed to be different types of harmful thoughts and intentions. I found that if I was in a bad mood or irritable this process could be linked to anger, aggression or emotional outbursts or mental over-reactivity and poorly exercising control of my own thoughts. Some of my intuitive thoughts told me that these hairs were necessary to release fear blocked muscles and to help the body surrender.

It seems there is an intelligence or force in play that can stimulate new hair to begin growing from follicles, usually miraculously as if out of nowhere and this can happen very quickly. Occasionally I also witness hairs being removed again possibly because the underlying trauma has already been processed or released, however, this hair is definitely pre-determined and it is not just random growth patterns.

Whilst hair seems to grow as a consequence of creating karma or receiving or sustaining trauma in an area of the body, in contrast, some types of trauma associated with stress factors make the desirable hair we style on the top of our heads become loose or even fall out, sometimes a hair is pulled out deliberately, which can exacerbate anger.

I know now that certain spirit entities are responsible for these choices, one encounters these during a spiritual awakening and they can control hair to such an extent that they can choose if it starts to recede, turn grey or becomes naturally shorter, something that seems to happen in response to different corrupted thoughts, choices or harmful behaviours and their actions seem likely intended to punish transgression and assist in reversing a negative pattern of behaviour.

The connection between the use of the mind and body, especially that which one thinks about is not fully understood by either doctors or scientists, however, from experience it can become painfully obvious when it is also linked to mental health issues and I’ve observed a range of damaging effects and influence upon the body. If one remains in control of one’s mind and thoughts and one’s thoughts are pure then the body remains healthy, things like cancers or viruses often don’t develop as a karmic consequence of a particular transgression.

I was also later informed that certain hairs are being psychically tethered to with psychic cords from other people, this is apparently how certain issues can be linked back to someone and recorded. At other times

Examining Facial Hair

When I was younger I found extra unwanted hair would grow between my eyebrows forming a sort of monobrow and I would actually pluck these out periodically, eventually most stopped growing back but I didn’t understand why or what their purpose was supposed to be at the time. However now, I believe they were to help surrender the brow muscles and to stimulate an internal pain frequency that allows the body and mind to begin to process and release past events linked to anger. I theorise that people with overly hairy eyebrows have a lot of unprocessed trauma that needs to be released before these hairs can naturally be released.

I soon later learned that the hairs above and below the lip are also intended to help release trauma when delicately pulled on, when it comes to nose hair and eyebrows, removing nose hair and stroking eyebrows lightly facilitates crying and triggers the necessary emotional response required to breakdown and release trauma naturally, occasionally I observed bad energy in the belly region that I associate with ego also disappears at the same time. This process is so delicate that just pulling on or stroking the hair on some parts of the body is enough to make you feel sad and this is often seen as a kinder way to slowly release the trauma, this effect is not simply occurring due to pulling on them too hard.

Men are periodically encouraged to let their moustaches grow long and then stroke out their trauma by very lightly pulling on these hairs, usually producing an immediate emotional response and there is a corresponding change of facial expression as the hair is stimulated causing inner sadness and releasing grief. Beards and moustaches are also something that is often associated with wisdom and something wise sages seem to naturally feel inclined to stroke, which seems to facilitate removing spiritual impurities. People can become wiser by learning spiritual lessons about life, releasing trauma and not repeating further mistakes, allowing someone, in theory, to evolve more quickly.

I also believe the beard hairs that form on the neck and throat area may be to help process things from the throat chakra, like excess or inappropriate swearing, being dishonest or inappropriate or over-use of bad language as I noticed additional hairs forming around the edges of my neck.

Using the ‘stroking technique’ for releasing trauma

A spiritual bring or entity shared with me that they encourage people to “pull on their hair” and indicated the pubic mound and beard as the main place to do this to release trauma. I speculated that this is also possibly what underarm hair might be for, but I’m uncertain. Pubic hair certainly seems to correlate with trauma caused by sexual karma or transgressions and has a role in healing and releasing this, lightly stroking or pulling on the hair whilst masturbating is what seems to work best, but in tantric healing, it would probably be pulled on during the massage.

It was emphasized to me that lightly brushing hair is what stimulates and removes trauma, children seem to need their parents to lightly brush their hair on the top of the head either with hands or a hairbrush in slow gentle sweeps. In contrast, tricky hairs such as those on the chest or around the nipples can instead be lightly pinched and pulled on successively between the thumb and index fingers.

I believe this can also help to reduce the length of time one experiences unpleasant compressed muscle tension or tension headaches along the scalp and forehead. Sometimes placing awareness on the tension in the head comes with an inner message such as thoughts that say “must suffer”, which usually reveals the cause and reason behind the apparent need to suffer being some sort of spiritual transgression against someone else and is often connected to what someone’s god has witnessed, sleeping with someone else’s partner, for example, is a clear example of when this occurs.

Women were encouraged to wear their hair up so their hair and muscles on the scalp are pulled on, whereas some men who are on a spiritual path are initially asked to shave their hair short, this is possible to facilitate stimulating the follicles when brushed with their hands or removing corrupted hairs, but I don’t know precisely why these two different approaches for the different sexes.

The hair on top of the head and features like eyebrows, beards and possibly even eyelashes when stroked, lightly brushed or pulled all seem to facilitate the same process. Very lightly brushing along eyebrows for example seems to start surrendering muscles in the forehead and scalp, possibly to help someone break down similar to moustache hairs above the lip.

The general hairs on the body such as the abdomen, arms and legs are also about facilitating removing fear energy and releasing blocked muscles. I’m not sure whether these need to be removed outright or likewise be kept and utilised such as the beard, pubic mound hair or hair on the top of the head that’s normally styled. At times I still found benefit from initially removing all the general body hair on my arms and legs, this seemed to help surrender these muscles and whilst a lot of it does seem to grow back, it also works with more gentle trauma release work such as light massage that pulls on the hairs similar to the previously mentioned pulling and stroking technique.

Someone pointed out to me that homosexuals get a lot of hairs on the backs of their legs and that the purpose of this extra hair growth is to help release the sexual trauma linked to the root chakra that is caused by committing sexual transgressions, things like impure sex acts. Some of the hairs are referred to as “monster hairs”, particularly ones around the inner leg and groin area, these seem to relate to bad or harmful past karma. Pulling very lightly on these hairs helps people surrender their muscles and release the trauma.

Someone wanted to intuitively share with me that women don’t find body hair on men such as “carpet hair growth” attractive at all, the type of coarse hair growth is more common amongst Indians, Asians and Middle Eastern males, I believe it could be connected to transgressional behaviour such as predatory sexual behaviour. This might also explain why it is associated with male alpha behaviour or higher testosterone levels and could explain why things like too much anger and aggression it linked to thicker or darker body hair growth.

General body hair on women is usually seen as undesirable and unattractive, despite campaigns promoting the idea of “natural beauty”, I believe this is because body hair is connected to karma, but partly because smooth legs usually just look nicer on women and feel nicer to touch, apparently it’s also the same for women, even if beards are associated with wisdom. Thus some people are more likely to come across as being a bit of a hairy beast than seeming naturally beautiful. I believe there’s also evidence that the darker the appearance of the hair and the denser the accumulated hair in regions of the body, the greater the amount of unprocessed trauma there is there, this is because shaving the hair off without pulling on it doesn’t do anything and when removing it through pulling hairs out completely, it seems to grow back thinner and lighter.

Should body hair be removed at all, and if so, when and why?

Are hairs ever meant to be removed? I found that pulling out some hairs by the root seemed to have an effect or sort, shaving them off or using hair removal creams did not have the same effect. I believe that pulling hairs out meant that muscles connected to them could be surrendered allowing tension and trauma to be processed and removed, but it might be possible this happens simply by pulling on them and removing them becomes unnecessary or the wrong thing to do.

Removing the little hairs on my fingers and the hair on my arms I found allowed me to release some of the stored anger I had accumulated and hadn’t properly processed yet from my body, but even removing a hair is enough to pull on it before the hair releases from the follicle so it is still a bit unclear. An intuitive voice indicated to me near the time that most people really need their hair in order to release trauma before they can contemplate trying to remove it.

In spirituality, tightness is how and where a lot of trauma and karma are stored as body tension. This tension is deliberately created and stored by tightening or winding up the tendons like a pully system behind the toes, finger or pelvis and this subsequently creates tension and stores a lot of potential energy. When it’s released through removing trauma, the body becomes more flexible and mobile again. Regular yoga and meditation play seem to play an important role in doing this and unwinding the tendons and releasing this stored tightness. Without periodically processing tight areas of excess tension in the body, it quickly builds up causing chronic pain problems and it soon feels very unpleasant, it’s especially easy to notice this in the fingers, hands, toes, feet, knees and hips.

Apart from pulling and stroking on body hair, I also experimented with removing body hair, the first time I removed most of the hair from a leg I felt a great sense of release from anxiety and worry and a lot of tightness and tension from my legs seemed to release on its own after removing the hair. Afterwards, I found it easier to keep the muscles in my legs surrendered but felt there was more going on than meets the eye.

I naturally found a lot of body hair is simply undesirable and so I experimented with removing some of it with home wax kits. Whilst I was doing this, I attracted a green “healer” entity and she commented she was “happy I was working on removing my karma” and this gave me some degree of confidence that this was likely something people were supposed to be doing anyway or that I was searching in the right direction.

One of the drawbacks of using tweezers to remove certain hairs, whilst it’s cheap and effective is just how time-consuming and boring it is to do this, whilst this is the best method to remove hair from the root as a whole and complete and allows someone to at least surrender parts of the body contracted with fear and release something, I’m uncertain whether waxing releases anything to do with trauma or energy or whether it merely stimulates pain receptors due to aggressively pulling on it.

Body Hair Karma

The surrendered state is meant to be our natural state of being, however, due to many sources of fear and it’s normal for them to constantly become tight and contracted, this is due to people living in too much fear who need near-constant grounding from the root chakra and reassurance or validation from those around them in order to feel safe or grounded.

I also experimented with a handheld epilator machine, something that can remove hairs quickly, however, this device would keep shearing away the top of the hair like a lawnmower trimming grass and similar to using a razor, however, this didn’t feel so suited to releasing trauma to me and even felt traumatising to the skin itself.

I later experimented by plucking hair out individually one by one with tweezers whilst holding a caring intent and being in a none resistant state. This seemed to allow hair to release at the root without using much force or causing further damage to the skin. If the plucking is painful then I reason the technique is probably not right and this isn’t the same as what I imagine an impatient beautician might do to remove hair for aesthetic purposes, but the caring intent whilst doing this seemed very important.

As I removed some hairs mindfully and attentively one by one I was at times able to hear in my mind some of my thoughts and what they were connected to, this was possibly owing to muscular fear blocks releasing and the legs surrendering during this.

Some hairs however I do not think are meant to be removed, but rather pulled on lightly with a focus on removing the trauma. An example of this is around the groin and the pubic mound and chest hairs. The hair found on and immediately around the genitals for example I believe is intended to specifically remove sexual trauma. I now often find that after I’ve done some work, I can often find someone to connect with me in my mind and they can have the ability to connect to and pull on the hairs on the pelvic floor and face psychically and this gently releases deep and uncomfortable anxiety that is otherwise difficult to reach and this provides a great sense of comfort, relief and physical grounding.

Some of the hairs that were most difficult to remove seemed to form on the back and insides of the legs, I felt no apprehension about removing these hairs near the groin as they look unsightly and this seems to provide convincing benefits. I could literally feel bad energies coming out of my abdomen and occasionally tasted something unpleasant on the back of my tongue as I did this. Doing this I believe allows fear energies to be released and I speculate these hairs will eventually disappear and not grow back in time as long as spiritual transgressions are reduced and eliminated from one’s life.

Unfortunately, many of us are stuck in this permanent state of fear, which causes many people to become overly angry, fearful, uncomfortable in mind and body and over-reactive, particularly from the perspective of the mind and the thoughts and intentions we produce. I believe the release of trapped fear energies and tension explains why the root chakra becomes more active after removing hairs, this is also something I usually experience at the end of a yoga session, but I really started to prefer the hairless legs when doing yoga as the negative energy I would release from a yoga session was no longer making my hairs itchy.

When the body is both surrendered and body hair is pulled on or softly stroked, trauma can be removed surrendering is what allows the body to start to process sources of trauma, often it relates to a source of sexual karma and examples include lustful staring or having seduced someone, perhaps having masturbated at the wrong time or place of day or a self-harming sexual attitudes like addictions to Internet pornography or not caring for a sexual partner.

As different sources of trauma and karma are released, I frequently seemed to sense that some things were being healed for me, small cancers were being removed as I removed the hairs from my arms and legs, lending evidence to the idea that the removal of some of the body hair facilitates processing trauma. As cancers were released, facial features that were changed or damaged due to ego (egoic behaviour), karma and trauma were also in part healed. In time what I believe to be natural hair growth will become less, possibly even owing to DNA changing naturally over time or follicles disappearing where there’s little or no trauma within the body.


The main unresolved question I was facing was, was it more effective to pull hair out completely or to leave them in and gently pull on them by lightly stroking them with hands and fingers?

Body hair isn’t always necessary to release trauma, many therapies like massage and tantra massage seem to work regardless, however, this process could be made more effective when having hair pulled on? I think a combination of the two methods, pulling and removing hair may be necessary depending on the area and it’s just a case of identifying the purpose of each set of hair growth. One of my intuitive thoughts given to me was “pull them out from the root” referring to genital hair. However, ultimately I don’t think general body hair growth is meant to be considered part of the human aesthetic, most of it serves a purely practical purpose with the exception of the hair on the top of the head, whom both men and women both enjoy wearing and styling as well as perhaps beards on men, however, it’s important to note that hair growth can correspond with particular spiritual issues, I believe once these issues are identified, the hair growth will instead become a more common visual indication of a certain type of problem someone has that is to be resolved, which could later be seen as embarrassing rather than something to be worn with pride and even falsely conveying alpha behaviour.

I believe people who use their body hair to process trauma will look and feel better over time, without significant trauma a person naturally looks much more attractive, especially when compared to people who don’t process trauma. Actively working on releasing and healing things like cancers, viruses and micro-traumas that make the body appear damaged or unsightly has a lot of health benefits, but is particularly beneficial when it comes to revitalising our original appearance.

My conclusions are not merely based on the opinion that body hair is seen as aesthetically unappealing or unattractive and so should be removed because of this, but rather because the muscles are changing and physical deformations caused by these muscular blocks, stored tension and trauma are being reversed and released, this is something which could realistically be recorded and studied scientifically if it were to be done.

In the future, I speculate that it would probably not be necessary for a person to have any facial hair at all, however for the time being it is part of what may be needed in order to release trauma. I want to emphasize this is still a bit of a murky grey area as to precisely which hair needs to be removed and which needs to be kept and stimulated by being lightly stroked or pulled on, but based on my observations at least, absolutely everybody seems to have some sort of trauma to release and this hair growth seems to facilitate this process.

Right now, hair seems to be needed to allow fear-contracted muscles to become surrendered and then to allow someone to release their trauma and fear energies, which is not necessarily easy to do otherwise. This is what the primary purpose of body hair is, and also includes the hair on top of the head we all style. Once trauma has been released and people have learned to live in a way that doesn’t create new trauma I believe the general and often unwanted body hair will become a redundant feature of the physical human body and will probably disappear on its own.

I’ve verified the results of most of the mentioned techniques in this article by working on myself, however, if I learn or receive new information then I’ll make future amendments to the article.

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