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About the Group

If you are seeking peer support for a spiritual awakening, psycho-spiritual health problem such as a spiritual emergency or Kundalini awakening please post your questions, query or request for help or information in our support group on the Facebook platform. This group is not suitable for nor part of any emergency service that we offer and a response is not guaranteed, this depends upon whom is active within the group and the quality of any response is dependent upon individuals whom contribute.

Our group is currently operated as free peer support group for psycho-spiritual and mental health problems where people can go and seek help and assistance based on spiritual perspectives, but I predict that it may become more popular with people going through or experiencing a spiritual awakening or inner spiritual crisis as most of the content is centred around Kundalini.

The group is made up of peer volunteers, some of whom who have either had direct experience with personal spiritual crisis or may be able to relate and offer advice. If you are able to provide relevant information as well as therapists interested in the topics on our website and supporters who wish to help.

Our online group helps with a range of topics including the health aspects of a spiritual awakening Kundalini awakening and covers among other related topics such as mental health conditions such as bipolar, psychosis, inner voices and schizophrenia that are sometimes incorrectly diagnosed under the current healthcare systems.

How do I join the group?

Please click “request to join” and you may see a small pop-up window asking you three questions. Please complete the answers to the best of your ability and produce at least one sentence for each answer. People who do not answer the questions or do not answer to the minimum requirement may not be accepted. Once you have been accepted please read the pinned post for group rules and guidelines before posting or participating.


This Facebook group has the potential to grow quite large as more awareness and information about psycho-spiritual health and mental health conditions connected to spirituality such as bipolar and psychosis become more mainstream.

Our aim is to keep the group running and this brand alive by writing and sharing articles on these topics on a monthly basis which I hope will attract a steady flow or new members. Positions for unpaid moderators and additional admin staff may be sought in the future in order to help run and manage the group as it grows and team incentives may include permissions to advertise for paid services such as counselling or therapeutic modalities you provide within the group.

So if you are passionate about the field of spiritual healing, spiritual psychologies and mental health issues from a spiritual perspective please contact us using our contact form and leave some information about yourself, what you’re interested in doing and why you are interested in a role with us.